13 New Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017/2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

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  • Top 13 Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017 and Beyond - NEW Survival Games for PS4 Xbox One PC

    In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming Survival Games 2017 & 2018. Will you be picking any of these games up? Do you have any interest in these games? Comment your thoughts on the 17 NEW Upcoming Survival Games in 2017 and Beyond! Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order.

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    Games in this countdown-


    Prey for the Gods


    Rise of the King

    Stalker Noises of the Zone

    State of Decay 2

    Escape from Tarkov

    Project Wight

    Dark and Light


    Lost Region

    Die Young

    Claw Hunter

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Comments: 220

  • nukeman1303
    nukeman1303 1 day ago

    Scum and escape from tarkov is my pussy

  • klebmo
    klebmo 1 day ago

    The Long Dark.

  • Amir Avdic
    Amir Avdic 1 day ago

    Why did Frost Bite copy Midgar? Not cool

  • Angel Colantuono
    Angel Colantuono 3 days ago

    The dog at 3:24 is like bitch really I just got done dragging your ass all the way over here now I got to drag you again because your stupid ass wanted to go jump on a dragon

  • BlackJO
    BlackJO 5 days ago

    суровую реальность я и без сопливых знаю , а смотреть как 2 человека погибло... не , дальше не хочу!

  • max regan
    max regan 5 days ago

    rise of the king just looks like a btec skyrim

  • echo5delta16
    echo5delta16 6 days ago

    The MUSIC at 15:41 can i BUY that anywhere?

  • Mathew garsia
    Mathew garsia 7 days ago


  • Trojan Broke so ur here

    thumbnails sexy

  • Clovilah
    Clovilah 8 days ago

    If you're going to do lists like this, the least you could do is add a link to the developer's actual site not just list the game name in the description.

  • Joaquim Francisco
    Joaquim Francisco 9 days ago


  • Raoul Chiriac
    Raoul Chiriac 10 days ago

    You are right

  • terrion devine
    terrion devine 11 days ago

    i fucking hate games that outline enemies ruins the game tbh

  • A30N Punzalan
    A30N Punzalan 11 days ago

    pray for the gods looks fucking amazing

  • SuperKinahead
    SuperKinahead 11 days ago

    all of these games look trash

    • Rao Ku
      Rao Ku 9 days ago

      SuperKinahead I love how prey for the gods looks

  • Jacob Stromburg
    Jacob Stromburg 11 days ago

    I'm bored.

  • MableBoy234
    MableBoy234 11 days ago

    10:53-10:56 ummm nice knife mechanics

  • Aesthetical Content
    Aesthetical Content 12 days ago

    Boi its summer why the snow

  • Mark Tsirulnik
    Mark Tsirulnik 13 days ago

    https://youtu.be/e57uSqpJp9o?t=10m15s typical russian district

  • Pedro Ataide Almeida

    Most of the games shown are not survival games. Im huge fan of hardcore survival games and I'm excited to play Wild and hyped for Frost Punk

  • Aman Kandulna
    Aman Kandulna 15 days ago

    great games coming ahead

  • Johanna Vargas
    Johanna Vargas 15 days ago

    los juegos se juegan

    ANGRY MARINE 16 days ago

    Last one is basically the stomping land 2.0? Allow me to NOT buy that xD

  • Bantaro Z
    Bantaro Z 16 days ago

    que du réchauffage de fps, zombies, monde post- apo, violence extrême, etc etc...


    same of the same..everytime a hear the words inovation,open,world and unique in a game description..i know i wont spend a single dollar on it.bacause it will be a piece of boring garbage.and absurdelly expensive.

  • -Hopeless- Agario & More

    Hi my name is john Di*% 3:26

  • AvocationStudios
    AvocationStudios 17 days ago

    10:53 yeah stab his backpack that'll teach 'em

  • ItzYoBoiSatan
    ItzYoBoiSatan 17 days ago

    only game im looking for is state of decay 2

  • Yung Shrek2001
    Yung Shrek2001 18 days ago

    S T R O K E M Y C A C T U S

  • Theressa Bagnall
    Theressa Bagnall 18 days ago

    rise of the king looks good right?

  • Going Mad
    Going Mad 18 days ago

    Rise of the king, better version of Skyrim :)

  • kai ryu amin
    kai ryu amin 19 days ago

    a survival game without hunger and thirst is a piece of crap, aye? XD

  • ThePsihopatul
    ThePsihopatul 19 days ago

    Anyone else who is old Stalker fan smell a huge scam on the "stalker game"? Looks morel like a mod for CryEngine game like Crysis + remake of a already existing game. Besides who asks money for a mod development? AchievedwithCryenegine apparently. Stinks of a scam until proven otherwise.

  • vals264
    vals264 19 days ago

    Fucking stalker back !!!

  • SnakeEyesBP1980
    SnakeEyesBP1980 19 days ago

    cool man

  • Lego Lover
    Lego Lover 20 days ago

    These look terrible

  • Tarik InfiniteS Acar

    6:22 Gerçektende köpeklerin sesini metin2 den mi çaldınız?

  • Uncaged
    Uncaged 20 days ago

    Same old FPS, post apocalyptic war games and Skyrim clones

  • TirthBhattachArya
    TirthBhattachArya 21 day ago

    19:54 Jurassic Park???

  • Rodeo Hog
    Rodeo Hog 21 day ago

    who else thought Praey for the Gods was a shadow of colossus 2 trailer?

  • Gamelover 1985
    Gamelover 1985 21 day ago

    The last one was the only good one on the list to me, I'll check that one out.

  • Chihan Lee
    Chihan Lee 21 day ago

    so next year graphics is the same as this year i see

  • Knaekt
    Knaekt 21 day ago

    7:50 HAGRID!!!!

  • Arès AM
    Arès AM 21 day ago

    bien mais il fallait dire les plateformes e chaque jeux

  • D O K U M E N T Y
    D O K U M E N T Y 22 days ago

    clickbait all is fake

  • stonedcommander
    stonedcommander 22 days ago

    Wild was the only interesting one.

  • ehook
    ehook 22 days ago

    Only like half of these games are survival games... Why list all the Call of Duty shooter garbage on this?

  • superpsion
    superpsion 22 days ago


  • Matahari
    Matahari 22 days ago

    love survival games except the zombie crap ones

  • Bruno Bottecchia
    Bruno Bottecchia 22 days ago

    Artificial movements..........

  • Silas Kilian
    Silas Kilian 22 days ago

    play ARK and all is fine

    • KAPT LP
      KAPT LP 6 days ago

      Silas Kilian ark Tilt me harder Then LOL 😂

    • Sloppy Slusher
      Sloppy Slusher 18 days ago

      Silas Kilian Ark is too long

  • gallya
    gallya 23 days ago


  • austin herring
    austin herring 23 days ago

    Die young looks good because it's a mixture of tomb raider, dying light, and uncharted series. I haven't played one of those kinds of games in awhile.

  • Fataliate
    Fataliate 23 days ago

    i hate fucking clickbait the huge bear thing looked so sick i thought it was in here somewere fuck you

  • josef williams
    josef williams 23 days ago

    not impressed

  • bugsan
    bugsan 23 days ago

    Snow, dinosaurs, snow, snow, zombies, snow ...

    EDSON ADNARIM 24 days ago

    Why not name a game "scum"?

  • Abram Little
    Abram Little 24 days ago

    these mfers are running out of ideas

  • Gamer FanatX
    Gamer FanatX 24 days ago

    Hi! My name is John Dick! :D

  • AndreJo2412
    AndreJo2412 25 days ago

    the last one is fake ark

  • TheLoneWolf X
    TheLoneWolf X 25 days ago

    R U FREAKING KIDDIN ME!?!? The creators from this war of mine stop making "This War Of Mine:The Little Ones" game for This!?!? I hope It better be good Becuz I've been waiting for it to come out Since last Year!!!

  • Sayko Şeyler
    Sayko Şeyler 25 days ago

    Name song 20:00 plssss :/

  • Gazpacho
    Gazpacho 25 days ago

    Not going to say this is going to be a bad game but you shouldn't have used Unity's premade trees just saying. You can tell right off the bay not all the assets used were made by you etc. 5:33

  • Shrapnel
    Shrapnel 25 days ago

    Scum looks good, Rise of the King looks REALLY good (love skyrim/frostfall), I bet WILD will fail, it just looks too good and too many unique things in the video for them to actually deliver on it all - esp for a console release

  • Tzio Ginnh
    Tzio Ginnh 25 days ago


  • N M
    N M 25 days ago

    Some of these games have nothing to do with the survival genre

  • TheWip140
    TheWip140 25 days ago

    Song from trailer Lost Region please ?

  • Soullux Captor
    Soullux Captor 25 days ago

    most of them look like shit tbh but dark&light and wild looks interesting

  • Ian95ify
    Ian95ify 25 days ago


  • Issac Togia
    Issac Togia 26 days ago

    10:53...........................Poke!!! Is he dead!?

  • Joshprits
    Joshprits 26 days ago

    where is my fucking big bear?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 26 days ago

    2:54 holy crap that looks terrifying.

    • Istok
      Istok 21 day ago

      This surival is epic shit!

  • Reda Haskouri Original

    how about Final Fantasy VII REMAKE ??!

  • Simon Hart
    Simon Hart 26 days ago

    State of Decay 2 looks like Supernatural meets Walking Dead.

  • David Bukovský
    David Bukovský 26 days ago

    fake stalker

  • Leon Banzimir
    Leon Banzimir 26 days ago

    state of decay 2 is just coming for xbox one and pc but days gone is just coming for ps4

  • Samuel
    Samuel 26 days ago

    Scum=Finally a game company that isn't afraid of showing the actual game play instead of showing graphically unrealistic versions of the game through cutscenes.Excellent game mechanics.Who else thinks this scene character resembles Vladimir Putin? lol
    Rise of the king looks really nice and the game mechanics look engaging.
    Noises of the zone= Too veige.
    State of decay 2= Sorry i've had enough of the zombie narrative,it's a unrecognisable dead horse.
    Project Wight = Reminds me a little of Prototype only in first person and more open world.
    Dark and Light = Looks great.

  • The Lord Of War
    The Lord Of War 27 days ago

    would be nice if you put what games are coming for what platforms

  • Phillip5432
    Phillip5432 27 days ago

    I am eager to find out how many of these are clones of ARK.

    • Styth
      Styth 27 days ago

      Phillip5432 they arent clones because they are that shit that nobody Will buy them

  • Dapper Dog
    Dapper Dog 27 days ago

    Dark and light looks like ark ripoff

    • gghjj
      gghjj 26 days ago

      Dapper Dog true

  • AngelzOfLight
    AngelzOfLight 27 days ago

    prey for God looks awesome

  • LazyGamerScotland
    LazyGamerScotland 27 days ago

    I just want a good multiplayer, grindy game. Ark was a total disappointment

  • bub yacobozzi
    bub yacobozzi 28 days ago

    Any real gamer shoots that rabbit

  • MrFox 14Gamer
    MrFox 14Gamer 28 days ago

    I think that Escape from Tarkov is a bit overrated

  • Stalkey4D
    Stalkey4D 29 days ago

    mother of cheekie brekie! STALKER: Noises of the Zone is crysis mod / hoax probably
    whatever the case is , it is not official .

  • John Saf
    John Saf 29 days ago

    Stupid, worthless games and since demos only show the best parts nowadays, the games should be a complete waste of time and money.
    Only "rise of the king" looks interesting.

    • Soullux Captor
      Soullux Captor 25 days ago

      it looks like a cheap version of skyrim with a few mods on tbh.

  • Primal Cortex
    Primal Cortex 29 days ago

    The industry are just Hype, nothing more , ill wait for Dark and Light no one more !

  • LoveInHell
    LoveInHell 29 days ago

    Most of these trailers look really good but I'll only have a decision when I see in-game action.

  • Lammert Miedema
    Lammert Miedema 29 days ago

    Im prettig exited for frostpunk

  • joichschonwieder
    joichschonwieder 1 month ago

    Why not show the name of the game all the time? This way it's easier to see what game it is while skipping through the video.

    And I don't get all those hunger games dayZ games. It's like taking a bad movie and 5 different producers make their own movie with the exact same plot. Plain boring

    • LoveInHell
      LoveInHell 29 days ago

      You can find the name of every game in the description. (it's in order)

  • madskillz
    madskillz 1 month ago


    • deltawolf1124
      deltawolf1124 13 days ago

      i got excited but i think it might just be that CoP fan remake in the cryengine

  • えいちゃま
    えいちゃま 1 month ago

    xbox one はゲーム機として未完成 ゴミ箱量産するな! 故障が多く最悪 電源が断続的に落ちるし資源の無駄遣い MS社員に無料で金払ってるだけ ハッキリ言って損する非常に残念です 書かれたくなければ 交換また全額負担(ソフト 周辺機器 エリートコントローラー)お金と時間を返して下さい 皆様MSはユーザーに対し金ズルとしか思ってない 銭ゲバ野郎です 私はMSの製品で被害に会いました非常にゲーマーとして悲しい気持ちになりました ソフトは面白く楽しいのですが 勿体無いと思いませんか? 私のxbox は故障ばかりで酷い話です MSどうにかして下さい....

  • john pardon
    john pardon 1 month ago

    frostpunk is an city builder right? not an survival game..

    correct me if i'm wrong..

    • john pardon
      john pardon 29 days ago

      yeah, same for me. that's the problem with cinematic trailers.

    • LoveInHell
      LoveInHell 29 days ago

      john pardon Awh not my type of game then, the trailer looks awesome though

    • john pardon
      john pardon 29 days ago

      basically an strategy game like civilization, but focused on building one city, top down view most of the time. i can't come up with any game names, maybe 2027 or something? sci fi game.. i never played good city builders..

    • LoveInHell
      LoveInHell 29 days ago

      City builder? Can you compare it to a game cause I'm not sure what you mean by that?

    • john pardon
      john pardon 1 month ago

      i thought i saw something about it on them site too.

  • daja hill
    daja hill 1 month ago

    I only clicked on this to see the one with the Giant bear


    gta 6 ?

  • zenmaster666
    zenmaster666 1 month ago

    all of these look shit

    • ano schii
      ano schii 20 hours ago

      Little spoiled brats.

    • Darren Currie
      Darren Currie 7 days ago

      Whatever you say .

    • UnicornHorn
      UnicornHorn 7 days ago

      Darren Currie If you think these look good then you have REALLY shitty taste

    • RRXn3oN
      RRXn3oN 11 days ago

      Escape from Tarkov will be awesome man. But the rest yeah you are right. Maybe SoD 2 will be good if they make a good co-op.

    • Darren Currie
      Darren Currie 21 day ago

      Obviously You're not into survival type games then.

  • manliest tea party
    manliest tea party 1 month ago

    so how many snowy survival games are we getting lol

    • manliest tea party
      manliest tea party 1 month ago

      to om ha!

    • to om
      to om 1 month ago

      manliest tea party Its for all the kids born after clima change was invented

  • Trivyum
    Trivyum 1 month ago

    John Dick did a great analysis on the sniping on Scum.

  • bloodthaw 757
    bloodthaw 757 1 month ago

    only 2 of these games actually looked decent. Nothing can compare to 7 days to die...

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