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  • selvaraj abira
    selvaraj abira 16 hours ago

    Epic-genius clicking ummmm clicking the like button is not a super power...

  • selvaraj abira
    selvaraj abira 16 hours ago

    Hi! My name is Aarabhi and I am sooooooooooooooo smart Maeby that's my super power eh😏...

  • 狗的拉客 233
    狗的拉客 233 2 days ago


  • Choupetto
    Choupetto 3 days ago

    It is a video about all bosses in Megaman?

  • Mencharo Rosalez
    Mencharo Rosalez 3 days ago

    ocsn msgneto

  • Eric Dolivramento
    Eric Dolivramento 3 days ago

    Let's get this guys together and have a real life avengers and stop crime !

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  • Jocelyn Hill
    Jocelyn Hill 4 days ago

    it works!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Ark Buddys
    The Ark Buddys 4 days ago

    You probably won't believe me but I can see the future

  • The Amazing Nade
    The Amazing Nade 4 days ago

    what is the movie at 0:21

  • Muhammad Rezki
    Muhammad Rezki 5 days ago

    the iceman is a nord (50% resistant to cold)

  • Zombie045killer
    Zombie045killer 5 days ago

    I have a good life because I have so much awesome stuff like a ps4😎

  • M banette
    M banette 5 days ago

    hehehehe, that one moment you realize your normal and not special...😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😭😭😭😭

  • Suman Sawakhande
    Suman Sawakhande 5 days ago

    You know that we all have the biggest supprpower and that's the brain ...
    and brain hellps us to think,do incredible things​,
    drawe, study and love your​ family thank you very much bay

  • chinemerem igwe
    chinemerem igwe 6 days ago

    i can't believe it

  • Rodney Saunders
    Rodney Saunders 7 days ago

    He never slept wow

  • Suvendu Mondal
    Suvendu Mondal 7 days ago

    m i just clickbaited ?

  • Hans Arcilla
    Hans Arcilla 7 days ago

    when he doesn't feel pain 5:14

  • James Doward
    James Doward 8 days ago

    I've got it!

  • space clones
    space clones 9 days ago

    STamina man is the best you can have...

  • TruckerPhilosophy
    TruckerPhilosophy 10 days ago

    The magnetic guy is a standard parlor trick.

  • Kenny German
    Kenny German 10 days ago

    That second guy is so lucky, if he need to charge his phone and his outlits were all being used, just put the charger brick in ur mouth, plug the cord into the phone and BOOM ur phones charging!

  • Kenny German
    Kenny German 10 days ago

    I have a superpower!

    I am supernaturaly ugly.

  • Minekour
    Minekour 10 days ago

    i am magneto!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milia Bunton
    Milia Bunton 10 days ago

    :-) :-) :-)(..)"

  • Tan Virginia
    Tan Virginia 11 days ago


  • Man_PvP 11223344
    Man_PvP 11223344 11 days ago

    i subscribed your channel

  • Its ok to eat fish cos they dont have any ceilings

    I wish my superpower was knowing which YouTube videos were actually worth watching. A man can dream..

  • Sizzle TheThird
    Sizzle TheThird 11 days ago

    Fist guy looks soooooo derpy

  • Sizzle TheThird
    Sizzle TheThird 11 days ago

    Yea xd

  • MrTzinius
    MrTzinius 12 days ago

    sub zero lives!!!!

  • ElectricBeast 017
    ElectricBeast 017 13 days ago


  • anti- septiceye
    anti- septiceye 14 days ago


  • Brevard Pro
    Brevard Pro 15 days ago

    the best quote in this video: Since he doesn't feel pain..."he could totally kill himself and not notice".

  • Hippopotamoose
    Hippopotamoose 15 days ago

    *''He can easily kill himself and not notice''*

  • Ash Amadeus
    Ash Amadeus 15 days ago

    u poeple r frauds because people cant have real superpowers

  • Christopher Ottesen
    Christopher Ottesen 16 days ago

    i can do the ice Thing for 6 hours and i still dont freeze...i dont see whats so impressive ive never felt the cold

  • Anarg pap
    Anarg pap 16 days ago

    iceman is the best

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh 16 days ago

    slender man case solved.

  • Joshua Fiorio
    Joshua Fiorio 17 days ago

    rubber boy can give himself a blow job

  • Deadly Gamerx
    Deadly Gamerx 17 days ago

    I am from viatnams

  • jeff flores
    jeff flores 17 days ago

    i have a sleeping power

  • i suck at youtube
    i suck at youtube 17 days ago

    I now a girl that runs over 20 miles everyday

  • that one guy
    that one guy 17 days ago

    that guy should be Buff and a Viking the one who is amune to the cold

  • KRK_Channel !
    KRK_Channel ! 18 days ago

    im think im have stamina power

  • Andyy Del Reyy
    Andyy Del Reyy 18 days ago

    Most of these are fucking nasty

  • Thoughtless Gaming
    Thoughtless Gaming 18 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Mathew Mozart
    Mathew Mozart 18 days ago

    I can stroke all day long. Does that count?

  • Pauline Schreiner
    Pauline Schreiner 18 days ago

    I also have a superpower

  • Fluffyhead1
    Fluffyhead1 19 days ago

    I kinda find this take

  • Eshy
    Eshy 19 days ago

    Man most of that was just Stan Lee's Super Humans. Wtf

  • 420-bit Gaming
    420-bit Gaming 19 days ago

    holy crapm i have ellos dallers syndrome (idk if thats how you spell it) but guys dont get excited your skin is much more sensetive and you are double jointed with this rare syndrome

  • Ronald The beast
    Ronald The beast 19 days ago


  • Liam Höglund
    Liam Höglund 19 days ago

    I Have The Power To See The Future A Bit Or More

  • Chaz Plays
    Chaz Plays 19 days ago

    im metal

  • The guy to the right Russ

    I can predict the future

    You all will die one day

  • Salty Watch
    Salty Watch 20 days ago

    Genji was in this video

  • Demon King
    Demon King 20 days ago

    If I could have a super power it would be......... like goku

  • Hawker
    Hawker 20 days ago

    if not the title i wouldnt click on this

  • Finnthephoenix: Fired up


  • Amy rose
    Amy rose 20 days ago

    superpowers no is can't be!!

  • Turned Tiger
    Turned Tiger 20 days ago

    I have the special power to see trough glass

  • david Brown
    david Brown 21 day ago

    I have the magnet thing

  • Bluesclu M
    Bluesclu M 21 day ago

    You stole this from the marvel show on Netflix where they discovered these people

  • abcdefg holic
    abcdefg holic 21 day ago

    run forest run

  • Brittney The Weirdo

    OMGG The thumbnail though had me shaking! It's creepy asf!

  • Dylan Kenny
    Dylan Kenny 21 day ago

    My step mum is a ultra marathon runner

  • Awakening Call
    Awakening Call 21 day ago


  • Connor Bullock
    Connor Bullock 21 day ago

    Super samuri more like genji from overwatch

  • Lucian Andries
    Lucian Andries 21 day ago

    We need more samurai in the world! :D

  • Kuzivakwashe Jaravani

    how you do that

  • AdvancedFreeloader
    AdvancedFreeloader 22 days ago

    Knock out the sleepless guy he will be more than asleep

  • AdvancedFreeloader
    AdvancedFreeloader 22 days ago

    Oi luffy

    WESTGREENEBUFFS 23 days ago

    Now gonna try these no way

  • Vision Frost Wolf
    Vision Frost Wolf 23 days ago

    hey this is good!
    could you guys sub my channel

  • Charles .Firebird97
    Charles .Firebird97 23 days ago

    I can tell stop lights to turn red, green, or yellow and they do it. Yes. It was I that made you late to work.

  • Pedro Gasca
    Pedro Gasca 24 days ago


  • jayce 5470
    jayce 5470 24 days ago

    Jayce have you watched this video 😈👿👹

  • david diehl
    david diehl 25 days ago

    Know someone that not only can survive household electricity through him, but can generate an electrical field. Lighting electrical equipment such as TV screens, but can pass it to other people.

    xxxKILLERCREATURE5 25 days ago

    Just so y'all know I have LRP5, search it

  • Mac attack zach
    Mac attack zach 25 days ago

    that last guy is my hero

  • Scariol
    Scariol 26 days ago

    the 7th place genji.... anyone?!

  • Albert Spivey
    Albert Spivey 26 days ago

    I I tried it and I do now what to do

  • ladda vilander
    ladda vilander 26 days ago

    do i have a super power i can know what food tastes by just looking and smelling it is it a power?

  • David Lerell
    David Lerell 27 days ago

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  • naijaboygangsta
    naijaboygangsta 27 days ago

    thumbnail gives me shivers

  • trwr efnfy
    trwr efnfy 27 days ago


  • trwr efnfy
    trwr efnfy 27 days ago

    Is it normal that when i rub my hands it almost starts to smoke

  • Ty Martin
    Ty Martin 28 days ago

    Are u sure magneto isn't just a person with very sticky skin?

  • ThatCanadianGamer
    ThatCanadianGamer 28 days ago

    I have a power, I have the smelliest farts and can blast machine gun stink bullets and make home made snickers bars from my stink cannon

  • Sarah Kerrigan
    Sarah Kerrigan 28 days ago

    4:42 this is absolutely false. just calling you out on it. has not been tested is not true. many long distance runners die of atrial fibrillation. they constantly run a higher risk of organ failure.

  • Sarah Kerrigan
    Sarah Kerrigan 28 days ago

    1:59 worth watching holy shit.

  • Lukewho'shere
    Lukewho'shere 28 days ago

    insomnia man insomnia is a disease i think or blah blah blah

  • Jacob Winter
    Jacob Winter 29 days ago

    Damn rubber boy can suck his own balls

  • Jaye Pendery
    Jaye Pendery 1 month ago


  • Bart Van Dalen
    Bart Van Dalen 1 month ago

    🇳🇱 nederland 🇳🇱

  • adam landau
    adam landau 1 month ago


  • kill aura
    kill aura 1 month ago

    I wish that I have superpowers ):

  • Ripelys man
    Ripelys man 1 month ago

    I have a power its speed but I now that no bodys going to believe me like if u believe me

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