Binging with Babish: Kevin's Famous Chili from The Office

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  • Kevin Malone is the tragically comic overweight buffoon (and World Series of Poker champion?) we all know and love from The Office. When he's not shotgunning cookie jars full of M&M's, Kevin sometimes treats his coworkers to the Malone family's mainstay: chili. Let's follow along and try very hard not to spill any.

    Music: "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" - El Ten Eleven




    -3oz ancho chiles, seeded and torn into 1" pieces
    -1oz cascabel chiles, seeded and torn into 1" pieces
    -1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
    -3 tbsp corn flour
    -1 tbsp freshly-ground cumin
    -1 tbsp dried oregano
    -32oz carton of chicken stock, divided
    -2 jalapeños, minced
    -1/2 habanero, seeded and minced
    -6 roma tomatoes, cored and chopped
    -2 tbsp olive oil, divided
    -3 lbs chuck steak, trimmed of fat/gristle, cut into cubes and chopped
    -1 large onion, diced
    -4 cloves garlic, pressed
    -12oz light lager
    -6oz red kidney beans, soaked until tender
    -2 tbsp brown sugar


    In a large sauté pan, heat dried chile pieces over medium-low heat until toasted and *barely* smoking - do not allow to smoke. Once toasted, place in the bowl of a food processor. Process for 2-3 minutes, until peppers are reduced to a fine powder. Add cocoa, corn flour, cumin, and oregano - pulse to combine. While machine runs, add 3/4 cup of chicken stock, until a paste is formed. Scrape into a bowl and set aside.

    Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a large pot until near-smoking. In batches, brown beef on all sides, being careful not to over-crowd the pot. Once all beef has browned, and fond has formed on the bottom of the pot, add remaining oil, and sauté onions and peppers until sweating. Deglaze with beer, and scrape the bottom of the pot. Add remaining ingredients, stir well, and place in a 300F oven, lid slightly ajar. Stir occasionally to prevent scorching, and braise for 2-3 hours, until beef is tender. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with cheese and cornbread.
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  • Jama Joseph Mangulabnan

    Can you do a chili cheese fries with bacon video!!!!

  • Dominic DeRosa
    Dominic DeRosa 2 days ago

    Are you watching the west wing?

  • Delilah Griffith
    Delilah Griffith 2 days ago

    oh wow...I know how hot habenaro peppers can be...That was brave of him to try it!!!

  • Fennec Besixdouze
    Fennec Besixdouze 2 days ago

    i'm sorry but I'm never going to pronounce your channel's name "Bin-jing with Baah-bish", I will always pronounce it "Bing-ing with Bah-beesh".

  • Vidur Pandiripally
    Vidur Pandiripally 3 days ago

    Do you have a restaurant?

  • Ajwadd Anwarr
    Ajwadd Anwarr 3 days ago

    that carpet bit, man this guy is dedicated

  • Ashley Watson
    Ashley Watson 3 days ago

    I found you about a month ago, and I can't stop watching!! You are amazing! Keep it up!

  • Justin Wheatley
    Justin Wheatley 4 days ago

    1:02 "freshly ground human "

  • Sarah Boyle
    Sarah Boyle 4 days ago

    Make the chili from west wing!

  • Deisy Gomez
    Deisy Gomez 4 days ago

    You are like the more successful AND mature older brother of YSAC...

  • Alexis Pulido
    Alexis Pulido 4 days ago


  • Sarge!!!
    Sarge!!! 7 days ago


    He's giving your show exposure, and making people want to watch it. So yeah, block it. That's smart.
    Fucking idiots.

  • Kyra Maro
    Kyra Maro 7 days ago

    Hiya can I use something else instead of beer that gives a similar taste?

  • Regina Obata
    Regina Obata 8 days ago

    When your seating here when he tried the habanero and thought it was spicy but you put like 6 habanero in your food and don't think it's spicy

  • Hakumei Chan
    Hakumei Chan 9 days ago

    The last clip of you sniffing the spice mix just brought me back to the science lab when my science teacher shouted at one of my friends coz she did basically the same thing with the gas we were working with. XD Then she gave the class a lecture on how you should always waft dangerous substances with your hand (or in this case, spices lol) so you don't become incapacitated by them. XD

  • Hatted Toast
    Hatted Toast 10 days ago


  • Thien An Hoang
    Thien An Hoang 10 days ago

    video is not on

  • Karson Barnes
    Karson Barnes 11 days ago

    Obviously the key is the carpet

  • S. Nifrum
    S. Nifrum 12 days ago

    I just realized some put chile peppers in their chile some put chile beans but I've never heard of anyone doing both

  • villfer78
    villfer78 12 days ago

    oh, and try a few beef plate ribs in there.

  • villfer78
    villfer78 12 days ago

    hahaha, everyone is gonna get to know each other in the pot.

  • IAQMas
    IAQMas 12 days ago

    Damn hipsters serving on a carpet! #weWantPlates !!!

  • Victor Montes
    Victor Montes 12 days ago

    This guy's great!

  • Chlorophyll
    Chlorophyll 13 days ago

    You should do the Kevin's kitchen web shorts!(:

  • Ronnie L
    Ronnie L 13 days ago

    Boyfriend and I made this. As we were loading it into his car the handles broke off the pot (I had taken them off so they wouldn't melt in the oven and screwed them back on after). Luckily the pot landed right side up and some of the chili was saved

  • RabidDogma
    RabidDogma 13 days ago

    Description: "Food from TV Show/Movie"

    Video: "So, I know this is how it was made, but I decided to change half of the ingredients or add 2-3 new ones.


  • FungiBill
    FungiBill 15 days ago

    I want to make the chilli but since I'm underage I want to know what I can use to substitute the beer

  • Stanger_in_the_Alps
    Stanger_in_the_Alps 15 days ago

    Can you try making "Ollie's Stupendous Chili" recipe? (Just like mom used to make!)

    Ollie, as in Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.

  • Louise KAY AYE
    Louise KAY AYE 15 days ago

    omg i died laughing at the end lol

  • NoNameC68
    NoNameC68 16 days ago

    Huh, the video has been unposted. Welp, I guess they were tired of people watching 2 minute clips and going, "Her Der, I watched that 2 minutes clip. Why even bother watching the full episode now?!"

  • Notorious Jag
    Notorious Jag 17 days ago

    It was sad when Kevin's chili fell on the floor though.

  • notanimposter
    notanimposter 17 days ago

    4:08 don't breathe this

  • icetech6
    icetech6 17 days ago

    BTW... I once made chili with Habaneros and didn't wear gloves... he wasn't joking about the bathroom thing... it's like i beat off with battery acid...

  • Cameron7
    Cameron7 17 days ago

    Oh man it would be cool if you did Michael's pretzel from.. season 3 episode 5.

  • legofan370
    legofan370 18 days ago

    Now that you've done Kevin's famous chili, you HAVE to make Green Arrow's famous chili. Just type it in on Google and you can find the recipe.

  • NeoGenMike
    NeoGenMike 18 days ago

    I like how this is the first result on the search page instead of the actual clip.

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    Brett Glass 18 days ago

    i think the El Ten Eleven works way better than the Ratatat, good call.

  • misk one
    misk one 18 days ago

    is that a robot coupe processor?

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    Qualthias 18 days ago

    You watch TNG, and West Wing. I think you're my Netflix buddy.

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    Thias 19 days ago

    Binge watching your videos wishing i could eat everything that you make. I love your channel man keep up the good work!

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    Dominic Geehan 19 days ago

    Pumped to hear El Ten Eleven in the background. Good taste in both food and music!

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    XXX Tentacle 19 days ago

    It looks like a fucking dog turd on a carpet

  • mr nectar
    mr nectar 20 days ago

    Oh look freshly ground peppers let me take a big ol sniff

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    Gzus Drifty 20 days ago

    Do a dinner sandwich from uncle grandpa

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    Commonwealth96 20 days ago

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  • KenderBard
    KenderBard 21 day ago

    How do you cook all this awesome stuff without setting off your smoke alarm every 5 minutes?

  • Texasp12
    Texasp12 21 day ago

    beans in chili! that ain't chili.

  • Zireauna green
    Zireauna green 21 day ago

    i love the frasier theme on your videos

  • Justin Poole
    Justin Poole 21 day ago

    Is the west wing playing in the background of this at the end?

  • Marci
    Marci 22 days ago

    maybe somebody already figured it out and Im late to the party but Oliver Babish like the White House Council on West Wing.

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    Kayla Empson 23 days ago

    I love the west wing in the background haha

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    This literally changed my life best video ever 🙏🏽

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    LAYDism 24 days ago


  • Doofanator
    Doofanator 24 days ago

    If you can't view the video at the beginning, here's a little known tip from ya boy:

    Take the url and bring it to a youtube to mp4 converter. Download that bad boy and open it up!

    It works almost most of the time!

  • betoen
    betoen 25 days ago

    Yes, taking a smell of peper dust is stoopid thing to do.

  • DomoXRage
    DomoXRage 25 days ago

    The delay of horror is what made it amazing lmao!!!

  • Ibnu Perdana Syaftiaan

    no "the work" pretzel from pretzel day?

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    candybear012 26 days ago

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  • Celtics VS Cavs
    Celtics VS Cavs 26 days ago

    I love your videos💯 keep up the great work

  • Alex van de Wetering

    Gave this a shot yesterday, and it turned out fantastic! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Jihoon Kim
    Jihoon Kim 27 days ago

    Watching West Wing while doing this? Nice.

  • Rick Santana
    Rick Santana 27 days ago

    I like the west wing too!!

  • Kelly Severo
    Kelly Severo 27 days ago

    I just found your channel and couldn't help but try this recipe. I've made chili a million times but this version really was significantly better (partly b/c the chuck steak was way better than ground beef!). The combination of flavors was worth all the work of walking laps around my store trying to find the right dried chilis. Thanks! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang 28 days ago

    I'm going to make this.. looks great.

  • MAO 2003
    MAO 2003 28 days ago

    I just finished watching the Office and this makes so happy

  • Mikolaj Dubiel
    Mikolaj Dubiel 28 days ago

    Chilli smoke, don't breathe it!

  • Jose Moyao
    Jose Moyao 29 days ago

    Freaked out a little when i noticed El Ten Eleven was playing in the background, man i love that band.

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    Jace Rogers 29 days ago

    West Wing

  • Brandon Day
    Brandon Day 29 days ago

    Would a stout be fine to deglaze if you're into dark beer?

  • Owenyourmind Vlogs
    Owenyourmind Vlogs 1 month ago

    His chili looks nothing like the video in the end.

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah 1 month ago

    I ate a tiny piece of a skeleton pepper and had the same reaction you had with the habanero. Here's a tip for everyone: if you eat something spicy and don't have milk, drink a bit of cold water, swish it around in your mouth until it warms up, then spit it out. Do this a few times until the pain is either tolerable OR gone. :3

  • Cool Channel
    Cool Channel 1 month ago

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    Just placed an order for dried chiles, looking forward to giving this a spin. Minus the carpet

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    Wali Adeeb 1 month ago

    but hwhy?

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  • Jeff Mcfarlane
    Jeff Mcfarlane 1 month ago

    4:10 Haha, pretty sure everyone ends up doing this at some point in their life, some people more than once.

  • Arman Kamalzadeh
    Arman Kamalzadeh 1 month ago

    NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO you criminal that dish looked fantastic why you spilled it all over the carpet! YOU ARE SICK!

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    cocoshpee 1 month ago

    guys guys hes a wimp he cant handal a tiny pice of habnejero i eat them with hummus

  • Fher Meza
    Fher Meza 1 month ago

    I dont know how chili tastes, in my country we have "mole" and maybe next time, you want to try putting chocolate instead of sugar. ;)

  • Lizzy Miller
    Lizzy Miller 1 month ago

    This is in my oven right now! sooooo excited!

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    1:35 at that moment he knew he fucked up 😂

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    gnr91689 1 month ago

    Is it just me or does he have like a portable stove that he's cooking on?

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    make South Park Cartman chilli

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    I'm new to your page and I was wondering what you do with all that leftover food?🤔

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    Arseniy Rastorguev 1 month ago

    There's The West Wing playing in the background - is that a tribute to that episode when they cook chili in the White House?

  • Andrew Ryan
    Andrew Ryan 1 month ago

    I do a lot of charity chili cook off events and essentially always make the same the same recipe. So for a change I decided to make a recreational pot of this today. I also made the mistake of assuming because I enjoy spicy food that I could put the whole habanero in there. Ended up very smokey, a little sweet and just gut destroyingly hot. Just now sitting down to eat, but I know I'm going to regret this. Nothing a little sour cream, which I'm normally against adding to chili, couldn't help remedy.

    Despite the heat, it was terrific. I look forward to trying more of your recreations. Specifically, the less spicy ones that won't blow my dick off.

  • I am kill_em_all3456

    I can eat habanero like water.

  • Jenny Do
    Jenny Do 1 month ago

    I know I said I was already subscribed, but I'm unsubscribing and re subscribing again. I don't know anyone who is this extra,
    I love it.

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    michael washburn 1 month ago

    Explain your tattoos

  • League Of Tricksters

    undercooked onions ?!??!?!?!?!

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    Fuhe Yu 1 month ago

    Giving the meat a rough chop instead of using ground beef seems like a great idea, I'm gonna try that the next time I make chili

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    Bearking560 1 month ago

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  • redwolf602
    redwolf602 1 month ago

    You think that chili dust sucked to breathe, try it with carolina reapers like my dumb ass did

  • Stale Milk
    Stale Milk 1 month ago

    TOP TIP FOLKS: if you're crushing garlic with a knife add a pinch of salt after you dice to make it easier to crush with the side of the knife- it draws out the moisture and makes it like a paste

  • OakageHajile
    OakageHajile 1 month ago

    You, Sir, are swesome.

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