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YouTube - Chinese massage lady videoed .flv
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Author khatpandwa (2 years)
beautiful lady

Author hobeeorchid (2 years)
translation please?

Author Sean Huang (3 years)
haha your interviews are funny...where do you find these people?

Author gnkramal krap (11 months)
@ gnkramal33 , He is right , You are a jap. fucktard

Author gnkramal33 (2 years)
In N. American ,very few Chinese lady offer them self as prositute as % to
Chinese population.Because they can make a living by working.

Author gnkramal33 (2 years)
least among of B. O.

Author shenzhenprostitute (3 years)
@ahsuknat please post a video of your dick getting rubbed

Author world traveler (1 year)
I don't understand the cantonese

Author eplayersus (2 years)
@khatpandwa its a Ladyboy, you can tell by her voice

Author ahsuknat (3 years)
I had one almost looks like her rubbed my dick before

Author 2010LSK (2 years)
smelly shortlegged chink: "chinks are smart, they use vaginal muscles to
make money"

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