Crossfire Account GiveAway

hello youtube.
this is my first crossfire account giveaway!
links to the accounts.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:31
Comments: 43

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Author Steven_ 1910 (1 year)
give me the ak silver one

Author 282073 (3 years)
good account .... can i have it

Author nerfguy1231 (5 years)
i want 1 please

Author MultiCoolking (4 years)
can i plzz have this account i have never be good a crossfire and my
account never be lvl upp =((=(=(=( so can you plzz igive me this acc??

Author rademer hocino (3 years)
plss give me tha account becouse my account is change pass

Author dofusdofus123 (5 years)
isnt working

Author Robin S. (4 years)
noob accs

Author littleronaldo1 (5 years)
U:PROronald P:ronaldorock

Author Jonathan L (4 years)
I haked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author rambo0singlezzzing (5 years)
yoo i hope im in time for the draw... ill sub and add you now... sorry for
the inconvenience but i need a crossfire account... thanks mate xX

Author fantasikillex333 (3 years)
the best on this video is the music

Author MultiCoolking (4 years)
can i plzz have this account i have never be good a crossfire and my
account never be lvl upp =((=(=(=( so can you plzz igive me this acc?? i
have subcrive and al this

Author xKingBfirex (5 years)
noob accounts

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
@nerfguy1231 lol same but i dont realy play no moor so im giving away...
dont miss your chance

Author Belal Knight (4 years)
give me an account plz because i got hacked lol

Author Conor Haft (5 years)
thx man ur za best =)

Author logesh guhan (4 years)
why are you give free accounts on youtube?the first trying member will get
the account and change the you shut up and dont spread here

Author 64bortecine64 (4 years)
music ?????????????? please

Author ABMH (3 years)

Author PatrickHacks - Tech & Airsoft Reviews (4 years)
@Glitchboy97 User: y6p Pass: mariocaa no zp good rank bad wep free account

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
@buyfu sorry theres been a little cancleation

Author Dj59131 (2 years)
2 Noob Accccccc Fck Your Acc

Author SirWafflex (5 years)
hey can i possibly get the tylerthegod one? ive been subbed for a while and
my only CF acc got hacked by my best friend (ex best friend that is) so i
do needs a new one. Also im on hackersweare my username is pacman. Thanks!

Author EDGE123RKO (4 years)
Hey.. i Tried To Sub.. But appirntly i Subed Already so.. Here is a Comment
Can i have a Account PLZZZZZZZZz

Author Oznerich Senior (2 years)
real made by me haz m4a1-s dc ph only roaspboy killher123

Author Sinatastic (5 years)
wow i rate subscribe and comment i fcking need a account that has zp i dont
know how to get zp from I know with real money but Where!

Author flamezbladez (4 years)
i subscribed and my acc's got hacked so can i plzz have one im begging!

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
sorry guys theres been a little bit of a stall... i have to move the dates
to... watch the vid iv edited it. sorry guys but the dates are still up

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
@dofusdofus123 that doesent make sence... anyways follow the videos rules

Author antonytheking11 (4 years)
But if it dosen't work?

Author labou208 (3 years)
may i have it becaus they robed my account

Author crossfirehackerz (4 years)
@flamezbladez dont be retarded... iv also got some changes to the
competition to announce soon. (its good news for y`all)

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
@SirWafflex heeeey pacman! longtime ehh... ok well lets put it this way.
when i draw out of the hat for the youtube usernames, you will have to
peices of paper with your name on it

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
@rambo0singlezzzing its ok mate im just making the names... and stuff...
ill make a vid on it... byee i will pick the names at about 6:00 today

Author flamezbladez (4 years)
well ill trade anybody a outspark card a 25$ one for a crossfire account
with a winchester. pm me.

Author Glitchboy97 (4 years)
HOPE I WIN!! my account just got hacked and i REALLY need another

Author crossfirehackerz (5 years)
@buyfu you have to: subscribe and be my freind... you could get an E-mail
telling you the passwords

Author triquezet (4 years)
i subcribe please give me thnx

Author SirWafflex (5 years)
@crossfirehackerz aight thanks so much man :)

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