Lifted Tacoma

Tacomas on 38"

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Author Kori Whitchurch ( ago)
what year is the truck and tire size

Author hmongwild ( ago)
those things look BEAST

Author jhonston666 ( ago)
Any possibility of getting any info/Specs on the gear/work put into this
machine... And if its drivable on regular paved roads..etc Thx

Author GioGuitarDude ( ago)
I think these japs are geniuses. Such a sweet ride.

Author aron john ( ago)
i dont care who you are thats a bad ass ride

Author Paralyzer24 ( ago)
They look like Hilux

Author MewTwo1997 ( ago)
What bumpers do those have? I want to get one for my tacoma

Author Mr tump Merica ( ago)
way sick /watch?v=vy79Uv0utH0

Author yota war ( ago)
are they built by arctic trucks? They look a lot like them. 

Author indiana5588 ( ago)
She's beautiful :))

Author John Arredondo ( ago)
Wow very masive looking trucks.

Author 5150ToddB ( ago)
Next time, don't hire Stevie Wonder to hold the camera..

Author 2010V6RAV4 ( ago)
Either i gotta get one of these, or a set of these tires haha...made that
look easy.

Author Cornelis Noordermeer ( ago)
vvvv What that guy said

Author hendershot2009 ( ago)
Could you tell me what make/ model the light bar is on the first truck? I
really like that one, and want to order one for mine. Thanks!

Author Crosby4hyg ( ago)
@and8gam real talk.

Author BNA Since 1988. ( ago)
Freezing your balls heh?

Author JulianNavarrete99 ( ago)
Heeyyyyy LOOK MY VIDEO IS GREAT..!!!!!

Author BIGSTYLES101 ( ago)
I want one just like that.

Author vivekkothari92 ( ago)
looks badass :^)

Author mitsubishi777 ( ago)
Tacoma is loved by not only adventurers but also Taliban insurgents. 

Author OctaneREDBULL ( ago)
@NCTClion1684 took me a sec to figure that one out ;)

Author TheNuxi ( ago)
what are the covers on the back called?

Author Caleb Fleming ( ago)
@NCTClion1684 I saw a tundra in Tacoma, WA once...

Author Böðvar Jónsson ( ago)
Those fender flares are from brettakantar-is I think or just from

Author Lennyk. waduge ( ago)
any one. can you send me email. from wear i can buy this kind fender
flare. Lenny from Hawaii... Thanks. 

Author K. Fink Christensen ( ago)
Mattracks ... the best thing in snow! 

Author Francis def ( ago)
5 fordgmchevy jealous owners 

Author Trainwreck_j (503 years ago)
why is everyone outside the vehicles? damn that looks cold! i bet it's much
more comfortable to ride inside and use the heater.

Author RazorFX ( ago)
What year tacoma is this?

Author 2010V6RAV4 ( ago)
Nice looking pickemups:) Lord willing one day, I will own a nice truck like

Author wishihadaname94 (1562 years ago)
IF only i had the gas money.....damnit

Author weathermaker91 ( ago)
those trucks look mean!

Author xterrasesc ( ago)
@cashmab Actually I love Toyota and would buy a tacoma anyday. I was going
based on a video I saw comparing 2009 half-tons, they ran the trucks down a
test track with bumps. The Tundra did very badly on this test, the ass end
was all over the place causing the box to be damaged. I just prefer a truck
to be more stiff/rigid.

Author cashmab ( ago)
@xterrasesc Well then can you pls provide stats (with a reference) that
indicate that Tundras frames fail/damage at a more frequent rate than
frames of other full size truck manufacturers? Or is your assertion based
purely on blind Toyota-hater bias? If you can provide data that back up
your claim that Tundras frames are "weak" then I will happily STFU. But
until you can show me the numbers, I will assume that your argument is bias

Author xterrasesc ( ago)
@cashmab Don't compare a 747 to a truck. The Tundras frame has so much flex
that the cab/box can contact and be damaged.

Author cashmab ( ago)
@xterrasesc Well you definitely aren't an engineer, are you. So tell me,
what is "weak" about a Tundra's frame? Frame flexibility provides better
handling, ride, and drivabilitily. Flex does not equal weak. Do you think a
Boeing 747's wings flex in turbulent flight because they are weak? 

Author Andrew Gamez ( ago)
@Crosby4hyg LOL! Needed a truck. Last minute decisions. But based on this
awesomeness of a video...Tacoma FTW.

Author Crosby4hyg ( ago)
@and8gam why would you buy a dodge in the first place?

Author Matt Jones (MaTTR230) ( ago)
The antennas give them a pretty cool look

Author Matt Jones (MaTTR230) ( ago)
Tacoma double penetration

Author Crosby4hyg ( ago)
i just came.

Author einsi sveinsi ( ago)
it is not as cold as it looks it is colder

Author Andrew Gamez ( ago)
Alright. I'm trading in my Dodge Ram for a Tacoma. Sexiness! 

Author nick ( ago)
@thehuntman47 pussy

Author DanielRemains ( ago)
Dear santa...

Author MrSmallz22 ( ago)
if ur gunna have a truck have a truck dont put campers on the bed.

Author froto93 ( ago)
alright so i was thinking to myself "oh those are nice trucks, but it
doesn't really seem like the stuff their doing is THAT difficult." until
the end. then i was like "holy sh**!!" 

Author scarab088 ( ago)
i need a hat with ear flaps and a nice warm jacket just looking at this and
hearing the wind. i can completely imagine this because we just got out of
winter lol.

Author M Carroll ( ago)
What's with teh shell

Author Ryan Sullivan ( ago)
that shits gay YOTAS blowwww u spics

Author RidingInKelowna ( ago)
Beautiful Trucks! Wish I had money to do up my Taco something like that. 

Author aatullberg ( ago)

Author Paulpunkrocks ( ago)
that's a sick rig

Author zargus91 ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 and btw... you said yourself, and i quote, "i want my
2010 ranger to look like that in the future :)"

Author zargus91 ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 lol. no i have a 2005 tacoma.

Author DC08SI ( ago)
What I like best about these trucks is they are never done up to appeal to
anyone. Simply raw work trucks!

Author Travis Le ( ago)
was it me or was that guy speaking Vietnamese?

Author Shareallicu ( ago)
Cute Truck, I want One!

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
@NameWasInvalid it seems zargus91 is all talk with nothing to show for it
so please stay out of this:)

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
@NameWasInvalid yeah well buddy this doesnt concern you I'm talking with
Zargus91 cause hes the one that started this fucking rant

Author NameWasInvalid ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 and @zargus91 oh btw. Last ranger I drove was the 03 with
the 4.0 manual, thing had nowhere near the power of a Tacoma, and not to
mention the tacoma really feels like you're driving a V8 with its torque.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate rangers, but sitting stock, they are
completely uncapable of doing much.

Author NameWasInvalid ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 and @zargus91 oh btw. Last ranger I drove was the 03 with
the 4.0 manual, thing had nowhere near the power of a Tacoma, and not to
mention the tacoma really feels like you're driving a V8 with its torque.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate rangers, but sitting stock, they are
completely uncapable of doing much.

Author NameWasInvalid ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 and @zargus91 I've owned both. I came from a family that
drove nothing but rangers. I'm tired of doing maintenance just to keep a
Ford running. 100k miles hit and you're gonna be replacing alot just to
keep the truck running. My 07 tacoma is 80k miles now with nothing more
than a u-joint failure. I will never buy a ranger again.

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
@zargus91 hey no one asked me what the fuck I drive! I just said what I
drive, let me ask you this. What the fuck do you drive if you even have a
ride? Cause you sure seem like one to fucking talk what you got like a

Author zargus91 ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 i dont care about the price difference or how much hp it
has. what i care about it the fact that when someone asks what you drive
and you say "a ford ranger"... compared to "a toyota tacoma"... you sound
like a fag or someone who didnt have enough money to buy a real truck.

Author Rob Tacotunes ( ago)
dude, those are some bad arse tacos!

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
@zargus91 all that extra cash for what 30 hp and the ranger can tow the
same amount and its a mini truck. So if you ask me ill spend that extra
cash and make my ranger better then a stock tacoma for the same price! 

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
@zargus91 ya i went for domestic just cause and I didnt want to spend
another 20g for a TRD

Author zargus91 ( ago)
@UnknownStoner420 i dont think your 2010 ranger will ever look like that
because its not a toyota. nothing beats or comes close to a toyota. sorry

Author Itzholmes ( ago)
Nice! From an fj owner.

Author traxxas9292 ( ago)
if this is a job. i want it.

Author Felipe Freig ( ago)
Hey Could you tell me where you got your fender flairs?? my tires stick out
2.5 inches and cant seem to find a wide flair, thank you!

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
@donkeydickkk LIKE A BOSS!!! lol

Author Oz10 1 cent ( ago)
i want my 2010 ranger to look like that in the future:)

Author sorenrules ( ago)
I wonder what company makes the locker/posi for their front end?

Author reminaya ( ago)
Been a while since I've seen someone who knows what the hell he's doing
behind the wheel. I hate watching the idiots who keep gunning the engine
expecting different results. Great driving, extreme conditions, and PROPER
tires for the conditions. Bout time.

Author gityermudon ( ago)
WOW are those two toys nice! not a toyota guy but very nice lookin trucks! 

Author dan lobos ( ago)
bad ass tacomas

Author cashmab ( ago)
Tacoma looks like it was made for wheels that size... like, the way a
Tacoma should be.

Author matt4270 ( ago)
@PASA84010 Thanks!

Author colocolinoDePortland ( ago)
i think i just jizzed in my shorts..oh i did!

Author Kevin Quinn ( ago)
is there any kind of lift on those?

Author thehuntman47 ( ago)
that looks so uncomfortably cold

Author brycen clannon ( ago)
nice trucks 

Author Munteanu Mugurel ( ago)
@YourADrag me 2 bro,me 2

Author JDM417 ( ago)
i want a tacoma, i now drive 2000 Acura integra GSR and its time to put it
away for the winters. 200 or 2011 TACOMA here i come :-) 

Author Micheal Heald ( ago)
@FPYCRUGBY but its really easy to drive with one hand

Author cashmab ( ago)
Those things are beasts! Who makes those fenders?

Author leabuelo ( ago)

Author parkerda3yahoocom ( ago)
These look like the modern day hilux pretty much. I mean I don't know much
about either except their toyota badassness. I love the way those arctic
tires look on that truck too.

Author HavocMaverick ( ago)
Now this is how to put big tires on trucks. It's ridiculous how so many
people lift their trucks sky high to put on big tires --- thinking their
trucks now "great offroad rigs". Nevermind the stock gears, no lockers, and
extra high center of gravity... Awesome Tacomas.

Author Avi ( ago)

Author Reaper6207 ( ago)
Dude, these look like the arctic trucks...wait...they ARE the arctic
truck!!! Nothin short of complete badass.

Author Mimsk ( ago)
Like this Doug

Author Tj Crocker ( ago)
@khantko dam right man i need to know what lift kit that is and were to get
the fenders like that.. its sick

Author Muaviper ( ago)

Author Ben Benjamin ( ago)
weak axles and 1/4 frames with those huge tires ... lmfao

Author andre normand ( ago)
what kinda fender flares are those , i asume they are after market, but who
are they made by thanks nice trucks btw

Author GeneralHoohah ( ago)
Um... I know I saw a few videos like that on youtube... just look around.

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