Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists Video

hey guys i kno you missed this video spread the word that im back to spread the word of disturbed

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Author Plamen Stoilov (1 month)
„Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists Video“:

Author CaptainTman95 (4 months)
Nice intro dude.

Author Dale Howell (2 months)
I Like the song/video.But wonder why he says " G#% Damn" I thought he was a
Religious Jewish guy.

Author Kevin J. Stoll (2 months) we go folks !!!!

Author Razr777 (3 months)
Now 24,058

Author José Alex (1 month)
I love You DISTURBED <3

Author GOOD MUSIC (1 year)

Author Douglas Blight (1 year)
#tunesday #tunestuesday 

Author Ross Dmochowski (1 year)
People can no longer cover their eyes
If this disturbs you then walk away
You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of Ten Thousand
fists in the air

Author Stephen Riffster (1 year)

Author Amber Geiger (1 year)
"My brothers, my sisters, my blood: we are DISTURBED, we ALL ARE
"Every fist has a voice..."

All said.
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists Video

Author Vash Crowley (1 year)
Disturbed- Ten Thousand Fists

#MusicBomb #VashMusicBomb

Author Ariah Lentz (10 months)
ten thousand fists disrupted

Author Isa L (7 months)

Author faith bowers (1 year)

Author nyctre (9 months)
nah, cause people would usually raise just one hand

Author charlie debos (1 year)
i would like to know were anyone is seeing a pentagram.... it is a pentacle
the pagan symbol not a pentagram the downward facing star is part of the
star of david....

Author Snake45679 (1 year)
559 people were brutally murdered and beaten to death!

Author Delma rowden (1 year)
what can i say about disturbed, it is awesome and i can lesion all day and

Author Ferenc Szakács (8 months)
How the hell did a Sean Kingston commercial find his way in between the

Author Stephen Vance (1 year)
how about in the face. I'd rather not stick my fist up someone's ass.

Author cas99f (8 months)
Wrong clip. -_- This Prayer from Disturbed.

Author Dante Torden (1 year)
There is no actual born symbol of satanism..people have just adopted a
number of symbols such as the pentacle and the upside down cross - and the
cross was used by those in retaliation to Christians and possibly locked by
the Christian mind set.

Author Darbeedoll (9 months)
For some reason this song makes me all happy and pumped up. This is my new
favorite song by disturbed.

Author Testsubject909 (11 months)
Back when I was younger, there had actually been a cult dubbed Satanism,
though in depth look into it revealed more similarities to Paganism then it
did with Christianism. That said though. Satanism itself would be far more
realistically an offset of Christianism or Catholicism, basically any
religion that depicts Satan in some way or manner. And in doing so, they
are providing a "God of Evil". Basically these religion are no longer
actually set with a single God figure.

Author Lalee Heslop (10 months)
Nope, it makes me jump with excitment hahaha

Author Sanzv X (1 year)
I wonder how he shaves his chin.........

Author necrogenesis1981 (1 year)
Technically you're right, but Pagans use the pentacle upside down as well,
although it's typically displayed pointing upwards. I'm a Pagan myself and
I've used it both ways for various purposes. You could be right that one of
the members is or was a Satanist though.

Author HaloFUCKINGReach (1 year)
no its not, thats a pentagram, satanists arent even evil or into
worshipping demons, a satanist is someone that worships the christian satan
for giving them free thought and freeing them from not being able to make
decisions for themselves, educate yourself. and no i am not a satanist
because i dont believe in the christian god, but if it turned out he was
real i deffinitely would be

Author nokiaalive (1 year)
1:56.... name of the video pleaseeeeee

Author 13vocals (1 year)
Almost every Christian holiday has pagan symbolism,from the tree to the
bunny, you know nothing Crossland22

Author Haley Lamm (1 year)
Woah bro you got that wrong..True, some of us christians are stupid and
think we have to threaten everyone who does not worship God, But I for one
accept all religions with open arms :3 My ex best-friend is a pagan bro,
miss him though...

Author Laura Hanson (1 year)
Im 12, and I love metal/rock music.

Author Frankzvpl (1 year)
It's sad when you scroll down to see the opinions about the song, but all
you read is some hatred filled discussion about the band symbol. They've
chosen the symbol wisely ;)

Author OfficialThumper (1 year)
This song has two potential meanings. The first one is about how people
need to stand up for their rights, or for whats right, against wrong.
10,000 people throwing their fist in the air for what they believe. The
second, more likely meaning is about the euphoria one experiences when
attending their first concert. The epic feel of seeing 10,000 people with
their fists in the air.

Author Gina McIrish (10 months)
Do you want a truth you can check by yourself? Search for 'Truth Contest'
in Google and click on the 1st result, then click on 'The Present' and read
what it says. "You better free your mind instead" - At page 59 there's a
section about the Beatles. Save the world by saving yourself.

Author Silly Guy (6 months)
*Raises Ten Thousand Fists*

Author MaxErittier (1 year)

Author INDESTRUCTIBLE60 (6 months)
i saw then in both the live performances by them in this video

Author gogorucool doesgamings (1 year)
uhhm whats a pagan symbol

Author Samuel Knudsen (1 year)
How do you have any friends?

Author Jordan Allen (6 months)
10,000 and 1 fists in the air

Author Ian Barber (11 months)
Hey, 3Xtraders, do you have a problem with Mormons as well? We are
technically considered by some people Satanic. We aren't, nor are Pagans, I
should know, because I was one, so shut up. If you don't like Disturbed and
think their symbols they use are Satanic, then go fuck yourself. I would
only watch your vlogs for one reason: to dislike the videos. Learn your
stuff you little prick.

Author Christopher Catalano (1 year)
you think a pagan symbol is the same as a satanic one? you are sadly

Author Undead Artist (8 months)
*raises two fists and devil horns*

Author Bearcats2818 (1 year)
Paganism and Satanism are not the same thing. Do your research before

Author marsmannix (1 year)
i'm 57 and just got turned on to Disturbed this year. i f*cking LOVE this
video, and this group. Wish i could find someone to go to a concert w/ me.
my 17 y/o nephew is not interested, nor is my husband. lol

Author IcarusComplex (1 year)
Pagan is a term from the Church for any and all peoples who practice
non-Christian religions, specifically the polytheistic native religions of
the countries invaded by the Church. They are no more Satanic than any
other Christian religion. Also, the symbol you're arguing about is a simple
pentagram, which is a classical symbol of good luck and fortune. An
inverted pentagram is usually associated with the left hand path, not the
regular pentagram. Don't spread ignorance to further your vlog.

Author gergperge (1 year)
Actually when the Christians took over, they wanted to make all the symbols
of the pagan gods into evil symbols so the pagans will follow them. The
star diagram that tends to relate to Satan is really the symbol for the
goddess of love and beauty.

Author 3Xtraders (1 year)
I wasn't arguing about pentagrams; not sure where this stuff is coming
from. I only pointed out that there is devil worship in the form of

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