High Score for Bejeweled Blitz for the iPhone/iTouch

I'm working on getting something higher to show. My best is 497k!

Edit: July 26th, 2013 My highest is over 1 million. :)

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 1:38
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Author Julius Santos (4 years)
good job blonde girl

Author texterbro101 (2 years)
Offline mines 306,000

Author FroxNL (4 years)
Nice, mines at ~300K Something different, you get to see the 'Share
on Facebook' message? I really want to share my iPhone Bejeweled
scores,...but I have never seen such a popup message while my scores are
being added on Facebook xD

Author 5575276 (4 years)
my best 470,000

Author Mr. Hobbles (3 years)
@duncannz they already do that

Author yeayeah14 (1 year)
Mine is.... OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Travis Kennedy (2 years)
My best score is 1,498,640

Author 5575276 (4 years)
Damn gurl u good as hell I give u 5 stars how long u been playin to to get
that good I need help give me tips n tricks please

Author SNOW (4 years)
I barely have you beat! 609,200 after countless tries to break a half mill.

Author JoeB183 (2 years)
My best is 900,000 can't quite reach the million :(

Author TheMrMachinery (4 years)
my girlfriend has more than 6 million on this game, she's crazy

Author Axel Obregon (2 years)
My best is 759,550 :)

Author jamie armstrong (2 years)
my best score is 1120896

Author RetroGamer300791 (1 year)
@Bob b...this game is free dipshit STOP SPAMMING

Author implacable735 (4 years)
To froxnl: just make sure you are log in on facebook before you start
playing and if you do a high score then it would ask you if you want to
post it online. Even if is not a high score you could still post it. Just
wait when it takes you back to the screen where you could see all your
friend's score and on the top it will show the medal so if you click on it
it will post it on facebook even though is not a high score. :)

Author LadyGagaIMAXHD (4 years)
my high score is 790k i hate doing it on the ipod it freezes and sometimes
it doesnt move the gem :(

Author kayceisttc (4 years)
Well yeah, because she's a cheater lol. The highest legitimate score I've
ever seen was in the 800,000's and that was with the new boosts. There are
bots you can use on the computer to score in the millions but they aren't
real scores.

Author zither74 (3 years)
Someone please help! I'm 22 years old, I have a 167 IQ, I can arrange a
deck of cards in order in less than 30 seconds, but I can't seem to score
over 100,000 on Blitz... wtf is wrong with me?

Author Duncan Hills (3 years)
I think blitz should give the option of posting a video clip replay of your
high score, I just got 777,700 and think the world should see it haha.

Author TheKiller7531 (3 years)
my best is 610,259

Author Cory Schneider (2 years)
lmao you nerd

Author Shadez Overlord (1 year)
My highest is 474,200

Author MRrimixes (2 years)
how cum ur so good...

Author Ionescu Vladimir (2 years)
3.032.324 with cheats :))

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