10 Money-Saving LIFE HACKS To Try At Home

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  • Brett Dawson
    Brett Dawson 7 hours ago

    0:58 now that's bad cable managment

  • IceCraft00 Gaming 4 U

    Thanks for this man, in a household where we can barely afford the ewssentials tthis really helps :) thanks keep up the good work

    • IceCraft00 Gaming 4 U
      IceCraft00 Gaming 4 U 2 days ago

      especially the fly one (btw if mu tryping isnt very good its because my iphone is tiny

  • Yo Neighbor
    Yo Neighbor 3 days ago

    Life hacks are for poor people

  • Green Earth
    Green Earth 5 days ago

    most people that hang tp backwards are people with cats or puppies.

  • Andrew Wallace
    Andrew Wallace 8 days ago

    The egg one was stupid just mix it in the pan

  • Donna Large
    Donna Large 12 days ago

    super poop

  • Bernadettes P0ST
    Bernadettes P0ST 13 days ago

    SERIOUSLY love your hacks!!

  • Psycho Wolf
    Psycho Wolf 15 days ago

    The one with the coffee grounds in the fridge would be a good idea if you like the smell of coffee.
    However, it smells like shit to me.

  • agarrison
    agarrison 15 days ago

    i think him and king of randm should join and make a vid like if you agree

  • huehuebrbr
    huehuebrbr 16 days ago

    Always add the salt a bit before the egg is finished cooking. This will ensure a nice rich fluffy and creamy texture in the egg. Adding it before even cooking it will make the egg very watery.

  • Janie Mendes
    Janie Mendes 16 days ago


  • DESTEROYER12345 Pvp
    DESTEROYER12345 Pvp 16 days ago

    this video is so cheesey

  • pro Jesther
    pro Jesther 19 days ago

    I'm 12 And this will help me in the future

  • Logan Palmer
    Logan Palmer 19 days ago

    Darth Vader shower head is best shower head

  • SugaDontPlay
    SugaDontPlay 21 day ago

    Instead of wasting money on Alka tabs, just....buy a bottle scrubber.

    SPYRONINE 21 day ago


  • sanaya skate
    sanaya skate 21 day ago

    I have plumbers tape my dad is a plumber

  • Ryan Palani
    Ryan Palani 23 days ago

    that egg one really doesn't help u need a bowl and fork and a pan. the life hack u say only saves a fork which isn't anything

  • Ellen Slattery
    Ellen Slattery 23 days ago

    0:45 for cum and squirt stains

  • Joobie Joob
    Joobie Joob 25 days ago

    I think when it comes to helping with weird odor in fridges to just use baking soda.

  • Strawberry Cream
    Strawberry Cream 25 days ago

    no one has a boring tissue situation. wtf. lol

  • Shams Ahmad
    Shams Ahmad 27 days ago

    4:13 did he just call our suggestions garbage

  • slimvvy
    slimvvy 28 days ago

    stop using your dishwasher!!!

  • How does one YouTube

    That moment when my uncle is a plumber so he does have plumbers tape lying around

  • JokeswithJosh
    JokeswithJosh 29 days ago

    u shouldnt season your eggs until aftet they are cooked.

  • A Hernandez
    A Hernandez 29 days ago

    cheap ass

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 29 days ago

    Oh so I get it.

    I need to put milk with my scrambled eggs.

  • khushi Chishti
    khushi Chishti 1 month ago

    I love all vedioes he makes

  • MrCooj92
    MrCooj92 1 month ago

    money saving was not the right title cause like only one or two were about that

  • Razzlewolfflight
    Razzlewolfflight 1 month ago

    Trying to figure out how the tissue one saves any money.

  • Maxston Kaoorn
    Maxston Kaoorn 1 month ago

    Wht ur PS4 name???

  • Amobadboy Mytablet
    Amobadboy Mytablet 1 month ago

    Vinegar Vinegar Vinegar

  • Mine Sports
    Mine Sports 1 month ago

    Do you see the super famcom romote

  • potatoguy 77
    potatoguy 77 1 month ago

    Season eggs at the end so they do get all watery

  • BellaMetallicA
    BellaMetallicA 1 month ago

    Was that a Darth Vader shower head? lol

  • Labib
    Labib 1 month ago

    GTA 5

  • Shiki Aura
    Shiki Aura 1 month ago

    #1 Blew my mind, even without using it. I forgot that dishwashers even existed.

  • CheezyPig
    CheezyPig 1 month ago

    my shower head connection popped open and flooded my house...

  • mirko terzic
    mirko terzic 1 month ago

    who caught batman arkham asylum 0:57

  • EmeraldStarryEyez
    EmeraldStarryEyez 1 month ago

    How is the tissue holder money saving??? You buy it in a cardboard holder!!

    87CUMALICIOUS 1 month ago

    very useful

  • Allison Mecha
    Allison Mecha 1 month ago

    That shower head is awesome!

  • Monica Dharmadhikari

    im going to try the hack for steel pans and funky smell

  • Alkas Engineering
    Alkas Engineering 1 month ago

    always kindly write in the side of the items you are adding so we can try it..

  • Splashydartgames
    Splashydartgames 1 month ago

    Who is watching in 2018... yeah I said 18

  • Suzzette MacKay
    Suzzette MacKay 1 month ago

    Boiling vinegar can burn your airway so be careful. Also the less dishes trick isn't actually saving any dishes. You still have the top and bottom on the shaker.

  • Teaze
    Teaze 1 month ago

    I thought you put Salt and Pepper at the end of cooking.

  • Vania Nena
    Vania Nena 1 month ago

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  • Barsey Koln
    Barsey Koln 1 month ago

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  • daniel wallengren
    daniel wallengren 2 months ago

    I'll tell you all right now that shower head hack does not work I was in the middle of my first shower after doing that and the head popped off and busted up my big toe

  • Kakai Ybanez
    Kakai Ybanez 2 months ago


  • remy aguiluz
    remy aguiluz 2 months ago

    hi that people whos going to read the comments i just want to say "I got you can you give me like? have a good day"

    read more

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 months ago

    Cool 👍

  • Penny Thatcher
    Penny Thatcher 2 months ago

    if you don't have a rubber glove instead of plumbers tape you can also use a condom. just sayin🦋

  • xOmq_Nightmxre
    xOmq_Nightmxre 2 months ago

    I do it by the front

  • Smølfehitspigen
    Smølfehitspigen 2 months ago

    But the shaker is just as mush dishes.

  • Freedom In A Budget
    Freedom In A Budget 2 months ago

    That tissue box mason jar hack is great!!

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear 2 months ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for my exam

  • Elaine  Evans
    Elaine Evans 2 months ago

    steal information
    pretend it is new .
    seen these life hacks
    on ten different channels .
    theft and everyone knows you stole it .
    cripes almighty.

  • Jason DeAnda
    Jason DeAnda 2 months ago

    5:53 try popping the eggs straight into the pan while it's hot

  • Andrée Mercier
    Andrée Mercier 2 months ago

    J,aimerais voir ces vidéo en français

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 2 months ago

    @4:00 that's dumb I use a coffee mug and a fork easier then a shaker

  • Xpgk Gamovie reviewer
    Xpgk Gamovie reviewer 2 months ago

    I love batman arkham asylum

  • Steven Mason
    Steven Mason 2 months ago

    All the dishes that come with scrambled egg? That would be, er.. 1. Just 1. All you are doing is swapping 1 for 1. Pointless

  • Benjamin Andersen
    Benjamin Andersen 2 months ago

    When i Grow up in gonna live in England or America right now i live in Denmark

  • Keri Xianne
    Keri Xianne 2 months ago

    Inconvenient of a empty wallet 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • K C
    K C 2 months ago

    Desperate shit hacks that make you look and live like a cheapskate! in not that hard up

  • Lili Unicorn
    Lili Unicorn 2 months ago

    I love the shower head! It's like starring at you saying it's your father.👍🏻

  • Tessa Obert
    Tessa Obert 2 months ago

    Bees are endangered. You should never make those traps

  • Susi T.
    Susi T. 3 months ago

    I want this Vader showerhead

  • Sweet sigar candy
    Sweet sigar candy 3 months ago

    What is washing soda?????

  • Matt O
    Matt O 3 months ago

    How is; adding a bunch of vinegar, boiling it, letting it cool then adding baking soda, a "money saving" "hack"??? Steel wool is dirt cheap. I think you're lazy.

  • Pinki Chachan
    Pinki Chachan 3 months ago

    from where i get the tablets

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae 3 months ago

    You need all those life hacks to save money after purchasing that Dyson vacuum cleaner

  • Callous Kitty
    Callous Kitty 3 months ago

    the comment section was the best part of this video 😂😂😂

  • annette fournier
    annette fournier 3 months ago

    Oh yeah, because everyone should eat a little dryer sheet chemical on thier food!!

  • Bluepapermonster
    Bluepapermonster 3 months ago

    Dear entire internet,
    Please stop saying "life hacks."
    Thank you.

  • Ian Rodriguez_11
    Ian Rodriguez_11 3 months ago

    4:40 howtobasic xd

  • Crazytube35
    Crazytube35 3 months ago

    You play GTA 5

  • Minnie Mu
    Minnie Mu 3 months ago

    I have that shower head o.o

  • Fenhua He
    Fenhua He 3 months ago

    It's either I know the hack or I don't have all the things

  • Bruce Marchetta PCMA
    Bruce Marchetta PCMA 3 months ago

    That caught my eye...the bicycle wheel-rim use for hanging pots. Nice idea 'cause some of 'em pot hangers are expensive. Chef-wana-be-Bruschetta 3-2017

  • Outlawrockman
    Outlawrockman 3 months ago

    About the shower head; sometimes the cause of leaks is because you over tightened the connection. Before you start cutting gloves or using plumbers tape, simply experiment by loosening the connection while you have water flowing.

    LENA PATEL 3 months ago

    I use powder detergent in a cup to get rid of fridge smell.

  • Lisa Zombie
    Lisa Zombie 3 months ago

    is the dig dish washer detergent really good? some one that has made it please let me know

  • Mr. Magnus
    Mr. Magnus 3 months ago

    ok so let me get this straight with the cocktail shaker method for scrambled eggs you use the shaker plus a pan and a plate and a spatula and a fork so that's 5 dishes right there were as you make it in a bowl and use the microwave there's two dishes the bowl and the fork.

  • Rainbow Love
    Rainbow Love 3 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with the tissue boxes!??

  • Mike MacFarlane
    Mike MacFarlane 3 months ago

    Sooooooo . . . the scrambled eggs "hack": you replace the bowl with a cocktail shaker, and lose the fork . . . which you're going to use to eat the scrambled eggs anyway.

  • Ellaine Anderson
    Ellaine Anderson 3 months ago

    What kind of washing soda?? for dishwasher.

  • divine34j
    divine34j 3 months ago

    weather you wash a shaker and its lid or a bowl and a fork... you're in the same spot... no difference at all.

  • divine34j
    divine34j 3 months ago

    that mason jar was so beautiful before he painted it.. 😏

  • phoebephoebo .sydney
    phoebephoebo .sydney 3 months ago

    I don't know how much US dish washer tablets cost, but here in the UK supermarket own-brands cost 13p each (fools who want branded ones cost 19-28p each) and making tablets the way described here work out at 10p each. For all the effort involved at saving 3p per day I'll stick to Tesco's own in future.

  • The Holy Fish
    The Holy Fish 3 months ago

    He has gta v

  • Cyrus Yousefian
    Cyrus Yousefian 3 months ago

    I hang my toilet paper over the front because I'm not a wild animal

  • CataxMiranda
    CataxMiranda 3 months ago

    What is " Washing Soda" from the first hack??
    i cant find the dishwasher soap in my local grocery store so im searching for other options ( im from a country where dishwashers aren't common at all, but i have one i cant use becouse i dont have the right soap)

  • twiggyjali
    twiggyjali 3 months ago

    These "life hacks" cost more money and don't make your life more convenient whatsoever.

  • twiggyjali
    twiggyjali 3 months ago

    If you have a nasty smell, clean out your fridge and toss your fucking garbage, you lazy bum!!

  • twiggyjali
    twiggyjali 3 months ago

    That bugcatcher is disgusting and messy. Use an empty water-bottle full of sugar water and a tiny opening. Wasps wont get out.

  • twiggyjali
    twiggyjali 3 months ago

    "I hate all the dishes used for eggs" so i ditched the fork and bought a cocktail shaker. Whotf even keeps a cocktail shaker at home?

    • twiggyjali
      twiggyjali 3 months ago

      Spoiler: still not eliminating your used dish quotient

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