Crossfire Account GiveAway

hello youtube.
this is my first crossfire account giveaway!
links to the accounts.

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Author Dj59131 ( ago)
2 Noob Accccccc Fck Your Acc

Author Oznerich Senior ( ago)
real made by me haz m4a1-s dc ph only roaspboy killher123

Author labou208 ( ago)
may i have it becaus they robed my account

Author rademer hocino ( ago)
plss give me tha account becouse my account is change pass

Author 282073 ( ago)
good account .... can i have it

Author ABMH ( ago)

Author fantasikillex333 ( ago)
the best on this video is the music

Author logesh guhan ( ago)
why are you give free accounts on youtube?the first trying member will get
the account and change the you shut up and dont spread here

Author Belal Knight ( ago)
give me an account plz because i got hacked lol

Author Robin S. ( ago)
noob accs

Author Jonathan L ( ago)
I haked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author MultiCoolking ( ago)
can i plzz have this account i have never be good a crossfire and my
account never be lvl upp =((=(=(=( so can you plzz igive me this acc?? i
have subcrive and al this

Author MultiCoolking ( ago)
can i plzz have this account i have never be good a crossfire and my
account never be lvl upp =((=(=(=( so can you plzz igive me this acc??

Author flamezbladez ( ago)
well ill trade anybody a outspark card a 25$ one for a crossfire account
with a winchester. pm me.

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@flamezbladez dont be retarded... iv also got some changes to the
competition to announce soon. (its good news for y`all)

Author flamezbladez ( ago)
i subscribed and my acc's got hacked so can i plzz have one im begging!

Author EDGE123RKO ( ago)
Hey.. i Tried To Sub.. But appirntly i Subed Already so.. Here is a Comment
Can i have a Account PLZZZZZZZZz

Author PatrickHacks - Tech Reviews ( ago)
@Glitchboy97 User: y6p Pass: mariocaa no zp good rank bad wep free account

Author Glitchboy97 ( ago)
HOPE I WIN!! my account just got hacked and i REALLY need another

Author littleronaldo1 ( ago)
U:PROronald P:ronaldorock

Author Sinatastic ( ago)
wow i rate subscribe and comment i fcking need a account that has zp i dont
know how to get zp from I know with real money but Where!

Author Conor Haft ( ago)
thx man ur za best =)

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@rambo0singlezzzing its ok mate im just making the names... and stuff...
ill make a vid on it... byee i will pick the names at about 6:00 today

Author rambo0singlezzzing ( ago)
yoo i hope im in time for the draw... ill sub and add you now... sorry for
the inconvenience but i need a crossfire account... thanks mate xX

Author SirWafflex ( ago)
@crossfirehackerz aight thanks so much man :)

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@dofusdofus123 that doesent make sence... anyways follow the videos rules

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@SirWafflex heeeey pacman! longtime ehh... ok well lets put it this way.
when i draw out of the hat for the youtube usernames, you will have to
peices of paper with your name on it

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@buyfu sorry theres been a little cancleation

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@nerfguy1231 lol same but i dont realy play no moor so im giving away...
dont miss your chance

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
@buyfu you have to: subscribe and be my freind... you could get an E-mail
telling you the passwords

Author crossfirehackerz ( ago)
sorry guys theres been a little bit of a stall... i have to move the dates
to... watch the vid iv edited it. sorry guys but the dates are still up

Author nerfguy1231 ( ago)
i want 1 please

Author SirWafflex ( ago)
hey can i possibly get the tylerthegod one? ive been subbed for a while and
my only CF acc got hacked by my best friend (ex best friend that is) so i
do needs a new one. Also im on hackersweare my username is pacman. Thanks!

Author xKingBfirex ( ago)
noob accounts

Author dofusdofus123 ( ago)
isnt working

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