FAKE (control talk) monster beats by dr. dre tour with control talk

a quick vid to let people know that their are fake tours with control talk as their are no other vids with these on here and only of the normal tours. also shows the best single way to spot a fake of any beats tour

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 8:15
Comments: 156

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Author C Lucas (3 months)
Does the real ones come in plastic bags too, or are they just sold in the
box as showed in your video?

Author cloud 9 - crew (4 months)
Where did u get the fake ones?

Author Ciaran (3 years)
Why is everyone being so nasty to this guy what the fuck did he do wrong?
Hey cool bird and good review!

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@RjEatsDogs Yeah sure, would like to see what you mean. just let me know
once you have made it and il check for the vid on your channel.

Author misercast (3 years)
Dont't forget they are somewhat limited headphones. They are designed and
tweaked to play: "Bass rich electronic music". They are fantastic (almost
breathtaking) at this purpose (if i could i would buy the originals, i
tested them and they are even better), but both can sound a little
oversaturated if you are planning to use them (mainly) to listen to calmer
music. After all, both are great (if you pay the right price of each one,
of course) .

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@Gamer9200 I buy them directly from the factory they are made and not any
shop or website sorry.

Author giacoh (2 years)
Dude Am I the only one who thinks the best about this video is the parrot?
LOL. Lovely. Good review, great parrot! Keep it up man.

Author Ryan Knowles (4 years)
I asked 1 time and u didn't answer.

Author Joseph Wildy (3 years)
MyParrots - Cheers mate - found I had some fakes because of this and will
get the vendor done for distributing. Ignore the haters - the bird is cool!

Author WTFAngelx (2 years)
How much and where to buy from? Link maybe please?

Author koppokpok (3 years)
where did you get eh fake ones

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@nikhilr51 You really are stupid aint you, anyone can watch any video on
here and they will see that every video on here of the control talk comes
with this same box so the only person who has been mislead is you and now
you think you have a right to mislead everyone else. You're an idiot mate
who dont know what he is talking about and most likely is still using the
buds that came with you're mo3 player. comment on my vids when you actually
know what the fuck you talking about.

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@jordanmostdope Every single thing that is made by monster you can get
fakes of.

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@GeorgeDPWyatt Also regarding me not being able to afford originals, i have
a video up compairing originals to the fakes, also i have video's up of 3
pairs of my earphones that cost between $1099 and $1500 EACH, one of the
"cables" for my earphones costs $1069 so you saying i cant afford crappy
beats is to be laughed at.

Author c14mle (2 years)
ur parrots amazin! great videos!

Author NoodlelyNoodle (1 year)
fakes still work really well or at least in my case i got a pair from the
flea market no box looks real and sounds real but is stil fake so even if
you do get some fakes use them they have better quality than my ink'd 2 by

Author YellowExplosion (3 years)
@myparrots1 yeah i guess j ust to save money you should buy from authorized
retailers becuase in the long run it will save you money... but it always
feels good to get a great

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@k1dn1ce187 most certainly dont sound like originals, i am yet to find a
pair of control talk that does but i do have normal tours that i would say
sound better then the originals, also the quality differs places to places
but not all are rubbish and some you cant even tell the difference, i could
show you the fakes i have and after listening to them you would think that
the originals you have are fakes because they feel better made and sound

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@riazriazriaz You asked me the same question on my studio video but where
the fake stuio sound rubbish, you can actually get fakes tours that sound
as good as the originals.

Author RjEatsDogs (3 years)
@myparrots1 i can get the headphones hes my neighbor and make a video of
what i mean if u want to c em(doubt it lol)

Author TheRossStaunton (3 years)
where did you get them from and how much are they?

Author _____ jam (3 years)
your birds amazing! <3

Author jcoppola360 (3 years)
how are they fake

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@env1sion The real ones have always come only in the same box as this video
and they still only come in this box.

Author myparrots1 (4 years)
@arkay85 i inboxed you couple times before, but anyway these fakes of the
control talk aint really that good, they are better then ibuds but thats
all, the other new tours i got sound alot better then these and in my
opinion better then the originals, these my mate who works in china sent me
a load of them and he got them off the manufacturer as it alot cheaper but
you can get them from sites such as focal price or just do a google serch
and put china at the end. good luck

Author castrofocobiana (4 years)
Good vid! Cute lil red tail you got there. :D

Author Unknown Psyko (3 years)
your parrot is jokes hahah

Author S7enSins (3 years)
I'm gonna shoot that fucking parrot

Author Average Box (3 years)
LOL!! Your bird is so PRO! lmfao so jokes

Author Ayush Singh (3 years)
@myparrots1 dude where do you get fakes beats tours that have controltalk
coz i have 40 quid so cant get real ones and i thought if im gonna buy
fakes i might as well buy the ones with controltalk and as i said quid i
live in the uk haha :) thanks

Author Z06JFella (3 years)
Why you buy fake stuff? Fucken lame ass!

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@YellowExplosion only way to tell on ebay is by the price they are sold at
but then again some people will put a high price on fakes for this reason
so they can get more money and make people think its an original so the
only way is to actually check it yourself, I have serveral times asked
sellers if the bit on the earphones is metal or plastic and everytime was
told its metal but then when i receive it its actually plastic, its stupid
how some people lie just to make a few pennies.

Author terence fagan (1 year)
do they sound any good ?

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@Z06JFella Because i want to dumb ass, why you watching video's on fakes
numpty dumpty?

Author Amar Cakic (2 years)
can u give us the link where u ordered them from please?

Author SuperJstar99 (2 years)
your bird wants to do the review one day

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@YellowExplosion also as far as i know its the newer packaging that has the
flags on it.

Author GeorgeDPWyatt (3 years)
i find it funny because in all of your videos they are fake beats by dre
and you can't afford the real ones! Don't make another video until you have
real ones!

Author Anh Mai (3 years)
your parrot is following the wires haha very funny to see. :P

Author GeorgeDPWyatt (3 years)

Author SuperShelbyLover (3 years)
Nice Bird!!

Author Tyler Nugent (3 years)

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@GeorgeDPWyatt Is that all you have to say, stupid fucking idiot, funny how
you come on here and like ive seen youre idiot comments on other vids
saying people cant afford beats just because you have one which is most
likely a fake anyway and just made yourself look like the fool you are
saying that to me, like i said to you before, get a life dickhead.

Author B Santana (2 years)
thumbs up for the bird!!

Author pg6t55 (3 years)
i agree where can i buy fake ones ?? :)

Author bmxsnowskate (3 years)
where can i buy a fake pair besides ebay?!? that is a legit site?!?

Author myparrots1 (4 years)
@castrofocobiana thanks, i do have a nice red tail dnt i, shame that idiot
had to spoil it by talking all through my video.

Author Mayur Patel (3 years)
your bird is jokes

Author myparrots1 (3 years)
@GeorgeDPWyatt I find it funny that you talk about someone having fakes
because they cant afford originals yet you dont think about yourself as
someone who cant even afford fakes that they have to watch vids of them
instead. My vids are done to warn people of fakes, this video was the first
video on youtube of fake control talk, i also put up the first video of
fakes of the new version and also the first video of fake studio's! An to
date i have given away 10pairs of originals here on youtube.

Author Lewis Hunter (3 years)
Yes, Ill just dig a knife into my beats... Thats a good idea. lol

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