How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

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Author Cash Money ( ago)
Benidikt sounds like Bruno.

Author Precious Esin ( ago)
zombie apocalypse @8:32

Author Pousing Phaomei ( ago)
that ending.

Author Ba Ismail ( ago)
Thanks for the beautifully amazing lesson.
Really appreciated it...

Author AyToNiic ( ago)
1:26 that guys out cold lol

Author Joseph Borza ( ago)
Wow! will be taking these learnings to heart!

Author Edward Baek ( ago)
Thank you.

Author Akif AKDEMİR ( ago)
Herşey guzel anlamlı anlıyorumda, o sokuk seslerde neyin nesi :)

Author siri miri ( ago)
Visit my channel for fun

Author Tom George ( ago)
Unfortunately all the things he mentions - complaining, gossip etc. are exactly what people DO like to engage in. They WILL listen to you if you talk like that. In my experience you are less likely to be heard in a rowdy group if you are humble. BUT THAT'S OK. What's important is not to worry about whether you are fitting in with the group. Don't engage in negativity or cynicism because its not good for YOU; it has nothing to do with getting people to listen to you.

Author Elias Abou Haydar ( ago)
I enjoyed this talk a lot and enjoyed wanting to listen to him. And by the way, complaining is more a human specific than British specific. :)

Author Patrick McCormack ( ago)
Many thanks for posting.

Author hitesh kapoor ( ago)

Author Savitri Viswakarma ( ago)
I would like to watch the video that ; how to make yes to parents for everything.

Author Rasmusb ( ago)
If people would abandon those 7 things then religion would die off really fast

Author Neue Wiener Klassik ( ago)
Summary: Tell the truth; speak with a smooth, low, calm voice and vary your prosody; speak consciously.

Author Agostina Lopez ( ago)
The way he talks is amazing!

Author Saber North ( ago)

Author John Mescan ( ago)
No. 6; Exaggeration ..... Does this hit home with any current world "leader" at the moment?

Author Burhan Saleemi ( ago)
The exercises are hilarious

Author Jeimy Reyes ( ago)
Oh my great info

Author Junk Gypsee ( ago)
His speaking lecture got 10x more views than the listening lecture...hmmmm....what does that say about us? 🤔🤐😬

Author MrJohnnyDistortion ( ago)
I thought if I screamed people would listen.

Author LunazulBaraka ( ago)
Register, obviously he has never heard of yuya

Author Dimitri Glass ( ago)
easy: just have a gun. People will listen; their life depends on it.

Author Divyesh Katariya ( ago)

Author Unuhi Nuiʻi ( ago)
missing from the list of why people stop listening: low information content, and just keeping on talking (when no information provided, just empty talk)

Author Zlipster Royals ( ago)
haha people always wish well and judge at the same time.

Author Mrs Me Mrs Me ( ago)
I did the warm up it's awesome and you feel silly saying the weee but amazing

Author SaerVonG ( ago)
ty again....more grinning

Author Payhole Everdouche ( ago)
If only Truly Good Ideas were as infectious as STDs.

Author Claudio Canavaro ( ago)
yes but the American way goes to the other end where they become so naturally hypocrites so fake as a consequence of the drugs they try to tell the world how everything is perfect to show positivity which is so nasty if one lives in USA with all negative life experiences there and miss of something logical nice smooth and proper

Author GDU(Game development with Unity 3d) ( ago)
the 7 deadly sins, sounds familiar...

Author Favio Poci ( ago)
Cringe at the end but 👌👌

Author Michal Petras ( ago)
An great video. Very simple but important points.

Author gamers jhz ( ago)
and there we go seven deadly sins is born as a anime

Author Thanh Nguyen Le ( ago)
i have seen this video more 10 times

Author HelloJohn ( ago)
this is just stupid virtue signaling. he tells ppl not to be negative or complain but then he tells ppl to be honest and authentic. anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

Author Nandirudrudu ( ago)
2.23 - 2.40 leftist's profession.

Author Peter Compton ( ago)
All of this speech can be reduced to one piece of advice:

Get a British accent

Author Amada Peralta ( ago)
avoid your spanish accent

Author miolim ( ago)
Better word for "love" is actually "charity." That is what he actually meant - being ostentatious with praise and parsimonious with criticism. But then HAIC has no catch.

Author Thabo Zoesh Ledibane ( ago)
4:55 INTO the video, and I already feel good about this video.

Author 李科文 ( ago)
who can get me have the subtile?thank you !

Author Dolly ( ago)
Unlike most of the "critics", I didn't "Judge" him; I like Facts and information vs using my own flawed, negative perceptions.

Author Dolly ( ago)
Very good:) I Like his style.

Author fasil a ( ago)
10.6 million views. Amazing

Author Lara Mara ( ago)
Whо is wаtching in аpril 2017 this vidео ?)) сlick "like";)

Author Aditi Vlogs ( ago)

Author melody ( ago)
Great lecture

Author convexed ( ago)
Those 10 minutes passed so quick, they never have in my entire life. You Mr. Treasure are a real treasure.

Author Nami ( ago)
A lot of people don't listen just because they want to be "cool". The ignored one then doesn't want to listen either, because he thinks "Why should I listen to them, if they doesn't listen to me?" The world really is sad....

Author Kostas T. ( ago)

Author Tim Nicol ( ago)
guy in the glasses at 1:23 is fast asleep, not helping the speakers cause

Author Adam Blanchard ( ago)
im telling u, im so sick if being screwed over everywhere i work cuz im so positive and professional.....i know how that sounds but, its just the truth, it is truth my friends....

Author JulianRoyale ( ago)
Having a British accent helps.

Author Ashok Kumar ( ago)
please provide substitle as well for all TED videos

Author Ibra the bad boy ( ago)
Great talk julia but the sleeping grandpa in 1:24 has made my day XD

Author Ahmed Alahmmady ( ago)
Guys.. Tomorrow i have a presentation depends on this video.. And I must the main idea 💡 of it

Author JJ GJ ( ago)
But mr Blair has high pitch teenager voice.

Author Phuong Ta ( ago)
Hi guys. I'm from Vietnam. I'd like somebody to speak English with me. I'm really want to add friends from many country in the world by facebook or skype... Please help me!

Author Daad AlAmoudi ( ago)
To sum this all it comes to the 1st fundamental rule of success in life is "taking 100% responsibility of your life" thank you sir and thank you jack canfiled and thank you to my coach Ahmed abdulbaqi for enlighten my way to life

Author Liqmadiq5 ( ago)
Don't you think it's kind of ironic he quoted his friend when discussing authenticity?

Author Real Talk ( ago)
Interesting. I know a person who lies, exaggerates, judges, spreads false rumors, complains, blames, shames, and tries to manipulate everyone around him. Ironically, everyone seems to worship him.

Author how2notloseatlife ( ago)

Author Folake Onirun ( ago)
I am listening to this in 2017, and the message is still beautiful.

Author waleed akbar ( ago)

Author BaldManLogan ( ago)
1: Be rich or famous
2: Be attractive
3: Act stupid
4: Talk about something interesting

Those are the easiest ways to get people to listen/attentive

Author Blu Crystl ( ago)
Honesty? Really? I know dis is talkin' BS right there ....

Author 渥清乃介 ( ago)

Author Music Lessons Eva Alexandrian ( ago)
wow, this was wonderful, love the message!

Author kamran ( ago)
Ironic, I couldn't listen to this to the end

Author David Middel ( ago)
Just waiting for the comments like: "I just got kicked out of a cafe while doing my voice exersizes. They thought I was crazy."

Author Marlena F. ( ago)
Stand in your own truth....Silence. THANK YOU for reminding people of these important life necessities.

Author Mark Johnson ( ago)
Good gosh this is balderdash.

Author gosef يسوع ( ago)
very good

Author SuperFilmregisseur ( ago)
The real trick you want to get yourself into, is knowing that you are completely the same as anyone. You both go through life with different experiences and different seperations of yourself (i am this, you are that etc) but when you take all that away, genetics, your hometown, then what is the real difference between the two of you? You both experience exactly the same feeling when you get uncomfortable, sad or just happy. Once you feel this, or realize this, you will start noticing that when you are talking to a stranger or a family member or a friend, you are talking to yourself.

Author hajer abd ( ago)
ten minutes of words put beautifully together. thank you!

Author My Thoughts ( ago)
4:17 That is where the TALK REALLY STARTS.
7:40 The Warm Up exercises.

The first part is a lot of just bullshit

Author My Thoughts ( ago)
Like Hail Hitler?????????

Author Lunaaa lovegood XX ( ago)
"go get a voice coach" - to mke ppl listen to u 😂

Author Richard Milner ( ago)
This is rubbish. Donald Trump does the opposite of many of these things and he has become President.

Author Mary Lou Rod ( ago)

Author KimTexasMom ( ago)

Author HangDuong ( ago)
Lol i clapped hahahah i had so much fun doing those gestures at home hahahah

Author tosin nana ( ago)
short and meaningful

Author Bouhouj ( ago)
1:24 Best TedXtalk listener is located Center Right.

Author Ecem Avşar ( ago)
Here is the opportunity !!!
Would you like to meet the quickest and quickest way to reach your dreams?

Author Tieflingamer ( ago)
At 1:25, I think a guy was sleeping lol

Author Gerard Carter ( ago)
there are many books on this topic anybody know of a book that is the go to or the book that has been proven to be effective for a long time? thanks for the help

Author deeneat ( ago)
the vocal exercises literally made me happier lol

Author Luís Vidal ( ago)
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Author Luis Duran ( ago)
Excellent talk

Author unsungheroism ( ago)
i have many of dogmatism at office and o cant concentrate.

Author K B ( ago)
i really enjoyed this.first time that i truly agreed with a none muslim

Author Edita Tahiri ( ago)
Useful and funny!

Author Hassan Ahmed ( ago)
Amazing presentation and tips. Will definitely use them before my next presentation

Author Nam Nguyen Hoang ( ago)
TG: 16:38 PM
Ngày: 3/12/2017, Tháng 3
Julian Treasure
How to speak so that people want to listen

Author Samuel Wallace ( ago)
This guy conveyed more in 9 minutes than another talk did in 20; it felt just as long too.

Author Friend ( ago)
I tuned out at 41 seconds.

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