Denis' Final Blow

Thumbs Up To Show Your Respects.

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Author TikiShades (2 months)
yo, are you aware there's a ton of people trying to trade Whismur for
Scizor, all citing RIPDenis in their comments? Is this your doing? I can't
find a single other RIPDenis that would explain it

Author T Dawg (4 months)
Worth a sub

Author xMusicalJayx (3 months)
*look's to video suggestions sees Genesect's final blow XD*

Author MrWildcard531 (10 months)
if that happened in the game, i would loose my mind.

Author LostSilver45 (1 year)
I remember this so well. The first time I saw this, (no hate) I actually
cried. And then got a blitzle named Denis xD

Author Julian Nutaj (9 months)
I've bein looking for this video, I was this when it first came out!

Author Samantha Brooke Millman (9 months)
I... I... I would be able to tell your feelings. If I lost my latias or my
serperior... I know my life would be wrecked. :'(

Author The Majestic Mr. L (1 year)
Genesect, Y U DO DIS?

Author Jonathan Velasco (7 months)
I now how u feel

Author MyMagicCookie6 (1 year)
Lol I am watching you stream right now and I just wanted to watch this
right now

Author pop build (1 year)
he fainted he didnt die

Author Joel Donald (1 year)
Just so sad

Author PictureDebby114 (1 year)

Author Aaron Kalinowski (1 year)
nice job on the skit dude:D

Author Magikarpador (1 year)
Still my favorite of your videos.

Author 856Lavalamp (10 months)
I'll miss Denis.

Author Lucario Lord (1 year)
DAMN YOU GENESECT gian one day i will have revenge for you i will take down
genesect for you and denis

Author Emre Uyar (1 year)
-,- your all nothing but fools dont be redicules denis is nothing its all
fake fuckin'blitzle is alive oh man give me a brake

Author David Ferraro (2 years)
3:23 ... i kept my tears in

Author Tree Pyro (2 years)
you have no heart :,(

Author dylan carlos (1 year)
i caught a bitzle and named it denis jr. in honor of denis rip denis

Author PkmnSalamence123 (2 years)
No, this isn't posible to do with cheats

Author Lyric (1 year)
@sysolys ikr

Author dylan mejia (2 years)
Denis come back ooh

Author SethKeidashi (2 years)
Hm.. That music sounds familiar. Where is it from?

Author wiiupokemon (1 year)
Poor Denis

Author Zek drake (2 years)

Author liam flashdo (2 years)

Author BatBroadcast (2 years)
i liked denis, thumbs up if u agree

Author kingdomheart980 (2 years)
denis was my favorite pokemon in these walkthroughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T T

Author nutjob1997 (2 years)
Dude, I think you might be wrong. That was Simple Beam. Genesect can't even
use Echoed Voice. I checked. And since Simple Beam is a status move and
does NO DAMAGE, Denis was gonna survive. I dont konw why I said "no damage"
in all caps.

Author Uncle Boomstick (2 years)
in pokemon hg and ss after a battle with steven, he was saying the you are
the killer of DENIS. but then he say he thought you were GENOSECT

Author TheQuispiam (2 years)
Fuck you genosent

Author BlackButlerAndHetaliaFan14 (2 years)
poor Denis...

Author Tenshi Hinanai (2 years)
lol no

Author Tsuyuki Hitsugaya (2 years)
You're a Genesect, aren't you?!

Author Finnickify (2 years)
I heard deeeeeeeNIS 0:50

Author Eamonn Mazur (1 year)
Haha! I like tacos... And by the way dude, I don't hate you! :D

Author Nodog438 (2 years)

Author Rai and Bluefeather (2 years)

Author PkmnSalamence123 (2 years)
He proobaly used advance map or advance event

Author Playeroftheworld (2 years)
When as releases butterfree and such.

Author ItDerTiger (2 years)
dose he use a hack please reply

Author arrosas1123 (2 years)
4th slot put revenge lol

Author duy tran (1 year)
but how can u get a genesect ar u use ar code

Author shinyvictini mo (2 years)
sam,e happed to me ecept it was gensis

Author Hawkdude (1 year)
watch genesect final blow dumbass

Author Em Lemmon (1 year)
I am so sorry for you loss Gian....

Author laurengrubbs (2 years)
U no that I have a kalyee. Virizion

Author Amanda Freeman (2 years)
i didnt know pokemon could die o.O awe

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