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Turn up the music cause the song just came on
Turn up the music if they try to turn us down
Turn up the music, can I hear it til the speakers blow
Turn up the music, fill your cup, and drink it down

If you're sexy and you know it, put yo hands up in the air
Put yo hands up in the air, girl put yo hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up
If you're sexy and you know it, put yo hands up in the air
Put yo hands up in the air, girl put yo hands up and

Turn up the music (just turn it up louder)
Turn up the music (I need it in my life, yeah)
Turn up the music (just turn it up louder)
Turn up the music (I need it in my life, yeah)

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Author Bruna Silva ( ago)
cadê Os Brs em 2017 ???

Author Shauny Braun ( ago)
So much nogastalgia

Author Darrell Bell ( ago)
9th grade baby!

Author Arnaud Joel ( ago)
bonne choregraphie

Author Selena Moussaid ( ago)

Author mohammed sadiq ( ago)
tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar

Author Olarte Smilynekie ( ago)
Christ brown i love you

Author EverFresh Delves ( ago)
This has a "party rock anthem" vibe to it

Author 문수정 ( ago)

Author Lucia Pivotto ( ago)

Author ADawg Wahlstrom ( ago)
Such an amazing club music and I just love Chris Brown and his music ❤️❤️❤️

Author شوشه HH ( ago)
you the best🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Author Beautiful_ Michole ( ago)
Still hands down one of his best videos.. I swear I could watch him dance all day .

Author Kaan Yazgan ( ago)

Author Question Mark ( ago)
1:29 Chris Brown the new Ne-Yo

Author 1F3RN0 ( ago)
Instrumental sounding like Nicky Romero - Toulouse

Author Mayky Maykinho ( ago)
Turn up the músic my músic favorite

Author Yash .S ( ago)
hookah baar - khiladi 786 (Bollywood song)

Author Amira LooL ( ago)
B eautiful wonderful song , Michael Jackson himself FANTASTIC

Author Dolphinz TV ( ago)
That taxi doesn't have wheels

Author Makayla Johnson ( ago)
turn it up louder

Author Mauro Camurça ( ago)
Muito loka essa música, mo sdds qui da de 2012

Author Alaf Dutra ( ago)
algum br em 2017?

Author Elemer Burai ( ago)
Great Voice , The Best Dancer , But, The Video Is Illuminating, Worshiping The Devil, ?Or Darkness . I Am So Sorry For Chris. He Could Be A True History, But Rihanna The Serpent Reptilian, Hore , Was The Key To Obey To The Illuminatis. Indeed A Clone Is Dancing, The Chris , Who The Nation's, New , Is Long Long Time Ago Left Us ?

Author Souma Mina ( ago)
I only come here to see him dancer because hi is so damn good. Chris Brown you are a legede man love 💕 u good luck bro....

Author CHRIHEDITS 4EVA ( ago)
That moment when he take his shirt off and you shiver.....

Author Ana Clea Santos ( ago)

Author Benedito Nascimento ( ago)
Brasil e uruguaio

Author WhateverULike02 ( ago)
Those moves😍

Author BTS ARE KINGS ( ago)
This is still one of the best videos and choreography I've seen from breezy

Author Avianne Tannis ( ago)
who else is listening in 2017

Author Itallo Bruno ( ago)
algum brasileiro fã ???

Author Laura colombo ( ago)
Lindooo. Sou sua fã. ❤❤ mereçe todo sucesso

Author Vetrix975 V ( ago)

Author Kyla Mae Cabanatan ( ago)

Author Park Seonmul ( ago)
BLACKPINK's Lisa brought me back here😍😍

Author ronald vilcapoma ( ago)
this is the best song ever😈🐶🐂🐃🗼

Author Amanda Felipe ( ago)
3:11 that's me when a Fuckboy slide on my dm

Author Altron Oliver ( ago)
he is a good dancer

Author DB-Tv ( ago)

Author April Yelton ( ago)
I Love This Song I love Chirs Brown

Author HERO ( ago)
5 years later - still no1 singer can dance like Chris brown

Author MICHAEL JACKS0N ( ago)

Author Elly Santana ( ago)
A musica, o clips e as danças são muito boas mas alguem mais notou como algumas coisas nesse aqui se parecem muito com os do clip *Beautiful* *Monster* do *Ne-Yo*?!

Author hip hop Carlos ( ago)
muito Loko 😍😏👏👀👌👍💣💥💢👊

Author Michelves Thompson ( ago)
Chris brown ..

Author Hocine Boulechfar ( ago)
we are in the 2017
the future

Author Jamaal Diiniyo ( ago)
Fucking man

Author ( ago)
Cade os brasileiros fã do chris

Author Francelina do nascimento ( ago)

Author Fauzan Jchania ( ago)
rip souljaboy

Author Der H8ter ( ago)
Why can't I stop listening this music ? 😂😂

Author KAYPATIPHAN Official ( ago)
Follow KAY Patiphan

Author snootism snootism ( ago)
still love this

Author JGaming ( ago)
YO this reminds of arrow

Author Sherry Sookhan ( ago)
god he is such a good f@#*ing dancer ughhh

Author Sherry Sookhan ( ago)

Author mustafa bugra özkan ( ago)
selam türkiye

Author Shyn Edits ( ago)
2017 please, this wont die

Author Lora Fuller ( ago)
so. coooo [oooooool😗😎

Author Paris ( ago)
its sounds a little bit like Toulouse from Nicky romero

Author Callum Melluish ( ago)

Author Edna ツ ( ago)
sounds alot like the bollywood song called Hookah Bar

Author Sharmarke Gamadid ( ago)
nice song
Chris Brown

Author osborn Acquaye ( ago)
He's the next Michael Jackson with these moves

Author Talitha Santos ( ago)
😎✌👌 Brazil........✌

Author Ceckson Jarod ( ago)
cool la dance

Author Hã Hã H E I N ? '-' ( ago)
Só sei de uma coisa que ele parece o Dew do "todo mundo odeia o Chris"

Author Remember My Name ( ago)
The Intro sounds like Nicky Romero - Toulouse!

Author Brat 20 ( ago)
I love him so much! Almost all of his songs are hits. He is such an incredible dancer I honestly don't know someone who is greater.

Author JUSTIN ELROD ( ago)
Amazing video best dancing but his legs when he dancing how does move his feet like that

Author Jeremi Gaudreau ( ago)

Author Jahzara Lois ( ago)
CB used be famous. CB used be good. CB was amazing. man he had so many potentials and he was getting big!

Author _KillerYT_ ( ago)
dance god omg teach us <3

Author Minato Namiksze ( ago)

Author latrice harris ( ago)
3:50 omffg i love how he loses himself

im so fucked up about him gawd help me lol

Author Latoya Campbell ( ago)
Chris is the best dancer no one is good as him my man this

Author Darks Man ( ago)

Author Gabriel Rynarzewski ( ago)
Chris Brown geht ab

Author Michelle Pilch ( ago)
its still a hit

Author Crysthy Ybarra ( ago)
like like like😏😏

Author CatnipHigh ( ago)
This song reminds me of pink Rap Monster...

Author Keyis ( ago)

Author Imran BUKHARI ( ago)
Who Else came Here Just to FIND Out How many views This NOW HAS ??
Who is Still watching this Video IN 2017 ?? Turn UP The MUSIC ;-)
i really don't care if Chris Brown BUY YOU TUBE VIEWS FROM *Authentic HITS DoT COM_*

Author Diasheena Gabriel ( ago)
Chris is hot

Author Armaan Hussain ( ago)
2017 still the dance king

Author Ck Music ( ago)

Author Divesh Sawant ( ago)
song used to play in car #memories😣

Author Nude Miley! ( ago)
like = get your crush
reply = kiss your crush
btw no lie i hate PYS who wanna beat this song by using *_AUTHENTIC hits dot com_* as TMZ saying

Author Zainab Malik ( ago)
turn up the musiccccccccccc!!!!!

Author Raju Khural ( ago)

Author Erick Raider ( ago)

Author Leandro Kaffes ( ago)
Assistindo em 2017 #TeamBreezy sempre!!! #ChrisBrown ❤

Author Tlhox Hlohi ( ago)
Chris brown really turns Me on ....every time he dances I wanna join in he is my energy drink....the guy can dance Wow.....

Author ramu makawana ( ago)

Author Katerina Tourlitis ( ago)
the cab was floating

Author 마그마 TV 안 ( ago)
oh~~very good!

Author uday bhaskar rathod ( ago)
i love chris brown

Author Joseph Pullium ( ago)
his similarities to MJ is really strong in this music video when it comes to his dance moves

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