Mata Pita in words of Pandit Om Vyas from Ujjain - 3GP

This is the video clip of Kavi Sameelan held in memory of Pt. Harivansh Rai Bachchan in Ahmedabad in 2005 by Sahara. There this person reminds the people the values of Maa and Papa.

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Uploaded by: Shailendra Verma
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Author Rajendra Choubey (1 month)
Best literature on Mata Pita.Don,t miss

Author Rajendra Choubey (1 month)
Mata Pita kavita by Om vyas-One of the best

Author Vkrm Kapoor (3 months)
The video may lack in clarity but abounds in
emotions and thoughts. YP Kapoor

Author KANTI Suthar (6 months)
Mujhe ye bahout acchi kavita lagati hai mere liye ye kavita nahi balki maa
ki yaad aur pyar hai aur iasko delh kar meri ankho me anshu aa jate hai

Author sarjerao pawase (7 months)
Excellent .

Author Nitin Maratha (10 months)

Author Manish Chotia (7 months)

Author Naina Mundhra (1 year)
Dharti pe roop Maa Baap ka uss Vidhataa ki pechaan hai.

Author jitendra singh (1 year)

Author Ram Charan (1 year)
Beautiful poetry. Tears strolled out after hearing

Author Subas Chaugule (1 year)
just awesome

Author Onida prakash Kumar (1 year)
its the best i have enjoyed from this gentlemen.excellent.he is spreading
the real image of parents.hats off to him

Author Karuna S Tiwari (1 year)
Ati sundar

Author arun kumar (1 year)

Author Anuja Chavan (3 years)
Beautiful poetry. Tears strolled out after hearing

Author pramod baghel (3 years)

Author wel5121 (6 years)
Sab log, in subdo ko sun ke agar bhool gaye to zindagi bekar hai .

Author Vaibhav Gupta (1 year)
yadi aapko mile pura toh mujhe bhi batana!

Author Himanshu Kumar (3 years)
how come god be so merciless to OM VYAS JI....may his great soul rest in

Author manojjain999 (4 years)

Author NARENDRA DUBEY (2 years)
Aap ki kavitaye bhartiya sanskriti ki rakshak hai .you are grrrr....rrrret.

Author Devendra Misra (3 years)
Beautiful poetry recital of Dr. Om Vyas.It synthesizes the essence of the
Hindu concept of Parents and our relationship with them

Author Sandeep Srivastava (1 year)
it is so sad that this great no more

Author aryanlite (5 years)
Very sorry to hear that the great poet pundit om vyas is no more may God
bless his soul. R.I.P

Author Anshu Pink (2 years)
Incredible ... Maa bina Srishti ki Kalpana adhoori hai ! Happy Mothers Day
to all !

Author Ajay Kumar (2 years)
My father died wanting to live with me but I could not keep him with myself
and I know what it means to loose a father. I can not forgive my self ever.
I listen to it umpteen times and cry for my father

Author hitesh gupta (3 years)

Author Mahesh Antil (4 years)
Hum Pt.ji ki Atma ki shanti ke liye prarthana karate hain.-Mahesh K.Antil

Author saurabh sahni (6 years)
i every time cry , when i hear this. great work... keep it up :)

Author virender jaglan (2 years)
good words by Shri Om ji

Author kmcrocks1 (5 years)
pandit om vyas was real pride of ujjain and we never forget that how omji
bring joy in the life of all residents of ujjains we never forget
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu long live om vyasji

Author Kanika Sengar (2 years)
i was 2 years old ..when i lost my father...i miss him so badly....n cry
when i listnd this

Author Dheeraj Arora (3 years)
very nice..priceless...

Author Shailendra Verma (5 years)
Thanks, I lost my father when I was 10 and mother recently 2 years back
when I was 29. I can feel your pain as I am in same state. -Shailendra

Author freerunning81 (4 years)
Pita....... everytime he said the word, a tear rolled down the cheek.

Author Krishan Kumar (6 years)
This is the real defination of Mata & Pita.I am Very very very happy to
hear it.I am really appreciate .

Author Kaludify (2 years)
I cried while listing this.!

Author Ankit Bansal (1 year)

Author Dilip Panchamia (3 years)
I have seen and heard this program when it got telecast. Seeing once did
not feel my hunger. I recited and recited and recited. I have also seat and
heard line by line, word by word and written down lyrics and read for more
than 10 number of times. Hearing it again and again is pleasure. Thanks for
uploading. Dilip R Panchamia

Author kmustg (5 years)
at last we have to agree we cant express the greatness of mother and father
but of course a marvelous try to express , hat off to O vyas jee

Author inderpal yadav (2 years)
I cried while listing this.

Author Moirah Mo (3 years)
@SIDtanusid Sir yeh bhi kisi Bhajan se kam nahi....

Author Pandit chandrprkash tiwari (2 years)
ap ki kavitaon ka koi mol nahi hai

Author Shailendra Verma (7 years)
Such appreciations motivates. Thanks!!!

Author Arjun Jaisawal (5 years)
Thank you dear, for bringing this precious moment with precious words which
is only truth and fact of life to be membered always. I listened this when
my Father was expired in Nepal and I was far in foreign land. Last month my
mother too expired. I miss them a lot and whenever i listen this poem of
greatest God on the earth I feel their presence.

Author Shailendra Verma (6 years)
I don't know if he sing bhajans as well. I would search and let you know if
I find any. Thanks Shailendra

Author kmustg (7 years)
thanks for sucj nice video upload,i see him live in dubai and listen the
same and litterly everybody cried for this poem. very best try to express
the status of parents may god bless him

Author Siddhartha Rastogi (3 years)
@moirahmo yes dude..... baaki om vyas ke bhajan wali album ka naam "Archna
Bhajan" hai.... and its worth listening too

Author diego6313 (4 years)
This great kavi OM VYAS is no more. A group of poets met a fatal accident
near Ujjain in June 2009 and he was badly injured. 3 of them died on the
spot and OM VYAS passed away after about 2 months of struggle with death.
My deepest condolences to this great Poet.

Author hakumar999 (5 years)
Speach less to hear this kavita by vyas ji, and very sad to hear that he
passed away.. a great loss to poetry world...

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