Binging with Babish: Eggs Woodhouse for Good

Eggs Woodhouse is the impossibly indulgent dish prepared for spoiled superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. Will these decadent ingredients sing together in harmony outside the cartoon world?

Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat

Okay so I'm making this ultra-decadent, hyper-expensive treat known as Eggs Woodhouse, traditionally prepared for self-involved superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. It doesn't feel right eating such an opulent dish on camera when so many families are without the most basic necessities and comforts this holiday season - so I want to use this opportunity to generate resources for an incredible nonprofit, Hour Children.

I had the pleasure of creating a video profile of Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, the Executive Director of Hour Children, for a humanitarian prize she received in 2014. Hour Children is a not-for-profit agency that works primarily with mothers recently released from prison, and features a food pantry where members of the community can receive the help they need to provide nutritious meals for their families. Of the women assisted, 84% have been incarcerated for nonviolent offenses, and 60% for drug-related offenses, with many drug sentences related to mandatory sentencing rules. They are overwhelmingly people of color: 57% are African American, 27 % Latina, and 16% Caucasian. Only 40% had ever been employed – in any capacity – prior to their arrests and almost 65% had poverty level incomes. Of those who have held a job, 2/3 reported never receiving more than the minimum wage.

My plan is to raise as much funds as possible, and use the sum total to buy nonperishable groceries for the Hour Children food pantry. Then I'm going to make a follow-up video showing exactly how your generosity has helped this great organization!

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Author Amaris Marrero ( ago)
he is the most atrictive hummen being in thid entire world what the acctual fuck

Author VlRGlL ( ago)
I feel like Archer and Anthony Bourdain would be bros

Author VECTOR 39 ( ago)
whats the name of the song you use in the backround of your videos

Author Adam Croes ( ago)

Author NoShaneNoGain ( ago)
Dude. I literally started applauding when I clicked on this video and realized what it was.

Author Kelly Williamson ( ago)
My Arteries clogged just watching this.

Keep up the Videos !!!!

Author Mekanacbf ( ago)
I still kinda wanna eat it, even if I hibernate afterwards

Author Raziel Talos ( ago)
That was awesome, but fucking Fraiser, do you not know the protocol with anything Archer related? Lol but seriously i dont even like eggs but holy shit that looked good

Author Yee Haw ( ago)
foods with high cholesterol don't give you high cholestorol. processed foods do

Author eliet Faroexst ( ago)
Your my new binge watch channel 😂

Author Sean Soloway ( ago)
This episode really spoke to me as a fellow chef and food lover. Not a single meal is cooked in my kitchen without Star Trek in the background. Many a times I have prepared or tasted a new meal adventure during the very scene in which you dinned on that richest of rich foods. I instantly flashed back to every delicious meal that graced my taste buds while Ardra sent Captain Picard down to the planet in his scantly clad pajamas which resulted in Data bringing a uniform down in a shuttle only to have the enterprise disappear on their attempted return. The taste orgasm that electrified across my tongue from the flood of flavour memories was dwarfed only by the image of Picard in his double wide, ultra short v-necked robe. Thank you dear chef..... thank you.

Author Nathan Brown ( ago)
Which episode of Star Trek were you watching?

Author Hannah Gonzalez ( ago)
Give me spaghetti tacos or give me death.

Author troee Parsons ( ago)
you are a real inspiration for me as I am a child and i love cooking

Author Frank Cabrito ( ago)
Geez, how much did this cost to make?!?!

Author Karsyn Cloud ( ago)
i need that food the most

Author Crusader1089 ( ago)
I think the bechamel is meant to be drizzled on the top as well, based on the cartoon.

Author Timur Dos ( ago)
following archer's advice is probably not a very good idea... it might lead you to a zone. the one of danger.

Author love Luci ( ago)
I wonder what rich tastes like..

Author lalakuma9 ( ago)
I wonder if the creators of Archer came up with Eggs Woodhouse because Woodhouse supposedly looks exactly like Pope Benedict in that one episode. So Eggs Woodhouse is some kind of bastardised, British, heroin addicted, possibly gay version of Eggs Benedict.

Author Kathy Holmes ( ago)
can you explain your tattoos

Author Baker's Bread ( ago)
Holy shit that's expensive stuff

Author BancroftOutdoors ( ago)
Can I have your kitchen when your done with it? I really like it. I've always been really jealous of your channel. I'm a fairly decent chef who wanted to get into filming but I'm just no good at it. And you got the film part down and can seriously cook. Awesome job man! Love every episode.

Author Christopher Turner ( ago)
everything looks good. only thing i have to day is that hollandaise looks so thick

Author Damon Noble ( ago)
Subscribing because of the star trek, the food is pretty interesting too.

Author John Mavis ( ago)
Omg. Did I just find my new favorite channel?

Author Greg Rech ( ago)
As if I didn't think you were cool enough you're watching Star Trek while you cook

Author darksteppa darksteppa ( ago)
you sir are my hero

Author KGamer1 ( ago)
It's rich, but did it taste good?

Author DinoBroWithTheFlow ( ago)
you should do 'Kevin cooks stuff in the office'

Author jacob untitled ( ago)
I need it

Author Kyle Hallman ( ago)
So was it actually good?

Author neojng ( ago)
Good guy with awesome content!

Author HonsterMunter ( ago)
that is the most expensive egg's benedict i have ever seen

Author ( ago)
what's the show called that this is from?

Author Alaska Young ( ago)
How much did it cost to make?

Author Farah Kandil ( ago)
you should do good burgers

Author Frug4l ( ago)
You still feeling guilty?

Author tr_a_lolo ( ago)
pfff beluga caviar illegal. lol yea I definitely never had a 40 pound bucket of it in my life. I ate so much different caviar in my life that I can barely look at it.

Author Buddha Bellies Gaming ( ago)
how much did that cost?

Author Tiernen ( ago)
woah hold on you ate the caviar with metal forks that cause a chemical reaction in the eggs next time use plastic

Author Amanda Bergstrom ( ago)

Author Jerakk30 ( ago)
I love the background... "La Forge to Enterprise"

Author Eremiss ( ago)
Good gods how did I not know Alton Brown was on Archer!?

Amazing videos man :) Please keep making them!

Author mike madorma ( ago)
This video was great; you could say your entering into the danger zone if you finished eating it though.

Author TheOrgano ( ago)
Great video and love the opening with the Glengoolie.....but where are the gummi bears?

Author who ever ( ago)
how bout a green russian

Author LegitimateKill ( ago)
It wasn't even a question wether I should subscribe or not

Author Todd Medium Wellington ( ago)
how or "why is the better question to ask," is fish eggs illegal.?

Author ShapedSilver ( ago)
How much did these ingredients cost altogether? It looks like what I spend on food in a week.

Author 1rens123 ( ago)
perfect hangover cure in the morning i bet

Author Craig Green ( ago)
I love that you are watching ST:NG while making the video.

Author Chance Kellar ( ago)
"LaForge to Enterprise" 😂

Author Bob & Weave ( ago)
How much did this cost to make?

Author hallerbakk ( ago)
I really love his series, but as far as background music... Ratatat has more than one good song!

Author Nurse Kat ( ago)
oh wow you have a new fan here. you were brave to have tried this.

Author Barış Demir ( ago)
what is that hollandaise sauce jake angie lopez alts technique ?

Author ConstructMayhem ( ago)
So...did you eat the rest of it? Share it with the camera guy or a roomie? You didn't throw any of it away did you?

Author Kammie Andrews ( ago)
2:01 CHEATER!! Suffer like I did in culinary and beat the eggs over a double boiler until your forearm runs away in terror

Author CCCP DO ( ago)
Matt Stonie would eat thirty of these in the time it takes this guy to chew his first bite. Faggot.

Author Marcus Reinvang-Melo ( ago)
You've got to make Skip's Scramble from Arrested Development!

Author Jeff Irwin ( ago)
There's no place like chrome for the hollandaise. Or for the cream, in this case.

Author Romantik ( ago)

Author Adrastea plp ( ago)
the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at 2:51 is perfect

Author Livvy McD ( ago)
marry me

Author Nigel ( ago)

Author andus garza ( ago)
same guy as Bob's burgers?:O

Author ghost 22xx ( ago)
I have watched about 9 or 10 of your videos favorite on soo far was the moist maker turkey sandwitch

Author Saml3838 ( ago)
Great music

Author BrotherBloat ( ago)
LaForge to Enterprise - awesome! :D

Author Jon Choi ( ago)
haha, I'm digging the Star Trek playing in the background while you were chewing.

Author N Sil ( ago)
jeezus i wonder how much that saffron cost...

Author Md Device ( ago)
Perfect after a heavy night of drinking, meal for 2 (or 3 if you get extra lucky.)

Author JFSV100 ( ago)
I thought that it was actually an extraordinary expensive version of eggs sardou

Author paul you ( ago)
Good god, I like creamy sauce but that is soo not my food

Author BamiBal ( ago)
did you finish it?

Author Rose Cortes ( ago)
bruh, what about trying out rusty venture's disgusting yet somehow edible cocktails?

Author Ben - ( ago)
Seriously, how much did this cost...?

Author Maloo ( ago)
Why the mesh sieve?

Author Dax Mort ( ago)
I could feel my arteries clogging just watching you eat that.

_I want it._

Author ♡venuz_babi♡ ( ago)
Where has this been all my life?? Guess I'll have to binge your channel now!

Author Roberto Rios ( ago)
is there a link or video to a cheaper version ? like local market like a HEB that i saw in a other video.

Author track mess ( ago)
hey bro! love your shit... just discovered your channel. original and funny but not over the top. keep it up dude!

Author Riley Anne ( ago)
Would love to see you make some dope food next year when Project for Awesome comes around.

Author Undamaged ( ago)
That looks really good.

Author Trevon Cowen ( ago)
ima learn how to cook lol

Author ben b ( ago)
Star Trek, eh? Maybe make Neelix's Seven-layered Jimbalian Fudge cake from Voyager

Author Colin A ( ago)
I had always wondered what Eggs Woodhouse was. It doesn't surprise me in the least that it turned out to be this. I'm a big Archer fan, but I haven't seen that little cooking thing. I love that they got Alton Brown for it.

Author Raymond Conroy ( ago)
That was one of my favorite Archer Short. Alton Brown whooped Archer's ass!

Author Stephen Inness ( ago)
TNG in the background... Subscribed

Author Embers End Gaming ( ago)
do some recipes from world of Warcraft! that would be amazing

Author David Piteo ( ago)
How rich are you...?

Author sn0m0ns ( ago)
You forgot you have to be drunk to eat it!

Author Matt Cavy ( ago)
Okay so I need to know...

You tackle recipes like this never doing them before and make it look effortless...

Firstly this cant be editing right you arent fucking up 3x before this right?

Secondly I assume my first question is silly so how did you develop your skills? Schooling? Work? Family? All three?

Thanks so much for the videos! Its a fantastic concept and your level of professionalism is not only respectable its inspiring.

Author Thurnis Haley ( ago)
Yeah sure cooking is cool and all, until you realized it took you the better part of 90 minutes to make something you eat in 5.
Why the fuck anyone would ever waste time with cooking is beyond me.
Not to say this is a practical meal, but still.

Author Eric Wong ( ago)
how does it taste?

Author Ilznidiotic ( ago)
Please tell me that some way, somehow, this, like, $1500 dish didn't go to waste.

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