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  • Maksim Bech
    Maksim Bech 7 hours ago

    yes such real.

  • David Ropon
    David Ropon 19 hours ago

    You should probably change the title to conditioning not super powers

  • Jimmy Gilmore
    Jimmy Gilmore 21 hour ago

    At 4:12 did he have a cigar in his mouth lol that's epic

  • NTShd
    NTShd 1 day ago

    Anyone else think Samurai Jack on the Samurai guy?

  • Joshua Plaggemeyer

    Was to mister fantastic

  • gfdx
    gfdx 2 days ago

    Wasn't Ice Man from The Netherlands? that's where i am from

  • Anym
    Anym 2 days ago

    don't worry. in about 50 years I bet we can get metal wings attached to our backs and what not.

  • Monidipu Sultanaxf x

    I shouldn't be telling this but I have super speed

  • Rene Galarza
    Rene Galarza 3 days ago

    Hammer Head has a tuff skull but he normally still feels pain and has normal skin tissue so if I had that power idek

  • Rene Galarza
    Rene Galarza 3 days ago

    Hammer Head has a tuff skull but he normally still feels pain and has normal skin tissue so if I had that power idek

  • vincenzomonaco
    vincenzomonaco 4 days ago

    4:46 Mr. videogame character

  • Viral The Beastman
    Viral The Beastman 4 days ago

    0/10 - IGN "There's a significant lack of men becoming bushes."

  • dragon kid
    dragon kid 4 days ago

    the only think that I can do is if people punch me as hard as posibble they will hurt there hand instead of me getting hurt I even hit my head against a metal table really hard

  • lucas Rasmussen
    lucas Rasmussen 5 days ago

    Hulk vs King kong

  • Kishore Kumar
    Kishore Kumar 5 days ago

    I wish I have a super power

  • DJ MC
    DJ MC 5 days ago

    ok so... Nords really do exist

    only Skyrim fans will get this

  • roni hatliaf
    roni hatliaf 5 days ago

    I DONT WANT THE POWER TO NEVER SLEEP I LOVE SLEEPING! -0- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Dunia YT
    Dunia YT 6 days ago

    seriusly i dint get hpynotize b anything and never get shock by 10 times wire and it transport into another wire and never die at all i got sick for like 9 year but i have 3 super power i never every time ;-; i want to kill myself all i want is just die ;-;

    Like: 3 super power

    no kidding i have white eyes i will photo it on instagram. my name on instagram is cmaharani2 check it out im just 9 years old how do kid do that becouse i trained for 8 years to do it all

  • Freddy Fazmeow
    Freddy Fazmeow 6 days ago

    new subscriber

  • Shell Angel
    Shell Angel 6 days ago

    the psychic twins have superpowers!

  • Growhuntter PLAYZ
    Growhuntter PLAYZ 7 days ago


  • Nataly
    Nataly 8 days ago

    if you think like that then Sofie Dossi has a superpower too

  • SaraCupkake:3
    SaraCupkake:3 8 days ago

    These are NOT superpowers but a cool video tho

  • spectrumbots42
    spectrumbots42 8 days ago

    That hammer guy can most likely build houses using only his head!

  • Xxdylan PlayzxX-BO3/Black ops-and more

    5:14 😂 lmfao

    He doesn't feel pain *twist nipple* aAgh

  • Samina Shahid
    Samina Shahid 9 days ago

    I have water power

  • splash gaming
    splash gaming 9 days ago

    magnet implants

  • Giancarlo
    Giancarlo 9 days ago

    I would love to never "need" sleep X3

  • Studio Papa
    Studio Papa 9 days ago

    These aren't superpowers.

  • Sam Joel
    Sam Joel 10 days ago

    ha ha i too have super power
    first like nd then wait

  • darkangelaubrey
    darkangelaubrey 10 days ago

    Huh, so it is feasible for a swordsman to cut down bullets. Granted, that's one heck of an exception, but hey. He's out there.

  • CcpupAWSOME
    CcpupAWSOME 10 days ago

    oh yah the rubberboy has a tv show with this other guy and what they do is find super humans

    • CcpupAWSOME
      CcpupAWSOME 10 days ago

      i think stamina man was on the tv show

  • Larry Stylinson
    Larry Stylinson 10 days ago

    i have a superpower to eat whole family pizza

  • keharee shuler
    keharee shuler 11 days ago

    I thought this was super powers

  • Orsillo33 RBLX
    Orsillo33 RBLX 11 days ago

    And this rubber boy is giving me the hebie jiebes

  • Orsillo33 RBLX
    Orsillo33 RBLX 11 days ago

    This uh mr fantastic guy looks like a freak

  • Rogue Phantom
    Rogue Phantom 12 days ago

    Some are on Stan lees superhumans tv show.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 12 days ago

    prove it

  • VacivityLove
    VacivityLove 13 days ago

    Man I really wish I didn't have to sleep xD

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf 13 days ago


  • LPS LenA
    LPS LenA 14 days ago

    The picture on the video make me gross

  • Cherrishish
    Cherrishish 14 days ago

    Best part? 5:58 and Bobby Singer's reaction to all this... SPN is everywhere

  • Broken Stick
    Broken Stick 14 days ago


  • Vidit Khanna
    Vidit Khanna 15 days ago

    Wow, there was not a single female there.

  • Kabil Panday
    Kabil Panday 15 days ago

    i think when the company of fruit ninga saw super samurai they made this game........

  • Chariana G.J.
    Chariana G.J. 15 days ago


  • Sleepyhead
    Sleepyhead 15 days ago

    I have the power to make myself yawn! I am YAWN MAN with the incredible power of yawn!

  • Karl Ry
    Karl Ry 15 days ago

    "The night before an exam"
    Yeah..... I'm up at 4am watching these videos.


  • Lyte Potatoe
    Lyte Potatoe 15 days ago

    it's not a "super" power if it doesn't actually do thing that can help...
    1.ain't touching any of that fat (what u gonna go out in the street without a shirt?)
    2. that actually useful...i think...how much volts can he take?
    4.almost threw up ;-;

    yea imma stop.

  • Lyte Potatoe
    Lyte Potatoe 15 days ago

    mangneto...yes mmmm

  • Gordon Hotchkiss
    Gordon Hotchkiss 15 days ago

    I used to know someone who could fly. Well about 3-4 ft in the air. without help. He also used to be able to move metal objects with his mind.

  • Sebastian Westerholm

    I bet both my testicles the rubberboy has given himself a blowjob atleast once.

  • Unai Zabaleta
    Unai Zabaleta 16 days ago

    Not a single woman on the list, patriarchy strikes again

  • infinite knowledge
    infinite knowledge 16 days ago

    i live in malaysia

  • TryHard FTW
    TryHard FTW 16 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came here for the thumbnail
    So did you

  • We are IF
    We are IF 16 days ago

    Fruit Ninja

  • Arctic Aiey
    Arctic Aiey 16 days ago

    the number 2 is me..but I have that power when I was young

  • Pete Jeffrey
    Pete Jeffrey 16 days ago

    You are super gullible if you believe any of this ridiculousness.

    FADED KING 16 days ago

    it's not super powers it's calls a freak show

  • Ryan
    Ryan 17 days ago

    search the YouTube Mind Power

  • Brysonator 05
    Brysonator 05 17 days ago

    OH my god thank u I now know that I have this metal power

  • NovaGMD
    NovaGMD 17 days ago

    First guy getting stitches ;)

  • barath bp
    barath bp 17 days ago

    I can cut a bullet

    but I dndnt have a knife

  • ThePrimalHoovy
    ThePrimalHoovy 17 days ago

    excuse me i need a *Spooooooooob*

    THE MASTER NEZAR 17 days ago

    I can last for 6 housr straight in bed
    Especially if my partner was a Milf

  • deuces roxy
    deuces roxy 18 days ago

    all of these have been dispelled

  • BSimphony
    BSimphony 18 days ago

    I already heard about the man that has a flexible skin and even this time it was disgusting

  • Praveen R
    Praveen R 18 days ago

    i know the electric man this is a show named#ugram ujwalam" in india

  • User
    User 18 days ago

    Not magnetic. James Randi debunked it.

  • Gavin Carpenter
    Gavin Carpenter 18 days ago

    I know this sounds fake af but in some of my dreams I have vivid pictures just flying by that don't mean anything but like the next week I see the same thing. Example: My friend climbing a colorful ladder and falls while on the blue peg in a dream, the next week my friend climbs an old ladder and falls on a corroded piece of the ladder that is blue

  • TheChaosFactory1
    TheChaosFactory1 18 days ago

    Load of shit lol

  • Nakorian Mouse2Bear
    Nakorian Mouse2Bear 18 days ago

    He got all these from the Netflix series lol

  • Master Of Chaos
    Master Of Chaos 18 days ago

    sometimes I fell like I can stop bad things from happening just by being there

  • Chief60
    Chief60 18 days ago

    Magneto is fake....Amazong Randy proved it

  • guv83 1
    guv83 1 18 days ago

    the guy who cant sleep should just have a wank, he'll be out in no time!

  • gamingkid 66
    gamingkid 66 18 days ago

    I zap myself with electrical sockets and I'm fine

  • Young Renegade
    Young Renegade 19 days ago

    magnetism is wrong lmfao😂 all the sweat and body oils get stuck on it. all u have to do is not shower for a long time,this made me cringe so hard

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 19 days ago

    I forgot how to shoot web.

  • jamie blake
    jamie blake 19 days ago

    if you had all them powers combined youl be a moden day marval superhero

  • TnTReigns
    TnTReigns 19 days ago

    Watching insomnia man with a fever at 6 am not able to sleep if freaking me out. 100% legit.

  • ravi meena
    ravi meena 19 days ago

    any indian is here ✋🏽

  • Elephant Gaming
    Elephant Gaming 19 days ago

    my would you need a hammer when u got a drill

  • I_Am_Who_I_Am
    I_Am_Who_I_Am 19 days ago

    Is the numb nail supposed to be Shino from naruto?

  • Gus Svara
    Gus Svara 19 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I came here for the thumbnail and so did you

  • Rookwings Kirk
    Rookwings Kirk 19 days ago

    being ABLE to sleep is a superpower...

  • Timothy Bailey
    Timothy Bailey 19 days ago

    I already know all of these from Stan Lee's superhumans

  • John Stellakis
    John Stellakis 19 days ago

    I want the one where u don't feel pain

  • Blackpillar
    Blackpillar 19 days ago

    You should have mensioned the Egyptien guy that has 300 HP (horse power) he never slept in his life he can even bend a coin with his eye meat. He does not work since he breaks things super easilly!!! It was said his dad has 800HP!!

  • ectheleon11
    ectheleon11 19 days ago

    the first one was debunked, they simply put baby powder on his chest, at that point he couldnt pick up anything, not even a low weight metal fork... he was just using sweaty skin to stick metal things to himself.

  • LugiaKing 55
    LugiaKing 55 19 days ago

    Gary Turner makes my skin crawl

  • SavageGoal's
    SavageGoal's 20 days ago

    if i had super power super speed wwwwwwwwww

  • Austin Massey
    Austin Massey 20 days ago

    the Indian guy is fake, a couple people have proven him wrong saddly

  • priyanshu poyam
    priyanshu poyam 20 days ago

    everyone of these were from Stan Lee's superheros..

  • N0M1 N1T3
    N0M1 N1T3 20 days ago

    the thumbnail scared the hell our of me

  • Rog5446
    Rog5446 20 days ago

    Although Dean Karnazes ran an impressive 148 miles in 24 hours, this pales into insignificance to Yiannis Kouros's achievement of running 188 miles in 24 hours. The 50 marathons in 50 days also pales into insignificance to Kouros running just over 24 Marathons in just six days.

  • Roman regins
    Roman regins 20 days ago

    copy of dicovery channel

  • gummy AJ
    gummy AJ 20 days ago

    my spoon is sticking to me

  • Mike M
    Mike M 20 days ago

    The thumbnail is disgusting

  • Richard Seeber
    Richard Seeber 20 days ago

    im magnetic O.O

  • xVon Hopex
    xVon Hopex 20 days ago

    Have noticed that only men are shown? Women have no superpowers I guess xD

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