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Author hmongwild (7 months)
those things look BEAST

Author fastdarkangel22 (6 years)
badass truck love it

Author scarab088 (4 years)
i need a hat with ear flaps and a nice warm jacket just looking at this and
hearing the wind. i can completely imagine this because we just got out of
winter lol.

Author MaTTR TwoThirty (4 years)
The antennas give them a pretty cool look

Author xterrasesc (5 years)
yeah...I guess a C chennel is better on heavy duty applications like that,
good point.

Author xterrasesc (3 years)
@cashmab Actually I love Toyota and would buy a tacoma anyday. I was going
based on a video I saw comparing 2009 half-tons, they ran the trucks down a
test track with bumps. The Tundra did very badly on this test, the ass end
was all over the place causing the box to be damaged. I just prefer a truck
to be more stiff/rigid.

Author merc3535 (5 years)
Those are bad ass

Author ruanorafa (3 years)
What kind of lift and fenders?? Looks nice!!!!

Author leabuelo (4 years)

Author andre normand (5 years)
what kinda fender flares are those , i asume they are after market, but who
are they made by thanks nice trucks btw

Author gaveen666 (4 years)
those tacomas look like war machines, sign me up for a tank tacoma like
this fo the zombie apocalypse

Author GeneralHoohah (5 years)
You're insane, I've seen tundras do huge air and land really hard on their
frame with no damage.

Author jasky90 (5 years)
i think i just came in my pants

Author aatullberg (4 years)

Author mr1slow (3 years)
Driver, you know you could have just gone around.

Author thehuntman47 (4 years)
that looks so uncomfortably cold

Author Paralyzer24 (2 years)
They look like Hilux

Author frescasipper (5 years)
i cant do that with my toyota tacoma mine has 406000 miles on it

Author JDM417 (4 years)
i want a tacoma, i now drive 2000 Acura integra GSR and its time to put it
away for the winters. 200 or 2011 TACOMA here i come :-)

Author xXUberR4p3DXx (5 years)
i got that truck with the long bed... Well without the Lift and tires and
shit.. Just a stock 4 Door long bed tacoma...

Author Senior Orange (5 years)
thats a sweet sweet truck.... what lift is that?

Author ShOwStOpp3rr (5 years)
jumping jesus christ on a crutch thats a badass truck!!

Author Trainwreck_j (3 years)
why is everyone outside the vehicles? damn that looks cold! i bet it's much
more comfortable to ride inside and use the heater.

Author Lennyk. waduge (3 years)
any one. can you send me email. from wear i can buy this kind fender
flare. Lenny from Hawaii... Thanks.

Author Avi (5 years)

Author BIGSTYLES101 (3 years)
I want one just like that.

Author merc3535 (5 years)
where the hell is this at?

Author einsi sveinsi (4 years)
it is not as cold as it looks it is colder

Author zargus91 (4 years)
@UnknownStoner420 i dont care about the price difference or how much hp it
has. what i care about it the fact that when someone asks what you drive
and you say "a ford ranger"... compared to "a toyota tacoma"... you sound
like a fag or someone who didnt have enough money to buy a real truck.

Author JulianNavarrete99 (3 years)
Heeyyyyy LOOK MY VIDEO IS GREAT..!!!!!

Author MrTacoman300 (5 years)
fucking beastly ass taco

Author RidingInKelowna (4 years)
Beautiful Trucks! Wish I had money to do up my Taco something like that.

Author John Arredondo (3 years)
Wow very masive looking trucks.

Author Oz10 1 cent (4 years)
@NameWasInvalid it seems zargus91 is all talk with nothing to show for it
so please stay out of this:)

Author Rob Tacotunes (4 years)
dude, those are some bad arse tacos!

Author traxxas9292 (4 years)
if this is a job. i want it.

Author Kymco90 (5 years)
thing looks soo sick!!

Author 5150ToddB (3 years)
Next time, don't hire Stevie Wonder to hold the camera..

Author Oz10 1 cent (4 years)
@zargus91 all that extra cash for what 30 hp and the ranger can tow the
same amount and its a mini truck. So if you ask me ill spend that extra
cash and make my ranger better then a stock tacoma for the same price!

Author OctaneREDBULL (3 years)
@NCTClion1684 took me a sec to figure that one out ;)

Author jhonston666 (1 year)
Any possibility of getting any info/Specs on the gear/work put into this
machine... And if its drivable on regular paved roads..etc Thx

Author M Carroll (4 years)
What's with teh shell

Author xterrasesc (5 years)
I think a stiff frame is better in every situation. The suspension is
supposed to do the absorbing over bumps, not the frame and body. Frame flex
like that causes cracks to form at body welds/seems.

Author Daniel Franchuk (2 years)
way sick /watch?v=vy79Uv0utH0

Author mtb416 (5 years)
I would imagine that it is a smart idea to upgrade the axles if you're
going to be running 38" on low pressure? I couldn't imagine any 1/4 truck
possessing the axle strength to accommodate such a size tire. Most
Wrangler's I see rockin 38"+, or even smaller, have dana 44's.

Author Andrew Gamez (4 years)
Alright. I'm trading in my Dodge Ram for a Tacoma. Sexiness!

Author FFHowell (5 years)
thats SEXY!!!

Author GodZiLRAah (3 years)
I love my tacoma

Author colocolinoDePortland (4 years)
i think i just jizzed in my shorts..oh i did!

Author weathermaker91 (3 years)
those trucks look mean!

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