Fails of the Week - MARCH 2017 - WEEK 1 | Funny Fail Compilation

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  • Karina Borbon
    Karina Borbon 9 hours ago

    not funny

  • Jorge Toledo
    Jorge Toledo 1 day ago

    crap crap crap paper towel crap (slips and falls on beanie)

  • rD07 GaMer_Dz
    rD07 GaMer_Dz 1 day ago

    at 6:00 is the best xD

  • No NameGiven
    No NameGiven 1 day ago

    These people are the reason we have warning labels on everything.

  • Sarah Star
    Sarah Star 2 days ago

    I think that this was not the best fails I think that that the prison who made this just put what ever they could find

  • iceill3425
    iceill3425 2 days ago


  • Jack Faith
    Jack Faith 3 days ago

    3:04 had me rolling.

    That kid wanted some damn water, and he wanted it now.

  • Sandra Van Hout
    Sandra Van Hout 3 days ago

    Someone get that kid some water😂

  • TheRedDiamond Randomness

    7:08 bromance at its finest

  • WeRideLikeThis
    WeRideLikeThis 5 days ago

    *hold my beer*
    drops it
    worst person to have ever existed

  • Giove 9191
    Giove 9191 6 days ago

    Poor chemistry books :'(

  • Big Peters Are The Best

    7:00 Do they have a monkey in the background?

  • Big Peters Are The Best

    2:12 Cleanup on isle 5

  • Brad Lindsay
    Brad Lindsay 9 days ago

    Ads every two fucking minutes. No wonder this piece of shit channel is losing subs.

  • mburch1974
    mburch1974 9 days ago

    6:35 "paper towel" lol

  • Philip Andrews
    Philip Andrews 9 days ago

    9.28 might have been better to read those books instead of using them like that.
    Might have helped prevent her from using a 200 dollar BORROWED book as a support directly below the hole she was drilling :S

  • Simona Maruskova
    Simona Maruskova 9 days ago

    Sehr schönes Video! like

  • Santos Johnson
    Santos Johnson 10 days ago

    When u turn on captions, literally every non-human sound (glass shattering, wood breaking, etc.) BESIDES music is considered "(music)" **Facepalm**

  • Clara Marty
    Clara Marty 10 days ago

    watch prominent arise value chocolate coast shame trait mask

  • Geri Gamer
    Geri Gamer 13 days ago

    5:28 are you sholder

  • Croaking Frog
    Croaking Frog 13 days ago

    Haha "I came in like a punching bag" 6:12.

  • Kristal Jimenez Ortiz

    2:10 "Verga loco" Looool im weak

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 13 days ago

    Whoever poured beer over the head of the guy who fell out of hammock is a fucking prick. I would of knocked that cunt out

  • delavega989
    delavega989 13 days ago


  • Anthony Ho
    Anthony Ho 14 days ago

    mustve hurt

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 14 days ago

    200 dollar rip off stay away froms school

  • Zander bob Mcleod
    Zander bob Mcleod 15 days ago

    I love your vets

  • Loz Bellman
    Loz Bellman 16 days ago

    Night before my senior exams and I'm watching this instead of studying

  • Tia Confident
    Tia Confident 16 days ago

    6:15 why is she barking like a dog?

  • Duryism
    Duryism 16 days ago

    (Slams to the ground) "Get me water, get me water!" What does this dude think water does?

  • Claire
    Claire 16 days ago



  • Joe Rizzzle
    Joe Rizzzle 16 days ago

    3:00 water?!?!! lol

  • Kyle Tory
    Kyle Tory 17 days ago


  • Kyle Tory
    Kyle Tory 17 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Свет Светов

    I'm still sad

  • Ohm Hazzard
    Ohm Hazzard 17 days ago

    These aren't fails, they are stunts.

  • Rapper der Adler
    Rapper der Adler 17 days ago

    2:23 where exactly is that place / pool?

  • CrystalDragon81
    CrystalDragon81 18 days ago

    dude. 5:22 isn't a fail, did you see how cool he landed? dayum..

  • Xander Markwell
    Xander Markwell 20 days ago


  • Feeling Healing
    Feeling Healing 20 days ago

    the last cameraman actually said "you really screwed that one up" didnt he?also,
    if that chemistry book is 200$, i can charge yall with 3 cents for reading my comment.

  • eppsn
    eppsn 21 day ago

    2:05 this sound..

  • Reuben Clarke
    Reuben Clarke 22 days ago

    lol ramps and body kits do not mix

  • Leonardo Jimenez
    Leonardo Jimenez 22 days ago

    Does no one know you need a sturdy build to jump ECT.

  • Leonardo Jimenez
    Leonardo Jimenez 22 days ago

    The 2 one lol

  • Loan Aubert
    Loan Aubert 22 days ago

    Task worker buyer minority park doctor file.

  • Antionette Griffin
    Antionette Griffin 24 days ago

    Tell them to top doing stupid stuff lie that they can get themselves killed.

  • Swag Dog
    Swag Dog 24 days ago

    3:00 that sudden thirst for water

  • American Dragon
    American Dragon 24 days ago

    Chemistry's screwed!

  • Fabiano Gaming
    Fabiano Gaming 24 days ago


  • Zero to Hero
    Zero to Hero 24 days ago

    I feel bad for that beer guy..but he made it funny

  • Канал Кабанов

    If someone is an idiot, it's for a while...

  • Jenko 05
    Jenko 05 24 days ago

    4:20 was he crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nope 7373891737392719910

    Who ever says these are funny are really mean because people are getting hurt

  • Shannon Armas
    Shannon Armas 25 days ago

    1:14 R.I.P balls

  • Clash TV
    Clash TV 25 days ago

    trop drole

  • Pakko Notinc
    Pakko Notinc 26 days ago

    200$ a fucking book???
    it's a special edition made of gold ?

  • Philip Stringfellow
    Philip Stringfellow 27 days ago

    At 3:57 is very funny 😂

  • Schlafmodus •
    Schlafmodus • 27 days ago

    Big boobs :3

  • Babyfarts Megezacks
    Babyfarts Megezacks 27 days ago

    First fucker should of lost his hand trying to burn down some one home fucking faggot looks like some one didnt let u throw that shit hahahahahaha!

  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez 27 days ago

    3:00 He doesn't need water. He need some milk

  • Legitness
    Legitness 28 days ago

    "Water! Water! Water!"

  • Xander Page
    Xander Page 29 days ago

    why do most of these clips involve people that don't even speak English.

  • Jake Bowne
    Jake Bowne 1 month ago

    8:38 lol a$ap Rockie used to be a rollerblader?

  • Pinqer - 1v1's & more

    Lower quality FailArmy

  • iCon
    iCon 1 month ago


  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 1 month ago

    Nice to see people are just as stupid in other countries as the USA

  • Toy Xboxgamerk
    Toy Xboxgamerk 1 month ago


  • HeyHello Gaming
    HeyHello Gaming 1 month ago

    1:51 instead going to the door his going to the Hole

  • 黄鸿杰
    黄鸿杰 1 month ago


  • Cøugar
    Cøugar 1 month ago

    1:54 XDD

  • Dr. Last Minute Evil

    5:35 song name?

  • XxSavage GamingxX
    XxSavage GamingxX 1 month ago

    Poor people getting hurt

  • Sara Kathryn
    Sara Kathryn 1 month ago

    honestly- they're all me

  • 3F TV
    3F TV 1 month ago

    hay quá ! hahaha :D

  • Emily Shook
    Emily Shook 1 month ago

    someone better have a shit tonbof kidneys

  • Rhys Whyte
    Rhys Whyte 1 month ago

    this amount of ads is just fuckin pitiful..get a day job....

  • Amari Smith
    Amari Smith 1 month ago

    This is barely funny it's mostly people getting hurt

  • Bubble 09
    Bubble 09 1 month ago


  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

    0:23 that destroyed the friendship.

  • Bullseye360
    Bullseye360 1 month ago

    I'll be honest people can be so dumb.

    • Bullseye360
      Bullseye360 1 month ago

      Also just gonna clarify I'm not saying I'm not but I mean come on.

  • Ludvig Moen
    Ludvig Moen 1 month ago

    application league transportation capture educator reverse abortion.

  • Yvonne Madrid
    Yvonne Madrid 1 month ago

    Hey it was my birthday on March so plz give me 2thousand likes please thank you (actually it may so yeah just please do)

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 1 month ago

    That PlayStation controller at 00:32 was lucky

    MR. BEANS 1 month ago

    In mother Russia u don't watch fail videos fail videos watch u

  • Vast Horizon
    Vast Horizon 1 month ago

    get me water lol

  • Gaming Community
    Gaming Community 1 month ago

  • Sidney Shaw
    Sidney Shaw 1 month ago

    3:00 omg gimme water water water.... nah, water can't save you from being a privileged pussy goober that has never been injured or has never endured any hardships in your life thanks to your rich parents

  • Max BARKER
    Max BARKER 1 month ago

    I subscribed bro

  • KazzArie
    KazzArie 1 month ago

    Russian fails are the best. Poor bastards are so bored they try anything for fun. Good job capturing it all!

  • Jeff Mustard
    Jeff Mustard 1 month ago


  • Jamie Resendez
    Jamie Resendez 1 month ago

    the part when the beer fell and he said or not had me dieing

  • Jerminnik Dunbar
    Jerminnik Dunbar 1 month ago

    0:07 who else wants a rock garden like that?

  • darbone buontuo
    darbone buontuo 1 month ago

    NEED LIKE ;)

  • Till Lindemann
    Till Lindemann 1 month ago


  • SDD525
    SDD525 1 month ago

    Idiots not wearing a helmet while doing tricks are idiots.

  • panzer waffen
    panzer waffen 1 month ago

    they are everywhere but they are not for sale

  • Fabian Dziwisch
    Fabian Dziwisch 1 month ago

    7:15 Pedro Geromel

  • truthisreal.
    truthisreal. 1 month ago

    the last one. she is dumb as fuck. why are you drilling on books that arent yours? lmao

  • Arcamean
    Arcamean 1 month ago

    Most common simliarity in most fail videos? little to no safety gear... "But dude... a helmet says I'm a wuss!"

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