How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

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Author Music Lessons Eva Alexandrian ( ago)
wow, this was wonderful, love the message!

Author kamran ( ago)
Ironic, I couldn't listen to this to the end

Author David Middel ( ago)
Just waiting for the comments like: "I just got kicked out of a cafe while doing my voice exersizes. They thought I was crazy."

Author huy nguyenluong ( ago)
the best ever i have listened to

Author Marlena F. ( ago)
Stand in your own truth....Silence. THANK YOU for reminding people of these important life necessities.

Author Mark Johnson ( ago)
Good gosh this is balderdash.

Author gosef يسوع ( ago)
very good

Author SuperFilmregisseur ( ago)
The real trick you want to get yourself into, is knowing that you are completely the same as anyone. You both go through life with different experiences and different seperations of yourself (i am this, you are that etc) but when you take all that away, genetics, your hometown, then what is the real difference between the two of you? You both experience exactly the same feeling when you get uncomfortable, sad or just happy. Once you feel this, or realize this, you will start noticing that when you are talking to a stranger or a family member or a friend, you are talking to yourself.

Author hajer abd ( ago)
ten minutes of words put beautifully together. thank you!

Author My Thoughts ( ago)
4:17 That is where the TALK REALLY STARTS.
7:40 The Warm Up exercises.

The first part is a lot of just bullshit

Author My Thoughts ( ago)
Like Hail Hitler?????????

Author Lunaaa lovegood XX ( ago)
"go get a voice coach" - to mke ppl listen to u 😂

Author Richard Milner ( ago)
This is rubbish. Donald Trump does the opposite of many of these things and he has become President.

Author Mary Lou Rod ( ago)

Author KimTexasMom ( ago)

Author LYFE ( ago)
2,227 people don't need bother to speak, cause no one will ever listen to you.

Author HangDuong ( ago)
Lol i clapped hahahah i had so much fun doing those gestures at home hahahah

Author tosin nana ( ago)
short and meaningful

Author Bouhouj ( ago)
1:24 Best TedXtalk listener is located Center Right.

Author Ecem Avşar ( ago)
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Author Tieflingamer ( ago)
At 1:25, I think a guy was sleeping lol

Author Kevin Carter ( ago)
there are many books on this topic anybody know of a book that is the go to or the book that has been proven to be effective for a long time? thanks for the help

Author deeneat ( ago)
the vocal exercises literally made me happier lol

Author Luís Vidal ( ago)
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Author Luis Duran ( ago)
Excellent talk

Author unsungheroism ( ago)
i have many of dogmatism at office and o cant concentrate.

Author K B ( ago)
i really enjoyed this.first time that i truly agreed with a none muslim

Author Edita Tahiri ( ago)
Useful and funny!

Author Hassan Ahmed ( ago)
Amazing presentation and tips. Will definitely use them before my next presentation

Author Nam Nguyen Hoang ( ago)
TG: 16:38 PM
Ngày: 3/12/2017, Tháng 3
Julian Treasure
How to speak so that people want to listen

Author Samuel Wallace ( ago)
This guy conveyed more in 9 minutes than another talk did in 20; it felt just as long too.

Author Friend ( ago)
I tuned out at 41 seconds.

Author DareDog101 ( ago)
All HAIL plankton

Author E Vanlalhriati ( ago)
nice job ...likeee itt

Author Starlight L. ( ago)
This is great : )

Author Rahul Bhide ( ago)
One of the best Ted talks I ve ever watched. Amazing guy! Thanks a ton!

Author Ki Ji Hoon ( ago)
I ironically found this not so captivating.

Author mushtaksaifi ( ago)
truly these words are very impressive

Author Weiliang Zhao ( ago)

Author Zedd1500 ( ago)
Very aspiring and interesting! Thanks so much!

Author Mauricio Estrella ( ago)

Author CJ4mPJ ( ago)
WTF did he say? I skipped the video.

Author Jim Nr ( ago)
Oh my goodness, he's a true whisperer!

Author Michael Johnson ( ago)
people who are great to listen to don't do vocal exercises.

Author TheActiveIntrovert ( ago)
No complaining, if nobody ever complains, nothing bad gets fixed. All I know now is that I would be a great politician.

Author Robert Graham ( ago)
personally I find him boring

Author Stourley Kracklite ( ago)
Trump demolishes all these.

Author Ahmed Iraqi ( ago)
i wish trump supporters can see this video

Author Francis Underwood ( ago)
Donald Trump doesn't agree

Author nidhin vinod ( ago)
Point a Gun to head and tell to listen.Even the deaf will listen.

Author Anthony Rene Flores ( ago)
Retarded People

Author Rahul Dhiman ( ago)

Author Sandeep Desai ( ago)
one of the best talks!

Author mike bengyak ( ago)
being severely hard of hearing means some of those tools are not in the tool box.
just sayin, old man mike bengyak damn near deaf as a post - more of a pain for others
than myself

Author sad sadness ( ago)
ok I won't roast you good bye

Author Smart India ( ago)
subscribe me and ill sub you back (y)

Author Franz Maier ( ago)
TED Talk please do german subtitles

Author mustafa juventino ( ago)
man i love your accent

Author D R Sumanapala ( ago)
Julian Treasure, make me listen to you. Unsubbed.

Author Dark Horse ( ago)
28 seconds in and I knew the answer. The mention of war and love has been used before and is intriguing to hear. Basically use other famous quotes and wording that is intriguing. 🙄

Author shoib akram ( ago)
Trump needs to watch this with all honesty...

Author Madzia Matusiak ( ago)
Complaining is a national sport of Poland as well. It's dreadful :D

Author afreen mumtaz ( ago)
just awesome sir..

Author Roman Stern ( ago)
Can I be using all 11 (7 bad ones + HAIL) and still be a guy people want to listen to?
And if yes, what person does that make me?

Author Allan Gildea ( ago)
Outstanding, thank you.

Author Meta Lingi ( ago)
awesome example was that when he really made everyone do what he asked for. That's the power of speaking well.

Author Leo bonjean ( ago)

Author Marrie Chrissie Valley ( ago)
Dislike. The problem is to say the truth. People don't want to hear any truth at all about any given thing, be it important or less important. And why is that? Because some people who are continously awake created some sort if dreamland make believe society for humanity. And humanity hates to wake up out of the dream like you hate getting up on a icy wintermorning. Its our comfort zone, dream zone and egocentric wonderland. We'll never step out voluntarily.

Author warren WTF ( ago)
i would debate on tv with this guy about what he says. being afaid of truth is a bad thing and holding it in make more stress and cloudy thinking. 911 was staged aMErika. was that to painful ? how about putting the real murderers in jail, not the fake story tv programming told us..
any time any day a debate. negative is bowing down to tyranny. speak your mind if weak people can't handle the truth and make change then being fake will never work for change. have a great day!!! I will I live in truth and sleep well at night.

Author BACKMAN13 ( ago)
The comments here are just hilarious... i was sure i would see some skeptical ones but the comedy of the top commenters is on point

Author Carolyn Ellis ( ago)
What do us humans do when the truth is totally negative but we have decided not to express negative information any more because we might be dubbed a negative person?

Author Carolyn Ellis ( ago)
I find profanity particularly impactful

Author 앙유라띠 ( ago)

Author Katcha Bilek ( ago)

Author Jacqueline Woo ( ago)
How to speak so that people want to listen. Try AA? silence is the tool of every comic. ??
TED is supposed to offer often new ideas.. This lacks for a naormal intelligent human. :(
i feel i am hating. tho its the truth. you suck a bit :( there are simply much more obvious examples

Author Arielle Glaser ( ago)
Albeit this sounds good in theory, however, quite the converse of each of these is true for Trump. Each of the negative has worked quite well for him.  I would have believed this prior to the 2016 presidential campaign.

 1. Gossip
2. Judging
3. Negativity
4. Complaining
5. Excuses
6. Lying
7. Dogmatism

Author Dickin Mcnugget ( ago)
if people don't like hearing Lie's how to politicians get elected ?

Author Tech Solution ( ago)
Thanks. motivationl Guru.

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
why i thought u couldnt here me. lyiar

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
idot idot blooming idot

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
thats so stupid. your an idot.

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
aww. thats so cool.

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
get rid of people like u that had no real answer to a problem.

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
whats yours for working for a murderer

Author Kevin Sellers ( ago)
how to meet 5 diffrent wonen from 5 diffrent congtinents in 5 days.

Author Shaun Tanger ( ago)
be attractive, dont be unattractive

Author theFitty ( ago)
I study acting and we use a lot of these warmups for voice class! Love this.

Author anupam maurya ( ago)
i'm trying to watch this video till end but every time i start this and fall asleep ! lol

Author tomthin soubam ( ago)
I'm not watching this

Author LiLMusicBunny ( ago)
He Lost Me When He Started Asking Them To Make Themselves Look Stupid..And Then They Did

Author skip brandon ( ago)
Given that I can't stand this guy's manner of speech for more than five minutes, I'd guess there's something wrong with his method altogether

Author Cj Souza ( ago)
What did this guy say I wasn't listening.

Author Thanh Tín Ao ( ago)
I try to have a BT accent.

Author ZPM7 ( ago)
I think that guy at 1:24 is asleep.

Author Amit Chauhan ( ago)
I like his shining head

Author LadyS ( ago)
Nice highlight what brand lmao

Author Kareem ABNORMAL ( ago)
How can we contact ted

Author Monique Lachniet ( ago)
WoW, what a speach ! It opened my eyes to new opportunities, thank you!

Author Dijonne Stricklen ( ago)
you can learn a lot from this rescare program.

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