Sony's VENOM Confirmed In Marvel Cinematic Universe

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  • The upcoming Venom movie has been confirmed to be in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) despite previous comments from the company. What does this mean and how will it effect the long term nature of the Sony/Marvel deal?
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  • Ralph Wiggum
    Ralph Wiggum 4 days ago

    how r they gonna do this without the symbiote story first?

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 5 days ago

    while I appreciate your curiosity with separated universes,Sony is just terrible with the Spider-Man movies

  • kody keller
    kody keller 5 days ago

    Nope Venom movie and Spider-Man: Homecoming do take place in the same universe & are connected . they may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world. Kevin Feige confirmed that the vemon movie wouldn’t be set within the MCU . Also carnage will be in vemons movie can't wait !!!

  • Dante
    Dante 6 days ago

    whatever, sony is basically on their death bed so they need to just let disney buy them already.

    DEATHCOMES4ALL 6 days ago

    I feel these is the MCU try a Rated R movie In their universe without actually taking a risk.

  • ChillyCloth
    ChillyCloth 6 days ago

    Just please keep him rated R please.

  • darkdesigns
    darkdesigns 7 days ago

    I'm really excited to hear this - although, I agree; I would've been curious to see what Sony would've done with a Venom universe. Could've given us some interesting new takes on the character - and I think they could've done it without Spiderman, if they were to go with the Flash Thompson Venom. Would've also been interesting to see what interactions between Venom and Black Cat/Silver Sable would be like in a world without Spiderman...

    Still, this news has actually gotten me hyped for Phase 4 - which I didn't expect. :)

  • Pablo Cuadras
    Pablo Cuadras 7 days ago

    I'm kool with whateva, homey

  • Gregory Blanche
    Gregory Blanche 8 days ago

    Did you watch the video, John? Geiger was caught unawares.

  • AlphaProto
    AlphaProto 8 days ago

    Watch the Marvel Sony deal end, and Sony throws Tom Holland into their movie universe that has no connections to the MCU. The Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance method of rebooting.

  • dukinhower
    dukinhower 8 days ago

    Why would anyone be 'curious' about this fuckery?

  • VersatileMugen2099
    VersatileMugen2099 8 days ago

    Thank god. Hopefully they do Venom and Black Cat justice.

  • Pedro Guida
    Pedro Guida 8 days ago

    It's simple. They can't use or mention MCU characters in these films. But they can use Peter Parker / Spiderman / Tom Holland.

    • Victor Greenwood
      Victor Greenwood 7 days ago

      +Pedro Guida No, they'll refernce things in the Mcu but probably will never cross over until phase 4 or 5 or something. Like the Netflix but they'll crossover later this phase or early next phase.

  • Zombeastsqurl
    Zombeastsqurl 8 days ago

    "Jointly" is a bit of a stretch John. You know that Fiege is a showman and he would NEVER let this news come out this way. I'm really surprised that you are grabbing onto this hook line and sinker. I'm not saying it couldn't be true, but Fiege is clearly blindsided here. Even if it's true this is not how he would have wanted it to get out.

  • Zach Gerrity
    Zach Gerrity 8 days ago

    What a clickbaity title, I think it was clear for Feige's face that she had no idea what she was talking about they didn't 'jointly' let anything be known. Amy was just running her mouth and Feige just sat there uncomfortably.

  • batman13823
    batman13823 8 days ago

    Ok this doesn't make any sense

  • l0zerzer0
    l0zerzer0 8 days ago

    mos def don't like. an r rated venomverse could have been well intriguing especially if they could make deals to take all the most notable and viscous characters with ruthless worlds like Blade and Moon Knight, the type of characters Netflix would mostly go after and bargain characters like Doc Oc or Scorpion cause the MCEU always use their villians to put the heroes over. for those who say "what about Baron Zimo??", can we really say he's a villain cause he seemed more like an anti-hero to me. but it's whatever..

  • Shere Khan Music
    Shere Khan Music 8 days ago

    john stop being a pussy. venom without spiderman would be AWFUL. THERE IS NO WAY YOU COULD MAKE THAT GOOD. imagine a vegeta movie with no goku. joker movie where batman does not exist, L without Light Yagami. defeats the point of the character existing. the fox xmen films are also awful because characters and storylines are not handled right. everything just needs to go to Marvel

  • Roddy Rod
    Roddy Rod 8 days ago

    lol ain't no shared universe!! You see the look on Fiege face!? She just talking, trying to make it look like it's all good!!

  • TheMick2639
    TheMick2639 8 days ago

    The MCU is Connected! MCUUU! Somebody has to get the reference.

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 8 days ago

    I think people are misconstruing this whole thing. She is talking of Tom Holland's Spider-man being part of the Sony-verse. It was mentioned a while back that his MCU contract ends at 'Spider man HC 2' but he has a third film left with Sony. They are talking about bringing him over, history and all, into the Sony-verse where Venom, Sable and Black Cat will exist.

    I think that's why Feige was surprised/shocked/sad; she's already setting up Holland Spider-man within Sony-verse before his MCU debut is even out.

    I doubt Venom, Silver Sable or Black Cat will be showing up in MCU.

    Also, Feige looks plain shocked/outraged as she goes on to mention how Sony's worlds will be 'Adjuncts' to his MCU...

    Edit: I've been reading the comments and I have to say, Pascal has done this very cleverly. They are technically 'Adjuncts' as Holland will bring that 'link' over with him yet Disney/Marvel/Feige haven't/won't approve anything. Any Sony/Marvel films will have Marvel branding (if not Marvel | Studios) and they now have the association, and Hype, of the MCU for their new Sony-verse films.

    How many people are going to know the difference? The people on this comment section know more than the average consumer and most here believe they heard her say 'potential cross overs into MCU'. To the average consumer, Sony-man and the associated universe will become just another MCU movie. "Very sneaky, sir."

  • Hismajesty
    Hismajesty 8 days ago

    Its the right move and I think it going to be cool how they bring the two together in a spider man 2 or 3 movies, because I think they will merge the two after both stand alone films.

  • tommymolek
    tommymolek 8 days ago

    My prediction is that this is the start of a big conflict between Marvel and Sony. Spider-man will be back and be doomed once again at Sony.

  • Lezlie Boyd
    Lezlie Boyd 8 days ago

    I will begrudgingly accept this *IF* Marvel has the same kind of say in the movies as it did in Spiderman. If not, I am afraid this is the beginning of Sony applying its reverse-Midas touch to the MCU.

  • Nnamdi Ede
    Nnamdi Ede 8 days ago

    This scares me Sony could give the mcu their first true flop

  • Nick Siple
    Nick Siple 8 days ago

    Kevin Feige s "SadFleck" facial expression is priceless and truly dont believe he knew she was going to share such details during the press interview

  • syarifah hanyna
    syarifah hanyna 8 days ago

    Pascal did not mention MCU tho just spiderman universe..and Kevin also didn't add up anything to Pascal I'm not convince if Venom and Black Cat has joined MCU

  • Kenan Jackson
    Kenan Jackson 8 days ago

    I can picture venom without spiderman...I just don't want it lol

  • Jeremiah Kane
    Jeremiah Kane 8 days ago

    This is definitely for the best, setting the Venom & Black Cat films apart from Spidey & the MCU would've been confusing & poorly received.

  • Adrian Mc Lean
    Adrian Mc Lean 8 days ago

    Personlly can't see Venom popping up in a Marvel controlled MCU movies, but I can see him in the Sony's controlled MCU movies

  • Anthony DiFrancesco

    I'm thinking that Venom will be to the MCU as Agents of Shield or Marvel Netflix is to the MCU. It's technically the same universe, but the stories are very much separate. Just my thoughts though.

  • Josh Castic Show
    Josh Castic Show 8 days ago

    No it's not there is a spider verse and MCU which the New Spider Man might be in worlds. You didn't understand what there saying because they never said the the Sony productions are MCU. what they said was the world that marvel and Sony are making is where the Venom, Black and Silver, and Sinister Six are going to take place in different area so it would make sense if it was the MCU because the MCU was made by Marvel without Sony so there talking about a Spider Man Verse where if contract work out the New Spider Man will be in both. Another evidence supports this and that the fact that MCU is not going to reference any of the characters from the Sony productions and the Sony productions won't reference any character from the MCU. Kevin even said it himself that none of those Sony productions will be part of the MCU in a different interview.

  • XxTheWeirdoxX 200
    XxTheWeirdoxX 200 8 days ago

    whoa whoa whoa guys the first movie hasn't even been out in theaters yet . we cant talk so much about the next spiderman

  • Luke Spicer
    Luke Spicer 8 days ago


  • SCORPIO06061988
    SCORPIO06061988 9 days ago

    OMFG - DO NOT believe Sony's lies. Come on guys, you are smarter than this. Sony think's we are stupid enough to fool for this BS. Note how she says its connected but doesn't say its part of the MCU, and look at how Kevin Feige reacts. This is a BS PR Stunt to attempt to cash in on the success of the MCU. These spin off films have NOTHING to do with the MCU! If u like Spiderman in the MCU boycott these spin off films otherwise Sony will be end up removing Spiderman from the MCU as well!

    Kevin Feige has stated multiple times neither Venom nor Silver and Black or any of these Sony spin off films are in any way connected with the MCU and who am I going to believe, the guy who is in charge of the MCU, or Amy Pascal, someone who is known to be full of sh*t!

  • Durans Mind
    Durans Mind 9 days ago

    marvel going to shit

  • micah mitchell
    micah mitchell 9 days ago

    OMG I couldnt be happier, to me this was the only way to go, have to say im really starting to respect Sony for swallowing theyre pride and making REALLY smart business decisions and for listening to the fans feedback, the ones who buy all the tickets so, yeah im stoked. B4 was excited for Venom, now I can barely contain my enthusiasm for Tom Hardys Venom cant wait

  • Legion1937
    Legion1937 9 days ago

    If Venom is not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he becomes just another stand alone monster movie. He needs to be in the MCU.

  • adamstom97
    adamstom97 9 days ago

    I am happy about this, but everyone has to realise that this isn't going to be as connected as Homecoming. Iron Man won't be in Venom, for example. She says "adjunct" so they will be off in their own corner like the Netflix shows.

  • Dan Schoening
    Dan Schoening 9 days ago

    Vanom in the MCU sounds cool :) I'm in!

  • Andre Cedeno
    Andre Cedeno 9 days ago

    Go fuck yourself Campea you're a fake DC and Marvel fan.

  • Robert Sestito
    Robert Sestito 9 days ago

    Tom hardy vs Tom Holland...sign me up.

  • Daniel Dolinski
    Daniel Dolinski 9 days ago

    I think the mouse bought Sony and that's how they're "extending the deal." lol

  • gl0087
    gl0087 9 days ago

    I think this is a good move just because of the connection the characters have to Spider-Man. Also because Black Cat and Silver Sable aren't that well known.

  • Black-Key Productions

    Something tells me that the venom movie will be the start of the r rated mcu film line that kevin figi teased awhile ago could be a good test run?

    TL LUCARIO 9 days ago

    im so freaking company says yes..while other say no...WHAT IS OFFICIAL ANYMORE!?

  • jesse atkins
    jesse atkins 9 days ago

    I finally watched the interview and I dont see any hint of a deal. Pascal is simply saying Venom is part of Spiderman's universe, tom Holland might appear, but nothing in regards to a new deal after "Homecoming2". You do realize that there's more of a chance that there is no renewed deal, right? It doesn't make any sense for Sony to extend the deal. If you saw peoples reaction to Spiderman in Civil War (where he practically did nothing) then you know that the fan will love Homecoming 1 & 2, Sony won't be losing the actors without marvel so they will still have the same bait as they did with marvel. Spiderman is still Sony's property.

  • Phillip Michael
    Phillip Michael 9 days ago

    Hey John! Yeah I think having Venom in the MCU makes the most sense. I think Infinity War will be a great opportunity for Spider-Man to be introduced to the symbiote suit, especially if he's going into space with the Avengers. Then have him as a supporting character in Venom. What do you think?

  • ikamts2
    ikamts2 9 days ago

    Kevin had a little bit of a Sad Affleck moment

  • live2collect 247
    live2collect 247 9 days ago

    This sounds like a publicity stunt to promote SM:HC.

  • Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson 9 days ago

    Agent venom would've been badass/compelling. Doesn't need Spider-Man and it would've added something different to the comic book movie genre. Disappointing news

  • Dickson Tam
    Dickson Tam 9 days ago

    sony has their chance with spiderman, they didnt do too well with it, we all can see how well things worked out for marvel, and fan want to see this happen bc that how it should be, just like in the comic book world

  • Bruce Gordon
    Bruce Gordon 9 days ago

    I think Marvel think Spider-Man is pretty dam important to the MCU with most of the current Avengers possibly being phased out in the near future they need a strong and popular character to anchor  the MCU while moving forward.

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight 9 days ago

    I think there is more to this than meets the eye, bit what about Black Cat and Silver Sable I'm still not into them getting a movie in the MCU or not

  • GrayJedi TheBalance

    kickass hat, john!

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres 9 days ago

    I don't think this is official, John. Feige just said they're not connected, and he looked very confused by Pascal saying this.

  • heero75
    heero75 9 days ago

    It looked to me that Kevin Feige was upset that she announced it, my money is on that they where going to announce it closer to the actual movie and get a boost in news stories and the like and she jumped the gun.

  • Tyler Seth Parsley
    Tyler Seth Parsley 9 days ago

    I absolutely think this is the best way. I mean I'd watch a venom movie without spidey because I love the character, but it wouldn't work in a universe without spidey.

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher 9 days ago

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is just stupid!!!!

  • TheBluCorner
    TheBluCorner 9 days ago

    Haven't seen the video in question but as far as i understand Amy said they are in the same universe... and didn't give a direct answer to the question of spider-man in venom being an option.. Might still just be a case of yea they are in the same universe, just like the netflix heros are but that doesnt mean they'll ever show up on the mcu movies or vice versa...

  • Donald Bey
    Donald Bey 9 days ago

    Any other way it was Doomed to fail. Marvel/Spiderman fans surely would have boycotted it. And if you base of fans don't support it, average movie go-ers wouldn't support enough to make it any money. Smart move by Sony.

  • bangbang kill
    bangbang kill 9 days ago

    OK now I'm happy and Robert is right Spider Man is going to get the Venom suit in Avengers Infinity War

  • Matthew Whitaker
    Matthew Whitaker 9 days ago

    So the black symbiote will come to earth during infinity attach to spidey. Then we will get a venom movie that way ?

  • Joshua Herold
    Joshua Herold 9 days ago

    I feel more comfortable with the Black Cat, Silver Sable, and Venom being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than some in some other world universe separate from the MCU.
    I agree John this is a smart move to do it this way.
    I also think Marvel, and Sony already have extended the deal because of maybe positive reactions of Spiderman in "Captain America Civil War", and feed back from "Spiderman Homecoming".

  • Cooper Hoover
    Cooper Hoover 9 days ago

    X-men and fantastic four are on their own. X-men sort of tried. But the timeline continuity doesn't make any sort of sense.

  • Mysterious Middle East

    'Curious to see what Sony can do with a series of films not connected to a larger universe?' Seriously? Get out your Blu Ray man. You may notice that they've been doing that since 2002 with 5 Spiderman movies, most of which sucked. They had their chance, but after Spiderman 2 it's been terrible. The MCU needs to manage the IP now.

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell 9 days ago

    It's not difficult. Venom won't be in the MCU but Tom Hollands Spider-Man exists in the universe his movie will be set.

  • Praying Hero
    Praying Hero 9 days ago

    can Amy Pascal just go away?

  • jesse atkins
    jesse atkins 9 days ago

    I'm completely apathetic to the marvel movies now, but I speculate the same thing as you, john, I think a new deal was made after Sony hinted at leaving the MCU (which they did. Pascals comments) then stated that Venom would be separate from MCU (not spiderman, she never said separate from spiderman). If I'm right, then it doesn't make any sense to me, I think Sony could have carried the torch themselves after "homecoming 2", but maybe Feige had a great idea for the Spidey-verse moving forward, maybe Sony will be getting a sweeter deal, who knows. I liked Andrew Garfield as peter parker. ASM2 wasn't great, but it wasn't the worst, certainly was better than Spiderman 3 so Holland will have to win me over, but, man, hate to say it but I'm SO TIRED of Tony Stark... I have Stark-fatigue...

  • Hafiz Mat Saberi
    Hafiz Mat Saberi 9 days ago

    I believed this is just bullshit.

  • Jeffrey Green
    Jeffrey Green 9 days ago

    I think using Venom is stupid unless you build up the Eddie Brock character and his motives for hating Parker, it will only be successful if you throw in Mary Jane and give Spider-Man the emotional arch on why he needs to stop him. They could even use Stark instead of Richards helping him come up with the sound gun. It's gotta be done right though, don't shoe horn Venom in.

  • PeterZeeke
    PeterZeeke 9 days ago

    This changes EVERYTHING!

  • road- hogging
    road- hogging 9 days ago

    well so much for Venom being an R-rated

  • Darahan Jagtap
    Darahan Jagtap 9 days ago

    i think i understood what it would be like.. they will have their own movies but they will also show up in mcu movies

  • Kayla Cohn
    Kayla Cohn 9 days ago

    Tom holand confirmed homecoming 3

  • Andy Fox
    Andy Fox 9 days ago

    saw your twitter post John, Hope you're doing ok dude :)

  • Pedro Martinez
    Pedro Martinez 9 days ago

    I think an Agent Venom with Tom Hardy would've been a perfect cinematic universe. I'm just not sure how they're going to tie it all together if correct me if I'm wrong but Spider-Man had the symbiote first then it found Brock. Just my opinion.

  • todd willis
    todd willis 9 days ago

    Let me tell you what this deal means 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • BoneStudios15
    BoneStudios15 9 days ago

    I don't know what to believe because Kevin Feige looked shocked himself

  • AWSM.
    AWSM. 9 days ago

    John, I admire you. but that title is just plain wrong.

  • deagleninja
    deagleninja 9 days ago

    Well, I guess we better brace ourselves for a wisecracking Venom?

  • Russell M. Hossain
    Russell M. Hossain 9 days ago

    I feel that all this news about whether Venom is in the MCU movies or not is a moot point - they will probably never mention Venom in the Marvel films - he'll just
    appear in the "sub-universe" of the Spider-Man films, that's it.

    In our "head-canon" however, we can of course assume that if Venom exists alongside Spider-Man himself, then by extension Venom "MUST" exist in the MCU. The connection may be only as tenuous as that.

  • keith1984rich
    keith1984rich 9 days ago

    *Thank Jesus* 😥😥😥

  • andreadesmocedici
    andreadesmocedici 9 days ago

    Batman and Bane are Spiderman Villain

  • Kevin Gosse
    Kevin Gosse 9 days ago

    I would be happy with stand alone super hero movies,but I'll take them any way they come! They can't make them fast enough for me!

  • Chris Warden
    Chris Warden 9 days ago

    It makes sense. You can't do a Venom movie without Spider-Man.

  • Martin Elizalde Lecuona

    Mmm... I don't know... I was excited by the notion that whatever Sony was doing could be a parallel universe that would eventually collide with the MCU if the movies were well received. That for me was the smartest move, allowing flexibility without compromising what Marvel has built. What Amy Pascal is saying has the potential to blow up in their faces, I feel like it is an unnecessary risk from a studio-business perspective

  • Frevoli
    Frevoli 9 days ago

    I think it does confirm that the Marvel/Sony deal will continue.
    Though as for the whole smokescreen behind whether the extra stuff would be set in the mcu.. there could be a few reasons for that.
    1) Sony was using them as a bargaining chip. Like "Look, if this deal doesn't continue, we do have these other properties we can move forward with." And maybe them existing in the mcu was also something they were hoping to get.
    2) Given that Sony's plans with Venom are R rated, maybe Marvel weren't sure if they wanted him to exist in the MCU and to go full R. But have now decided to do it.
    3) They will be in the MCU, but they will also be their own thing. Like the Spiderverse films will stay in New York and not effect other MCU films outside of Spiderman.
    4) Amy Pascal is just making this us, and will later retract it.

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How 9 days ago

    If this is true it saves this stupid idea for me. And I am now excited for this movie.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 9 days ago

    Anything is possible, like Sony making good decisions. Oh wait that's NOT possible.

    • Josh Sinclair
      Josh Sinclair 8 days ago

      They let Marvel Studios have Spider-Man, didn't they?

  • zilla2006able
    zilla2006able 9 days ago

    I'm confused

  • Ryan Sumayo
    Ryan Sumayo 9 days ago

    I hope it's true. it makes no sense to do a Venom movie without spider-man. that's like a Joker movie with no relation to Batman

  • jackjack121
    jackjack121 9 days ago

    I haven't seen this Feige reaction people are referring to, but I can only imagine any apprehension he may have had comes from not wanting to tell everyone so soon. I wasn't on board with Sony's Venom-verse until they announced Hardy as Brock. Now that it's MCU canon, I'm still interested but a little worried about creative freedom. Definitley not "bad" news at the very least.

  • Lycon Xero
    Lycon Xero 9 days ago

    What are the odds that we're going to get a Venom symbiote Easter egg in one of the Infinity War films, I wonder?

  • Lycon Xero
    Lycon Xero 9 days ago

    I haven't even seen Spiderman: Homecoming yet so I can't say for sure if this is something that I want or not. The quality of the films matters more to me than what universe it connects with. That being said, while I was curious to see how they'd do Venom without Spiderman I really had my doubts of that working out without drastically changing the character of Venom so from that perspective this is good news.

  • Star_City_Mayor
    Star_City_Mayor 9 days ago

    I think it'll be in a situation where they won't really reference the main movies, but they'll work to try and make sure they don't trample over MCU canon.

  • redstormfighter29
    redstormfighter29 9 days ago

    Is the Venom movie gonna be a horror movie where we see the Avengers getting killed off one by one until Black Widow is the last one left trying to kill Venom with fire?

  • Dave A Covey
    Dave A Covey 9 days ago

    I think we might be getting am "Amy Pascal mispoke" press release.

  • EmazingSpeedy
    EmazingSpeedy 9 days ago

    I'm skeptical.... something about Spider-Man Homecoming seems wrong... don't get me wrong still excited... i'm just being cautious. I don't have a lot of faith in Sony... I do have faith in Kevin and the people at Marvel... maybe it'll be a good mixed bag.

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