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  • In this third installment of the "What Asians think of America" series, we asked North Koreans to share their honest thoughts about America and Americans. This is Part 1 of the interview.
    You can watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/ceFvtT6Gung

    Pil-Ju (striped shirt) is working for an non-profit organization that helps bring North Koreans stuck in China to South Korea and provide them with resources to assimilate into South Korean society. If you are interested, visit: https://www.facebook.com/nauhlove/

    You follow Yu-Sung on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pakyusung

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  • Asian Boss
    Asian Boss 1 month ago

    You can watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/ceFvtT6Gung We’re trying our best to bring you the most authentic perspectives on the latest news and cultural trends from Asia so if you want to stay informed, make sure to hit subscribe and turn on the notification bell. We’d like to thank all our interviewees for sharing their stories. We will leave some of their information in the description if you want to check it out. Thanks everybody!

    • EugeneStonersRifle
      EugeneStonersRifle 2 days ago

      Troy V We only support the killing of brown or yellow people.

    • anonymous
      anonymous 18 days ago

      the fact that noone can punish these people is why our government has turned into what it has,they have no reason to not be criminals because they'll still get paid millions of taxpayer dollars and noone will do shit about it.

    • anonymous
      anonymous 18 days ago

      Congress has no power,look at any of the Comey/Chaffetz trials and how many they proved were doing illegal things and compare that to how many still have jobs or got punished(NONE!),the IRS didn't get punished clinton didn't get punished the TSA didn't get punished,we are really now a "republic" like north korea where everyone will follow the 1 leader and he cannot be punished,just look at Trump's lawyer openly coming out and admitting collusion with russia("so he colluded with russia show me what law he broke!" which technically he violated 2 national security laws and the computer fraud and abuse act having russia hack the DNC),he knows he can because the republicans hold control and he CANT be punished. clinton being retarded should NOT excuse blatant disregard for america's system of constitutional law and collusion with an ENEMY nation Putin is known for manipulating foreign officials and aiding North Korea(the NK labor camps are in siberia and russia pays nk 3 billion dollars a year for SLAVES)

    • Bill Hammer
      Bill Hammer 18 days ago

      I expected more about Trump. You need to understand American government. The president is only 1/3 of our government. Our Congress and our Supreme Court are just as powerful. So if you are just talking about America in general, don't get in the habit of putting Trump's face on it. We aren't a kingdom.

    • Spatch
      Spatch 1 month ago

      Lol nope

  • suru01
    suru01 1 day ago

    This guy seems really cool. If you are reading this, thank you for sharing your perspective! It's amazing to hear.

  • An extremely original and well thought out name

    teaching kids to kill Americans...... Korea is full of surprises

  • nonamed _
    nonamed _ 3 days ago

    at least these guys ended up changing and embracing a much more coherent view of the cultures of the world....
    whilst in the US many still believe all north koreans are evil and all muslims terrorists.

  • Sarah Hunt
    Sarah Hunt 3 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your courageous stories! I love learning about such great people and what they can teach all of us! Much of the internet (and YouTube in particular) is all about distraction and division! Thank you for being different and helping to make a better world! Subscribed!!

  • May Jeganmogan
    May Jeganmogan 4 days ago

    wait if north korea and south korea are supposed to be 'one korea' and that they must help south korea whereas america is the bad guy but why is it that they get higher punishment for watching korean dramas and movies than american movies?

  • MikmaqRose
    MikmaqRose 4 days ago

    I'm not the type to comment on Youtube videos but I have to give props to the guy who said his truth, and even said what he mentions are his experiences and opinions. Also that Pyongyang only represents a very small portion of North Korea. Definitely watching part 2 to this!

  • bloopbleep23
    bloopbleep23 4 days ago

    the "big nose" image is probably from an image of white Americans I'm guessing. I hope Koreans and people from everywhere else would consciously change that stereotype as "American" does not mean "white." There are Americans who are descended from Koreans and pretty much everywhere in the world as well. Thank you for the insight into North Korean attitudes. I pray for those who suffer there and for and end to tyranny soon.

  • ЛЕЙПЗИГ Штрассе

    уродов таких еще не видел

  • Snow Pearl
    Snow Pearl 5 days ago

    this part sounds like he's speaking mandarin.

  • AnonHD-
    AnonHD- 8 days ago

    "we used to call them big nose because they had big noses"..welll we call yall small dick cause asains have small dicks lmao

  • Stefano Morandi
    Stefano Morandi 10 days ago

    holy shit.... i imagine this is probably what an interwiev with german kids who escaped nazi germany would be like, just by replacing "american" with jews/slavs/minorities

  • Prey Rez
    Prey Rez 11 days ago

    Dont worry dude.. If your Asian.. u dont have to worry about racism.. Trust me... We Asians... are side characters... If you know what I mean.

  • Elysium
    Elysium 12 days ago

    Communism seems to really be working out for the world

  • SY Park
    SY Park 13 days ago

    Mr kim pillju i think he is smart. he recognized that how different is between south korea and america easily. he would be great helpful to korea.

  • PanamericanistaM0R3Na

    I want you to know that what you're doing is illegal if you're really in North Korea.

  • PanamericanistaM0R3Na

    America is Evil lol

  • Kim Ji Jung
    Kim Ji Jung 16 days ago

    The stuff that the North Korean government teaching their citizens is a whole bunch of lies

  • elmohead
    elmohead 16 days ago

    These interviews are gold. I don't know any other channel/website/newspaper/etc. that covers this much content about North Korean everyday lifestyle.

  • sunnylilme
    sunnylilme 16 days ago

    I really love that boy in the blue and white shirt. He's darling. I want to give him a big hug, and a big home cooked meal😀

  • Cù_Mara
    Cù_Mara 17 days ago

    hideous large nose and scary eyes? Thats just rude we're not jews.

  • KᗩᗯᗩII ᑭOTᗩTO

    who else thought that Asian boss reminded them of cake boss because of the name if you get me! 😂😂😊

  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead 18 days ago

    As far as you know. Not as far as you're concerned.

  • kidchink34
    kidchink34 19 days ago


  • Faizan Mckagan
    Faizan Mckagan 20 days ago

    In which country was this filmed ?

  • ant sz
    ant sz 20 days ago

    I think that one dude likes​ the girlies in their tight revealing clothes, like a true American!

  • アスカ 「月」

    How racist are Americans to Asians?I would never know becuase I'm a mixed Japanese person in a relatively non racist environment.

    • thekamotodragon
      thekamotodragon 16 days ago

      not really at all, i mean racism exists in extremely small quantities everywhere on earth, some countries more than others, but in the US, the general opinion of asian people is usually very positive in today's day and age, like the stereotype for asian people that's most popular is actually very positive, in that they're stereotyped to be intelligent, and they were talking about how these problems with race exist in america, but that's really way over exaggerated by the media, which is why they said what they said,, most people are very chill and aren't even in concerned with those issues in my experience with americans

  • Tys Huon
    Tys Huon 21 day ago

    The most interesting thing to me was the sinchon massacre, an alleged massacre that is not confirmed

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown 21 day ago

    2:26 I'd rather smash a commies head. Also MURCIA dose not do this shiz, North Korea knows that were good with civilians, and that we care about em'.

  • Guts 怒る
    Guts 怒る 21 day ago

    It truly is depressing to hear these young men being brought up to hate an entire country/identity.

    I truly do wish that the North Korean citizen get help one day and shall be liberated from their oppressing ruler.

  • Jiggly Flan
    Jiggly Flan 21 day ago

    "We sat down with a couple North Korean defActors" lolol

  • kurtis26 getit
    kurtis26 getit 22 days ago

    great video, very inciteful! liked and bookmarked!

  • SooDoneWithYou
    SooDoneWithYou 22 days ago

    It's funny that not having freedom for a long time and finally experiencing it makes you have a much more mature outlook on it. Real freedom is respecting the freedom of other people as much as your own is a great mindset, and one us who have always had freedom take for granted.

  • KrE3Ed
    KrE3Ed 23 days ago

    Loved all the questions except the hair one...

  • Daniel Chung
    Daniel Chung 24 days ago

    fucking North Koreans

  • code V A L E N
    code V A L E N 24 days ago

    Well I'm not racist. I actually have black, asian, latino, and European friends etc. But if North Korea were to ever invade America, I would shoot on sight because now I know that North Koreans want to get some payback lol. Even though we weren't responsible for the evil deeds of the Sinchon massacre. If this really did happened, well I hope the American soldiers that committed this atrocities are burning in hell right now.

  • Nafin Wong
    Nafin Wong 24 days ago

    We must kill Kim Jong un and free North Korean citizens like these ones.

  • Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis 25 days ago

    At 14:47 the young North Korean was asked, "What do you think Americans think about Kim Jong Un's haircut"? My immediate thoughts were that most Americans just think his fashion is way out of fashion and then still only in a passive sense. What this American thinks about Kim Jong Un's appearance is that he must be the only over weight person in North Korea.
    BTW, this is a most wonderful interview series. I'd be honored to meet any of these fellows.

  • N Peace
    N Peace 26 days ago

    I love your videos! They are very interesting. My husband spent 2 years working with South Korean soldiers when he was in the Army. I like being able to hear stories from both sides of the border. I wish all North Koreans could know that Americans want the same freedom we are blessed to have for North Koreans.

  • B Cook
    B Cook 26 days ago

    Imagine being told by your teachers, the media, even people in the government that a group of people are out to get you, are always attacking you, all hate you, and would do unspeakable things to you and your family if given the chance. Kinda like the teacher unions, the media, and the left here in the US. Antifa came about becuase they were told the people they were against are fascists, yet they dont even know what that really means.

  • Fenix316
    Fenix316 27 days ago

    a lot of Asians think we have big noses and a triangular shaped head (imagine an upside down pyramid). my girlfriend is from Taiwan, I'm an Aussie and my housemate is south Korean, we have a good laugh comparing eastern and western stereotypes. They found it funny when I explained about broken English amongst other things. I Wish everyone could be light hearted and try to understand each other, its a great feeling. XD

  • Rune Estas
    Rune Estas 27 days ago

    wow. just....wow.

    NCT FTW 28 days ago

    okay, im sorry but the guy who dyed his hair is pretty good looking

  • jeremy stewart
    jeremy stewart 28 days ago

    I'm an American. yes this was quite offending, but it's how they were raised. what I don't understand is how is nk and sk dividing our fault? nk government people are brutes. we saved sk. if you know more about this than I do, please comment and educate me. I'm not trying to fight. I really want to know.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 28 days ago

    It's like making the comparison that all Americans are just like our government too, not true, most Americans just want to go to work and take care of their families without government controlling their lives.

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin 29 days ago

    After watching these videos, I would be willing to pull the trigger personally at point blank range on the sick SOB Kim Jong Un !

  • Shelby High
    Shelby High 29 days ago

    awesome videos!! love this content, it's so interesting and insightful.

    also can't leave without saying guy in the grey shirt is very handsome

  • 권영무
    권영무 29 days ago

    I believe in you

  • Pharaoh Abasi
    Pharaoh Abasi 29 days ago

    So North Korea has been portraying Americans like stereotypical Jews??

  • King Jayquan IV, Leader of KFC Coon World Order


  • fatsackcat
    fatsackcat 1 month ago

    this guys accent literally sound like from america, europe and korea

  • luk20000
    luk20000 1 month ago

    2:50 O_O

  • DogeBot Matt
    DogeBot Matt 1 month ago


  • Lazurkri
    Lazurkri 1 month ago

    well, I consider north Korea as 'the country thst is somehow not yet a irradiated, biologically and chemically contaminated wasteland' so I guess the feeling is mutual...

    And yes, I am aware the average north Korean is lied to about who truly is the enemy; I don't care. the world can rehabilitate any leftover people from when north Korea either wipes itself out or is finally wiped out by the west after doing something more stupid than they already have...

    You do NOT try to cure a rabid animal... you shoot it in the chest and head and then burn it to prevent disease from spreading...same principal applies to North Korea

  • Curb Church Channel
    Curb Church Channel 1 month ago

    thychaos. i pitty you

  • Null
    Null 1 month ago

    Cheers to you all. Thank you for this glimpse into Korean thoughts, and notably the differences that the split have engendered since it happened. I'm ashamed of my country right now, but people from other nations recognizing our strength, and our plight, give me hope. I hope for the best for every civilian north and south in Korea.

  • ImAnder
    ImAnder 1 month ago

    The Sinchon Massacre did happen; I don't know about those atrocities though. It was perpetrated by SK and US soldiers.

  • Mama Goat
    Mama Goat 1 month ago

    I wonder if they where taught about the World Wars

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson 1 month ago

    The dude with the circular glasses is still brainwashed. That "racial conflict" between blacks and whites is almost non-existent and is media bullshit. Same with the gun violence. Media blows everything out of proportion. How about instead of watching your news, you actually visit the country?

  • Steven Ratti
    Steven Ratti 1 month ago

    This is an interesting series. I'm always eager to learn about how- and what- people around the world are thinking about a great many things.

  • Noah Martinez
    Noah Martinez 1 month ago

    Oh I got an idea let's hammer some nails into there heads and burn them all ! 😹

  • Chaïᄅoccan
    Chaïᄅoccan 1 month ago

    Did you guys hear about 1897 by George Orwell?

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 1 month ago

    Thank you for sharing some of your experiences and perspectives.

  • Maz Mariam
    Maz Mariam 1 month ago

    Thank you for sharing your stories and providing insight!

  • Laura Deth
    Laura Deth 1 month ago

    So now I know why his hairstyle is like that. I never knew that or that he gained weight purposely.

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us :)

  • risingsonseven
    risingsonseven 1 month ago

    Leaving North Korean propaganda just to be brainwashed by Western Culture found in the whore nation of South Korea.

  • Miguel Enriquez
    Miguel Enriquez 1 month ago

    damn, i feel so bad for them

  • Miso Park
    Miso Park 1 month ago

    It's so sad that North Koreans fear racism And shooting in korea :/

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  • aeneis116
    aeneis116 1 month ago

    Excellent interviews. Thank you very much!

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes 1 month ago

    "Respecting other peoples freedom as much as you value your own."


  • Vreeking DalveDado
    Vreeking DalveDado 1 month ago

    And back here in America I thought my school's dress code was already too strict...

  • Brandon Laney
    Brandon Laney 1 month ago

    I have so much respect for these interviewees so much. They literally came from nothing to be successful and fulfill dreams they have. Bless them.

  • beterhans
    beterhans 1 month ago

    These two guy must be elite koreans

  • Dan Drew
    Dan Drew 1 month ago

    my nose isnt that big

  • Ben :P
    Ben :P 1 month ago

    I want you to know that as an American, I respect and value the opinions from your point of view

  • Joseph
    Joseph 1 month ago

    Did that mass murder happen

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Big Noses? Not all Americans are jews.

  • Ronald McDonald Trump

    even people in a dictatorship think we have a gun problem

  • Martin Beagle
    Martin Beagle 1 month ago

    Why does the "Dear leader" wear his hair that way? Of course he's emulating his grandpa, but why did gramps wear his hair that way? If you look at old pictures of Breznev or even a younger Kruschev when he had hair you can see a marked similarity in hair styles. Maybe it was to show solidarity with the Soviet Union.

  • Dr Panda
    Dr Panda 1 month ago

    lmao "we called them big noses" am i the only ome that looked at his nose and went like ??

  • DrPains
    DrPains 1 month ago

    Good to see! hope more people will be free to live & not ruled by cruel tyrant government. Thank you all. Keep speaking and learning freedom and liberty matters.

  • A_Religion_Name
    A_Religion_Name 1 month ago

    Quite fascinating

  • Vector
    Vector 1 month ago

    You guys should have these people watch some American military advertisements. I think it'd be really interesting to see what they think of our military considering the views of us they were told to have in North Korea.

  • Zachary Sheriff
    Zachary Sheriff 1 month ago

    2:55 non of that is true. we try to evoid civilian casualties

  • Sean Nguyen
    Sean Nguyen 1 month ago

    Big nose and big eyes? We're not Israel

  • Devon Cooper
    Devon Cooper 1 month ago

    north Korean suck America is great

  • Amani Silvester
    Amani Silvester 1 month ago

    Murdering innocent people, nailing their heads and burring the bodies hmm.... Sounds like typical US foreign policy to me 😂

  • Problem Child
    Problem Child 1 month ago

    Dub it mofos!

  • 재기찡
    재기찡 1 month ago

    they talk of kim jung un's hair style but tbh steve's hair style is exactly same as kim lol

  • Retardis Driver
    Retardis Driver 1 month ago

    'I'm scared of going to America because of racism" Asians aren't a race, they are calculators.

  • Retardis Driver
    Retardis Driver 1 month ago

    Kinda weird how all these bad things they were taught we did are still morally better than what the Japanese and Germans did in WWII

  • Folan Wolf
    Folan Wolf 1 month ago

    The best way to make a foreigner like America, is to send them to good 'ol Texas.

    • RisingTied72
      RisingTied72 1 month ago

      Folan Wolf Just keep them away from Austin. They see that place, they'll swear death to America until they're in their grave

  • Three Percenter
    Three Percenter 1 month ago

    Trump was smart stop north Korea's revenue from China then wait. China should be the one to fix north Korea they propped them up as a buffer. Now they should fix it so no more people suffer.

  • georgoudixxx
    georgoudixxx 1 month ago

    To all the people calling this man who shared his life story in North Korea an actor: can't you see the slight grain of disgust when he talks about North Korea propaganda? To talk about this topic and be that disgusted- as it appears to me that way- means that you were directly affected by it. To even imagine that people on this planet have to go through this kind of experiences is just so sad and harsh. I am glad they moved to South Korea.

  • tɪѳ ҡαямα
    tɪѳ ҡαямα 1 month ago

    So North Korea is an IRL version of Attack on Titan ?

  • Shadøw Knight
    Shadøw Knight 1 month ago

    I know America isn't the best country but we're definitely a lot better off than most countries.

  • juliet blua
    juliet blua 1 month ago

    This is the content I signed up for!! Thank you for this series!

  • Michael
    Michael 1 month ago

    This was one of the most amazing interviews I have ever seen. You did a fantastic job in representing America and their concerns. I really liked how you said that "Americans are fascinated about Kim's haircut". Very good!

  • spiritfired
    spiritfired 1 month ago

    They are all so cute. I hope they are happy!

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