cut a short BOB for new job

Her hair is a mark in her campus, it is not only long, but also thick, straight, silk and very black. In China, long hair is not rare, many country girls have long hair. But beautiful long hairs are very rare because modern girls don't like to have very long hair. And beautiful girls with beautiful long hairs are more rare. She is one of them. If you had seen her, you would not forget her because of her cute face with such a beautiful long hair. But this time, She has to cut her pride to very short. Because she will be a office clerk in a very famous hotel, JW Marriott. In such a famous hotel, such long hair is not suitable and she hasn't so much time to take care of her long hair. So she has to decide to cut her long hair.

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Author sandnes2504 (1 month)
it is just shame tos gorgeous hair..fall dowm for greed

Author Romeo Khant (1 month)
I want to cut her long hair.....
I also want to hold her hair....~~ xP

Author sohbno2 (5 months)
Seemed such a shame for her to have her lovely long hair cut short, but she
looks very sexy with her new short haircut and its revealed her lovely

Author Pei-Chen Wang (6 months)
Short hair is better moron

Author DocAce2000 (1 year)
What a dumb bitch you are... If you couldn't get that job on your talents
alone, then you never DESERVED that job in the first place. No "cut" or
"no-cut" in the world would have helped you out here. Unless the bosses are
intimidated by educated female personnel.

Author rescateur (1 year)
vraiment dommage d'avoir coupé de si beaux cheveux longs !

Author Cancerian48 (3 years)
This is a wonderful haircut and it is so lovely to see this beautiful young
lady having her gorgeous long hair shorn off. She looks fabulous with her
new short haircut and is obviously very pleased with it.

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
The hairbrush just glides through that long mass...Gorgeous!

Author Liora1995 (3 years)
My hair is a little bit longer then her hair, it's also very straight and
thick. I don't think that I will have the courage to cut it.. maybe

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
Very beautiful long hair and great hairbrushing. Sad that she cut it!

Author Regal Hair (3 years)
WOW! She went from plain pretty to STUNNINGLY Gorgeous!!!

Author haircut fun (3 years)
Oh God, she looks stunningly cute. Her hair is undoubtedly the most
beautiful thing she has.

Author GrimNeko (3 years)
Whats the name of the song?? :)

Author hornjunkie (3 years)
short hair is common long is better

Author Mr. Night (3 years)
though it was clear that she will have a haircut...but the beauty of her
long, thick, and silky hair made me feel sad at the end of this video :(

Author Frank Johnson (3 years)
crystalgayleaddict short hair is much better

Author chizuko autumn (3 years)
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaay whay you did that i am so sad for that long hair what the
name of the job that need to cut your hair?

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
Can I be frank. You have such gorgeous, shiny, bouncy, thick, jet black
long hair and you seem to enjoy it so much. Why cut it? Some girls have
very thin long hair that is neither healthy nor attractive and I can
understand why short in that case, but you do not. Your hair is very
beautiful! I just don't understand why.

Author haircut fun (3 years)
It's too long from front. Need a 2 inch shorter

Author Ha Le Ngoc (2 years)
long hair is more sexy

Author Alexis Butler (3 years)
Her hair was pretty when it was long and I don't mind short hair but that
was a little to short at least she has pretty face but hair is hair it will
grow back

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
Such pretty hair to have it shorn!

Author crystalgayleaddict (3 years)
preventions and prejudicies against beautiiful long hair are just
disgusting! This is scandalous to force people cut such hair for jobs or
any unjustified or false reasons, which are just hate. What a pity to see
that, and that shaved naked, how awful it is! i am totally ashamed! I will
Boycott those Hotels of I have any opportunity anyday.

Author Lilmiss Tav (3 years)
That's NOT a bob it's a bowl cut with BAD curtains- love the back though!

Author gakkoniikimasuka (3 years)
Wow , really a pretty face , but damn I hate her new cut long hair looked
so good :>

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)

Author videoguy604 (3 years)
@crystalgayleaddict Shaved is beautiful

Author Sumit Dhiman (1 year)
The way she is moving her hand through her nape again and again shows how
much she loves the cut. Now u look so neat and clean. And cut them short at
frount upto the eyebrows. Very brave step. Suits u a lot.

Author studio627 (1 year)
A normal bob or a lob would have still been decent! She looks like a

Author Maurizio Guerzon (3 years)
Is a crazy girl, her beauty with cut is soired, Maurizio.

Author FreiesRadikales (3 years)

Author The09goth (3 years)
i know she regrets getting all that beauty lopped off!!

Author athompson7 (2 years)
The hotel hired a beautiful girl and ended up with a boy instead

Author Sumit Dhiman (1 year)
Wow. What a haircut. I looks so elegant. Beauty of the cut is reflected the
way it is cut on the nape. U were just enjoying scrolling your hand on your
nape. Full credit to the barber who went to that extreem to cut it so short
to make even the skin come out.

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
Can you see how beautiful you are standing in front of the mirror? You are
absolutely gorgeous! With short hair you look like a boy!

Author Ante Mulari Youtube (3 years)
Why she wants a job that demands her to cut her beautiful hair so short?
Must be very important job I guess.

Author JuliaNakamura (2 years)
i love the background song though =) dunno what song is it though...

Author kompella rajesh (3 years)
@samikalastaja women look much better in short hair rather than long

Author The09goth (2 years)
hell no i have very long hair and hell no im never ever gonna cut it!!

Author MsSusiePan (2 years)
Dude, I can see her scalp. Not cool. This is NOT how you cut a bob for
women. Just... Not.

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
bouncy, bouncy..

Author rescateur (2 years)
i don't like your new haircut, i prefer you with beautiful long hair !

Author Sansón Rapador (1 year)
She WAS so beautiful :(

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
I would love to run my hands through your beautiful long hair. With short
hair, that is not possible. Mike

Author studio627 (1 year)
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

Author Harumi Ryuuichi (2 years)
her hair was so pretty why did they have to cut it

Author TheFRANKXDARR1 (1 year)
I just adore the hair covering the face! So incredibly beautiful!

Author Ante Mulari Youtube (3 years)
@MrKompella Really?

Author Frank Johnson (2 years)
No short hair is better

Author Gary Trueman (3 years)
Would have been better off keeping the hair and telling the new boss to
poke their job.It'll take many years to grow back.That cut is so ugly i
hope she grows it out straight away.This made me so sad....such a shame.

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