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  • Axeman
    Axeman 7 hours ago

    Good going guys reminds me when I was a kid bottle digs was fun to do. glad to see that you guys are outside hope this inspires more kids to have a go at it don't worry about negative comments just keep going👍🏽

  • Unit 38
    Unit 38 14 hours ago

    You know something guys? If my kids,(they're grown now),had found something like that I would have been with them in that hole digging stuff up.

    • Moment Films
      Moment Films 14 hours ago

      Unit 38 yeah! Check out our second most recent video, we found another one!

  • Mable Bartlett
    Mable Bartlett 21 hour ago

    Beautiful bottles! Keep them and protect them. Hope you find more treasures!

  • Jonathan Harris
    Jonathan Harris 1 day ago

    OMG I had it I would turn it into a fort .

  • Tom Wyant
    Tom Wyant 1 day ago

    I would be so proud of those boys if they were my kids! I love that they're outside digging in dirt and searching for buried treasure! Way to go, guys!!!

  • Debbie Beddingfield

    That i

  • Moment Films
    Moment Films 2 days ago

    GUYS!! We were searching around and we found another underground room. The video for it will be posted in two days!!!

  • Kristi Luiz
    Kristi Luiz 3 days ago

    So happy for you both....this will be one of the greatest memory that one could have. My friend and I dug a whole and found a 6 foot bone. As for being a 7 year old we thought it was a dinosaur bone. The adults told us it was a cow bone. We both thought they lied to us...lolol..... hymmm we'll never no. But the weird thing is a year later the family had some money... I hope you keep both of your ambition and energy for adventures.

  • Anne Bernadette Lozano

    yeah! its kinda awsome treasure ... btw.. what happened to your finger! .. i also love watching this video

  • psychoalucard
    psychoalucard 4 days ago

    congratulations you found an old sewer

  • Samela Fire
    Samela Fire 4 days ago

    You should call a museum and they can tell you more about them and you can even sell them some.

  • Bluebomb2
    Bluebomb2 4 days ago

    Just watch the their entire yard cave in on them... While their on top of it.

  • amiboo love
    amiboo love 4 days ago

    god you hot

  • June Goldberg
    June Goldberg 4 days ago

    you guys are stupid

  • Kathleen Messmann
    Kathleen Messmann 5 days ago

    Bunch of bloney

  • Nathaniel Haase
    Nathaniel Haase 5 days ago

    that "room" is a bomb shelter most likley

  • Cave Venom
    Cave Venom 5 days ago

    Hey uh I think that was a old septic tank

  • Cotton Heart
    Cotton Heart 5 days ago

    I'm a 12 year old and somehow I find this amazing I'm not sure why but this is so cool!

  • Max Gavin
    Max Gavin 6 days ago

    good vid guys

  • Nicole Trujillo
    Nicole Trujillo 7 days ago

    Lol that stuff is literally history objects

    • Moment Films
      Moment Films 6 days ago

      Nicole Trujillo it's crazy. Thanks for watching!

  • Leopard Fahad
    Leopard Fahad 7 days ago

    Btw the bottle u found saying lambert pharmacal company is a company established in 1895

  • KillaMustangs 865
    KillaMustangs 865 8 days ago

    1:00 would be a shame is someone were to make you drop your phone.

  • Elle Sol
    Elle Sol 8 days ago

    That must be heaven to find as a kid with your friends.

  • lee bags
    lee bags 8 days ago

    How fun. I love how u found it fun. It is fun and interesting. More videos of explorations to come ?

  • Forest Ivey
    Forest Ivey 8 days ago

    I did this EXACT same thing as a kid about 25 years ago, and I you have rekindled some fond memories for me. I, too, found a septic tank in my backyard and dug and dug thinking I was the next India Jones. Don't forget this experience! Goonies never say, "Die!"

    • Moment Films
      Moment Films 8 days ago

      Forest Ivey glad we could! Means so much.

  • Jessica Chortkoff
    Jessica Chortkoff 8 days ago

    I'd have rather they wore gloves, shoes, and a face mask. I did cringe at the boys naked toes wiggling near rusty metal, hope you had your titinus shots. I know how much fun that must have been and I would have been right there. I thought it was awesome they were inside it but also worried. Those bottles are awesome, do make a follow up video! I also kept wondering if they were medicine bottles full of small pox scabs, or chemical company bottles full of toxic waste. I think it would have been helpful to recruit a history or science teacher to help. Perhaps you can ask a university professor near you? Maybe interview locals who have lived in your town a while and might know more. Go to the library and try to find old maps that show that spot. In other words I totally award your curiosity and drive to find out but make sure to find out as much as you can before you dig!

  • Hannah Carrier
    Hannah Carrier 9 days ago

    this was great!

  • Skizzims123
    Skizzims123 10 days ago

    I hope they didn't throw them out because those bottles are worth more than their house.

  • Carolyn Simmons
    Carolyn Simmons 10 days ago

    looks like an old septic tank..

  • Tanner R
    Tanner R 10 days ago

    Not a bomb shelter

  • Queen Amina🈲
    Queen Amina🈲 11 days ago

    its a well

  • Emidee FNaF HedgehogGirl

    there lucky it didnt callapse

  • TheWhashup
    TheWhashup 12 days ago

    clean it out and it would make a badass chill out spot

  • SUB-ZERO 1
    SUB-ZERO 1 12 days ago

    i would lmao if human shit just come flying out the hole🤣😂

  • Isriphel
    Isriphel 12 days ago

    That's a sewer

  • Ashley Gonzales
    Ashley Gonzales 14 days ago

    My fucking thumb😂😂 You guys are cute lmao

    NICEDOODS 16 days ago

    When you stayed WE in ur title when u should say our dad

  • BoLuDeNcIo
    BoLuDeNcIo 16 days ago

    Man, doing that foot naked was kinda dangerous

  • Bartek
    Bartek 17 days ago

    i quite dislike this vid... can you NOT put this stupid music in the background plz its annoying.. it killed this vid

  • Clayton Smith
    Clayton Smith 18 days ago

    It might of a been an old storm seller along lime ago and they may of just dumped every thang in ther

  • Leo Leduc
    Leo Leduc 22 days ago

    how old is these jits

  • Justin Bierschenk
    Justin Bierschenk 22 days ago

    If you really dont know what that you guys are just sad. It is an old rain cistern, and if you call a secret room for some reason, apparently we have 3 of the "secret rooms". But good job for using your imagination when you did this with finding the old bottles and stuff, but you have to remember that inst your stuff it is the peoples stuff that put it there. Yes, they might be dead but you just still do it out of plain respect. Thank you for using your time and reading it.

  • derp ._.
    derp ._. 22 days ago

    Make a secret base it awsome

  • That Neon Channel
    That Neon Channel 22 days ago

    lol he said doody

  • What's wrong with this world

    Would go outside after seeing this but, I'm in Phoenix. It's over 100 degrees.

  • Stephanie Swartz
    Stephanie Swartz 23 days ago

    It is an old sewer system from the late 1800s to early 1900s people would drop old bottles in there.Some of those bottles have great value.

  • Fireryblade Gamer
    Fireryblade Gamer 24 days ago

    WW2 shelter

  • Tony R
    Tony R 26 days ago

    I found a secret door under my bed I went in it I found a note it said look behind you I saw all my stolen stuff I called the cops there is a part 2 of this just look in the comments.

  • Eduardo Vargas
    Eduardo Vargas 26 days ago

    wonder how much he practiced his intro before he went to sleep

  • Manuel Maurer
    Manuel Maurer 28 days ago

    Nasty. Thats where the toiletwater went back then if they didnt have a sewage plant.

  • wolfe david
    wolfe david 28 days ago

    I use DAWN too...........

  • Tails Gameplay
    Tails Gameplay 28 days ago


  • Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez 28 days ago

    did you see thise pipes what if they were the original pipes for sewage

  • Paul Cavigliano
    Paul Cavigliano 28 days ago

    Lol, poop pit

  • mcwaste
    mcwaste 29 days ago

    2:00 i was really hoping the ground caved in and that kid feel in the hole

  • Shawn 9009
    Shawn 9009 1 month ago

    awesome video guys!!!

  • Darkraiplays WR Ø[mok]Ø

    some kind of sewer system,it is. pipes are everywhere in the room and it was probably clogged and abandoned!

  • Stan Lindert
    Stan Lindert 1 month ago

    You kids are in a Lateran . Poop hole.

  • Hayley Almond
    Hayley Almond 1 month ago

    love to see these kids loving the outdoors, exploring, valuing a part of history and having fun!

  • Snow Ale
    Snow Ale 1 month ago

    Get some shoes on :(

  • thelittleturent fisher


  • George Hogart
    George Hogart 1 month ago

    Cistern. We found one in our planned parking lot. They're found all the time in places that used to need a lot of water for livestock before dams and running water. Very expensive to fill in if not part of the budget.

  • n/a n/a
    n/a n/a 1 month ago

    Wow! Digging with a shovel with no shoes on is pretty stupid...js

  • carlene t
    carlene t 1 month ago

    as yor dad how he fond it

  • Walker Young
    Walker Young 1 month ago


  • Stone Warrior
    Stone Warrior 1 month ago

    A real BatCave

  • Fallenheartz
    Fallenheartz 1 month ago

    It's a old well

  • iamkeyman1
    iamkeyman1 1 month ago

    Judging from the rounded shape of the top of the "room" , I agree with Ian Phillips that is was an old cistern for storing rain water and at one time probably the cover was above ground level so that the cover could be removed, a bucket dropped down into the cistern and water taken out. A friend of mine had the remains of one that was built right under his house. Somewhere along the way someone removed the top of it and installed a heating system into it with the bricked walls. Unfortunately, one year the river that he lived near flooded and the water level came up high enough to fill in the remains of the cistern and thus killing his heating system in the process. When City water lines became popular , they would use the cisterns as a garbage dump to fill it in. Often times you would find pieces of plates made of porcelain ( china ) in them , silverware, paper, old bottles, old cups and saucers, buttons Anything the families didnt want to haul to the dump went into the Cisterns I highly doubt due to the domed shape of the top that is was part of an old sewer system running thru the property unless if the boys dug deeper and found holes in the cistern shape the size of piping. Still a great find of the newpaper pieces and the bottles. Milk of Magnesia Blue bottles are fairly common amongst old bottles. If they had found some with names of ELIXIRS and "Doctor Names" on the bottles , those might be worth a few dollars to a collector. Cobalt Blue bottles are kind of nice to look at once you get them cleaned up. The rust on the tops of the other bottles probably came from wires that clamped down the bottle caps as they appeared to be the type of bottles that cleaning materials came in and also certain liquid medications at the turn of the Century ( 1800's to 1900). Very well created video though , I fully enjoyed it and enjoyed what you found in the " Room"

  • carls1959
    carls1959 1 month ago

    Ha ha ha, these kids found what looks like, to me anyways, an old septic tank. Go take a shower kids.

  • Johnathan Wuethrich
    Johnathan Wuethrich 1 month ago

    its a laxitive...aka makes u shit. if you find any green glass, put a piece of electrical tape over your camera on phone and hold it close to glass. if u see why speckles across what should be all black (tape over lens)) u have found uranium glass.

  • Gregory Peel
    Gregory Peel 1 month ago

    fuck they could of built supports in there and made a clubhouse

  • Zy Pizarro
    Zy Pizarro 1 month ago

    i think its a japan ww2 banker

  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald Reed 1 month ago

    Bare footer and chopping a sharp shovel towards your are feet. Kids!

  • Michelle Pattison
    Michelle Pattison 1 month ago

    good job guys!!!!! thats so awesome!!!!! its nice to see kids out exploring and not stuck inside on electronics!! made me sad that your brother didnt participate :(

  • adam welch
    adam welch 1 month ago

    You guys know that that is an abandoned septic tank that some one used as a garbage bump

  • basket punch
    basket punch 1 month ago

    stupid fuck yard.

  • Pip Mccann
    Pip Mccann 1 month ago

    why is the music so frickin loud ?

  • Roman Fan
    Roman Fan 1 month ago

    Bare feet!!

  • Devon Zastre
    Devon Zastre 1 month ago

    I wouldn't say kids should go in there not to safe but very cool.

  • lanayah strickland
    lanayah strickland 1 month ago

    the 1900s was 18 years ago they make it sound like its ancient

  • Caden Schwartz
    Caden Schwartz 1 month ago

    that's just pipes under ground and you dug down there

  • Savannah Fox
    Savannah Fox 1 month ago


  • organAK 49
    organAK 49 1 month ago

    Fail. Autp[;ay Fail. Kill me now.

  • Steve Wall
    Steve Wall 1 month ago


  • Kawaii Zebra Cakes
    Kawaii Zebra Cakes 1 month ago

    why no shoes though xD

  • Chris Dyson
    Chris Dyson 1 month ago

    u dick bitch

  • j kelly
    j kelly 1 month ago

    Should have shown this to hunting hitter

  • That Other Gamer
    That Other Gamer 1 month ago

    why didn't you just move the metal cover under your feet

  • Miss Irritated
    Miss Irritated 1 month ago

    get some jeans and tennis shoes on!

  • Cathy Montgomery
    Cathy Montgomery 1 month ago

    fucking clik bait

  • Elliott Goodwin
    Elliott Goodwin 1 month ago

    tell everyone to sub me

  • Roblox Rager1121
    Roblox Rager1121 1 month ago

    thats a WW2 bunker

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 1 month ago

    it is a cellar. used to keep food at a certain temperature. why all the bottles. happy digging

  • Rachel D
    Rachel D 1 month ago

    gosh, reminds me of my childhood....after running water came into town most everyone used their cistern for trash.

  • Lukas Hultén
    Lukas Hultén 1 month ago

    Imma go dig my backyard up

  • Bloodyice 180
    Bloodyice 180 1 month ago

    wow so many bottles

  • Luke David
    Luke David 1 month ago

    I think it's a world war 2 bunker!!!

  • batspider beta
    batspider beta 1 month ago

    sml anyone?

  • RPGgod9765
    RPGgod9765 1 month ago

    probably an old cellar

  • TV TNT Boom
    TV TNT Boom 1 month ago

    O0O so cool

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