Donald Lawrence - the blessing of Abraham

a song we sing in our choir :)

I am the GOD who healeth thee oh that u only trust in me
U are the seed by faith recieve
The blessing of abraham
The blessing of abraham

Where ever you are where're u go what ever u touch its annointed 2 grow
U r the seed by faith recieve
The blessing of abraham

Its your inheritance
Get your inheritance
u r the seed by faith recieve
the blessing of abraham
the blessing of abraham

Repeat 2nd verse
Repeat vamp 2x

its yours its yours its your inheritance
The head not the tail above not beneath a lender not a borrower
get your inheritance(repeat)

You are the seed by faith recieve(repeat 3x)
The blessing of abraham
The blessing of abraham

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Author Cian Smith ( ago)
I'm in love with this song amen the blessings of Abraham

Author sahsa banks ( ago)
this song makes me happpy

Author Thomas Bo'clarrett ( ago)
great word

Author Dena Lee ( ago)
The Blessing of Abraham

Author Thandeka Ntuli ( ago)
I can't stop dancing!!!

Author Jojuan Dixon ( ago)
god place me the head not the tell he also place me the head not beneath
thank you for abaham👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😇😇😇😇😇

Author Cortni Gayles ( ago)
Still Love This Song

Author Donnetta Thomas-Hines (107 years ago)
Can't wait to sing tomorrow!

Author Erica Gillett ( ago)
great song

Author Angel Love ( ago)
I receive my blessings of Abraham for 2016 !!! Happy New Year Saints!!!!

amen, im blessed.

Author Sir Carter ( ago)
Remember being a choir member and I looked to singing to this
But rehearsal for this song was tough
It was a Friday and I wasn't happy
But sweet memories

Author jazzloves ( ago)
Pray for me all as the Lord restores our good fortunes.

Author Deonna Denae ( ago)
We are indeed the seed of Abraham #Isrealite #Hebrew #Line of Judah

Author William Beale ( ago)
Our Bible study group was started in 2010 give God the glory. For the seeds
of Abraham spiritual group at Facebook community page

Author Bonita Boggan ( ago)
Gal. 3: 13 - 14.

Author Ali Madad ( ago)
What's this song about??

Author LadyWow100 ( ago)
Me and my 4year old singing this out loud right now , looove it

Author Angel Summers ( ago)
So encouraging. Keep up the work of God💟

Author Katrina S ( ago)
Donald Lawrence keep doing what your doing my brother your message is going
to travel to all our hearts, love you brother in Christ, and strengthen
our lost sheep praise JESUS amen amen

Author Ervin colebrooke ( ago)
Thank You !

Author Kiara Scott ( ago)
love this song

Author Tiffany Bumpus ( ago)
God's plan for his people to go get it our blessings. .

Author Airyn Able ( ago)
YEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!! 👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏☝️☝️🏃

Author William Beale ( ago)
The theme song of our group

Author Lillith Cloudet ( ago)

Author Lillith Cloudet ( ago)

Author Kaonai'a Clay ( ago)
God i love this...

Author Armani Reid ( ago)
This song made me realize alot of things and im 16 with goals and im going
to get my inheritence (:

Author oscar herrera ( ago)

Author Wings Gabriel ( ago)
Love this song man

Author Bunfire123 ( ago)

Author Vie Michel ( ago)
Thank you so much for posting this!

Author Vie Michel ( ago)
Absolutely! This song always lifts my spirits! 

Author 3ELstar ( ago)
One of my favourite church songs <3

Author nefertiti brown ( ago)
wonderful song

Author mabel joseph ( ago)

Author Morgan Nixon ( ago)
HE MADEE YOUU a lendaaa not a borrrowaaaaa!!! 

Author Virtuous Cann ( ago)
I'm apart of the common wealth of Israel

Author Kabria Brown ( ago)
How can some people dislike this song??? Smh.

Author Deandre Huffman ( ago)
goods luck heroes donald lawrence super heroes

Author Deandre Huffman ( ago)
good luck hero

Author Yolanda Flowers ( ago)
I love this song so much amen

Author jay j ( ago)

Author Brian Guna ( ago)
Amen Praise Him 

Author Latoya Johnson ( ago)
thank you jesus for my blessing!!!

Author dee chanchan ( ago)
I love this song ❤ bedtime song

Author Thalia Sanders ( ago)
I claim my inheritance through Sarah. 

Author jonathan garcia ( ago)
(I dont get it.. why is he using earings??? )

Author terry sidney ( ago)
this song rocks!!!!!!!!!! 

Author MillXWild ( ago)
love3 it love it it (: 

Author KhrazyReddGriggles RetrOh (1656 years ago)
The IS the BEST DANG Choir EVER, in my Opinion HUMBLE!!! *Dance DANCES

Author Sarah K ( ago)
Im going to get my inheritance, by faith through Christ.

Author irmaa881 ( ago)
I love this video, we are singing this in church on sunday at First AME of
Plam coast Fl

Author SpankRamen2 ( ago)
This is one of my favorite songs. Not just in gospel, but music in general.
If God told me to put together a playlist of ALL my favorite songs to take
into eternity, this song is definitely on the list! Definitely. 

Author Cynthia Sylvestre ( ago)
L O V E This song!

Author chidochemoyo nemhara ( ago)
it's your inheeeeeeeeeritance!!!! totally love it!

Author pollyhustlez ( ago)
Praise AHAYAH for HIS Promise! The Blessings of Abraham!

Author ShayAlisa87 ( ago)
Why would people give this a thumbs down? I love this song!!!

Author Red Bearden ( ago)

Author kiki1cola1 (424 years ago)
Let us get our inheritance!!! LOVE THIS SONG!

Author Luke Campbell ( ago)
five people don't have the blessings of Abraham either that or they live in
a country where down means up. 

Author 509Neo ( ago)
bénédiction d'Abraham"

Author Bri Ellis ( ago)
luv this song !!

Author TwinCities16 ( ago)
What a great song!! It is so uplifting! Three confused people just did not
get this spirit filled song! 

Author Babygirl Renee ( ago)
I'm in love with this song. Love it.

Author princetonily143 ( ago)
I'm only 14 and I know that Jesus is my lord and savor

Author Evan Williams ( ago)
i wish i could get my friends to dance with me to this song, cuz i love the
rythm and soul tht flows through my whiteboy feet gotta love
music <3 :))

Author crushanda1000 ( ago)
i love this song alote

Author Ann Suckoo ( ago)
I Claim it...I receive it....I declare it IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS

Author shea4323 ( ago)
2 people missed the blessing of Abraham

Author Miss PYT ( ago)
I love Donald Lawrence, all of his songs are so inspirational, encouraging
and faith-based. This song was in my spirit today and I HAD to hear it!
Thank God for this ministry! Im going to GET MY INHERITANCE!!!!

Author Derrick Solomon ( ago)
my church sings this

Author jay jack ( ago)
oooooh! my songgg !<3

Author Gfabtheking "I am King" ( ago)
great music 

Author SuperJewelzz ( ago)
Love it

Author Christine Vaneus ( ago)
ma favorite song 

Author taraty101 ( ago)
I woke up to this on my radio this morning! I love it now!!!

Author simone crawford ( ago)

Author Praise ( ago)
Hallelujah! Praise God! The children of God .like the sister said are all
the seed of Abraham.dream big ....never stay at one place in your life for
Jesus does not want you too.Faith is like a rubberband .....stretch it! May
God bless you and bless God always.

Author fabiola dolbrus ( ago)
this is a great song with a great message :-D live a life of praise.....u
will have a much happier me....u will hav no worries nd no
anxiousness.....u will be soooo much happier in Christ

Author Kandii J. ( ago)
were singing this were gonna practice it today i'll see if we can put it on

Author oascruggs2009 ( ago)
This is my theme for 2010!! I have loved it since it come but it is REALLY
personal to me now. Thanks for posting it!

Author osmondist ( ago)
one of my fav church songs it sends a really powerful message

Author Sarah B ( ago)
This is one of my favorite songs!

Author Lonnie Cooper ( ago)
AMEN!!! That is Powerfull what you just said. Hallelujah!

Author nicoleluvsjonas ( ago)

Author Melissa J. Jones ( ago)
I receive my inheritance, in Jesus' name!! AMEN!! I am the seed of
Abraham...a Child of the Most High God; I am a joint heir with Christ!!

Author reevideo ( ago)
sounds like a big queen!

Author Torah H. ( ago)
this is my favorite song!

Author JeyReal ( ago)
Amen go get your blessing in Jesus name

Author Renzysaaa ( ago)
I also sing this song in a choir! =)

Author LISA SMITH ( ago)

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