Skate 3: After Dark DLC HD Gameplay Part 5 - Zombie Mode

Part 5 - Zombie Mode - with commentary

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Author 17dunnell (7 months)
You have to have peds

Author DanQ8000 (4 years)
@DanQ8OOO enter a cheat

Author mikelebeaux (3 years)
you haved to get to a place were people are! dumbow

Author eVoNation360 (4 years)
@DanQ8000 It will...

Author YFN_RICH (4 years)
fail DLC no zombie mode s***

Author Danielle Robinson (4 years)
@DanQ800 actually you can add cars and pedestrians on free play

Author zackspaulding10 (3 years)
look this is no dlc type in the cheat zombie

Author OfficialXenonHD (2 years)
@Airlinerey Rolf Harris? Its spelt Rofl!

Author DanQ8000 (3 years)
@imsoturnt24 omg dude there are no peds on this map. stop rapping about

Author MadMook7 (2 years)
lol if you get the hawaiian dream dlc and do zombies mode you dont need to
buy dead island :)

Author MrSkate3legends (2 years)
watch my videos click on ym username

Author DanQ8000 (4 years)
@MissCutie1527 even on the dlc?

Author Danielle Robinson (4 years)
idk i dont hav dlc

Author shakyplaces (2 years)
what is the emerica shoe code

Author rotoman2002 (2 years)
Im getting this sometime this weekend and i got it thurs but gamestop sold
me a broken copy

Author Shawheen Ghalambor (3 years)
no u can go to settings and turn the ai sk8ers on dumb shit

Author Bob Marley (2 years)
make a new video for this because once u found it it was only 1 minute and
it was funny

Author Alejandro Cardenas (2 years)
i subscribed your videos

Author MrKingxtreme (3 years)
@JoeMDTV you type in deadspacetoo, or deadspacetwo

Author sku11kid1 (3 years)
can u do zombie mode even if u dont have online?

Author Logan Medved (4 years)
Damn those zombies are crazy

Author Alexandru Bahna (3 years)
baga un code mcfly pentru a avea hoverboard

Author N.Farah Atika (3 years)
haha,guy fcuking girl juz nw...

Author 05clemo (2 years)
@DanQ8000 u powned him so badly

Author jay osorio (2 years)
i just notice that isaac has blood under his boots

Author DanQ8000 (4 years)
@AlnAmt wont let you do that in free play

Author Jarreau Mccallum (1 year)
danq8000 you subed to my channel could u pleassse please say to like my vid
the vid is GodZ Lag

Author Airlinerey Lo (2 years)
7:53 Rolf !

Author sami18054 (3 years)
can u tell me the name of the first song please ?

Author sven rietdijk (1 year)
How do you get. That person And how can how can you go Back to normal

Author Code Billz (2 years)
put on pedestriens

Author Nicky (3 years)
dude it's on freeplay your dumb no one is on freeplay unless u call a skater

Author cj peyton (11 months)

Author DanQ8000 (3 years)
@ShawheenGhalambor no, dumb shit, you cannot. Not in this game type

Author missdee blue (11 months)
the after dark pack is skate 1 but in night dont you recongize? i was

Author Vanztare (2 years)
7:53 LOL!

Author CopperPhantom (4 years)
at the last part when that zombie clobbered you, you actually when kinda
've a far way lol

Author thelucyb44 (3 years)

Author AlnAmt (4 years)
go to free play, hit X for settings and add skaters and cars and
pedestrians. im not sure there even are any pedestrians in after the dark
because you didnt need to change anything when you went into the normal
city. plus you can hit them with RB. any way just hit X on the freeplay
skater selection and you can decide how many pedestrians there will be if

Author Ron Bourbondy (4 years)
@frostygamer14 youre still a fag yes

Author tsukune54321 (1 year)
so whats up

Author imsoturnt24 (3 years)
duuuuuuuu put pedestrians on at settings thenu culd play watch rooster
teeth duuuuuuuu

Author DanQ8000 (4 years)
@no1canbmii ya i know

Author jay osorio (2 years)
the reason zombie didnt come cuz there is no people in that place a good
playce to go is at the place where the demo takes place lol

Author Shawheen Ghalambor (3 years)
@DanQ8000 Sorry mate, that was my little brother on my youtube profile. I
didn't know he commented

Author lenine fernandes (3 years)
i am a big foucking fan of your videos

Author tweedhuntsman (3 years)
pedestrians downy

Author NikoBellicSerbia30 (3 years)
@DanQ8000 Zombies ( fake zombies , ill rather say pedestrians who imitate
zombies ) always hug you lol

Author BornGNRfan (3 years)
That life was priceless at the loading screen

Author DanQ8000 (3 years)
@zackspaulding10 no shit shirlock. it says AFTER DARK DLC. god learn to
read, i was just doing zombie mode on this dlc

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