How to speed up uTorrent 3.3 and 3.3.1 Beta

*UPDATE 2013 I have been using these settings for 2 years and I can confirm they still work I will be doing a new video this weekend!*

Woah Thanks for all the views! Tell your friends and sub :)

*UPDATE 2012* Thanks for all the views i appreciate i'm going to make a new version for this video.


*UPDATE 2010 November 6 THIS WORKS WITH ANY VERSION! (uTorrent 2.0.4 Build 22967 UP AND BELOW)
*UPDATE 2010 September 18 THIS WORKS FOR NEW UTORRENT 2.2.0 BETA 22007 (and all older versions)*

thx for all subscribers!!*

This is a tut on how to speed up uTorrent 2.2 BETA


Greedy Torrent:

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Author Thananat Wongthippyawut ( ago)

Author Thananat Wongthippyawut ( ago)

Author 9 zoo3ba ( ago)
يا صاحب المقطع كل زق يعني kol zg بلهجتكم

Author king sad ( ago)
مفتهمت كلشي

Author XXALOLEXX ( ago)
من فهم شي؟

Author Generalthai ( ago)
thank it work

Author Darrren Beresford ( ago)
This works great thanks

Author Athispat phongampai ( ago)

Author Scantraxxxx ( ago)
Working like a boss. went from 255 kb to 1/2mb thanks! :]

Author charkydton ( ago)
This Workker Thank you very much

Author jack bnm ( ago)
fufu fu fu

Author jack bnm ( ago)
hi man i cannot see anything

Author Björn Karlsson ( ago)
Gör inte så, följ inte det andra ord ändra ingenting? Helt
meningslös video.

Author Recso ( ago)

Author فيصل السلمي ( ago)
احلا لايك

Author Falcon Lover ( ago)
morocco لايك

Author Zaki Mixer ( ago)
جزائري لايك

Author Everything Possible ( ago)
utorrent depends on your upload speeds not download speeds for some reason

Author Leo Ledesma ( ago)

Author chang hao jie ( ago)
noob bad

Author Juninho Dark ( ago)
poha americanos fdp's

Author enad nimat ( ago)
anta kol 5ara

Author Aurimas Mizeikis ( ago)
very thanks now i havent got any speed :(((((((

Author Batista4773 ( ago)
6b kol 5ara

Author enad nimat ( ago)
انا مو سعودي بس لايك

Author oSiizr old chanel ( ago)
اي واحد سعودي لايك

Author James Norman ( ago)
i dont get it i have a 2.5 kb/s download. goes highest of 10kb and lowest
0.2 kb why is this!?!

Author emilis borusaitis ( ago)
omg very thanks my 2.64 gb download in 30 minutes thx

Author emilis borusaitis ( ago)
i'm have more!!!

Author emilis borusaitis ( ago)
oh sorry i'm have 2.7kb/s

Author emilis borusaitis ( ago)
very thanks now i'm don't have any speed :(

Author aof aegkapong ( ago)
Thank you very mush

Author Gabrielius Gaidelis ( ago)
its not work

Author Kazubla ( ago)
very nice worked for me, went from 300kbps to 2.0mbps ^^

Author westlee christian ( ago)
you make my utorrent very slow!

Author westlee christian ( ago)
no thanks

Author westlee christian ( ago)
my utorrent version is 3.3.1 not fast! Baddd

Author westlee christian ( ago)
whats! my down speed now 0.3kB/s

Author westlee christian ( ago)
thanks very much

Author Deepak Gosain ( ago)

Author Brad Taylor ( ago)
what is the default port?

Author Darian Carstea ( ago)
thanks a lot man my utorrrent is very faster i like and subscribed you
thanks a lot :DDDD

Author HUS MAN ( ago)
for most people even 1mb is enough!

Author Norlette Wilson ( ago)
cool u know what you were doing

Author Sharazad Ali ( ago)
I got windows 8 enterprise 4Gb OF ram, Its download Like 150-386 kbs
ThanksZ. Use A Wifi ANd download much faster than a Smart Bro modem!!!!!

Author Keno MbN ( ago)
Holy mother of god , help me fast i need help . Situation : I was
downloading Black Ops 2 i haved 100 - 150 KPBS , then some guy came and
said other utorrent settings , fuck it slower now i have fucking 0.3 kpbs
thats sooo awful !!!!! I have on black ops 92 % and download speed is 1-10
kpbs ! I cant wait to download that so fucking awesome game but it says
that it would be downloaded for 11 weeks OMG please help i have UTORRENT
3.3 Please Fast !

my max download speed is 3.8mb ....I have 31mb download speed...can you fix
to make my speed to be same....

Author Conner Miles ( ago)
hey wait a minute ur utorrent is 3.2 mine is 3.3 beta oh crap forget the

Author Conner Miles ( ago)
hey I am downloading 14gb game iso now can I download greedy torrent and
copy the settings if I do shall my download be deleted pls answer to my
facebook account at shahanrussell it has assassin's creed photo on it
Ezio's photo pls answer quickly

Author Lorenzo Guerrero ( ago)
Holy shit!! really works! 2kbs to 120 kbs WTF!! tx a bunch

Author Chris Poppe ( ago)
1 mb/s is not much, my max speed is 2.6mb/s!

Author sedg26 ( ago)
does this work in the uk ?

Author MT Walforz ( ago)
Not worked

Author Hacker98012 ( ago)
Forgot to say, 5/5 Star! Now 100KBPS - 120 KBPS!

Author Hacker98012 ( ago)
20-30 KBPS to 40-60 KBPS! Nice one mate! Subscribed and Liked! Keep it up.

Author V3X21 ( ago)
Says the person who can't simply spell "you're".

Author Din Karovic ( ago)
wow 603

Author Lavesh Bhatia ( ago)
my up speed is going high

Author Lavesh Bhatia ( ago)
can you zoom a little more thank u

Author Almedin Karisik ( ago)
THANK YOU!!!! my torrent was 45-50 kbs now is 60-70 and more kbs sorry for
my english(im from bosnia)

Author V3X21 ( ago)
Oh look, another video that doesn't work.

Author Unruly Ney ( ago)
what it the name of the two songs and who where they sang by? i know the
last one is miley cirius but i cannot remember the name of the song can you
please tell me the names of the two songs?

Author Olavo Araujo ( ago)
is teriake boys?

Author Olavo Araujo ( ago)
what this fuck music xD ... i´m brsilian but i love it xD fala aii brother

Author nik1998ize ( ago)
what a great music.

Author nik1998ize ( ago)

Author nitrocams ( ago)
im downloading with 0.7 - 1.o kb HELP???

Author Unfamiliar Sun (108 years ago)
Greedy Torrent itself is not working.. I can't launch the application. It
stated that the file is corrupted..

Author whylol lolwer ( ago)
Amazing, you help me a lot!! thank you so much <3 first video that actually
helped thanks

Author annisou nisou ( ago)
it's really work ??????

Author Ian ( ago)
great with this and cheat engine ill be done with this in about 2 hours and
30 mins its 7.76 gb

Author annisou nisou ( ago)
pourquoi monde cruel :( j'ai laisser faire greedy torrent toute la nuit ..
mais rien :(((

Author Kalvi Leet ( ago)
OMG FAKE ?? My uTorrent speed decreased to zero OMF.

Author Chrissy ( ago)
@xSKUCKx lol.. over-exaggerating?? lol..

Author Homo Sapien Sapiens ( ago)
oh how come i watched alot of videos and now mine is like 50kb/s . Please
help i want to download GMod 10

Author Sezer aka Zartty ( ago)
waat, I'm downloading with 48kB/s now -_-

Author Blake Belladonna ( ago)
is it normal for speed to rise to >1000 then fall to <200?

Author Melody Rogers ( ago)
Yes yes yessssss. So much faster. Thank you so much. (:

Author Davey ( ago)
awesome man from 75 kb/s to 2 mb niceee

Author figa1302 ( ago)
good!! ;)

Author Luis Sanchez ( ago)
muchas gracias hermano. Thank u very much bro, u da best if u a seeing this
right now i'll tell u that if u dont make mistakes u'll get over 400kb :D

Author Sumit M ( ago)
awesome .... thanks a lot for sharing this with us . download speed went
from 7.0 kbs to 1.0 mbs it

Author Liam Talmey ( ago)
Absolute Fucking Legend im subscribing

Author Amrinder Singh ( ago)
useless !!

Author *Reaper ( ago)
From 100kbps to 0.5 kbps in a total of 1 minute. DO NOT DO ANYTHING IN THIS

Author Maverick Dsouza (1378 years ago)
this is amazing thnx downloading at 700 kb/s +

Author rTDzZ ( ago)
it works , thanks :)

Author lauraalessandra ( ago)
Respond to this video... thats why im trying this tutorial haha im
downloading this app and its like 80 mb usually it takes 5 minutes but now
it says that its gonna take 1 hour :s

Author lauraalessandra ( ago)
@thenewnoob123 mine was 140kb/s but now its 10kb/s ? :(

Author Aku Insan Kerdil ( ago)
thanks dude!!!! its really works!!!! thanks again....

Author GamesAndmoreByBrick ( ago)
@MagnusBane969 Works For All Torrents watch?v=8tIrcD6H-_k

Author MagnusBane969 ( ago)
@GamesAndmoreByBrick Wow!! Which video/tutorial was that that you
followed?? I'd love to be able to pump that much out

Author OCR ( ago)
@GamesAndmoreByBrick what video?

Author OCR ( ago)
mine's stuck at 8kb/s... it doesnt go up no matter what tutorial i follow...

Author GamesAndmoreByBrick ( ago)
@iJaayyp just download cheat engine and your set

Author Djalal Djalali ( ago)
Thx Bro

Author JP M ( ago)
@GamesAndmoreByBrick pass me a link? please :)

Author Shane McSorley ( ago)
Needless to say, you are awesome. You got me from 20 kb/s to about 850

Author GamesAndmoreByBrick ( ago)
lol this only got to 350 K/bs i saw an video that got it to 5 M/b and that
what im on now

Author 1132Jay ( ago)
OMFG it works!

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