8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

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  • Gaby McKenzie
    Gaby McKenzie 4 days ago

    or you can take those small rags rinse them in water and freeze them
    then you have a real moldable ice pack!

  • Pavel Bure
    Pavel Bure 11 days ago

    I’m sorry but those hot dog ones are ghetto as hell

  • AverageRei
    AverageRei 16 days ago

    Put that bag in that bag and put that bag into another bag thats also inside a bag with a bag stuffed inside a bag that is inside a bag.

  • John BLOODY Cena
    John BLOODY Cena 17 days ago

    Bru for# 1 the hot dogs are fucking black

  • Pasta Hobo
    Pasta Hobo 18 days ago

    Him:let's get thrifty
    Me: aww yeah, y' gotta get thrifty. You gotta get thrifty in here! It's time to get thrifty

  • steve the trooper
    steve the trooper 20 days ago

    bag seption

  • Daimien Cota
    Daimien Cota 22 days ago

    Where my cheap fam at? Lmao😂😂

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 22 days ago

    Approved by the Trailer park boys

  • TheFifthGame
    TheFifthGame 22 days ago

    4:08 "the winner has to share this video" The winner should not share this video. The winner should tell everyone not to share the video because it's all crap

  • Jo jr 23
    Jo jr 23 23 days ago

    I ❤️ the Buffalo Bills

  • Stephano The Great
    Stephano The Great 24 days ago

    Yeah Buffalo Bills !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cedric D
    Cedric D 26 days ago

    Bills Fan huh? 😂👍

  • Paolo Mart
    Paolo Mart 1 month ago

    He says straww while doing the night light part

  • Raihan Islam
    Raihan Islam 1 month ago

    i can get the bbqs from poundland , entire mini bbqs

  • Foodhoger Solano
    Foodhoger Solano 1 month ago

    he likes the Buffalo Bills

  • Hayden Minix
    Hayden Minix 1 month ago


  • I collect Pokemon cards

    my school uses the sponge Ice pack

  • monica webster
    monica webster 1 month ago

    4:20 I buy tide with downy detergent.

  • Shaheen shukur
    Shaheen shukur 1 month ago

    the video's length is 4.20 blaze it

  • MatthewBruh13
    MatthewBruh13 1 month ago

    Sure most of the hacks on this channel saves money, but time is money.

  • imapiglegend
    imapiglegend 1 month ago

    my school does the sponge one

  • FullM3talJack3t
    FullM3talJack3t 1 month ago

    Do you live in buffalo

  • Jens_Huib
    Jens_Huib 1 month ago

    Don't want to share the vid just don't play the game
    But I will share it anyway

  • Shelby's Akward Channel

    Theese are pretty smart

  • Jason's Journeys
    Jason's Journeys 1 month ago

    This was a great video... I'm always at Dollar Tree. I really love that homemade grill! I might actually try that one..👍

  • عمر
    عمر 1 month ago

    the video is 4:20 mins long

  • Asraa Aljehishi
    Asraa Aljehishi 2 months ago

    2:42 May I please have a popcycle?

  • Airwipe
    Airwipe 2 months ago

    Except dollar store stuff breaks, easily.. it's cheap.

  • Kyle Roblox & More
    Kyle Roblox & More 2 months ago

    Who noticed that when he turned the led light and turned the light of there was. A buffalo bill logo

  • beanboozle'd
    beanboozle'd 2 months ago

    this video is 4:20

  • Hugh J.F. Aggot
    Hugh J.F. Aggot 2 months ago

    Aluminum foil + direct heat at high temps = diminished brain function. Many studies have proven this.

  • Delaney R
    Delaney R 2 months ago

    Darudesandstormm so true

  • d2post1
    d2post1 2 months ago

    ketchup on a hot dog??
    No one puts ketchup on a hot

  • Jason Stanley
    Jason Stanley 2 months ago

    he lost me when he put ketchup on his hotdogs

  • jackmustache
    jackmustache 2 months ago

    THE VIDEO ENDED AT 4:20!!!!!!

  • Tanku 666
    Tanku 666 2 months ago

    Make some battery powered soda can grills! ;)

  • Aidan Mag
    Aidan Mag 2 months ago

    come back and do more! me and my mom love your life hacks

  • mightybfool C
    mightybfool C 2 months ago

    Dryer sheet idea was acutually smart

  • Chubby The Bean
    Chubby The Bean 2 months ago

    My life is from the dollar store.

  • Blood Lust 2445
    Blood Lust 2445 2 months ago

    4:20 bye 👋 !

  • Zachary
    Zachary 2 months ago

    the last one was literally beer pongwithout ping pong balls

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 2 months ago

    the frozen sponge hack suck!!!!!! melts too fast not enough water

  • WreckitRalphed
    WreckitRalphed 2 months ago

    That grill is absolutely genius

  • BlackNinNin Andy
    BlackNinNin Andy 2 months ago

    3:20-3:23 oddly satisfying

  • Andrew Starks
    Andrew Starks 2 months ago

    Sorry I've already got 2

  • TheLondonForever00
    TheLondonForever00 2 months ago

    Great ideas! 👍

  • kkatlynismyname
    kkatlynismyname 3 months ago

    please, do NOT use charcoal indoors. it releases very unhealthy gasses that can poison/kill you with the right amounts.

  • Ambar Marquez
    Ambar Marquez 3 months ago

    Nowadays people trying to be boujee all the time, they missing out on the dollar store, the thrift shop and all that type of things smh

  • A 93 Year Old Virgin
    A 93 Year Old Virgin 3 months ago

    Teaching our kids early, with water pong

  • NotData
    NotData 3 months ago

    Why go through all that hassle for dryer fabric softener sheets? You can buy a box of 50 at Dollar Tree?

  • Bboy ADHD
    Bboy ADHD 3 months ago

    More like "8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks If You're Broke"

  • The Final Vlogger
    The Final Vlogger 3 months ago

    I guess I lost😂😂 Lmao😂 JkJk

  • Chris Sparks
    Chris Sparks 3 months ago

    He's teaching people how to play beer pong lol hahaha :)

  • Castom
    Castom 3 months ago

    Video ends at 4:20 !!!!!

  • Andrew Beaumont
    Andrew Beaumont 3 months ago

    Wanna know what saves even more money than making your own dryer sheets? Not using dryer sheets.

  • ciaran mcguckin
    ciaran mcguckin 3 months ago

    i know the perfect dollar store life hack walk in and you can get anything you want for just a dollar

  • matthew shawgo
    matthew shawgo 3 months ago

    Stop browsing through the comments

  • Phong Tran
    Phong Tran 3 months ago

    Please can I get a like my hand is very broken and it can't be fixed there's a green thing I got on my hand and is part of it so please I can't use my hand so can I get lots of like can I get?;D

  • Gabriel Yuyek
    Gabriel Yuyek 3 months ago

    any new videos soon?

  • Antonio the kid2
    Antonio the kid2 3 months ago

    sausage party 2

  • SebSOP
    SebSOP 3 months ago


  • Eshana Smile
    Eshana Smile 3 months ago

    You are conjus

  • Brandon Flores
    Brandon Flores 3 months ago

    Why did I just now realize that his logo is also 2 wrenches. I'm so dumb.

  • Duck Not Included
    Duck Not Included 3 months ago

    Dollar store hack?
    buy bag of chips for a buck and eat your sorrows away...I'm sad...

  • Dante
    Dante 3 months ago

    you know its a good video when the length is 4:20

  • Ben Santiago
    Ben Santiago 3 months ago

    the dollar tree's that have the frozen section in back are the best.Individual wrapped salmon fillets,Jennifer's spring rolls which are a great dipping snack and those chocolate lava cakes are tasty

  • Aurora Mist
    Aurora Mist 3 months ago

    The grill one is cool! I need to try it at the dunes with my friends!

  • lizz morales
    lizz morales 4 months ago

    Today is my birthday :)

  • JJ11 Diy
    JJ11 Diy 4 months ago

    Just by a dollar instant bbbq

  • Haleigh Roberts
    Haleigh Roberts 4 months ago

    And it's cheaper than a real grill don't forget that

  • yel nur
    yel nur 4 months ago

    Express yourself and add some flare

  • Dante Planeta
    Dante Planeta 4 months ago

    those hotdogs looked so gross and burnt

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 4 months ago

    I had the same green sponge, except that it's moldy and 7 years old.

  • Proguy1903
    Proguy1903 4 months ago

    1:43 Captions
    "cut into roughly ftfty"
    r u sleepy?

  • Simon's Serious Situation SSS

    All ur vids are super op I did do it but ..... u know

  • Jair lopez Lopez
    Jair lopez Lopez 4 months ago

    When life hacks use to be good and really fun

  • Hello Cecil The show
    Hello Cecil The show 4 months ago

    The last one is beer pong

  • Siddhant Agrawal
    Siddhant Agrawal 4 months ago

    He keeps using "essential oils"

    But I can never seem to find those

  • Crunchy Munchy
    Crunchy Munchy 4 months ago

    3:54 *Lol* he's playing by himself he got no friends

  • Riolu Trainer
    Riolu Trainer 4 months ago

    Lol 4:20 long XD

  • The Random commentor
    The Random commentor 4 months ago

    that hotdog is so burnt,it's bad to eat burnt food it gives you cancer just saying.

  • Mya Sky
    Mya Sky 4 months ago

    Hi I like the dollar store because it is all for a dollar for every single item

  • Anas Muhammad
    Anas Muhammad 4 months ago

    plz make more videos

  • Yaseen Sharieff
    Yaseen Sharieff 4 months ago

    my life hack is go to target

  • Pure Randomness
    Pure Randomness 4 months ago

    Perfect for college!!

  • tronogaming201 0
    tronogaming201 0 4 months ago

    3:43 get yourself some cups and a few "balls" 😂

  • Lindsay Eekwol Knight
    Lindsay Eekwol Knight 4 months ago

    No he didn't

  • Ender
    Ender 4 months ago


  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate 4 months ago

    Teach the kids beer pong young. Lol

  • 塩村直樹
    塩村直樹 5 months ago

    Do you always burn the hotdogs when your grilling them?

  • abhi patel
    abhi patel 5 months ago

    I use the empty tissue box and put a bag inside for a car trash can

  • Rocket_king11
    Rocket_king11 5 months ago


  • Emilie T !
    Emilie T ! 5 months ago

    I see the buffalo bills mat in ur car (GO BUFFALO) 😂🐂 as u can tell I like buffalo ny😂

  • Mrs. Edward Cullen
    Mrs. Edward Cullen 5 months ago

    my elementary school used to use sponges liek tht

  • Gghy123 Klh
    Gghy123 Klh 5 months ago

    The hand cream is satisfying

  • danish zainudin
    danish zainudin 5 months ago

    i thought you allready have balls under your dick!! LOL

  • trainboy 567
    trainboy 567 5 months ago

    video end at 4:20

  • flower040
    flower040 5 months ago

    I will make the lotion. Thanks

  • AapeliSeveri
    AapeliSeveri 5 months ago

    4:20 Blaze it lol

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