Studying for Dream Exams

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  • At least I have all my clothes on this time.

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  • Natsu
    Natsu 16 hours ago

    He failed the "Don't get stabbed by clowns" final.

  • nong Sick
    nong Sick 1 day ago

    Collegehumour used to be edgy and funny, now it's just buzzfeed comedy

  • Zihsus
    Zihsus 1 day ago

    You notice that Zack looked more and more tired as he studied. But the thing is he's taking a dream exam so wouldn't he be sleeping?

  • G Nk
    G Nk 2 days ago

    I have a recurring nightmare that when I try to transfer my credits from one college to another (to knock out a Doctorate) they find out I missed one class in high school and I have to go back.

    I am 31.... This is unacceptable subconscious.... fucking stop it.

  • Search
    Search 2 days ago

    ok wtf

  • The Eloquent Elephant

    Dreams in media are usually normal concepts with absurd aspects, but my dreams are usually absurd concepts with normal aspects.

  • SuperPig
    SuperPig 3 days ago

    Was I the only one listening to the background audio of Zacs dreams lol? I

  • BeAnBeAn22
    BeAnBeAn22 6 days ago

    lol the teeth

  • I'm right you're wrong

    this is just like heroine withdrawal.

  • Leah Ball
    Leah Ball 8 days ago

    Me in an exam:

    Question: what is 68 - 6

    *yes this is easy, ok it's definitely 62*

    A: Africa
    B: purple
    C: $
    D: false


    Next question:
    There are 18 blonde people on a train going to London, Tom has 27 grapes, timmy's favourite colour is yellow: what is the circumference of the sun 😂

  • Rylan Turner
    Rylan Turner 9 days ago

    Amir pulled off the foot costume way better than Pat ever could

  • Aniyoyo 良采康
    Aniyoyo 良采康 9 days ago

    This was College Humor's 3000th video.

  • Johnny Barnhill
    Johnny Barnhill 9 days ago

    Wtf was that ending???

  • Phoebe Winterbottom

    I wish I could study that hard for real exams

  • Abalam Anderson
    Abalam Anderson 9 days ago


  • Kuan Bros
    Kuan Bros 9 days ago

    "Turn the oven off"

  • Victoria Newman
    Victoria Newman 9 days ago

    Once I met a guy who told me he'd never had a stress dream. Looked at me funny while I explained the concept. I just couldn't relate to him..

  • casual filth
    casual filth 10 days ago

    lol asians... when i have one of those dream i just go "meh" and walk out of class.

  • Emily Montgomery
    Emily Montgomery 10 days ago


  • Rooshii
    Rooshii 11 days ago

    I just had an exam stress dream last night. Third once since my semester finished a month ago.

  • Shaan Gaurav
    Shaan Gaurav 11 days ago

    "So these... are... bones."

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 12 days ago

    So unrealistic, he wasn't naked in any of those dreams.

  • Msksldi
    Msksldi 12 days ago

    Y wtf

  • Blue Umbra
    Blue Umbra 13 days ago

    There was a twilight princess link wolf wtf

  • Stuffz
    Stuffz 13 days ago

    'Did you turn the oven off' did anyone else catch that

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 13 days ago

    My God how is his hair so nice.... tried not to stare at it the whole video, did not succeed.

    • Alna Moju
      Alna Moju 8 days ago

      Max Powers i agree i love his hair

  • Octávio Sá
    Octávio Sá 13 days ago

    Jost love how "cartoonish" it is :D

  • Theryrover360
    Theryrover360 13 days ago

    I saw google gnome in the class during the history test

  • Spicy taco 59
    Spicy taco 59 14 days ago

    Tick taks ahhahahhah 😂

  • Boo Radely
    Boo Radely 14 days ago

    As a economic student; I just a lil triggered by the macroeconomic-microeconomic and economic exams *trauma setting back in

  • NAP_ 101
    NAP_ 101 15 days ago

    Wow 3000

  • Hester Edwards
    Hester Edwards 15 days ago

    I find the bit with the howling wolf most relatable

  • Nikki Plastini-Richard

    The lighting and color in this video is stunning. Huge props to however worked on that.

  • Sam Nicklin
    Sam Nicklin 16 days ago

    That reminded me of don't hug me I'm scared

  • mohssin bouzid
    mohssin bouzid 17 days ago

    wtf you became illuminate that symbol next to the blackboard

  • Jonathan Huhn
    Jonathan Huhn 17 days ago

    Totally unrealistic. His pants are on the entire time.

  • Quiet Grave
    Quiet Grave 17 days ago

    nobody's gonna comment on how they stole the entire wolf animation from twilight princess and just added some cgi?

  • Curtain Poles
    Curtain Poles 17 days ago

    why can't we study..... in our dreams

  • Brenna Kirksey
    Brenna Kirksey 19 days ago

    I ship Zac and Katie. Anyone else?

  • Essi Bear
    Essi Bear 19 days ago

    award bin

  • Thomas Sweet
    Thomas Sweet 19 days ago

    You should watch "The Thaw" episode from Star Trek Voyager. It has clowns in it and is like a dream.

  • jolaurel99
    jolaurel99 19 days ago

    My stress dreams are always about me being late to tests or being wildly unprepared

  • chazzacuber
    chazzacuber 20 days ago

    666k views lol

  • PinkSneaselGirl
    PinkSneaselGirl 20 days ago

    Guess we know what Zac's dream Limbo is.

    PHANT0MKNlGHT 20 days ago

    Napoleon wasn't French he was Corsican which was a different country at the time. :/

  • Coleeper Studios
    Coleeper Studios 20 days ago

    If the test is worth 5 million percent of his grade and he got 100% doesn't he fail...

  • Sup Steven?
    Sup Steven? 20 days ago

    the voice in the BG is killing me

  • Glass of Juice
    Glass of Juice 20 days ago

    Hey does napoleon being france but not born in france affect his citizenship nowadays

  • Heidi Morris
    Heidi Morris 21 day ago

    This counts as studying right?

  • Alovatololo
    Alovatololo 21 day ago

    Just Asian things

  • CIinbox
    CIinbox 21 day ago

    He didn't study enough Clown CQC basics.

  • Aethon056
    Aethon056 21 day ago

    This... was surprisingly not as good as the usual CH content. Kind of funny, I suppose, but not their best.

    Still a thumbs up, though.

  • Molivos
    Molivos 21 day ago


    also Napoleon wasn't French... although technically I guess Corsica is France...
    damnit I couldn't resist

  • JG-77
    JG-77 21 day ago

    Wait people study trig in college? I'm studying trig and I'm a freshman at high school.

  • aylith663320
    aylith663320 21 day ago

    So this was a good video to watch just before going to bed.

  • notjoyce
    notjoyce 21 day ago

    Zach is so attractive fuk

  • Ka Ru
    Ka Ru 21 day ago

    Nobody will mention anything about the description?

  • Victoria G
    Victoria G 21 day ago

    Wow! Zac's collar is so wrinkly! It's sad that his mom only irons his clothing in his dreams. :( At least she cares in his subconscious. Hang in there, Zac!

  • Eden Jay Collins
    Eden Jay Collins 22 days ago

    'Napoleon was french' WRONG he was actually Italian

  • Alphenhous plays games!

    anyone know about that howling wolf?please tell

  • Widow_ Lady
    Widow_ Lady 22 days ago

    There are no more exams in my countery.

  • Peter Rossiter
    Peter Rossiter 22 days ago

    That wolf howl is everything!

  • G. Yalcinoz
    G. Yalcinoz 22 days ago


  • Cam Miles
    Cam Miles 23 days ago

    As a business student, I lost it at the different economics joke.

  • Beth Anonymous
    Beth Anonymous 23 days ago

    He kind of looks like a guy that works for Buzzfeed. lol

  • zpardus
    zpardus 23 days ago

    I feel cheated.

    The college I went to didn't even offer shapes-that-aren't-real courses.

  • Anuar Uribe
    Anuar Uribe 23 days ago

    it's Katie fucking with him

  • MeloD
    MeloD 23 days ago

    i am an Economics student and I appreciate the Economics joke

  • A.R.M.Y ᄂᄋᄉᄐ B.B.C

    I swear that wolf came straight from chogiwa

  • Kurai Baka
    Kurai Baka 23 days ago

    You remembered your pants but did you remember your math test?

  • AtomicBlaze
    AtomicBlaze 23 days ago

    Had dreams before where my teeth fell out like that, can confirm not a whole lot of fun

  • Caitlyn Carson
    Caitlyn Carson 23 days ago

    my stress dreams usually involve the school bus in some way. like being late for it or missing it. I haven't had to take a bus to school in 8 years

  • Smitty Warbenjagermanjensen

    Did you turn the oven off?

  • Adeeba Khan
    Adeeba Khan 23 days ago

    This is eerily accurate

  • Isabelle Anderson
    Isabelle Anderson 23 days ago

    "This is worth five million percent of your grade. Did you turn the oven off?"

  • CreepyRainbowLover 47

    I have a dream where I'm in the back seat of a car, and it just.. drives off a bridge. Once it reaches the water, I always have that one Divergent moment where I think "this isn't real" then I wake up. Sometimes it doesn't land in the water and we just climb out and it turns into a survival show?? Idk, but it always starts with the car driving off of a high place, namely a bridge.

  • CreepyRainbowLover 47

    A College Humor video about COLLEGE!? What world are we living in?

  • Tabitha Akers
    Tabitha Akers 23 days ago

    I remember I had a stress dream about a speaking exam for german (which I didn't learn), so I stringed together german sounding nonsense and passed XD

  • iii
    iii 23 days ago

    I ace every dream exam

  • Paul Brienza
    Paul Brienza 23 days ago

    Too bad college humour isn't funny anymore

  • dainjahrus
    dainjahrus 23 days ago


  • Ted McIntosh
    Ted McIntosh 23 days ago


  • William
    William 24 days ago

    aaaand back to the clowm nightmares

  • Kenz
    Kenz 24 days ago

    We all grew up, I guess. It's funny that he actually managed to get the answers right in this dream. You know, since it was a dream, he still could have failed, because well dream logic, I guess.

  • Mjahappy
    Mjahappy 24 days ago

    I can 100% guarantee this is how finals are.

  • Arroz, Feijão e Batata

    Que vontade de saber inglês 😢

  • TheKrigeron
    TheKrigeron 24 days ago

    that basic ass music in the irl portion.

  • Sir Comet
    Sir Comet 24 days ago

    The immediate nightmare after a good dream is SO FUCKING TRUE.

  • Rui Leigh
    Rui Leigh 24 days ago

    my most frequent stress dream is me bolting through an airport, searching for my flight and not finding it fast enough.

  • Athul Krishnan
    Athul Krishnan 24 days ago

    I love my dreams because i get to experience shit in VR,which i don't have the money to buy in real life....!! xD

  • Mureithi Kivuti
    Mureithi Kivuti 25 days ago

    Perk of being a genius. Exam dreams are meant to stroke your ego

  • Shayan Shakeri
    Shayan Shakeri 25 days ago

    Is the last part actually true

  • Just Jared
    Just Jared 25 days ago

    CH's 3000th bideob

  • Ezra Grant
    Ezra Grant 25 days ago

    had a dream that my crush was going to college with me.

  • Scool Manter
    Scool Manter 25 days ago

    *hits blunt* Is this channel for high people?

  • AmericanRX
    AmericanRX 25 days ago

    Ugh, I hate those dreams.

  • Rigel Rae
    Rigel Rae 25 days ago

    You probably know this but Napoleon was Corsican, not French

  • Nunya Biznis
    Nunya Biznis 26 days ago

    "It's worth 5 million percent of your grade". Literally my finals

  • peaceifyme
    peaceifyme 26 days ago

    once i had a dream of the purge and dangarompa combined, dat was creepy. Like my school was a shelter but it was then relised that there were some despair. so everyone went crazy lilling ppl, i had to try protect me n my sis from everything

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