Why We Left Buzzfeed (Some Thoughts on Taking Risks)

In which Allison and Gaby from Just Between Us (youtube.com/justbetweenusshow) stand in for Hank, share some thoughts on taking risks in your career, and talk about why they left Buzzfeed. It's Pizzamas Day 10!

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Dee MashDee Mash (1 hour ago)
They defined what it is to work for a company. What did u expect? This is so dumb.

Julia JohnsonJulia Johnson (13 hours ago)
What type of you dog is your dog?! It's sooooo cute!!

Christine DunneChristine Dunne (4 days ago)

Jiggy WithitJiggy Withit (4 days ago)
Why is their channel not linked?

Gabi DancerGabi Dancer (5 days ago)
Nooo😭😭 ughh u were my fave

Tiger9302Tiger9302 (5 days ago)

JJ (5 days ago)
Lets say your an engineer making cars for rolls royce. You come up with an idea for a new car, that new car OBVIOUSLY belongs to rolls royce not you you fool. So you quit rolls royce. It is quite obvious you will not be able to make that same car and sell it under your name now. WHATS THE SURPRISE HERE GUYS?

Dustin WhitmanDustin Whitman (6 days ago)
im confused. at around the 2:10 mark gabby said something about "everything you make that company owns, so once the character no longer works with that company, they can no longer do what you made. " didnt lady like do that exact thing?? is thete clarification on this????

EvaEva (6 days ago)
crap the one with the bangs was my favorite

Maria ScherderMaria Scherder (6 days ago)
why do they talk like babies

Catarina GuitaCatarina Guita (7 days ago)
the thing about job is that you can leabe them...

GonzesseGonzesse (7 days ago)
I was going to leave the same comment!!

Mkkio HartsMkkio Harts (8 days ago)
It's a company. And a bad one at that the entertainment sucks. People glamorize it but at the end of the day it's still a company. And what's the point of being with a company that doesn't have stability they own your content, limit your creative freedom, and there is deadlines. Why do all that with no long-term assurance. They take a bug chunk of being creative out of being a creator. It's a job but why be a creator when it's limited? Creators normally don't get paid much so you might as well be doing something else if that's the case if it's gonna be controlled. I get buzzfeed owning the content you and others make because that's what companies do. They provide you materials and all that. I just wouldn't be a YouTuber if it became like a job. That's not the goal of pursuing a art path. It's suppose to be fun! I never thought any buzzfeed content was good. I trust none of it. It use to be cheap dumb entertainment that's clickbait. Now it's dumb liberal stuff. I think even if I was liberal I'd think it was stupid.

mclotocihmclotocih (8 days ago)
These two girls should start doing videos on porn hub

Ace Of SpadesAce Of Spades (8 days ago)

R JacksonR Jackson (8 days ago)
That poor dog lol

R JacksonR Jackson (8 days ago)
These two were a couple of my favorite people from Buzzfeed ;-;

nolessnoless (9 days ago)
Buzzfeed was created and is run by white men. Isn't that a problem?

Elenium DellaElenium Della (10 days ago)
I'm ashamed that this video is in vlogbrothers

Ashley J.Ashley J. (11 days ago)
that dog though XD

Asuka Killer1Asuka Killer1 (11 days ago)
these two people are the only people from buzzfeed that I actually know

nutkjanutkja (12 days ago)
Whoa, when did this video get so many views?

Defcon 1Defcon 1 (15 days ago)
"The thing about jobs is that you can leave them" no fucking shit

Liza K.Liza K. (15 days ago)
"the thing about jobs is that you can leave them" WELL IF THIS ISNT THE MOST INTELLECTUAL STATEMENT EVER IDK WHAT IS

mynameismeawmynameismeaw (15 days ago)
that dog tho

TheOneAndOnlyTheOneAndOnly (15 days ago)
That dog is slump

Itchy KneeItchy Knee (15 days ago)
WHAT???? You mean to tell us that the company that employed you to make content specifically for them, owns the content you made for them???? OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! How dare they take ownership of what they have paid you to make for them. I feel so sorry for you, having a job is so tough.

evo98evo98 (16 days ago)
Your both fucking idiots

Andrea MaffioneAndrea Maffione (17 days ago)

Archie AndrewsArchie Andrews (17 days ago)
What the hell? That's a real dog?

Casey FunkCasey Funk (17 days ago)
Buzzfeed is crap now anyway. And Im so happy that all my favorites from Buzzfeed left.

theexpressoguytheexpressoguy (17 days ago)
If you don't want the company you WORK FOR to own the content you make FOR THEM, then yeah don't work for anyone and be your own boss. It's not weird or shady at all for Buzzfeed to own the content because after all, that's what they're paying you to do lol. I don't get why that seems like a weird thing to you two.

JaceasealJaceaseal (17 days ago)
Who else came from Pewds

Natalia CybulskaNatalia Cybulska (17 days ago)
Pewdiepie commented on this video!

Ryan DavisRyan Davis (17 days ago)
Who's here from pewdiepie?

Nico CejaNico Ceja (17 days ago)
is it me, or did BuzzFeed get way better when they left?

Kyryn J.Kyryn J. (17 days ago)
"The thing about a job is that you can leave them"

Pewdiepie led me here.

Jesucristo Maestro de sombrerosJesucristo Maestro de sombreros (17 days ago)
Who here came from Pewdiepie's vid?

anthro fanthro f (17 days ago)
pewdiepie roasted you former buzzfeeders lol

Gonser LyGonser Ly (17 days ago)
Okay when you work for a company and they're paying you to make content for them. It's their content, that's why they're paying you to work for them.

This isn't unique to buzzfeed. It's part of the real world and being in a real company.

If you have a really special idea that you want as yours, simply don't share it with the company. Hold onto it until you're on your own or end up with a higher position.

WatWat (17 days ago)
A more interesting question, breadheads, would be 'why did you JOIN Buzzfeed?'

Tessa SteinleTessa Steinle (18 days ago)
Hmm... it's weird that buzzfeed doesn't let you have your own YouTube channel doing the exact same thing that you do on their channel. It's also weird that they own the videos that you're in on their channel. OH WAIT. ITS FUCKING NOT. THATS HOW JOBS WORK. I'd be surprised if you ever got another job in media. They are all the same. Dumbasses

Thea CagneyThea Cagney (18 days ago)
I hate buzzfeed but this video made me side with them, stop whining you could have it worse.

Lasse BauerLasse Bauer (18 days ago)
WTF is wrong with this whiny, entitled, hyper-sensitive and overprotected generation??
"When you work for a company and make videos, everything you make that company owns". No shit, Sherlock.
Of course you can´t get PAID to develop creative ideas for a company, and then expect to also TAKE the ideas with you when you leave. The same way an architect can´t design a house for someone, get paid - and then claim ownership of the house afterwards. WTF??
The genius on the right wonders: "do I give them my best ideas? Later in life I might wanna use those ideas for something.."
Here´s the answer: If you´re NOT giving them your best ideas, you´re in the wrong job AND you´re definitely getting overpaid.
Unless you have an agreement to bring your second best ideas, you naturally bring your A game.
It´s like saying "Oh, do I strike this match? Maybe we will run out of fire..."
There isn´t a fixed amount of ideas out there, and if you´re afraid of running out of ideas "for later in life", you probably shouldn´t be in any creative position.
Leaving a corporation to do your own thing makes perfect sense for a lot of people. More power to you and them.
But whining about not being able to BOTH get paid AND take the fruits of your PAID work with you is so entitled (or possibly uneducated or naive), I don´t even know how to rate it.

whoever you want but you can call me aj styleswhoever you want but you can call me aj styles (18 days ago)
anyone from pewdiepie

MaeMae (18 days ago)
the thing about jobs is you can leave them just like a relationship?? oh no hun. YOU WILL NOT LEAVE IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING SLASH YOU TRULY LOVE THE PERSON.

kpop addictedkpop addicted (18 days ago)
holy shit I didn't know you could leave a job

Isabel GonzalezIsabel Gonzalez (18 days ago)
i wanna lay by that dog

MusixDerpMusixDerp (18 days ago)
Why did you leave buzzfeed

Megga FaggotMegga Faggot (18 days ago)
anyone from poodz video?

Kary FungKary Fung (18 days ago)
pewds talks about you guys.. LOL

Heaven HoremansHeaven Horemans (18 days ago)
Okay but who cares

JDM FanboyJDM Fanboy (18 days ago)
Anyone who liked this vid is a dumb lesbian

Michael EyobMichael Eyob (18 days ago)
this is kind of what happened to Jack Kirby

Cassandra LuckCassandra Luck (18 days ago)
Wait... Allison left BuzzFeed??!! NOOOOO!!!!! She was in one of the first BuzzFeed video I watched! She was one of my favorite person in BuzzFeed! I swear, if Eugene leaves...

AnnaTVAnnaTV (18 days ago)
Is it just me or was everyone listening but only looking at Sugar (Alison's dog)

Tippy ToeTippy Toe (18 days ago)
Are they friends?

Kritika SeeruttunKritika Seeruttun (20 days ago)
I just search ""why everyone is leaving buzzfeed?"and i was surprise to see so many videos of people who left buzzfeed.

prinklee Aprinklee A (20 days ago)
I'm also leaving buzzfeed.

dee boy mediadee boy media (21 day ago)
I would spit on gabby
she's so FUCKING annoying

I want to shit in her coffee

joyjoy (22 days ago)
I loved them so much before they left 😭😭 I'm glad they're doing what they want though

Universal OutcastsUniversal Outcasts (23 days ago)
That dog is so cute. It actually looks like a stuffed animal. :)

terraspriteterrasprite (23 days ago)
27And that’s because that is Buzzfeed’s intellectual property.
2:31And that began to scare me, where I was like, well, do I give them my best ideas?
I'm curious about what you believe to be 'owned' by you and your IP if you paid regular, professionals to work for you. It's not unusual for your work, ideas and effort to 'belong' to the company that employed you to deliver those things. That's why it's called Intellectual 'property'.

ab11ab79ab11ab79 (24 days ago)
Why are these ladies disturbing the dog?

sidneyrazsidneyraz (24 days ago)
This was the episode before it was cool.

Al KimiaAl Kimia (24 days ago)
Cute doggie. Girl in glasses is the quintessential hipster looking girl.

mightybfool Cmightybfool C (25 days ago)
I thought that puppy was a stuffed animal at first 😂. Such a chill dog

Alex AlonsoAlex Alonso (25 days ago)
Welcome to the real world

little nepetalittle nepeta (25 days ago)

sushi1382sushi1382 (25 days ago)
I always adored these two in the videos, but I'm very glad you left after such feelings!

Stefania DStefania D (26 days ago)
Are they dating??

Felicity FinisseFelicity Finisse (27 days ago)
What kind of dog is that ?

Master RoshiMaster Roshi (27 days ago)
When did the dog leave buzzfeed?

Janet ChinJanet Chin (27 days ago)
I guess when business turns into "bussiness", that's when freedom are gone for good.
Don't know what else to watch from buzzfeed if the try guys are leaving as well. These dudes are my favorite.

Peef RimgarPeef Rimgar (27 days ago)
this is why I became a machinist. stability. We'll be around forever because people always need shit made

Vin D.Vin D. (28 days ago)
I just saw this video just now and they say they left a year ago? These girls are so BAE... no wonder I don't see them anymore. It sucks so bad. :3

serasera (28 days ago)
katie queen of tennessee

Potential x10Potential x10 (28 days ago)
THSY LEFT BUZZFEED? ah man they were cool

Jahdi YahJahdi Yah (28 days ago)
it looks like the dog died there. Can't even see it breathing.

Bnic5Bnic5 (28 days ago)
Buzzfeed = Failing Media

Alex DernovoyAlex Dernovoy (28 days ago)
are they dating?

P bowerP bower (28 days ago)
So scripted. Pass

NailahNailah (29 days ago)
God bless.

Sayan MisraSayan Misra (29 days ago)
U left buzzfeed toooo? 😞😞😞😞😞

Jaimie FelixJaimie Felix (29 days ago)
Good tips about leaving a place when you feel it's time EVEN if it's a good company.

Maddy GosselinMaddy Gosselin (29 days ago)
that dog is fckn ZONKED

Tran TranTran Tran (29 days ago)
why does Steven have his own YouTube channel?

WealthisoftheMindWealthisoftheMind (29 days ago)
This is the first "Why I Left Buzzfeed" video I've watched when I actually recognize the people!

Cynthia DorantesCynthia Dorantes (29 days ago)
what kind of dog is that?

Angel HoneyAngel Honey (1 month ago)
everyone that has left were the reasons I loved BuzzFeed!! now its not the same. but I still enjoy LadyLike

Bug's LifeBug's Life (1 month ago)
i loved when they were in buzzfeed

Brandy ChicoBrandy Chico (1 month ago)
that dog lol

a person.a person. (1 month ago)
I wonder how many employees buzzfeed would've kept if they just let them do side projects

rose aphantrose aphant (1 month ago)

Jonelle PembertonJonelle Pemberton (1 month ago)
That dog may need sum medical attention 😂

sinnysinny (1 month ago)
this video is so scripted

ARES RodriguezARES Rodriguez (1 month ago)
love your dog! 🐕

Katarina KiddoKatarina Kiddo (1 month ago)
Hey guys, sorry for bothering you but please, I need your help so much, I'm desperate and don't know what to do... please read my story and if you can, share it..https://igg.me/at/XZ8GgLf4ga4

Sr ChaliceSr Chalice (1 month ago)
Why WE Left BuzzFeed:

WE left because as a women, WE have a Biological clocks and We will soon need men. So WE need to cool off the Misandry a bit. WE'RE also starting to realize that feminism (The Racist/Maxist/Facist Divisive Movement) lied to US and not all men are pieces of shit garbage that want to assualt me. Instead, WE realized that women hate and envy US more than any man ever could've. And they have used their gynocentric nature of world domination to control US and OUR Non-Agency having ways. Going forward WE hope to correct OUR mistakes and speak out wherever necessary in order to take back womanhood, from all the Nasty Whores that have Hijacked it. Lastly, Coke & Pepsi is the same thing :)



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