'Chanel West Coast Goes Off on Charlamagne Tha God' Official Clip | Ridiculousness Fridays | MTV

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  • Ruth Smoth
    Ruth Smoth 4 minutes ago

    Yea... she still a whack rapper tho

  • jiveAt5
    jiveAt5 17 minutes ago

    Chanel West Coast rules.

  • richkidd 90
    richkidd 90 31 minute ago

    That bitch got ate up n her feelings

  • Derek Boseley
    Derek Boseley 31 minute ago

    Wayne sucks really,but that girl oh baby

  • Lasheem Richardson
    Lasheem Richardson 45 minutes ago

    She not wack as a rapper doh kind of like iggy

  • she45namify
    she45namify 46 minutes ago

    She wasn't ready!!! He came on as a guest and took over her whole show. Just like he had dirt on her... she should have had some dirt on him

    she spent too much time defending herself and not enough time attacking him right back. i would have been bringing up all the bad shit thats happen to him and put all his business in the street period he would have had to leave me alone.

    And some goons really did cash him outside LOL and it did NOT go well for him. and I would have mentioned that too

  • Lasheem Richardson
    Lasheem Richardson 55 minutes ago

    This the first time she wasnt laughing wit that dolphin ass laugh lol

  • you mad bro
    you mad bro 58 minutes ago

    guelley boy squad!

  • Max Craving
    Max Craving 1 hour ago

    Rob makes it funny #reelingitin

  • Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper 1 hour ago

    I went and listen to this girl for myself and the struggle is real. If this is the best she can do, she is going to starve in this industry. I am with Charlamagne. She could model if she dont make it in music though.

  • A Sapoluu
    A Sapoluu 1 hour ago

    Cash me outside fucking murdered her 😂

  • SuperVicks86
    SuperVicks86 1 hour ago

    Rob shouldn't have let this happen on his show he should be professional and stand up for his people and not let this dumbass who is always pissing people off come and do that on the show and embarrass his own employee. That's fucking rude he's a guest.

  • Dahlia Jordison
    Dahlia Jordison 1 hour ago

    she needs to stick to laughing like a retarded dolphin cause that trash she calls music is not cutting it, no wonder Charlemagne didn't put no respect on her name

  • MrPlayinthevillain
    MrPlayinthevillain 1 hour ago

    But she really can't rap tho

    ANGELO MAXIMUS 1 hour ago

    she said I can't be funny today cause he doesn't know her musical track record!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Rodolfo Guerrero
    Rodolfo Guerrero 1 hour ago

    lmao when charlawhatever said cath me outside chanel should have said well lil kim caught you outside and you got punched and ran like a lil bitch

  • Sincerely ToyaT
    Sincerely ToyaT 1 hour ago

    Okay. She got features I never heard but where are her songs? Barking at radio personalities will not get your records played.

  • KP
    KP 2 hours ago

    she just lucky this wasn't the breakfast club...😂😂

  • Jazmin Rodriguez
    Jazmin Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    what struggle bitch bye the struggle of her ass being a culture vulture,

  • Jazmin Rodriguez
    Jazmin Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    you still corney channel

  • Nathaniel Brewer
    Nathaniel Brewer 2 hours ago

    But, she is some shit....

  • Tatum Bradford
    Tatum Bradford 2 hours ago

    she officially let hollywood go to her head

    RK MUSIC 2 hours ago

    Is that a tranny?

  • Steven GTA
    Steven GTA 3 hours ago

    TBH never heard of her

  • Chante Cruml
    Chante Cruml 4 hours ago

    she really can't rap yo 😂😂😂

  • Matt Whitehorse
    Matt Whitehorse 5 hours ago

    Charlemagne always starting shit

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco 5 hours ago

    Is she black under that makeup?

    MARCUS PERKINS 5 hours ago


  • LowLife 540
    LowLife 540 6 hours ago


    Um... Nobody knows your musical track record...

  • Dirty Sanchez
    Dirty Sanchez 6 hours ago

    Channel west coast should have been in XXL Freshman list for her rapping

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    She can still catch this dick thoe 👀

  • A Man Has No Name
    A Man Has No Name 6 hours ago

    i just listened to one of her songs.....honestly id rather listen to a muppets musical. Ive heard raccons makes better noises than whatever is was she called herself "rapping" about.

  • Nate plays PC
    Nate plays PC 7 hours ago

    omg this was too great

  • Your OG
    Your OG 7 hours ago

    1:30 She cute as shit when she mad I ain't even gon lie 😂

  • Flawed_MakeupByIsis
    Flawed_MakeupByIsis 7 hours ago

    Rather you like her music or not I don't feel like Charlemagne should of opened his mouth being that he should of showed some type of respect being on their show, he's always talking shit about someone, i'm shocked he hasn't gotten knocked out yet!

  • Oipeeepwns
    Oipeeepwns 7 hours ago

    she so fucking annoying

  • Zatavia Calhoun
    Zatavia Calhoun 7 hours ago

    Bitch needs a new job, STAY ON RIDICULOUSNESS cuz that's all you'll be known for!!!

  • Nerissa Loc
    Nerissa Loc 7 hours ago

    WoW she was Mad as F.😨 I guess da TRUTH HURTS😩 PS: I've never heard any music from her tho🤔
    Chalamagne is known 4talkin trash, yet he kept his calm😕

  • William Caraos
    William Caraos 7 hours ago

    Steelo tried to put out the argument in beginning but then just fueled it more seconds later lmaoo.

  • tanya scott
    tanya scott 7 hours ago

    her music garage...like if u agree

  • It's Me
    It's Me 7 hours ago

    the popular artists you rap with don't mean shit if your music is trash

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 8 hours ago

    she was big mad

  • Armando Ikonomi
    Armando Ikonomi 8 hours ago

    Charlemagne hates white ppl especially the ones that are revolved around the "black dominated" things like rap. He hates on MGK Posty and Em. Even tho Chanel is boo boo kaka your on someone else's show. So some respect. Your the guest.

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    her shit is wack tho.

  • Kill myVibe Jestiet
    Kill myVibe Jestiet 8 hours ago

    You can tell he was a bully back in high school but then he got roasted so hard one time that he started laughing at himself then went home and cried then took out a notebook and wrote all this savage shit he knows about everyone

  • Things I Wonder
    Things I Wonder 9 hours ago


  • BACKn95project
    BACKn95project 9 hours ago

    I always thought she was a AirHead anyway

  • The last Goon
    The last Goon 9 hours ago

    Bruh even rob was geekin 😂😂😂

  • Laci Mancha
    Laci Mancha 9 hours ago

    yassss bitch I love herrr

  • Lord Iso
    Lord Iso 9 hours ago

    she is still trash

  • Virtuoso Productions


  • IceFrozenWulf GXVB
    IceFrozenWulf GXVB 9 hours ago

    Who Let A Crying Dog In @ 1:12.

  • Wale Akinsefunmi
    Wale Akinsefunmi 9 hours ago

    LMFAO....She beefN with the wrong dude, CTG is built for that. That's what he do!!

  • domga82
    domga82 10 hours ago

    I've never heard of her.

  • Sam Rojo
    Sam Rojo 10 hours ago

    lmao she didn't go off on him.he went off on her

  • Shae Matthews
    Shae Matthews 10 hours ago

    He actually seems really fucking annoying tho lol

  • Bvlgari Mosa
    Bvlgari Mosa 10 hours ago

    Ctg such a dick

  • skullcrusher skull
    skullcrusher skull 10 hours ago

    it's true her music is wack

  • Stryker Allen
    Stryker Allen 10 hours ago

    she's sexy when she's angry

  • Avants Lyrics
    Avants Lyrics 10 hours ago

    her music. is honestly ass😭 i neva heard of her till now😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 idc who she did music wit her bars n delivery is ass😭😭
    bro put her on blast n she got salty ppl only get mad at the truth.

  • Brandon Parson
    Brandon Parson 11 hours ago

    like 👍 this comment if you think channel's laugh is annoying.

  • Candy V. Meadows
    Candy V. Meadows 11 hours ago

    he's right she's terrible.... along with that annoying ass laugh

  • acepc2
    acepc2 11 hours ago

    I love it hahaha Charlamagne treats everyone with such disrespect and Chanel wasn't having it good for her, prolly makes more than Charla anyways shit

  • TheRealZay
    TheRealZay 12 hours ago

    chanel trying hard af to fit in the black culture

  • Jimmy Moore
    Jimmy Moore 12 hours ago

    @1:31 probably the most honest truth about ymcmb

  • abe finklestein
    abe finklestein 12 hours ago

    channel west be doing her thang! her product aint garbage, its just that she quite simply has zero credibility and believability!

  • mateo ross
    mateo ross 12 hours ago

    Its funny as hell how this cash me outside girl got more fame then she do lollll

  • Biggz Kraken
    Biggz Kraken 13 hours ago

    stand up for your right lynch the white people for what they did to the blacks

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.0 13 hours ago

    stayinyolane goddamn he ended her bro

  • Xavier Savage
    Xavier Savage 13 hours ago

    She needs to go on the breakfest club. LETS SETTLE THIS BEEF

  • FR3SHtillD3ATH1
    FR3SHtillD3ATH1 13 hours ago

    Where was this energy with Birdman ? Hold that L

  • Xavier Savage
    Xavier Savage 13 hours ago

    Ive never heard of any of her songs soooo there's that. She named all those rappers who is trash, song is trash, just because you are with them does not mean you are good. Lol chanel rap career is terrible, she needs to stop. Gulley boy said it best

  • lin doe
    lin doe 13 hours ago

    I'm just sitting here like who is this chick?? lol

  • Brandon Chavez
    Brandon Chavez 13 hours ago

    "It's deeper then rap" 😂

  • Alan Arzate
    Alan Arzate 13 hours ago

    damn charlamagne is a savage for real tho she doesn't know when to shut up she should've just let it go and kept her work place professional

  • AllThingsLit
    AllThingsLit 13 hours ago

    She should be utterly embarrassed lmfao.. She turned it into that shit not Charlemagne. And FAWK he's right bro, she is wack as shit 😂.. And she was talkin bout "u don't know my musical track record".. HE SAID YOU'RE WACK 😂 has nothing to do with you're musical track record. And just wow is she garbage I totally agree.

  • Santi Jauregui
    Santi Jauregui 13 hours ago

    He right tho. Chanel can't rap for fucks sake

  • Official Zariah
    Official Zariah 13 hours ago

    Charlemagne looks like one of the monsters from where the wild things are

  • Zeekeal G
    Zeekeal G 14 hours ago

    charlamagne face at 0:55

  • Jeron Rookwood
    Jeron Rookwood 14 hours ago


  • Nesya Supriyatna
    Nesya Supriyatna 14 hours ago

    Charlene mane the bitch is just hating on a chanel just because she's more a celebrity status. Yo Charlene remember when you got smacked outside nyc studios?? lol that was funny af.

  • Thaddeus Oddie
    Thaddeus Oddie 14 hours ago

    do Chanel West Coast got a hit song???

  • PiPi PiPi
    PiPi PiPi 14 hours ago

    well her music is shit

  • stripmakah215610
    stripmakah215610 14 hours ago


  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 15 hours ago

    Black guy in the corner hyping stuff up

  • Princess TJ
    Princess TJ 15 hours ago

    She shoulda stayed home that day lol she was obviously triggered

  • SchismPerrie
    SchismPerrie 15 hours ago

    Okay Chanel is garbage no doubt about that, also why is it that people think having a song with Snoop is the best thing in the world. He literally makes songs with any and everyone, hell he made a song with Miley and the shit was garbage, Snoop also has a show with Martha Stewart. Hahaha sit down Chanel you been around to many black females so now you think you can talk and flex like them but you can't.

  • oSoLuckyy
    oSoLuckyy 15 hours ago

    steelo literally was laughing soooooo hard

  • oSoLuckyy
    oSoLuckyy 15 hours ago

    literally got fucked

  • Hamza Abdul-Hadi
    Hamza Abdul-Hadi 15 hours ago

    all that Shit he talk and he can't rap for Shit like foh

  • Marlene Gonzalez
    Marlene Gonzalez 15 hours ago

    I mean but where was his lie? Cause she is a whack rapper 💀

  • Shan Mh
    Shan Mh 15 hours ago

    FOH!!!! "I used to like you til you came at me" Charlemagne been coming at people his whole career. She thought she was exempt? Why? How? TF did she think would happen? Delusion...

  • Carter Champagne
    Carter Champagne 15 hours ago

    This is some of the funniest shit I've ever seenXDDDDDD

  • King Bizzaro
    King Bizzaro 16 hours ago

    y'all better stop irritating my bae fr.

  • Lila Cross
    Lila Cross 16 hours ago

    Chanel is not a good rapper, no doubt about that. But Charlamagne is a bitch tbh, he doesn't face her, he mocks the way she moves her hands, he throws the "catch me outside" because he isn't able to argue what she's saying

  • Troy Santiago
    Troy Santiago 16 hours ago

    If u get signed with young money u know ur trash

  • Daryl James
    Daryl James 16 hours ago

    He fried shorty tf up 🤣

  • King Team
    King Team 16 hours ago

    much talk from a bitch that can't make a name for her self without rob or big names

  • chellbell2233
    chellbell2233 16 hours ago

    Wtf happened to her, she was whacky and goofy now I'm all confused.

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