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    Turn up the music cause the song just came on
    Turn up the music if they try to turn us down
    Turn up the music, can I hear it til the speakers blow
    Turn up the music, fill your cup, and drink it down

    If you're sexy and you know it, put yo hands up in the air
    Put yo hands up in the air, girl put yo hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up
    If you're sexy and you know it, put yo hands up in the air
    Put yo hands up in the air, girl put yo hands up and

    Turn up the music (just turn it up louder)
    Turn up the music (I need it in my life, yeah)
    Turn up the music (just turn it up louder)
    Turn up the music (I need it in my life, yeah)
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  • K.C. Lanchenba
    K.C. Lanchenba 2 hours ago

    3:44 when you come home starving and open the fridge and there's no food in it.

  • JPgameplays
    JPgameplays 2 hours ago


  • chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo

    1hino desses.

  • dixelVEV0
    dixelVEV0 5 hours ago


  • saltywitches
    saltywitches 8 hours ago

    I am in love with Chris Brown dancing

  • lipe santos
    lipe santos 10 hours ago


  • pA
    pA 10 hours ago

    i love this song. know more about to visit

  • Hector julio Reynoso
    Hector julio Reynoso 10 hours ago

  • hotvampirevt
    hotvampirevt 23 hours ago

    Rip Music Chris Brown <3

  • kyriq butler
    kyriq butler 23 hours ago

    Chris makes music for 12 year old white boys.

  • Lucia Gonzalez Garcia

    chris brown cool dancen

  • Ku Mar
    Ku Mar 1 day ago


  • kamrul ahsan
    kamrul ahsan 1 day ago

    nice lolo

  • Marlon Cerqueira
    Marlon Cerqueira 2 days ago

    PES 2013?

  • Los Pitacos
    Los Pitacos 2 days agoágina-inicial

  • Marc Hamid
    Marc Hamid 2 days ago

    Top chise Brwan

  • Mary Canseco
    Mary Canseco 3 days ago

    la canción me. gusta

  • Akame Night
    Akame Night 3 days ago

    Did anyone get Neyo vibes from Chris

  • Riley DiCaprio
    Riley DiCaprio 4 days ago

    I was locked up when this video came out and I remember trying to do everythin he did. he is the best after MJ. yall subscribe to my channel plz and let me know what kind of video should I do first. thanks

  • ian felton
    ian felton 5 days ago

    hey chris brown my sister thinks you are hot and cute and she says you
    turn her on

    SEHULARO SIPHIWE 5 days ago

    there 34k people who pressed the dislike button by mistake

  • Trolololol Meemes.
    Trolololol Meemes. 5 days ago

    "Turn up the music cuz the song just came on" Me:You mean this one? Hell yeah.*Turns music up*

  • Kidddas 7545
    Kidddas 7545 5 days ago

    order these amplifiers to turn up the music

  • luiscarlos 369
    luiscarlos 369 6 days ago

    de estar bien borracho a bailar como si recien hubieras empezado la borrachera bienbenido a doctops


    do you know Yugyeom? y'all should search about him - KIM YUGYEOM - literally a big fan of Chris Brown, he even called him self "BROWNIE" 😂 he dances like Chris, main dancer, lead vocalist, sub-rapper and GOT7's maknae. Check him and his group out! 😃😂💞

  • M.A.K Komandosu
    M.A.K Komandosu 6 days ago

    the musics intro is same with touluse

  • cengiz ataav
    cengiz ataav 6 days ago

    dans,bir adama bu kadar mı yakışır amk

  • Ivan
    Ivan 6 days ago

    0:01 after finals be like

  • Matis Alina
    Matis Alina 6 days ago

    after so so many years & still one of the best! He is amazing and his dance is simply... I can't even find the right words. WOW <3

  • lola ha
    lola ha 6 days ago

    2010-2012, Remind me those good years with awesome songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cesar Yangali
    Cesar Yangali 7 days ago

    que mierda de música es, pensé que era la música del chino ese PSV. QUE FEA MUSICA

  • Ilyas Farah
    Ilyas Farah 7 days ago

    This Nigga got me hypnotised from 3:12 to the really end Damn!! he is bursting with talent. no one can deny that! No one.

  • 5991287645880996
    5991287645880996 7 days ago

    best song and dance everrrr

  • Musically Lover
    Musically Lover 7 days ago

    Me when mom doesn't want to turn up the music

    MED DZ GAMER 7 days ago

    PES 2014 PS2 😂😂

  • international_gypsy


  • Krazy man
    Krazy man 7 days ago

    iam from syria and i love chris so motch

  • Emin Sönmez
    Emin Sönmez 7 days ago


  • Laura Peña
    Laura Peña 8 days ago

    2017!!! I'm still loving this song!

  • Moragwa Doreen
    Moragwa Doreen 8 days ago

    this plus his ' love more '' make me recall those days when I was searching ,nice ones

    DHRUV SHAHRAWAT 8 days ago

    Best song of Chris Brown till now according to me.

  • lr2ldn
    lr2ldn 9 days ago

    I'd let Chris Brown hit it raw.

  • Theidy Flores
    Theidy Flores 9 days ago

    This use to be one of my favorite chris brown's dance videos, 2017 and stil loving it!!!

  • Hikaru Hasama
    Hikaru Hasama 9 days ago

    Anyone else watching becuase of Boyfriends Cover of this on KPOP STAR?

  • Gu Silva
    Gu Silva 10 days ago

    2017 ??

  • Kedisever
    Kedisever 10 days ago

    I listen to this song every day. Very nice. Neyse bende İngilizce bitti. Türkçe söyleyeyim birazda. Yani kısacası efsane bir şarkı. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:DDDD

  • farley santos
    farley santos 10 days ago

    Apesar de eu nao entender oque ele fala... gostei da musica

  • Donna Huff
    Donna Huff 11 days ago

    You are cut Chris brown momma said I can see you but I can't cause my sister started to fighting me for nothing

  • Elayne Batista
    Elayne Batista 11 days ago

    adoro músicas dele..😍😍😍

  • galleta- chan
    galleta- chan 11 days ago

    Mm I'm here for lalisa manoban

  • lena soliz
    lena soliz 11 days ago


  • StillSoundAmazing
    StillSoundAmazing 11 days ago

    Chris brown has the best music videos !! One of the few artist that isn't just letting his boy with a dslr shoot his stuff. Great production value and amazing quality as usual ! Riveting entertainment is the shit !!!

  • Camilly Assuncaoguiraud

    algum Br ??

  • Gamer Y. S X
    Gamer Y. S X 12 days ago


  • Allan Richardson
    Allan Richardson 12 days ago

    he's so fucking sick.

  • subhan ghauri
    subhan ghauri 12 days ago

    Just turn up the music and fuck ur girl😂😂😂

  • Martha Onyancha
    Martha Onyancha 12 days ago

    anyone watch this in 2017 like if yes or comment if you like the song

  • Imran Hussain
    Imran Hussain 12 days ago

    kiraak hai miya tu..

  • Mary and Prunelle show Olive

    I love this song and my mum

  • kevin mallabo
    kevin mallabo 12 days ago

    TAXI ! badass intro

  • Aleria Lane
    Aleria Lane 13 days ago

    He is my baeee bro😍😍😍

  • JA Producer
    JA Producer 13 days ago

    2017 xD

  • Benjamin Carmine
    Benjamin Carmine 13 days ago

    Can we take a minute to appreciate a guy that could do a lot of things and that guy is breezy he make dancing look easy for us is so fucking hard he a triple threat omfg in all of his music videos he Has killa dance cherography 😍❤️😍❤️

  • zaria benjamin
    zaria benjamin 13 days ago

    The funny part was when he looked at the guy turn around an look at him an random people go into the taxi 😂😂

  • cha 1807
    cha 1807 13 days ago

    i came here after watching samuel did dance battle using this song...who else watch this after watching produce 101 samuel?

  • Marshmello Marshmello

    tis vídeo is awesom

  • Marshmello Marshmello

    fail 0:31 and 0:34

    DHRUV SHAHRAWAT 13 days ago

    An Indian song name as 'Hookah Bar' is copied from this song. Approx after a year of this song, it was released. Still original is original! I love this song.

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson 13 days ago

    go subscriber to markiplier plz

  • Jordan Bills
    Jordan Bills 14 days ago

    Did anyone else hear that yelling at the end

  • mirjaris young
    mirjaris young 14 days ago


  • Jennifer Bailey
    Jennifer Bailey 14 days ago

    There you go slow motion back flips

  • Jennifer Bailey
    Jennifer Bailey 14 days ago

    TURN IT UP BRA!!!!!🎧🎵🎵🎷🎶🎶🎶🎵🎸🎷

  • Jan Gorol
    Jan Gorol 14 days ago

    super hit

  • Kyle Usher
    Kyle Usher 14 days ago

    3:46 to 3:51 proof he sold his soul to the devil.

  • Loise Marasigan
    Loise Marasigan 14 days ago

    Im here because of Lalisa Manoban💕 who else hahah?

  • Daniel Ferreira
    Daniel Ferreira 15 days ago

    2017 Brazil

  • jad inha
    jad inha 15 days ago


  • jad inha
    jad inha 15 days ago


  • jad inha
    jad inha 15 days ago


  • Adrii Morenoo
    Adrii Morenoo 15 days ago

    This song it's the same that Toulouse by Nicky Romero... (At the beginning)

  • Olumide Awolope
    Olumide Awolope 15 days ago

    Cressy collge school

  • José Abreu
    José Abreu 15 days ago

    bueno el video

  • Satyajit Bhattacharya

    Excellent n super fantastic n dance step is awsome

  • ابنو لسعيد
    ابنو لسعيد 15 days ago

    😩😩ي سرعه الايام بس

  • Road House
    Road House 15 days ago

    Man Chris Brown was the best! Did Rihanna set him up?? I don't know anymore!

  • Monica Uribe
    Monica Uribe 16 days ago


  • Número de Famosos e Número de fakes

    otofock name!

  • Vitoria Carla
    Vitoria Carla 16 days ago

    10/05/2017 alguém ? (Brasil)

  • Xin Fallera
    Xin Fallera 16 days ago

    Thoose memories will surely last forever

  • Marissa Hensley
    Marissa Hensley 16 days ago

    you remind me of my other man Michael Jackson

  • Marissa Hensley
    Marissa Hensley 16 days ago

    Chris Brown is my man

  • Marissa Hensley
    Marissa Hensley 16 days ago

    I love you Chris Brown

  • Nicole Feliz
    Nicole Feliz 16 days ago

    2017 & aún amo la canción & mucho más el vídeo.

  • Anthony Bernal
    Anthony Bernal 16 days ago

    we need mj back

  • Real Deal Kyogre
    Real Deal Kyogre 17 days ago

    Here's one thing I can say about Chris Brown's singing voice: he's a great dancer.

  • Jaden Zimmerman
    Jaden Zimmerman 17 days ago

    How did he do that on 3:48

  • Chris Brownbreezy
    Chris Brownbreezy 17 days ago

    Chris Brown deserves to have a billion views on his each music vid. can we? ;)

  • C00kies Garrido #AF
    C00kies Garrido #AF 17 days ago

    Whos watching may 2017?

  • ibrahim alkan
    ibrahim alkan 17 days ago

    Güzel müzik

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