* Vietnam (Vietnamese: Việt Nam), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost nation on the Indochinese Peninsula. It borders China to the north, Laos to the northwest, and Cambodia to the southwest. On the country's east coast lies the South China Sea. With a population of over 85 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world. The country is listed among the "Next Eleven" economies; according to government figures GDP, growth was 8.17% in 2006, the second fastest growth rate among countries in East Asia and the fastest in Southeast Asia.

* Vietnam People's Army (VPA) - Quân Đội Nhân Dân Việt Nam

-Active Dec. 22, 1944 - present
-Country: Vietnam
-Allegiance: Vietnam
-Type: Army
-Anniversaries: Traditional Founding Date: Dec. 22, 1944. Dien Bien Phu Victory: May 7, 1954. Liberation of the South: April 30, 1975.

-Engagements: World War II (Anti-Japanese Campaign 1944-1945), First Indochina War (Against France and French-sponsored local forces, 1946-1954), Second Indochina War (Vietnam War) (Against the US and US-sponsored local forces, 1964-1975), Southwest Campaign (Against the Khmer Rouge, 1979-1989), 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War, 2002-present (secret war in Laos against Hmong separatists)

The Vietnam People's Army (VPA) (Vietnamese: Quân Đội Nhân Dân Việt Nam) is the official name of the armed forces of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. During the Second Indochina War (Vietnam War) (1957--1975), the U.S. referred to it as the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), or People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and this term is commonly found throughout Vietnam War-related subjects. The VPA was not the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (also known as Việt Cộng) (although certain elements disguised as such occasionally and after the reunification of the country in 1976, all former Việt Cộng forces that had not been demobilized were incorporated into the VPA). During the war against the French (First Indochina War, 1946-1954), the VPA was often referred to as the Việt Minh even though Việt Minh was the name of the overall independence movement that preceded the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945. The VPA now includes the: Vietnam People's Ground Forces (including VPA Strategic Rear Forces and Border Defence Forces), Vietnam People's Navy (including VPN Naval infantry), Vietnam People's Air Force, and Vietnam People's Coast Guard. The VPA is considered one of the greatest armies in modern history.

Source: Wikipedia -

* From a foreign friend:
Hi guys. I've been to VIET NAM last month and I just wanted to say here your country is the greatest place I've ever been. in all terms: people, landscapes, cuisine (bun ca!!!)... love ya! I'll be back there soon. and you're a very very brave nation. I've read a little about your post WW2 history. I've also seen the tunnels web in Cu Chi and they impressed me a lot. Judging from the attitude of people I met there, it seems to me that when you like someone, you're like a BEST FRIEND for him. But judging from your history, it seems to me that when your someone's enemy, you're his WORST NIGHTMARE. Luckily for my country, we're too far on the map to ever have a war with you.


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Author A memetastic guy ( ago)
What is this song called

Author Ankur Dhadke ( ago)
Respect from India

Author Jizohn P ( ago)
greetings from the Philippines :D

Author kwan Lam (1053 years ago)
Vietnamese people are the bravest and most resilient in Asia.They have
overcomed the most extreme hardship and will surely prosper in the near

Author Serbo Croat ( ago)
greetings from serbia!

Author asis Best ( ago)
So weak Thailand is best in asia

Author Cr Locklear ( ago)
America still loves you 

Author lien doan nhay du ( ago)
Bài hát nối vòng tay lớn do Trịnh Công Sơn nhạc sĩ thời việt nam cộng hòa
sáng tác ,lấy nhạc VNCH mà còn chửi VNCH đúng là không biết thẹn.

Author NT Sione ( ago)
viet nam Bumblebee yea..........

Author Phồng Tôm ( ago)
+d00d00dumb87 STFO bitch 

Author K ( ago)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam sucks. Republic of Vietnam rules

Author Max Frankow ( ago)
Wow, where did they get all those Hueys? *sarcasm*

Author Billy Nguyen ( ago)
Oh, definitely. Although we WERE enemies, Vietnam and America is surely
getting along well. No matter what our differences may be, there will
always be a sense of respect to the Americans. :) God bless America and
long may the peace between US and Vietnam shall last.

Author Billy Nguyen ( ago)
I think you misunderstood my point. No matter what we use as our weapons,
courage is really what drove us to many victories. Sure, the TT-400TP
gunboat was built by the Vietnamese, but it's active duty have yet to be
''mass-scaled produced" and used right ''now''. Surely people know more
than others, and people learn something new everyday, you don't have to
call me a dumbass :) I respect you and your opinion. I'm sorry for the
misunderstanding, and will accept in my faults. Good talking to you.

Author mike smith ( ago)
America and Vietnam are building a friendship to trade goods.

Author chao thao ( ago)
Fuck V C bitch kill all you bitch

Author Billy Nguyen ( ago)
It's funny how people under-rate and look at our Vietnamese army as
under-armed militias. Well, we got decent weapons from Israel and air
vehicles from Russia now. Why don't we make our own weapons? Well, we do
have our own weapon, it's called courage. That's how we protected our
independence from China's domination, Mongol's horde, French/Japanese
imperialism, and the USA. But of course, we share our love and respect to
both our old enemies and friends around the world :)

Author Myth Sought ( ago)
Việt Nam là tốt. hơn là không pario đến Brazil

Author Memestreamer Inc. ( ago)
126 people are rednecks that fought in Vietnam war

Author Claire Archer ( ago)
This is 5 years ago. Vietnam is now building the first 7 Nuclear
Missile-Aircraft Carrier called the The Dragon of Asia is now building in
Russia (My country!). Estimated to be released to Vietnam's armory in 2020.
Vietnam will have 7 aircraft carriers= 326 billion dollars in total of
building and arming. The carriers can carry 120 aircraft in total! Aircraft
carriers that shoots nuclear weapons and sends aircraft? Costs 32,600
gallons of gas each time it is operate which is a pain in the ass!

Author polka sheit ( ago)
I love the Vietnamese people,,im from Philippines.

Author Nguyen Tom ( ago)
your just mad because you lost by such a tiny country and you cant even
beat America. Vietnam Undefeated!!

Author Thành Long Nguyễn ( ago)
I think it should be Vietnamese Army.

Author Thành Long Nguyễn ( ago)
why do we call quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam as Vietnam people's army?

Author Rob Ng ( ago)
@Rob Ng Other strategies:When missiles attacked very high,US pilots found
the way to fly lower,but then VC could go to bridges and high building ang
shot planes by guns.I mean why Mongols could defeat big Chinese army but
small VN they couldn't,why French had a lot of colonies but only VN could
defeat them in 1954?VN likes all other countries and don't wanna mess with
anyone but I must say they's small but know how to survive

Author Rob Ng ( ago)
@Rob Ng S300Mtu1..TAR21 and dealing to import weapon technology from
Israel.South VN had alot weapons supported by US and was 1 of 4 strongest
army in Asia at the time but still lost.Weapon's just equipment.Do U hear
the story:VC couldn't use remote of Russian missiles coz US radars could
find the location then they found the way to activate by hand?

Author Rob Ng ( ago)
@jerskin61 My dear,VN fought with
French,Mongols,Japanese,Thai,Cambodia,many times with Chinese,not only US
so we need to see history to know results.things' ve changed a lot now.VN
buy 6 of Kilos 636,Gepard 3.9,S300

Author درب النسور ( ago)
I love Vietnam and India from Saudi Arabia

Author sét ánhsáng ( ago)
Au` Thang` Ch0' May` Dang Lay' hjnh` Anh? Kua? Nhat. Day' Nhjn` Dang. May`
la` Bjet' Du0c. Tuyen Truyen` Cu0ng~Hjep' tre? Em 5 tu0j? r0j` Thang` na0`
Phan? B0j. t0? TJen La` Ch0'

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
đụ má m

Author sét ánhsáng ( ago)
Th0j th0j may` dung` nhac den' kaj' ljch. su? bj. ch0n vuj` het' tu` th0j`
Genghis Khan r0j` thu0ng. Haj? la` ngu0n` g0c' dat' g0c' Vjet. Nam th0j`
xua quen dj g0c' t0? tjen mat' trj' la` ngu0j` trung quoc

Author sét ánhsáng ( ago)
Nhjn` da~bjet' may` la` dan tau` r0j` chac' may` hjeu? tjeng' Vjet. ta0
d0an' may` rat' thjch' ch0j dj~phaj? kh0ng? Bjnh` sjnh ngu0j` trung quoc
bon may` xau' chj' tan' gaj' chj? c0' cu0ng~hjep' :)) ch0j dj~ch0 nhanh :)

Author Viper RKO ( ago)
north korea better than vietnam

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
and du ma nhieu

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
"The Vietnamese became independent from Imperial China in 938 CE" and
YueNan 越南 your country name is named by Han Chinese "Vietnam is divided
into 58 provinces (Vietnamese: t?nh, from the Chinese 省, shěng)" Nanyue was
itself incorporated into the empire of the Chinese Han Dynasty in 111 BC.
For the next thousand years, Vietnam remained mostly under Chinese
rule.[31] Early independence movements, such as those of the Tr?ng Sisters
and Lady Tri?u

Author MienMoiRo DoBan ( ago)
Oh gosh, somebody has still stepped on your Chinese monkey tail? I guess it
must hurt a lot since every time I see your ape face, you're all screaming
and jumping. Do other people a favor, please, stop being an annoying ass
with your unintelligent remarks.

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
stupid ass vietrats địt con đĩ mẹ m

Author thuan tran ( ago)
so......r u chinese......r u in 50cent army?

Author thuan tran ( ago)
shut up chinese...........are u in 50 cent army?

Author ﻤڤـخـخ ﺢـﮈ آلْـﺛﻤآلْـﮧ ( ago)
go go Vietnam

Author Vietnameseboy1990 ( ago)
ha ha ha, Manchurian' Son

Author Samson Wu ( ago)
it nice when you say so ( im a vietnamese

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
việt chó

Author FengFox19 ( ago)
Thằng ngu.

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
việt chó

Author Claire Archer ( ago)
You can't even spell the word British. Vietnam doesn't mean dog in
Malaysian. You are no Malaysian. You are a nigger of the world.

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
i said u r no fucking any britsih...u r a vietnam bitch...vietnam means dog
in Malaysian

Author Claire Archer ( ago)
You are an idiot and you can't even spell. British are niggers of Asia? You
malaysian copy our flags and now you hating on Vietnamese? I'm British you
dumb fuck. UK is not even located in Asia. I'm sorry if your parent hated
you and doesn't give a shit about you. I won't feed any more trolls like
you. Good luck with life.

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
lol...who da niggers of asia though? u guys are the black niggers of asia u
dumbass vietrats

Author Claire Archer ( ago)
Go and fuck yourself you uneducated shit. Accept yourself a niggers of

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
fuck u and shitnamese

Author Claire Archer ( ago)
It's Vietnamese and I am not Vietnamese. I am British.

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
u shitnamese can not beat no body

Author Claire Archer ( ago)
Vietnam can bomb the fuck out of Malaysia. Vietnam is not a country to mess
with. You see how they kick American ass back in the Vietnam War? The
American ran their ass back to U.S.A. Malaysia copied American flag. Such a
shame country. Peace to Vietnam from UK. Vietnam army build sonic jet
fighters that can carry 1000lbs of nuclear weapons and can go faster than
1300 miles an hour. They also have about 100 legions of soldiers. What does
Malaysia have? Peace to Vietnam from United Kingdom!

Author Fviethktwpig ( ago)
fuck shitnamese ...we Malaysian hates shitnamese

Author bxrqph ( ago)
Nanking massacre had never happened. It was merely a political propaganda
and part of chinese fake history. Many photos of so-called Nanking massacre
had been proved to be fake. For example, some photos in which were actually
bandits beheaded by chinese themselves.

Author bxrqph ( ago)
chinks are vary used to faking history. there's no honorable thing in their
fake history. for example, they call every their conquerors in history
chinese, even though those conquerors speak a different language and have
totally different religion and culture. They fake their history so
Mongolians became chinese, as well as Tibetans. They do this for several
purposes: convenient reason to invade other races, and making their history
magnificent. In their fake history Genghis Khan was chinese.

Author bxrqph ( ago)
Hi there, I'm a Taiwanese and because we were sold out by the US to chinks
when the pacific war was over, there was a time that I consider myself a
chinese, because of the brain-washing education system. Knowing chinks
culture very well, I can tell you that Xiaoweshuang is just a commonly seen
chinese. Most of chinks, 99.99% maybe, hate foreigners, especially
Americans. Anyone who can read chinese can feel this atmosphere very
quickly after spending several hours browsing chinks online forums.

Author blacksky8 ( ago)
One more thing, you guys are still our slaves. We have been getting waves
of chinese people coming here to take our jobs when people over in China
make less than a dollar. If you think you can call Vietnam or any other
asian country your slaves, your sadly mistaken. It really is sad. I felt
for Chinese people when Nanking happened, hearing you say what you said is
just sad. Your ancestors are wheeping in their graves. In a lighter
note...I love Chinese history lmao. Sad how honor turns to greed.

Author blacksky8 ( ago)
Xiaoweshuang, china was America's slaves and now look at you. You think you
can call anyone a slave? Chinese people are treated like slaves BY chinese
people. Its so pathetic how you think you can call anyone else a slave.
Your military is only "big" because of numbers. America lost the Vietnam
War even with numbers and advanced technology. For gods sake they used
bamboo to brings wittle down numbers. You should keep your mouth shut if
you don't know history. Btw, chinese people worship a monkey

Author blacksky8 ( ago)
I love Vietnam. Never been there but here in America we learn how brutally
we lost in the Vietnam War. A sensless war, where military power was not
enough. I dont like China so much, not chinese people but China. Everything
made from China breaks in a day. Please protect your allies and your home
Vietnam. Respect from America. BTW who is this gnarly band? Ive replayed
this video three times just for the tunes. Xiaowushuang, shut the fuck up.
People like you make the world hate chinese people.

Author bxrqph ( ago)
It explains a lot about why you're so mean and why you need to came to the
video of others country and unleash all your anger toward your won misery.
You have to project yourself into somewhere that has nothing to do with
real you, so you can finally feel equal to others. LOL. What a pathetic

Author bxrqph ( ago)
Bla bla bal, so many excuses, but we all know the truth is that even in
chinkland you chinks start learning English at the age of 9 or so, based on
义务教育英语课程标准 starting from 2001. You fucktard are incapable of speaking a
decent English, which implies you're just a cockroach crawling and barely
breathing on the humid and sticky floor in your chinky society.

Author xiaowushuang ( ago)
OK, whatsoever,for you have been slaves to China for over thousands of
years,such a anomalous soul appear in your body is normal,lol. he he~~

Author xiaowushuang ( ago)
I was not born in a English-speaking country.Why should I must learn
English well ? And I am proud that Chinese will soon be a world language.
Brute? Kiding me? You must be point yourselves,lol

Author bxrqph ( ago)
Obviously, you're the only brute here, LOL, which probably is the reason
that you don't know how to spell "civilized". There's no such words
"civilise country", you uneducated moron, but the word "civilized country".
Besides of that, your grammar is terrible too. LOL.

Author xiaowushuang ( ago)
ok, keep dreaming.In Chinese there are words very suit you
animals."沐猴而冠"--means a monkey which want to be a man,it have a hat. But
what it do is still like a animal. I appreciate your confidence,lol.Wish
all you Vietnameses have such confidences,and think your missile shield is

Author xiaowushuang ( ago)
Ha,ok. I know. We are civilise country,we don't rape your women.But wait
the war begining,we will bomb your Hanoi to earth,or just give your several
atomic bomb. Keep your day dream about invade China,lol

Author xiaowushuang ( ago)
Do you want a Hanoi rape/Tokyo rape or just eat hundred Atomic bomb? Or
shut your smelly mouth up.

Author Billy Bob Mirango ( ago)
Love the metal VC music! LOVE Viet Chics! Some of the best Asian ass that
is out there! Love Pho Love eating Pho with sweet Viet hotties while
listening to Nammer metal !

Author justy doit ( ago)
the philippines have a lot of politicians that is the power of the

Author justy doit ( ago)
what is the different between the Philippines and Vietnam to aquired that
kind of weapons

Author Raphael stronso ( ago)
respect very big great respect for this country

Author ThePowerOfVietnam ( ago)
ThePowerOfVietnam Visit Me ;D

Author Khanh Ha ( ago)
that's Nối vòng tay lớn, which literally translated into "Join the big arm"

Author dzonibrt ( ago)
Respect from Serbian People

Author kwan Lam ( ago)
Vietnam will be properous in the future because they are hard working
people with great resolve and determination!

Author kwan Lam ( ago)
I like Vietnam and respect their strong resolve to defeat foreign
aggression.....but the Spratley is China's so take a step back and remember
how China helped you to defeat the Americans in the Vietnam war!

Author Rikth D'cruze ( ago)
I LOVE VIETNAM !!! love and respect from India..

Author baldbotak666 ( ago)

Author Nails4teeth (1068 years ago)
More hospitable than others in the Asian States .wont name the others..not
saying they were horrible had fun there to except Philippines believe it or

Author Nails4teeth (1212 years ago)
I'm probably the epitome of the classic American/"GI' very patriotic 5 out
of 12 of my uncles fought in the Vietnam war and am proud of them but have
to say that Vietnam is one of the greatest places I've b'n hands down as
far as "acceptance" freedom tourism etc... my girlfriend and her family
left during the fall of Saigon to America and we visit the few that
couldn't leave but ended up flourishing in the new Communist Vietnam and
we'LLC keep going

Author Gaël Scarselli ( ago)
Uh ... Yes.

Author louyht7 ( ago)
Well you have your view and I have my. :)

Author seba1540 ( ago)
Im sorry for vietnam war good luck vietnamese from s.korea

Author Gaël Scarselli ( ago)
Yeah i've make an error about religious intolerance in the Vietnam war. But
i maintain what i've said about the rest.

Author louyht7 ( ago)
Half of Vietnam want the war to end. Religious intolerance? are u sure.
have you been to Vietnam? If you come to Vietnam you will see temples,
churches, even mosque. There's a mosque in Saigon if you don't know. There
is so much freedom to practice your religion in Vietnam but you will get
trouble if you interfere with politics. You should look at neighboring
country like Philippine which they are democratic country with big rich and
poor gap and social inequality.

Author Gaël Scarselli ( ago)
It's you who are clearly an idiot. You know what you are defending? Implant
a base in a country is not very cleaver, but that will surely help when
china will claim all territories at their borders. Communism have unified
the country with strength, political and religious intolerance, what the
half of vietnam doesn't wanted, socialism and communism are politic
operation who have never functioned. Vietnam is now a state with a weak
economy, industry, big social inegality and i pass much examples.

Author Mike Dan ( ago)
Vịt Cọng military chưa đủ tư cách xách dép cho Tàu khựa đâu, nhìn đám người
rừng vịt cộng "military" quê mùa lạc hậu này làm ta nhớ tới mấy tên Cái
Bang luôn bị người đời khinh bỉ

Author louyht7 ( ago)
About corruption and human right. Everywhere is rampant by corruption not
just Vietnam. Back then VNCH even had corruption but is just not as much as
today. Who said Vietnam is scare of China? you are an truly idiot.. have
you look back at our history have we ever lost a war against China? Only
the leader is weak or coward but not Vietnam. Vietnamese are brave and
resilient in the face of enemy.

Author louyht7 ( ago)
Aren't you an idiot Charlie? go study politic and strategy. Do you know the
reason why U.S. helped VNCH is because in the future they can have a base
in southern Vietnam, and you know what happen well look at SK and japan.
U.S soldiers raped, robbed and bunch of other sh*t against the their
civilians. Even tho Communist is not perfect at least the country is
unified and being rule by Vietnamese. Vietnamese gov. is Socialist which is
lighter version of communist.

Author mickavellian ( ago)
I think that everyone realizes that . VietNam never gloated over the
victory but went bang ahead to reconstruct the country look at the results.
The Vietnam, South Korea, Phillipines , Japan treaty assures that NOONE is
gonna fuck with that Asian Union. Remeber what they did with bamboo traps,
imagine what they can do with APACHE helicopters. A lot of respect to a
country that has built monuments honoring the Americans fallen in that
senseless war.

Author mickavellian ( ago)
It is amazing what Viet Nam has accomplished . Thats what happens when you
concentrate in building your country and dont get involved in world
politics, like Cuba has done for 53 years and they have NOTHING. I dont
think anyone wants to mess with VietNam , at least the Chinese seem a
little worried with the VietNam , South Korea, Japan treaty . Really you
shoud be VERY proud.

Author Luong Anh ( ago)
We never like wars, our military is not the best but we shall push back
anyone rage war with us.

Author Charli Doan ( ago)
history! Now Vietnam on their knee to beg American HELP! or else Russian??
NOT ANYMORE..not Soviet ANYMORE...poor Vietnam Ask China....then Prepare to
be their slave!! poor Vietnam Get rid of communist then the face of country
may different like South Korea, Japan for example, they are not scare China
like Vietnam!

Author Charli Doan ( ago)
Vietnam and Phi prepare to be slave for China..Yes! You will

Author Charli Doan ( ago)
dit me may chiec XUONG PHONG LUU DAN cu~ me`m ma dem len day khoe khong
biet NHUC....dem ra Bien Dong cho Tau no tap ban ha?? Ngu nhu cho ma cung
post len day

Author anh huynh ( ago)
Never f*ck with Vietnam military.

Author berke657 ( ago)
Best American fuckers (Y)

Author bryan rivera ( ago)
hi to vietnamese friends! from philippines

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