80's to 90's love songs collection.

My Personal Collection of the most Love and Romantic Songs...from 80's to 90's!

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My Personal Fav Collection of Songs from 80's,90's and 200's plzzzz! enjoy! thank's!


Author escalante city police station (9 months)
mabuting pakinggan,,non stop...

Author Prince Johnel Simara (10 months)

Author mhae cabuag (10 months)

Author ma kareka (1 year)

Author Elvira Dulay (1 year)

Author Elena Martinez (2 years)

Author marmar amour (1 year)

Author reynaldo ang lopez (2 years)

Author FuckkRachelle (2 years)
because it's a fake age. Cute how you went on my page and stalked my age ;)

Author shaider1982 (2 years)
Banish Justine Beiber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to another universe and all
will be forgiven;)

Author pragatiagnetha (2 years)
i'm 14 and i'm just in love with these types of songs....

Author Emby Holacaust (2 years)
i think some ppl didnt realise that they were having an aurgument that
wasnt even realated to the music playing lol :D

Author Al P (1 year)
sayang naman ng mga songs,puro dugtong dugtong lang dapat tinatapos.

Author jenny ybanez (1 year)
i love 80s @ 90s songs, di nakakasawang pakinggan!

Author MARYANN CONORS Brown (2 years)
Why don't you change your name if you are only 15? You be grown up soon
enough honey.

Author _scapz (2 years)
I love this video.

Author Adahlyh (2 years)
This is real Music..... You can dream listening that kind of music :)

Author Angelica Rosado (1 year)
I love romantic songs of the 80s! The best music!

Author jorge Piñeyro (2 years)
Muy buena la selección ,,gracias por recordarme algunos temas pare poder
agregar a mi pagina de los 80's en facebook EL ULTIMO SOÑADOR, la foto de
portada es un corazón de rosas rojas,,,,entren y disfruten su
contenido,,,les aseguro que no sera tiempo perdido,,un saludos,,gracias por
su atencion,,,

Author Jozef S (2 years)

Author Ralph Abonitalla (2 years)
i love changes in my life by Mark sherman

Author melody elizaga (2 years)
everlasting old songs love it so much

Author Chuck Williams (2 years)
Great songs

Author Alyssa Duncan (1 year)
Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson are my favs. Michael Jackson mainly he is
amazing!!! I miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,(

Author ipodtudo (2 years)
I'm sister is only 15 too and she also loves this type of
music...I'm so lucky to have her as a sister .. these songs make our
days...we cross the nights singing all of them!!

Author SkoomaDealer (2 years)
true story

Author primitivodemetrio (1 year)

Author MatheusMusic (2 years)
where's whitney houston??

Author Ralph Abonitalla (2 years)
i love reo speedwagon

Author Vize526 (2 years)
It wasn't just her ;)

Author Jim FourPrez (2 years)
Ah, some good old love songs. During the 80's and 90's right up to 2000,
when I got married, there was a song from different genres, love, rock and
rap, that "marked" the year for me. I was married for 10 years and single
for 2 now. I had an epiphany at the begining of this year. During those 10
years I cannot think of ONE song that "marked" any of those years for me.
My epiphany? Simple, get the music back :-)

Author starry dons (1 year)
mas maganda ang mga music dat kaysa ngayon ewwww

Author Sally Badawi (2 years)
im 14 and if were on a date i would like to dance to this music (: !

Author jeann silvano (2 years)
i really love and like this old songs...

Author Xupetita (1 year)
i miss those days.... :)

Author SkoomaDealer (2 years)

Author Lisalb1968 (2 years)
This is great & some of them I've forgotten about till I hear it here...
Thanks for sharing this dhaylhits2!!

Author Nicholas Holland (2 years)
I am right there with ya, i was born in 97, but i'd lo; to have been born
in 1980 to experience the Greatest Generations of Music the world has
Brought, 2000-2012 has brought very few good hits, but nothing compared to
the 80s and 90s

Author MARYANN CONORS Brown (2 years)
sometimes the accounts won't let you set up an account unless your 21. My
granddaughter is 12 and had to be 21 for facebook!

Author mercedes evans (2 years)
im 12 and im SORRY for what my gern has done

Author Mr. Matt fox (2 years)
of course

Author marie0963 (2 years)
love it to themaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Author Jan Emmanuel Gonzales (1 year)
some of the songs here are the the songs played in my favorite drinking
place.. the patay sindi place..

Author XDsifyful (2 years)
Yes i strongly agree... this is one of a kind.. you can feel what is the
message of the songs.. and you can relate ^_^

Author Mybeautifulworld mydreamsinmyworld (2 years)

Author Ian Christian Añonuevo (1 year)

Author Shredded Corona (2 years)
nope disco is the worst music i have heard in my entire life. i don't even
know how you can say that the 90's had shitty music when it had hits like
love is all around by wet wet wet and 99 luftballons by nena

Author wang boo (1 year)
dedicated 2 my life!!!!

Author Tittu Parker (2 years)
i think Adele is now "Diamond" Singer like 80s & 90s singers.....

Author jadou88 (2 years)
as a 15 year old girl you should start out by apologizing for your choice
of username "FuckkRachelle" :P

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