my homemade air rifle - piston valve

its still incomplete, i found most of the parts in an abandoned truck yard near my house also found the wood for my stock there aswell rest of the parts i got from bunnings.

this is how the piston works

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Author amir machaka ( ago)
really nice idea !! and great work , i've made one very powerful ! ,and
what's the name of music ??

Author Pascal Rohart ( ago)
c 'est quoi le non de la musique sinon tres beau air gun

Author ManDrake Vermilyea ( ago)
Great song man

Author Rick Z ( ago)
well ill through some shrimp on the barbie ....

Author MrMiguella ( ago)
nice work. good to see another aussie (vb can is a give away) getting
around the stupid laws we have. probably the best stock for a qev gun on
you tube. I'm on about my 10th rifle myself and found that the cheap 1/2 in
qev valves on ebay are a bit more compact than the home made ones and are
cheaper than buying all the fittings to make one yourself. next project you
should do is a hammer valve pcp rifle, once you get the trigger mechanism
working they are way more fun as you don't need to refill the tank every
shot. although the qev dumping all the air at once gives way more power.

Author MISTERCLASSIC10 ( ago)
that's what usate as trigger

Author MISTERCLASSIC10 ( ago)
que es lo que usate como gatillo

Author Lobelialapse ( ago)
I like the stock you made, very cool. It must have been a labor of love.
I would like to ask you a question and hopefully get a little help.
I've built several air rifles. I've used ball valves, sprinkler valves;
electric and mechanical diaphragm, and poppit (hammer valves). The one
thing I've never been able to do is get a barrel sealing piston valve to
work with a small air nozzle.
They just don't exhaust the high pressure quick enough.
How did you get yours to work? I've opened the ports inside the valve body.
I've turned the center of the valve pin down to almost as thin as a pencil
I added holes at the center exhaust transfer ports.
I drilled out the bottom of the valve and cut the lower portion completely
off but it still won't do the job.
If you can share some advice it will be greatly appreciated,

Author Dylan Williford ( ago)
This music makes me feel gay. Like homosexual.

Author Hill Billy ( ago)
hahah VB can

Author Павло Поліщак ( ago)
your music is cool

Author Anderson Freitas ( ago)
ei oque vc usou como gatilio

Author Mechanical Engineer ( ago)
I can't stand it when technical videos and how to stuff always come with a
soundtrack. Annoying.

Author Juan Manuel ( ago)
hace un video de como hacerlo porfaaaaa

Author Richard Bird ( ago)
VB cunt

Author joão Victor ( ago)

Author jhon dave ( ago)
hey.. you use hand pump??

Author jhon dave ( ago)
can you show me how did you build your piston, and how its work..plzzzzz

Author batt3ryac1d ( ago)

Author NenoKiller ( ago)
It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other people do it
easily with "Ripped Max Stagger" (go Google it).

Author noobeable ( ago)
tutorial please

Author luffycastro ( ago)
qual o sistema de valvula q voce usou como gatilho ?

Author Jonathan Doney ( ago)
cool song

Author Tommy Sands ( ago)
too weak

Author JoelHackett ( ago)
at last a good song

Author simone cosentino ( ago)

Author Cristian Arriola ( ago)
yeah! blink 182..

Author Mike Haffler ( ago)

Author Macdeas ( ago)
All I got was the USA never going to be unarmed... Its just a air rifle.

Author 1colewade ( ago)
thats fucked up! lol

Author Riley Stock ( ago)
straya cunt, nah good job mate im hoping to make an airgun like this, this
weekend, where did you find the valve, its awsome

Author 1swhittaker (1673 years ago)
Keep up the good work. The ywill never fully unarm the US of A. Once free
always free.

Author ThrasherContinue ( ago)
STRAYA, cool gun btw

Author jasper wortelboer ( ago)
im gay 1

Author Jack Ross ( ago)
Nice gun!, what did you use as the air tank ? and how did you fill it with
air ? thanks.

Author bioniclegods ( ago)

Author daddelmanen ( ago)
awsome song! blink182 !

Author RICK ATIRADOR. ( ago)
Friend which the name of the piece you used as a trigger, Thanks

Author Radzy Radz ( ago)
nerf piston ? :O they come in all shapes n sizes :/ use the plastic as the
meshing then hot glue around that ? i hate making shit, putting it all
together to find out 4 months later it breaks... fk opeing that shit again.
Make it to last ;)

Author Radzy Radz ( ago)
The lengths us aussies go to, to be able to shoot something without a
license... GIVE us Airsoft Back ffs.

Author r4z0r94 ( ago)
What's My Age Again? - blink182

Author Chris James ( ago)
This is probably the coolest air gun i've seen yet! You should do a

Author toetjetoe ( ago)
you know... there are people who can buy a REAL air/paintball gun

Author charles cheong ( ago)

Author escopetak12 ( ago)
Legal cara... Valeuuuuu.... Assista o meu canal no youtube... (escopetak12)

Author ORigINal550 ( ago)
as simple as it looks ide love a tut

Author owen burce ( ago)
how many shots can it have till it needs to refill?

Author wallyson santos ( ago)

Author clarkespearo ( ago)
Or Very Bad, Vile Beer, Vomit Bomb, either way it tastes likes shit and is
only good to use as a target haha

Author stdavross666 ( ago)
VB = Vaginal Bacteria.

Author Mcpickle (1473 years ago)

Author Landon Brecheisen ( ago)
Nice I am making a gas blowback simi/full auto airsoft gun it will be
useing 300 psi and i am making 50 round mag can't find any springs for
airsoft mags so am ordering spring wire and making them. I also have to
order a barrel cause I don't have any pipe that will fit a airsoft BB
perfectly. I will put a video response on your video. My dad has a shop so
I have a bunch of tools for my use + tons of parts.

Author UPandUNDER ( ago)
i want 1

Author Midas Bros ( ago)
why so serios

Author jpsca95 ( ago)
hey can you tell me how did you trigger function please

Author Braxton Conley ( ago)
fukin rednecks nowadays

Author harry goodman ( ago)
oi can you tell me how a piston valve airgun works please, Thanks

Author phonyization ( ago)
about how far can you accurately shoot? i'm thinking about hooking one up
to my air compressor which is running on 130psi

Author dethmonky3193 ( ago)
what valve are you using for the trigger?

Author Garrett Faber ( ago)
nice music

Author zero godwell ( ago)
Gday mate what did you use as the air chamber? Its a perfect size what is

Author steeloavenger ( ago)
Thats so badass.

Author eurogunzskillz ( ago)
the cannon in my pants shoots harder!! -.-

Author Nwest82 ( ago)
nice, can't wait to see it completed, have you fired it through a
chronograph yet? if so what were the numbers like? I've been really wanting
to a PCP air gun build, but have a lot to learn about designing a
valve/piston system that will function correctly and not dump all the air
in one shot. Nice work, Keep it up! Great job on the stock BTW.

Author Joey Callaghan ( ago)
u should stain the wood

Author Simonarne Myklebust ( ago)
hope it will becom war between myklebust and røsok lol

Author griffin conner ( ago)
thats fricken cool

Author Rafał Matysek ( ago)
a to jest śmiechowe

Author Lord Xantosh ( ago)
@TheBakoom well VB has another use other then being a Visitors Beer!

Author keed ( ago)
i cant seem to find the valve that you are using, what is it called?

Author supermotardmario ( ago)
cool but dont use real pcp pressure for it ! 3000 psi will blow it right
up. you are probably smart enough to figure that out, but you never know

Author eskamobar ( ago)
Does the valve dump all the air at once, or can you get several shots out
of it?

Author PIZZABAGARN1337 ( ago)
QEV valve?

Author PIZZABAGARN1337 ( ago)
Make a how to video plz :)

Author SuperEnterprise01 ( ago)
VB..Very Brutal

Author Lucas Felske ( ago)
Tumbs up for Blink 182!

Author Christopher Shelton ( ago)
can i get a schematic, i want to make something similar to this but there
are things i cant see from this video, like the trigger system

Author Luke Thompson ( ago)
how accurate is it?

Author Gamemaster411 ( ago)
Imagine Julia Gillard's face when she sees this and realises that the
current gun laws in Aus aren't keeping us from arming ourselves.

Author LuckyStrike153 (1010 years ago)
cool musik

Author Theo Bakas ( ago)
VB <3

Author Jose Antonio Pacheco Miranda ( ago)
awesome man, i want it the same toy!!!

Author Patrick O Sullivan (740 years ago)
reminds me of a B.A.R.

Author Ed bayes ( ago)
182 :D

Author Digadogup ( ago)
@mcwario13 0:07 :D in the background

Author ALIVE845 ( ago)
the guy singing the song is an idiot!

Author iknowmy3table ( ago)
I love the fact that you made this from free scrap, I bet you could
increase the pressure even more, the blowgun and hot glue piston seem like
the weakest links, but a metal washer backing the rubber could help the
piston, and the blowgun, hell they are rated for really low pressures but
the extra pressure will probably just make it leak a little, not explode or
break, and if you really needed to upgrade it you could get a pressure
washer handle for pretty cheap

Author Ozzi ( ago)
@TheBakoom lol cheers buddy

Author BaKoom ( ago)
@ak74u2 haha you guessed correctly, i couldnt find anything else in the
room to hold it up besides the vb can.

Author Ozzi ( ago)
lol im guessing your aussie because of the vb and sweet gun it looks like a
shotgun except the handle

Author aleexishurrx3 ( ago)
blink 182 makes the vid good lol and whats my age again peoples

Author Abdul Wahab ( ago)
which song is on background ?

Author Joey Asnicar ( ago)
thumbs up for all the beer

Author Paul ( ago)
@TheBakoom Try spraying some grease on the inside of the fitting before you
pour the epoxy in, after it dries you'll be able to pop it out easily with
a few hammer taps (I put mine against a piece of dowel in a vice and
tighten it until it lets go). :) I use a can of white lithium grease, you
can get it pretty cheap from bunnings and it works wonders. :)

Author BaKoom ( ago)
@SketchyAussie hey thanks,i did make one out of epoxy but it was stuck in
the brass fitting so i decided to stick with the hot glue piston.

Author Paul ( ago)
@MrkBO8 That made me lol. Fortunately nothing improves creativity like a
lack of supervision, so there are a lot of great Au/NZ homemade launchers
around. :)

Author Paul ( ago)
Awesome gun, epic music, and great video! Some constructive criticism
though: 1) If you don't put a groove in your piston you'll get higher
power, air will still leak through much slower. 2) Your piston looks like
it was made of hot glue, try your hand at casting one from epoxy, it will
provide less friction therefore faster opening times. It also won't expand
on those really hot Australian summer days (I know this from experience).
3) I recommend you check out spudfiles if you haven't yet. :)

Author MrkBO8 ( ago)
You have to know how to make stuff in Australia to have fun because its
illegal to have an elastic band and a paper clip in the same room.

Author Markus Põldmäe ( ago)

Author BaKoom ( ago)
@Digadogup hahaha i got that from a friend who use to work for coke

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