my homemade air rifle - piston valve

its still incomplete, i found most of the parts in an abandoned truck yard near my house also found the wood for my stock there aswell rest of the parts i got from bunnings.

this is how the piston works

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Author Павлик Полищак (1 month)
your music is cool

Author zakamooza (1 month)
wow nice! check out mine

Author Hill Billy (24 days)
hahah VB can

Author Ben Marin (1 month)
someone to please tell me how to do bullet trigger system. I do not
understand in any video like they did that system, if you can recommend me
a video would be better

Author Ben Marin (1 month)
cum se numeste melodia
how is called the song

Author 1colewade (1 year)
thats fucked up! lol

Author Lucas Felske (2 years)
Tumbs up for Blink 182!

Author Digadogup (2 years)
@mcwario13 0:07 :D in the background

Author TheBakoom (3 years)
@TheButtonMash hahahaha hows it going? i just started making a new stock it
looks more like a thompson, and i found that welding place.

Author wyz2285 (2 years)
very nice, But the valve´s pilot volume is too big, for better performance
try a o-ring piston or reduce the pilot volume.

Author dethmonky3193 (2 years)
what valve are you using for the trigger?

Author jhon dave (1 year)
hey.. you use hand pump??

Author Richard Bird (7 months)
VB cunt

Author LuckyStrike153 (2 years)
cool musik

Author jasper wortelboer (1 year)
im gay 1

Author bmxrulez4life (2 years)
0:09 Dawn thats a nice stock :) Where did you get your trigger/release from?

Author Gamemaster411 (2 years)
Imagine Julia Gillard's face when she sees this and realises that the
current gun laws in Aus aren't keeping us from arming ourselves.

Author keed (2 years)
i cant seem to find the valve that you are using, what is it called?

Author SuperEnterprise01 (2 years)
VB..Very Brutal

Author SketchyAussie (2 years)
@TheBakoom Try spraying some grease on the inside of the fitting before you
pour the epoxy in, after it dries you'll be able to pop it out easily with
a few hammer taps (I put mine against a piece of dowel in a vice and
tighten it until it lets go). :) I use a can of white lithium grease, you
can get it pretty cheap from bunnings and it works wonders. :)

Author griffin conner (2 years)
thats fricken cool

Author JoelHackett (1 year)
at last a good song

Author supermotardmario (2 years)
cool but dont use real pcp pressure for it ! 3000 psi will blow it right
up. you are probably smart enough to figure that out, but you never know

Author Nwest82 (2 years)
nice, can't wait to see it completed, have you fired it through a
chronograph yet? if so what were the numbers like? I've been really wanting
to a PCP air gun build, but have a lot to learn about designing a
valve/piston system that will function correctly and not dump all the air
in one shot. Nice work, Keep it up! Great job on the stock BTW.

Author noobeable (1 year)
tutorial please

Author Riley Stock (1 year)
straya cunt, nah good job mate im hoping to make an airgun like this, this
weekend, where did you find the valve, its awsome

Author Tommy Sands (1 year)
too weak

Author TheBakoom (3 years)
@marko03033 na

Author wallyson santos (1 year)

Author steeloavenger (2 years)
Thats so badass.

Author GunnerCollins (2 years)
@bmxrulez4life its a blow gun he got it from bunnings

Author jhon dave (1 year)
can you show me how did you build your piston, and how its work..plzzzzz

Author D Elliot (6 months)
I can't stand it when technical videos and how to stuff always come with a
soundtrack. Annoying.

Author simone cosentino (1 year)

Author harry goodman (2 years)
oi can you tell me how a piston valve airgun works please, Thanks

Author Rafał Matysek (2 years)
a to jest śmiechowe

Author Abdul Wahab (2 years)
which song is on background ?

Author Garrett Faber (2 years)
nice music

Author aleexishurrx3 (2 years)
blink 182 makes the vid good lol and whats my age again peoples

Author clarkespearo (1 year)
Or Very Bad, Vile Beer, Vomit Bomb, either way it tastes likes shit and is
only good to use as a target haha

Author TheBakoom (2 years)
@Digadogup hahaha i got that from a friend who use to work for coke

Author PIZZABAGARN1337 (2 years)
QEV valve?

Author GunnerCollins (2 years)
@11gamero111 its a blow gun

Author Landon Brecheisen (1 year)
Nice I am making a gas blowback simi/full auto airsoft gun it will be
useing 300 psi and i am making 50 round mag can't find any springs for
airsoft mags so am ordering spring wire and making them. I also have to
order a barrel cause I don't have any pipe that will fit a airsoft BB
perfectly. I will put a video response on your video. My dad has a shop so
I have a bunch of tools for my use + tons of parts.

Author r4z0r94 (1 year)
What's My Age Again? - blink182

Author Radzy Radz (1 year)
The lengths us aussies go to, to be able to shoot something without a
license... GIVE us Airsoft Back ffs.

Author SketchyAussie (2 years)
@MrkBO8 That made me lol. Fortunately nothing improves creativity like a
lack of supervision, so there are a lot of great Au/NZ homemade launchers
around. :)

Author Radzy Radz (1 year)
nerf piston ? :O they come in all shapes n sizes :/ use the plastic as the
meshing then hot glue around that ? i hate making shit, putting it all
together to find out 4 months later it breaks... fk opeing that shit again.
Make it to last ;)

Author Digadogup (2 years)
@thebakoom erm lol epic coke zero prop

Author charles cheong (1 year)

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