2014 - Nephilim Watchers, Annunaki, Fallen Angels and Giants

Nephilim Watchers, Annunaki, Fallen Angels and Giants. Do you believe there was a race of Giants in Prehistory? Was there a major catastrophe that wiped them out and left only tiny clues as to their existence?
The truth may be stranger than fiction after all....

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Author kenny Ozone (2 months)
They say those without the mark will not b able to buy and if
that's the case and Christians r waiting for the time when a mark system
will b introduced. I think not...because right now without MONEY one cannot
buy and sell. So if this is the consequences of not taking the mark the
mark has to b, not coming in the future but have already been introduced
the very first day a money system was introduced into this planet.

Author Ochipwa Greenspider (1 month)
Here's the irony; The narrator uses the sumerian texts as REAL references,
and I agree, they are, but then @2:30 he states "...since we know Satan is
the father of all lies...."
The Sumerian texts make it perfectly clear that "the Devil/the serpent" was
none other than Enki, the protector of mankind from the evil Enlil/Jehova.
Did he do ANY research, or is this purposely misleading?.

Author seby rucci (2 months)
hmmm, interesting

Author crystal campbell (3 months)

Author David Ropon (12 days)
I phone has a bite on the apple HmMMmm isn't that and old story 

Author Deja Vu (4 months)
Read "THE CAVE OF TREASURES" very interesting read. 

Author Kevin Quinn (3 months)
Satan's fallen Angels descend from heaven and have sex with earthly women;
which gave birth to an evil race of Giants, blood thirsty Vampires,
Cannibals, and Warlords, which practiced, satanism, human sacrifices, and

Author Mark Smithson (4 months)
of course i believe 100%

Author stacks marbro (3 months)
Very well put out...bit I got by the satanic bible 

Author mario woods (2 months)

may peace and love be with you all.....

Author Aoul Ra (18 days)
The comments, oh; the comments: Tweet Me @iamaoul...Insta @godaoul...GO

Author David Ropon (12 days)
Purpose is misleading part truth but arrow is broken 👀

Author Steven McGriff (6 months)
My view of the Nephilim of Gen 6
The Nephilim were a mixture of Adams godly blood line and Cain’s wicked
blood line intermarrying. They were not the result of demons having sex
with woman; even if they could have sex, God would never allow it. Those
who interpret gen 6 and the phrase sons of God, to be demons, cite 2peter
2:4, and Jude 1:6 as proof of this, but these references are passages that
record the original fall and doom of Lucifer and his followers. Those who
were of Adam were the sons of God and those who were of Cain were the
daughters on men. The writer of genesis actually tried to make this clear
by showing in genesis 4: 16-24 the genealogy of cursed Cain and then
showing us in genesis 4:25 through ch 5 the genealogy of Adam without any
mention of Cain in it, also it says in ch 4: 11God speaking to Cain after
he had killed Able “and now art thou cursed from the earth”, and in ch 4:16
at that time Cain went out from the presents of God. And finally in ch 4:25
“and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another
seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.” So we see only two distinct human
blood lines one wicked and one righteous. If one will look closely at these
genealogies one will see other examples of godly elements in Adams line and
wicked elements in Cain’s, showing further distinction between the godly
and wicked blood lines. However some in the line of Adam eventually
abandoned their first love for God (which broke his heart) and were drawn
away by the beauty of the daughters of men. Then wickedness and violence
increased through these unions resulting in judgment.
Angels are not the only beings known as sons of God job 1: 6. In Luke 3:38
we see that Adam was called the son of God. “Enos, the son of Seth, the son
of Adam, the son of God.” Genesis 5:1-3 reveals that Adam was made in the
image of God and Seth in the image of Adam for it says, “This is the book
of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the
likeness of God made he him; Male and female created he them; and blessed
them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. And
Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own
likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth.” It is much more
plausible that the sons of God mentioned in gen 6 are those of the godly
line of Seth and not demons.
The angels, who were considered sons of God in the book of job, were the
holy angels of God not demons. So if the beings in genesis 6 were demons
they would not have been referred to as sons of God, but evil spirits or
something, similarly to the account of King Saul when it says “an evil
spirit from the lord” came to Saul. Again there is a distinction made. We
can see two distinctions made in job 1:6 between sons of God and the demon
Satan. “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves
before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. “Distinction #1 And Satan
came. And distinction #2 not with them but among them. One may fill that
this does not show a distinction between angels and demons or that this
does not show that Satan is excluded from being considered a son of God but
I believe that it shows both. There was a time when Lucifer was a son of
God, now he is Satan the father of lies, a murderer, and not a son of God.
So anyone who follows Satan like Cain did is not a son of God. Jesus said
to some of the religious leaders of his day, you are not of God but you are
of your father the devil. There is a difference between a child of God, (a
Christian) and a creation of God (everyone else.) Just as I believe there
is a difference between the sons of God (angels) and evil spirit, (demons.)

Holy Angels or fallen demons are immaterial beings, spirits and do not have
sexual capacities or desires for sex as do humans. Nether angels or demons
were created with the ability to procreate and in Matthew 22:30 we see
this. (Jesus speaking) For in the resurrection they, (referring to people)
neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as angels in heaven. I
believe that when Jesus says neither marry, nor are given in marriage, he
is referring to having a sexual unions as well as being joined together in
matrimony. So according to this, angels don’t marry and they most likely
can’t have sex. If demons spirits could have sex with humans I think we
would see much more evidence of it in the bible and not just one isolated
obscure reference.
We do see in Jude 1:9 an occasion where Satan was disputing about the body
of Moses with Michael the archangel the reason for this dispute is not made
clear but it is thought that Satan was going to try to resurrect Moses to
somehow influence Israel. My reason for citing this is to show that God
does not allow Satan to run free and do whatever he wishes to whomever he
wishes. So it is with these women in genesis who were supposedly sexually
exploited by angels. It says “that the sons of God saw the daughters of men
that they were beautiful; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
“Two things I feel we should note here. One, what kind of beauty would an
evil spirit see in a human. Two, did these women actually live with evil
spirits as their wives?
In gen 4, we see the progressive rebellion of Cain that he was driven out
from the presents of God for knowingly offering the wrong sacrifice. This
led him out of jealousy to murder his brother Able, and lie to God about
not knowing where able was, hence the phrase, am I my brother’s keeper.
Others have noted that it could be that Satan used Cain in an attempt to
somehow stop the curse God made on Satan, (the crushing of his head by the
seed of the woman), from its fulfillment. Whether Satan thought that the
curse would be fulfilled by Able or if he knew it would be by Christ is
uncertain. We also see in this chapter Seth being born to replace righteous
Able the direct descendent of Adam the Son of God. The sons of God were
Adams godly line who in those days remained pure to their blood line
because they could intermarry and have offspring all of which were
dedicated to the lord and as of yet not defiled by Cain’s cursed blood
People in those days were gigantic considering that they lived to be 8 and
9 hundred years old and before the flood they were in a near perfect
environment. In my opinion the Nephilim which is the name given to the
offspring of the sexual union between those in Adams godly lines (who were
still in a covenant relationship with the lord God through animal
sacrifices) and Cain’s wicked line that went out from the presents of God.
The term Nephilim means fallen ones, bustards, those gone astray; the idea
is that these Nephilim were born of those gone astray. Also in gen 6:3
there is an indication of the idea of man gone astray in the Hebrew phrase
my spirit will not always strive with man because he is flesh, in the word
flesh is found the root word to go astray or transgress. In the passages of
genesis ch 6 there is no mention of angels at all, just Gods judgment upon
wicked men so how could God judge man if it was the angels who forced woman
to be their wives. After the flood we see biblical records of giants, this
is because after the flood men like Noah lived for 500 years, so it stands
to reason that that would be sufficient time to grow into giants like
goliath for example.
I fill that this subject has importance because those who teach the fallen
angel vs. woman theory say that in the last days Satan will attempt to do
this again. (Check utube under Nephilim.) Those who say that Satan will
attempt again in these last days to procreate with woman cite matt 24:
37-39, as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the
son of man. And they stop there and build this big case for Satan messing
with mans DNA like they say he did before the flood. However Jesus explains
what he means in the next phrase “For as in the days that were before the
flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until
the day that Noah entered into the ark. And knew not until the flood came,
and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. What
Jesus was saying was that they were wicked and they were not at all
expecting nor were they prepared for what was about to take place. This is
consistent with all that Jesus taught. To me this giant teaching is just
another one of the many potential distraction designed to get our eyes off
what is important; watch, be ready for his coming, and be a faithful
servant doing the work of making disciples.
Some Rabbis have said if anyone claims that the Nephilim come from angels
let him be accursed.

Author David Ropon (12 days)
All things without god end 

Author Jake Bray (1 month)
Large weapons can possibly be evidence of larger beings. But they could
also be simply exaggerated sizes of common items. Axes may have a meaning
in their culture that differs from a sword, so scaling the size scales the
size of the meaning. Also to ward off those who may thing 'big axe=big
people!' could have been a useful tactic.
In today's society we scale things in the name of art. Humans in the past
may very well be doing that with common things in their time too. I would
like to think there's potential in having such large giants but a lot of
assumption is given throughout this video, such as the national geographic
society and smithsonian institute to hide the legitimacy of the bible. If
people know that they are doing these things, why cannot they give the
proof? I mean physical proof of bones, skulls etc. It wouldn't necessarily
say that the bible is legitimate, but rather it has recorded facts of our

Its like having a legend where nobody lives when they see a monster, so
how can the legend be passed on if nobody is alive to tell it?

Author Troy F (1 month)
I am going to guess that Noah entered the ark with a complete set of
scriptures. Those 366 books that his great-great grandpa Enoch wrote. That
would be a really cool item to come across in a used book store.

Author T lynn (6 months)
Informative. Thank you!

Author chuckyz2 (2 months)
How about less talk and fake pics and some real scientific evidence
presented. This guy claims to have removed these implants yet only has
pictures, that are not clear, of the evidence. Just as fake as the one with
Obama. Get real. And you watchers and believers, wake up!!! It's a bunch of
mile high dung.

Author Megan Isaserpent (5 months)
My name is Megan Isaserpernt and I work at stages at 7595 Krameria St.
Commerce City Colorado 80022. I work for a mental institution. All snake
people work at mental institutions or hospitals, where energy is freely
available. It is true that we must be invited. Just look at the symbol for
the American Medical Association. I am a serpent being. Send me a letter
and I will answer all questions that you may have.

Author Angel Sustaita (2 days)
There already here

Author teal tee (6 months)
Fallen Angels Satan Angels demons. God destroyed the world cause of the
messing with the DNA its going on now.This world will be destroyed again
because of the demonic stuff going on now on earth.

Author ThankGOD4music2014 (3 months)
Here is the scientific truth about the Angels
I Found GOD Tape #11 (Part 1) Angels-Religion Whistleblower

Author LoveMusic4652 (1 month)

Author Ryan Rick (6 months)
da fuck is this

Author Terry Clarke (3 months)

Author godversusallah (3 months)
In de wildernis verschenen

Author Steve Moore (7 months)

Author Asta Lyberth (2 months)
The Declaration of Human Sovereignty

Author Fadumo Hassan (3 months)

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