Human face evolution in the last 6 million years

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  • Get the full shocking 😱 story here: A depiction that human face has undergone significant evolution within the last 6 million years.
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  • News Satellite
    News Satellite 3 months ago

    Get the whole story of the video:

    • Wahid Ali
      Wahid Ali 2 months ago

      smarius :because sometimes if you trying to open uploader channel then you press the dislike button by mistake

    • Wahid Ali
      Wahid Ali 2 months ago

      smarius :v the disliked from by mistaken

    • smarius :v
      smarius :v 2 months ago

      262 catolics are dislike this :/

  • Kot Kazimierz
    Kot Kazimierz 2 days ago


  • Onur Soybay
    Onur Soybay 2 days ago

    I was waiting for John Cena...

  • Stereo Sonico
    Stereo Sonico 2 days ago

    john cena!!!

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy 3 days ago

    It looks creepy af

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 5 days ago

    dang and we thought some humans couldn't get any weirder

  • suga pls infire me
    suga pls infire me 7 days ago

    This video wins the well-deserved award of stupidity, congratulations !
    Everyone thinking our ancestors were apes is incredibly moronic.

  • Nelly Benítez
    Nelly Benítez 8 days ago

    then who made monkeys god didn't

  • Jazzy Pooh
    Jazzy Pooh 8 days ago


  • Alayna Padilla
    Alayna Padilla 8 days ago


  • wilton huang
    wilton huang 9 days ago

    why must be a white guy's face at last .................

  • Us er
    Us er 11 days ago

    Now this is science

  • Rifki Hermawan
    Rifki Hermawan 11 days ago

    If our ancestor is monkey.. Whyy monkeys today's still look like monkey.. 😟??

    • Real Harambe
      Real Harambe 9 days ago

      Rifki Hermawan because there was a few monkeys that became isolated from the other monkeys and started to walk instead of climbing trees and then they got further evolved into more developed creatures while the othere monkeys were still in their trees and couldn't evolve any further

  • rxch.lovexx x
    rxch.lovexx x 11 days ago


  • Sebastian Is my NAME

    This is such crap

  • Cyreno Bonaby
    Cyreno Bonaby 12 days ago

    bou what

  • Stanly
    Stanly 12 days ago

    no comments

  • Reality Revealed
    Reality Revealed 12 days ago

    ha ha ha

  • The Mentally Insane Child

    0:44 he sees you when you're sleeping... he knows when you're awake.

  • Rose Bud
    Rose Bud 13 days ago

    There's only one problem. The ancient first people of the world weren't caucasian. They all had dark skin. Cavemen and groups like that weren't Homo Sapiens. God created Homo Sapiens

    • asdasdds
      asdasdds 4 days ago

      Theres no god
      and the white people are neantherdal
      its just a book full of shit you can write your own fucking religion

  • Daniel Pesantez
    Daniel Pesantez 13 days ago

    0:48 he looks like a savage mecican

  • Kaylee The Kiwi
    Kaylee The Kiwi 14 days ago

    lol its creepy to me

  • Muhammad Faishal
    Muhammad Faishal 14 days ago

    but i have religion

  • Alex: MrWho
    Alex: MrWho 14 days ago

    Te pupa Jean

  • winston D'souza
    winston D'souza 14 days ago

    if in case of video editor .. he could have even turned into bare fox lion or creature

  • Emir Mustafa Kadıoğlu


  • Sagar point
    Sagar point 15 days ago

    That's it , Harambe is the one who started this ...

  • Epic Thor
    Epic Thor 16 days ago

    i don't believe evolution it's 💩

  • White Love
    White Love 17 days ago

    What did I just saw?!

  • Massacre PSN
    Massacre PSN 18 days ago

    Too bad the worlds only 10,000 years old :)

  • theuxecrew
    theuxecrew 18 days ago

    Why do I want the Pokemon evolution music playing right now

  • KSI-Kykkis- Cyprus
    KSI-Kykkis- Cyprus 18 days ago

    So i guess chinese people where chinese monkeys?

  • Bulgarian Lion
    Bulgarian Lion 20 days ago

    0:57 when you dont have internet

  • (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

    lol we always looked like humans. We probably were more hairy and some height difference but this vid is shit.

  • Techno Light
    Techno Light 21 day ago

    this is hoax

  • Daniel Keerer
    Daniel Keerer 21 day ago

    6 000 000 years. What is that? Like 250 000 generations or something like that !

  • khder kousa
    khder kousa 23 days ago


  • Ercan Ulusoy
    Ercan Ulusoy 24 days ago

    this is not evolution of human, just some gorilla pictures

  • Mheydhy Jr
    Mheydhy Jr 24 days ago

    you wrong man😱

  • Harish Jain
    Harish Jain 24 days ago

    kon saa app hai

  • even 11
    even 11 25 days ago

    people wake up pls god make Adam and eve

  • Suraya-Lei Hayden-Sudi


    like if you understand the comment..

  • Erkan
    Erkan 27 days ago


  • Fred Vandenbroucke
    Fred Vandenbroucke 27 days ago

    Is it royaltee free footage? =]

  • michael jenkins
    michael jenkins 29 days ago

    funny how these always evolve into a white guy pmsl

  • The Legend Gamer
    The Legend Gamer 1 month ago

    0:26 Barack Obama srsly ? good job bitches

  • The Legend Gamer
    The Legend Gamer 1 month ago

    Obama srsly dudes

  • Youtubenya Reyhan
    Youtubenya Reyhan 1 month ago

    THis video telling me we are ugly... :L

  • Youssef Elbosaty
    Youssef Elbosaty 1 month ago

    humans doesnot evolve from apes apes have 4 finger we have five how could that habben

    • Cheap Entertainment
      Cheap Entertainment 15 days ago

      Youssef Elbosaty the only thing you have backing up that theory is a few minutes on the internet and atrocious hand writing. Look at a picture of an ape. 5 fingers.

  • going crazy
    going crazy 1 month ago

    how did a black ape turn into a white man doesent add up

  • MyLittelVreditel
    MyLittelVreditel 1 month ago

    0:00 HARAMBE

  • Anime Master
    Anime Master 1 month ago

    penipu je ni... padahal nabi adam turun dah mula dah tamadun manusia.... ini penipuan sejarah

  • Abraham Ararujo
    Abraham Ararujo 1 month ago

    where are the blacks?

    • 2002race
      2002race 1 month ago

      Abraham Ararujo with white booties

  • Kakarotto
    Kakarotto 1 month ago

    I don't think this is really accurate, because most of these faces are just reconstructions from bones

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 1 month ago

    FAKE God msde the world cause think about it it makes no sense that the world just happen all of a sudden....

  • michaelangelocrazy01

    what canda  bull crap is this.  well I guess my grandma is a FUC!#$% ape

  • Shaad Khan
    Shaad Khan 1 month ago

    My ancestors were human.. Evolution is just a theory guys.. Why u all take it as a fact..

  • Beefsteak gamer
    Beefsteak gamer 1 month ago


  • wade ruiz
    wade ruiz 1 month ago

    the entire thing was entirely wrong but at least it looked kinda cool

  • Ariana Trisilo
    Ariana Trisilo 1 month ago

    This was so creepy

  • Hoo kaa
    Hoo kaa 1 month ago

    looking like islamic terrorists...

  • MyLego Life
    MyLego Life 1 month ago

    this was kinda scary

  • Young dagger savage
    Young dagger savage 1 month ago

    Thanks for giving me nightmares

  • Lammert Entjes
    Lammert Entjes 1 month ago

    If you believe in Evolution theorie u are racist, Hitler did use the evolution theory for killing all of those people who are not from european decent

    • asdasdds
      asdasdds 4 days ago

      i mean every race is biologically different. black people come from a specie called homosapien and white people are neantherdal. its like different species of dogs no one is the same

  • Wife
    Wife 1 month ago


  • My name is not Important

    lol my great grandfather is a monkey! :)

  • Azizjon Muqumov
    Azizjon Muqumov 1 month ago

    do we leeok like a monkey to scientists??? They came from monkeys and their parents are monkeys

  • iAurora
    iAurora 1 month ago

    should i laugh at comment section of Atheists and Christians? im Muslim in my belief we are told Evolution doesn't matter.... so umm idk any further

  • iris jane catahan
    iris jane catahan 1 month ago


  • gimme more pls
    gimme more pls 1 month ago

    this video is just an assumption

  • Jispin Sander
    Jispin Sander 1 month ago

    where are the black monkeys and Asian monkeys????

  • Somthinf Nsuddbdg
    Somthinf Nsuddbdg 1 month ago

    so is this saying that humas were first black and now are white?

  • abemcst 애비
    abemcst 애비 1 month ago

    its only the nose and… skin

  • tech with Asjad
    tech with Asjad 1 month ago


  • Mohamed Ayaz
    Mohamed Ayaz 1 month ago

    This is all fake. Bullshit theories.

  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares 1 month ago

    eyy its my neighbors and friends

  • LifeFrost GT
    LifeFrost GT 1 month ago

    humanifying to simpansifying?

    ANGU DVD 1 month ago

    this is actually not true. I'm fucking laughing because, aaah okay. A very few people know that humans didn't evolve from abes

  • Bibin babu
    Bibin babu 1 month ago

    according tothis, whites are the most superior forms?

  • Devon Cox
    Devon Cox 1 month ago

    Why was I expecting John Cena

  • 699backstab
    699backstab 1 month ago

    I didnt see Jesus of Nazareth anywhere in this video. LOL

  • Esmeralda Alvarado
    Esmeralda Alvarado 1 month ago


  • dreadlord 500
    dreadlord 500 1 month ago

    to be honest we never came from monkeys. when god created us we were already human.

  • DonuRita's World
    DonuRita's World 1 month ago

    I don't believe this..🤦🏽‍♀️

  • 17th_the _gamer
    17th_the _gamer 1 month ago

    we're not monkeys or maybe I believe we r like them by the way

  • vector vlogs 24
    vector vlogs 24 1 month ago


    • gunshot1999
      gunshot1999 1 month ago

      vector vlogs 24 no we didn't, we had similar ancestors that just so happened to be apes

  • xWhitex Mc
    xWhitex Mc 1 month ago


  • xWhitex Mc
    xWhitex Mc 1 month ago

    Why we was like the *Money* or the *Gorilla*????

  • Wilson Mong
    Wilson Mong 1 month ago

    344 Religious Nuts dislikes this.

  • jimmy rock
    jimmy rock 1 month ago

    that means black people are still under evolution and Africa is a white human production factory. mind boggling.

  • Danny Qin
    Danny Qin 1 month ago

    Evolution is studpid

  • Makavity Jr
    Makavity Jr 1 month ago

    can i have 100 likes for harambe

  • NotWHoYouThinkItIs
    NotWHoYouThinkItIs 1 month ago

    better love story then twilight...

  • ramdom tricks
    ramdom tricks 1 month ago

    Fake crap

  • Omega BingleSnort
    Omega BingleSnort 1 month ago

    it says we evolved from monkeys, but i have a question, "If we evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?''

  • CarBob
    CarBob 1 month ago

    I wished we evolved from barry bee benson

  • Thoma -
    Thoma - 1 month ago

    Sooooo...... Why did the monkeys stop turning into humans??????

  • xEmirhanTR
    xEmirhanTR 1 month ago

    We have not evolved from animals!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cup of Clorox
    Cup of Clorox 1 month ago

    People in the comments be like, From ape to WHITE GUY??!!, that's racist but amagine if that ape evolved into a black guy, I could only amagine this comment section

  • Dzanisfttotti Puzic Ramani

    this isnt real

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