Last Week Tonight Season 4 Promo

Last Week Tonight, literally one of HBO’s Sunday night shows, returns 2/12 at 11PM.

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Runtime: 1:25
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Author AoE Ronin ( ago)
I have seen more comments bitching about bitching about trump supporters then anything else

Author magahdlahag LAhAG ( ago)

Author Lisa Johansson ( ago)
Guys, please take a look at what's going on in Belarus! Right now people have been protesting for months against a new law (that makes people who seem unemployed pay unemployment tax) but those meetings are mostly about how extremely poor our county is, how working class, elderly, students, ill and just generally poor can't afford medicine and to live. What happens though (what happened to my best friend as well) that police dressed as civilians grab the protesters, without introducing themselves, shove them into cars and take them away. People think they might get killed in some forest, it wouldn't be the first time. My best friend (who had two broken arms) spent over 12 hours in jail awaiting his trial, got a fine. His friend got kicked out of university and had a closed hearing for some reason. Some people get sentenced to jail. Maybe worse, we don't know exactly how bad it is yet. But they grab journalists, ordinary people, mothers of four, everyone... please give them some international heat. Thank you!

Author lachlan duggan ( ago)

Author Skyler ( ago)
LMAO this was one of the funniest promos I've ever seen, and definitely the funniest for any show currently running. BRILLIANT JOB. also fucking LOLZ @ the butthurt Trumpers. free speech is still a thing unfortunately. get over it. ;)

Author Lucian Florin Feier ( ago)
Out of the 4 shows that they featured in this video, I actually only watch Last Week Tonight.

Author Ankita Jaiswal ( ago)
One of the best promos I have ever seen.

Author Blair Crysline Mampen ( ago)
I'm just fucking ecstatic about the promo man its so good

Author DoITrollYou ( ago)
I cant watch the new videos on the channel 😢

Author Mardas Man ( ago)
At 0:30 he looks like Steve Mnuchin ;).

Author John.S ( ago)
Could only be better if he sat down on the thrown only for the actor who played the character "joffrey" walking up to the thrown and starting making pissy remarks as John Oliver starts to question how Joffrey is there since he died seasons before the latest. Ending with John Oliver saying "I am the king of HBO now" or something like that.

Author Scott Steiner ( ago)
Love you Cheeky bastard!!!!!

Author LilyCherryblossom ( ago)
I can't view any of your season 4 videos. Why is that?

Author Conor Grissom ( ago)
I've seen significantly more comments complaining about people that support Trump than I've seen comments that support Trump.

Author David Mailhot Tanguay ( ago)
Why is their no video of season 4 on YouTube? Have they all been blocked again?

Author Devin Gendron ( ago)
Last week tonight and game of thrones are the only shows I watch on HBO. I watched Newsroom before it ended.

Author Molly Simpson ( ago)
so is this channel no longer uploading the show?

Author SJxPVR ( ago)
oh cmon the man deserves to sit in that chair hes show rulez!!!!

Author Will Plummer ( ago)
Need to know can anyone else watch the last 3 John Oliver videos? My computer says I can't watch it for some reason... is it me or...

Author maninarush2112 ( ago)
kys for leaving international internet viewers with a big ol'dick up or ass

Author Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri ( ago)
That "sorry" at the end almost killed me

Author WDForty ( ago)
anyone else getting Video Not Available on all the new season videos?

Author Hamnster209 ( ago)
is anyone else having trouble watching the new uploads since this video?

Author Marley Stevenson ( ago)
Hey what happened to last nights video. I saw it in my feed. It was on Obamacare. Now it's gone. Don't tell me YouTube pulled that blocked in your country crap again.

Author War King ( ago)
Videos no longer available in uk :(

Author Dean Champion ( ago)

Author Greasy Slick Water Buffalo ( ago)
Any competent person has done enough research to know your bought and paid for by Time Warner, who owns HBO, who was a top 10 Clinton donor.
Your not fooling anyone except the retarded regressive sheep who follow you.

Author Tejas Gandhi ( ago)
So I have a question. Why block Canadians from seeing these S4 videos when we loved and could also relate to them and it's much harder for us to get the channel. What benefit is gained from saying this is American only when it's a global phenomenon and talks about news all around the world? You can check your viewership but a lot of Canadians watch your show... Or did. This just opens you up to other people's reposts being watched.

Look if you do want to for some reason delay the Canadian Audience then fine you can release it a week later for us. Otherwise this business model just cuts out consumers and customers for no reason. It's a shame considering how popular it had gotten I would have assumed you guys were smarter than this.

Author Boris Indigo ( ago)

Author tonberry50 ( ago)
too bad i cant like twice a video

Author Eve Sav ( ago)

Author Diana Pizarro ( ago)
Love you John! You make me laugh out loud! I need this... so badly.....thank you👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

Author Michael Boland ( ago)
February 12th was 2 weeks ago... Where's the content?!

Author Phacteria ( ago)
You're just targeting the politically incorrect! I mean, the majority of the government and the president is right-wing, what more proof of their incorrectness do you need?!

Oh, hi! I'm a communist!

Author Wheatley ( ago)
This is literally the best Promo I have ever seen

Author nixtblack ( ago)
in the UK we've always had aggressive lampooning political satire, especially in the 80s with Thatcher. It's part of our comedy make up, and is applied to all and any political figure that does something stupid or that demands accountability, irrespective of party or political alignment. A lot of Americans do not appear used to this form of humour, and are getting seriously defensive and aggressive about any political criticisms that are expressed through the medium of comedy. This appears to be particularly true of Trump supporters. You guys need to stop being so extreme in your political alignments and a bit more willing to laugh at figureheads when they do stupid things.

Author Regina Henke ( ago)

"don´t even think about it!"

catches me all the time.

Author Christina Tuma ( ago)

Author Mohammad Alobaidan ( ago)
The way Larry says things makes me laugh every time

Author Rick Oleary ( ago)
so post the episode....

Author missaster1 ( ago)
Please let us view John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on YouTube in the U.K.!

Author Doctor Discord ( ago)
I see new videos being posted, but they have become region-locked since this promo. Why are these videos not being allowed in Canada anymore?

Author Almost According To Plan ( ago)
I had a look at the comments and only found no comments supporting Trump. The amount of people complaining about the trump commenters on the other hand...

Author Håvard Meistad ( ago)
"Sorry" -Best ending of a promo

Author cjwonderstruck25 ( ago)

Author Kylo_Ren _08843 ( ago)
Can't wait to hear John Oliver's predictions for 2017:

* Muslims to sweep the Nobel Prize Awards
* 2017 Oscars ceremony to focus on film issues , rather than politics
* Tolerance of free speech and differing opinions on university campuses across US to continue unabated
* Ghostbusters 2 to begin filming
* Saudi Arabia to hold world's largest interfaith conference in Mecca
* UK to hold second Brexit referendum, where dumb/racist/sexist/xenophobic/homophobic/Islamophobic voters realise their earlier mistake and vote 100% for "remain". Also decide to immediately adopt eternal open door immigration policy as penance
* Justin Trudeau to welcome large number of Syrian refugees into his neighbourhood

Author TheRealSeal ( ago)
I have seen more comments triggered about comments triggered about trump comments.

Author sweiland75 ( ago)
So how many subscribers have you lost, since you started georestricting videos?

Author Corey Knight ( ago)
Hey HBO, not even John Oliver will make me cave and download your stupid app... it's popular because it was free, now bring that shit back or Johnny-boy won't be getting many more views.

Author Александр Микитенко ( ago)
God bless self-irony. It's fucking awesome.

Author Luis Martinez ( ago)
the lying English fakenews faggot strikes again

Author FunnyEpicTrailers ( ago)
special shows for autists)))

Author Tom Stern ( ago)

Author Aida Js ( ago)

Author TheVnom ( ago)
New video on putin was taken down? The free media not so free anymoorre?

Author Steven Christmas ( ago)
Why are the last two uploads to this channel no longer available? Anyone know?

Author Viserion Targaryen ( ago)
Ser John of House Oliver...You are hereby pardoned by her Grace, Queen Daenerys I.

But the chair is hers tho.

Author Pat ( ago)
Oliver probably on the Clinton payroll

Author Wayne Allen ( ago)
when are you guys putting up the normal segments that you uploaded after the show. 2 weeks ago show was up for a few hours. this week nothing yet. is it just for ppl in the u.s.a now. if that is what is happening that would suck.

Author mineMissHellsing ( ago)
1:08 When I skip group project meetings.

Author Canadian Outfitters ( ago)
you should cover Kathleen Wynne and Ontario Hydro, love to see your opinions on that corrupt bitch

Author Alonzo Aldaba ( ago)
Did trump and Putin hack the Last week tonight YouTube channel so they can censor and take down videos? Again if this is true I'm not surprised.

Author Devyn Dimmick ( ago)
the new video got taken down already 0.0

Author Alonzo Aldaba ( ago)
People asking where the Trump vs Truth clip went, I have a theory Trump and his cabinet Picts censored and took down the video. If this is true I'm not surprised.

Author Astrid Elisabeth Cornelia Brandt ( ago)
Uhm last time I checked he said he was a comedian, not a journalist. Him roasting people & things is what he does for a living.

Author Galaxy ( ago)
People here saying "all these Trump supporters here", I literally see no one complaining lol.

Author paulunga ( ago)
GODDAMMIT! You magnificent bastards, now I want to re-watch all of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Author TheGreatLangini ( ago)
My God.
Not only have I seen more angry comments complaining about angry comments than actual angry comments, but I have also, for the first time ever, seen more angry comments complaining about angry comments complaining about angry comments than ACTUAL ANGRY COMMENTS.

Author Michael Vo ( ago)

Author RT Moody ( ago)

Author Michael S ( ago)
As with the majority of American media, I'm so proud of your uninhibited stupidity masquerading as insightful journalism. You're all talking shit and have successfully elevated glossolia to fecallalia. The jokes on all of you pretentious cunts; Oliver, Stewart, Colbert, ad nauseum.
"LIVE FROM NEEWWWWW YORK, IT'S PLANES LITERALLY PULVERIZING THREE SKYSCRAPERS!!!" You all bought into it, as we watched America the Fucked proceed to kick the living shit out of people and countries that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. The positive side of this is to watch your now rapid descent into utter madness.
I'm no fan of Trump any more than I am of Obama or Bush. It's all the same machine. Never forget, TWO planes PULVERIZED THREE skyscrapers, like a flawless and controlled demolition...

Author James Wallace ( ago)
really exited for all that other stuff

Author Oblithian ( ago)
Where did trump vs truth go? It was up just a few days ago.

Author asaf shlomo ( ago)
I have seen no trump supporters but a lot of people bitching about the Trump supporters
its really dumb

Author Katherine Roberts ( ago)
This was hilarious. I love this show.

Author Henry Barnill ( ago)
They got Bernie Sanders to do this?

Author Hero Of Rhyme ( ago)
Where'd the newest upload go?

Author Alistair jones ( ago)
Would you allow all of the videos to be watched in the UK please.

Author 1 + 1 is 2, 2 × 4 is 8. Now that Donald Trump has been elected, he is going to make America great. ( ago)
this whole season will be attacking trump, you can shit into your mouth john olive

Author thadoggfatha ( ago)
Why is the "Truth vs Trump video" not available... I don't understand

Author Buffalocat C: ( ago)
Why did u delete ur latest video? Did something wrong?

Author Wolf Survivalist ( ago)
Lol. The new LWT video was taken down by Donald Trump! Lollollol!

Author Saitama Trash ( ago)
Why does the latest episode not work for me? And I'm in the UK

Author gapbrick ( ago)
There are more comments complaining about triggered people in the comment section than the actual amount of triggered people in the comment section.

Author Discarab waffleman ( ago)
Liberals, conservatives, anyone really. Can't we all just be happy for America for one day? Even if you don't like trump we are still America. Trump voters you got trump in office, be happy, be prideful that you voted; however, that doesn't mean you have to pour salt on the wound for those who voted for the other side.
Liberals and Democrats, we have material to laugh and wonder about but that doesn't mean we should shun the other side. Be mindful that the vote was almost 50-50. And in the end, this is America damnit! The land of the free! If you don't like Trump there are checks and balances, if you do he is now the president of the U.S.! If we want to show the world that America isn't falling apart we need to stop bickering and come together as American citizens. For in the end we may disagree on who we vote for, but we are all Americans. And keep in mind that if you are over 18 we could all be brothers in arms.
God, Allah, good luck, anyone you believe in bless you all. I pray you pray for those on the other side, and I pray that you all have a good day.

Author HaoSci ( ago)
That's a terrible promo! I like the first season promo.

Author Anuj Kumar ( ago)
House Oliver, Hear me scream!

Author boghos taslakjian ( ago)
John Oliver I missed your show so much !!!!!!!!

Author ( ago)
Crazy people in the comments section on youtube:
1) Trump supporters
2) The 50 cent party
3) Vindictive vegans
4) Trolls who pretend to be any one of the above.

Author Simba Mandi ( ago)
Shoot me now... curb your enthusiasm is making a comeback????!!!!!

Author Mike Messiah ( ago)
Comment section filled with comments like "WHY ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS HERE"
After clicking "show more" in the comments section 3-4 times i am like, lulz where are they??

Author G.T. Phillips ( ago)
I don't like John Oliver, but this promo is gold

Author Klara Stern ( ago)
researched and fact-checked ftw ♥

Author dx3003 ( ago)
professor duncan!

Author Xavion Smith ( ago)
Here's a fun fact, right now John Oliver has over double the subscriber than Game of Thrones and more over he is HBO's biggest channel on youtube. I just wanted to point that out.

Author gary mercado ( ago)
'things' is so so perfect.

Author True Patriot ( ago)

Author GreenCup ( ago)
didnt watch, instant dislike crew

Author Peter Ion ( ago)
quite right , why would you want a British guy yelling at you about the end of the World ? Especially when you have the real thing in the form of Trumpageddon.

Author Grumpy Taffer ( ago)

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