TCI: Kentucky Derby 143 Picks Show - 05/04/2017

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  • The time has come. The TCI guys take you through Kentucky Derby 143 from gate to wire, discussing what to expect from the top contenders, and opining on the best longshots that have signaled they are capable of lighting up the toteboard. Which colt is poised for a run into the history books, and will a longshot break the streak of favorites to wear the roses?

    Watch it. Comment. Happy Derby.
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Comments: 16

  • TMW
    TMW 1 month ago

    Very solid analysis! "Always Dreaming is a beautiful blend of stamina and speed." That sums it up in one sentence. I would add that this horse is incredibly dynamic too.

    AIRMASS6 1 month ago

    No mention of Girvin

  • J bond
    J bond 1 month ago

    track will be good

  • Evocati
    Evocati 1 month ago

    what about a sloppy track? going to be a huge factor

  • captain Spaulding
    captain Spaulding 1 month ago

    race is wide open and he takes the chalks 1-2 lol

  • Delaney Romero
    Delaney Romero 1 month ago

    What a jerkwad

  • Mike Illies
    Mike Illies 1 month ago

    Best show going but I was surprised you didn't address the condition of the track and the impact it will make.

  • raymond cannon
    raymond cannon 1 month ago

    I heard them say thunder snow isn't great out of the gate but I was listening to the jockey and he said thunder snow was quick out the gate so who's right?

    • Moochdad1956
      Moochdad1956 1 month ago

      lmao, watch the start of the race and I think you will see

  • Marksolomonify
    Marksolomonify 1 month ago

    You said, "even the best horses are going to lose more races than they win". Hyperbole? Misstatements like that should not be made, especially not within the first 7 minutes. Not a single "best" horse loses more. Be more careful.

  • Dillinger Sam
    Dillinger Sam 1 month ago

    Very Good
    thank you for posting

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