FAKE (control talk) monster beats by dr. dre tour with control talk

a quick vid to let people know that their are fake tours with control talk as their are no other vids with these on here and only of the normal tours. also shows the best single way to spot a fake of any beats tour

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Author C Lucas ( ago)
Does the real ones come in plastic bags too, or are they just sold in the
box as showed in your video?

Author Victor SS ( ago)
Where did u get the fake ones?

Author Jack Thrain ( ago)
Nice bird, dude!

Author NoodlelyNoodle ( ago)
fakes still work really well or at least in my case i got a pair from the
flea market no box looks real and sounds real but is stil fake so even if
you do get some fakes use them they have better quality than my ink'd 2 by

Author chris fagan ( ago)
do they sound any good ?

Author Nobody ( ago)
Your ascent is VERY HARD TO UNDERSTAND. Video doesn't even help with
comparing real tours to fake ones.

Author Ivan ( ago)
Hey, can you please tell me do they come with the engraved B? And do they
always come with 6-shaped B?

Author raymond596 ( ago)
Is tht a parrot

Author MichiB202 ( ago)
The parrot is awesome :D

Author KARL DEWALT (1455 years ago)
what website u get them from

Author TheAraichBoyz ( ago)
The bird made my day LOL

Author B Santana ( ago)
thumbs up for the bird!! 

Author PolishTwinkie ( ago)
I like his accent..

Author bigapplepietart ( ago)
Did your bird explode?

Author iOZKERTV ( ago)
I can't understand you or hear you, that stupid bird is too loud!!!!

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
what are you talking about

Author Sunny Pendejo ( ago)
Cool parrot

Author connor gurski (000gurskinator000) ( ago)
cool video

Author connor gurski (000gurskinator000) ( ago)

Author giacoh ( ago)
Dude Am I the only one who thinks the best about this video is the parrot?
LOL. Lovely. Good review, great parrot! Keep it up man.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
nah, i an 3% black 5% white 11% chinese 10% asian 17% mixed race and fuck
knows about the rest

Author Joshua Ortega ( ago)
You an asian guy cause I am a filipino

Author Joshua Ortega ( ago)
How much is this cause I think I am going to buy one 

Author ArmySSGJordan ( ago)
Nice video dude, thanks. And cool African Grey Congo. Smart Birds 

Author Jose Villalobos (587 years ago)
angry birds 0.0 

Author Jose Villalobos (717 years ago)
0.07 lol dr beats by dr dre

Author Jay M ( ago)
do they come without control talk also?

Author halfpipeman ( ago)
did the bird blow up at 1:09? lmao 

Author Amar Cakic ( ago)
@myparrots1 would be awesome :D cant wait for it just include some that got
the monstear beats dre. tour cheap and free / cheap shipping? :D

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@SaesBullet i bought 1500 from the factory that makes them, i dont recomend
sites because some of the sellers on these china sites have been scamming
people but i will be making a video soon with specifix sellers to these
sites who i believe i can trust so will be less likely to be scammed so
look out for that vid.

Author Amar Cakic ( ago)
can u give us the link where u ordered them from please?

Author WaveGlyder ( ago)
Screw the headphones wher u get that bird

Author rivrtheories ( ago)
How much and where to buy from? Link maybe please?

Author SuperJstar99 ( ago)
your bird wants to do the review one day

Author lorenzo g ( ago)
broo the bird is the shitttt. it definetley makes the video 

Author RFT15ify ( ago)
I like your bird man

Author Tyler Nugent ( ago)

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@CiaranVanDon Thanks

Author Average Box (865 years ago)
LOL!! Your bird is so PRO! lmfao so jokes

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@charliepoppy123 Am i supposed to give a shit

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@harshk08 You could never afford him

Author Harsh Khatri ( ago)
Hey forget the fakes.. Temme how much for that bird??? :P

Author dustingov ( ago)
@CoolGuy97B lol hes reviewing a real pair of tour beats. i think hes doing
this to get sales off his online bids or something

Author charlie poppy ( ago)
Your bird pissed me off

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@LFCnay2010 Are you fake

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@S7enSins Really, guess thats all you can do because you would not be man
enough to even raise your voice at another person! Also if you even blew at
my bird let alone shoot it i would cut off yoor fucking head and piss down
your neck.

Author CoolGuy97B ( ago)
how much would you sell these headdphones for?

Author Lewis Hunter ( ago)
Yes, Ill just dig a knife into my beats... Thats a good idea. lol

Author _____ jam ( ago)
your birds amazing! <3

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@GeorgeDPWyatt Is that all you have to say, stupid fucking idiot, funny how
you come on here and like ive seen youre idiot comments on other vids
saying people cant afford beats just because you have one which is most
likely a fake anyway and just made yourself look like the fool you are
saying that to me, like i said to you before, get a life dickhead.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@GeorgeDPWyatt You keep making yourself look even more of an idiot then you
already are dont you, why dont i make video's of them, Duh, i have video's
up of them idiot which you would have seen. Its funny how idiots/trolls
like you own a pair of beats and theink they are the best in the world and
no one else can afford them when beats are actually shit compared to all
the other headphones you can get for the same price. Also i say $ because
thats the currency i paid in. Get a life.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@J52060 I'm glad it was a help to you and hope you get you're money back.
let us know what happens.

Author Joseph Wildy ( ago)
MyParrots - Cheers mate - found I had some fakes because of this and will
get the vendor done for distributing. Ignore the haters - the bird is cool!

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@GeorgeDPWyatt Also regarding me not being able to afford originals, i have
a video up compairing originals to the fakes, also i have video's up of 3
pairs of my earphones that cost between $1099 and $1500 EACH, one of the
"cables" for my earphones costs $1069 so you saying i cant afford crappy
beats is to be laughed at. 

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@GeorgeDPWyatt I find it funny that you talk about someone having fakes
because they cant afford originals yet you dont think about yourself as
someone who cant even afford fakes that they have to watch vids of them
instead. My vids are done to warn people of fakes, this video was the first
video on youtube of fake control talk, i also put up the first video of
fakes of the new version and also the first video of fake studio's! An to
date i have given away 10pairs of originals here on youtube.

Author Unknown Psyko ( ago)
your parrot is jokes hahah

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@jordanmostdope Every single thing that is made by monster you can get
fakes of.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@SchneakerReview Someone who insults a bird over the net is surely very
retarded themselves and you also talk like a retarded dumb fuck.

Author SchneakerReview ( ago)
fuck off with your stupid ass videos coming up in the top for fake pro
beats its pissing me off and btw your bird is fucking retarded and you cant
speak English for shit you bitch ass nigger

Author Ayush Singh ( ago)
@myparrots1 dude where do you get fakes beats tours that have controltalk
coz i have 40 quid so cant get real ones and i thought if im gonna buy
fakes i might as well buy the ones with controltalk and as i said quid i
live in the uk haha :) thanks

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@env1sion The real ones have always come only in the same box as this video
and they still only come in this box.

Author env1sion ( ago)
do any of the real ones come in that non wrap around hinged box? do they
all wrap around with that magnet?

Author lucasnooker ( ago)
lol the bird is the best bit of the vid :L and he bit ur lip when you were
talking lmao

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@nikhilr51 You really are stupid aint you, anyone can watch any video on
here and they will see that every video on here of the control talk comes
with this same box so the only person who has been mislead is you and now
you think you have a right to mislead everyone else. You're an idiot mate
who dont know what he is talking about and most likely is still using the
buds that came with you're mo3 player. comment on my vids when you actually
know what the fuck you talking about.

Author youtubechannel ( ago)
*sigh* Wow, someone has been horribly mislead. I feel sorry for you mate. 

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@nikhilr51 what in the hell are you talking about, both the originals and
the fake control talk come in that same box that is in this video, have a
look at my original/fake comparrison video. Know what you are talking about
before you open your mouth and mislead people. Also even when the normal
tours were released they came in 2 different boxes and i saw that with my
own eyes at the apple store.

Author youtubechannel ( ago)
Genuine tours do NOT come in that cheaper box.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@wiredtunes ebay or just check out some of the fake sites monster mention
on their site. I dont like recomending sites as there are lots of scams
going on, on some of these china sites at the moment i heard.

Author wiredtunes ( ago)
Where can I buy these and the regular ones without control talk? I'm
curious to see the differences between real and fake myself. 

Author Mayur Patel ( ago)
your bird is jokes

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@Z06JFella Because i want to dumb ass, why you watching video's on fakes
numpty dumpty?

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@ikbenlukas1 check title, i'm sure it says control talk and i get them from
a factory in china.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@k1dn1ce187 Yes the fakes i have been getting started comming with velcro
ties few months ago and i know alot of the fakes are now supplies with
those ties, i dont know who told you that all fakes come with the wire tie
but that is not true, it is not only me getting them with the velcro tie,
most of the chinese factories now supply them with velcro ties.

Author k1dn1ce187 ( ago)
Do you know if its possible for a fake to come with the cord wrapped with
monsters velcro strap instead of the cheap wire tie? Apparently all fakes
come with the cheap tie and Monster only use the velcro ones but now i'm
starting to wonder...

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@k1dn1ce187 None of the fakes i ever got came with a sticker, they are done
like the originals, only the really cheap ones have the sticker.

Author k1dn1ce187 ( ago)
@myparrots1 Have you got a pair of fakes with a real b logo? (instead of a
sticker).As im wondering if their starting to properly machine the b
instead of using a sticker? btw your vids are dope mate,keep em coming.

Author groudonkiller92 ( ago)
bird ftw!

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@k1dn1ce187 most certainly dont sound like originals, i am yet to find a
pair of control talk that does but i do have normal tours that i would say
sound better then the originals, also the quality differs places to places
but not all are rubbish and some you cant even tell the difference, i could
show you the fakes i have and after listening to them you would think that
the originals you have are fakes because they feel better made and sound

Author k1dn1ce187 ( ago)
I've heard alot of people say the fakes sound the same as the real
beats-BULLSHIT-unless theres something wrong with your ears the difference
is immediate and obvious. The fakes sound how they look-cheap,even though
they look the same from a distance once you get them in your hands its just
obvious from the b logo made out of a sticker with air bubbbles under
it(the b should be a machine milled indentation not a fucking sticker) to
the badly made center divider.I know, i've got both...

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@JoshuaBaldus I buy them directly from the factory in bulk and you wont
find many sellers selling these online as they make less profit on these as
they cost alot more to buy then the normal ones.

Author Josh Baldus ( ago)
Hey I was wondering if you could tell me where you got these from and how
much they cost. I can't find the control talk ones online. Thanks!

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@riazriazriaz You asked me the same question on my studio video but where
the fake stuio sound rubbish, you can actually get fakes tours that sound
as good as the originals.

Author Jonhhy Bravo ( ago)
hey i'm thinking about buying fake beats by dr dre in-ear earpiece so just
wondering hows the quality?Some ppl says it good while some say it kinda
sucks! So i u ever tried the fake beats let me know abt the quality! thx

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@misercast What do you mean by they are somewhat limited headphones? if you
mean what i think you do then i cant understand what makes you think that
as these are mass produced and can be bought anywhere. Yes they can be good
with bass driven music but not with much else, you can still get better for
this price with just as good bass and also the rest.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@misercast Are you joking, you can get better sounding earphones for half
the price monster are trying to rip people off with these. Seriously man go
and actually listen to some similar priced earphones before you make such

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@misercast Are you joking, you can get better sounding earphones for half
the price monster are trying to rip people off with these.

Author Jaynit ( ago)
Awesome parrot ^_^ 

Author Mircx3 ( ago)
how much did u buy?

Author SuperShelbyLover ( ago)
Nice Bird!!

Author SuperShelbyLover ( ago)
where r u from

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@Gamer9200 I only sell bulk but i will pm you a site where you can get
single ones for very cheap.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@Gamer9200 I buy them directly from the factory they are made and not any
shop or website sorry.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)

Author HMCreviews ( ago)
where did u get them from? 

Author RJ. ( ago)
@myparrots1 Its up.

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@RjEatsDogs Yeah sure, would like to see what you mean. just let me know
once you have made it and il check for the vid on your channel.

Author RJ. ( ago)
@myparrots1 i can get the headphones hes my neighbor and make a video of
what i mean if u want to c em(doubt it lol)

Author myparrots1 ( ago)
@RjEatsDogs As far as i know they only come with the normal rubber roundish
and triple flange tips, i have never seen the tours come with comply tips
or any sort of foam tips and neither any sort of extension. check some
other vids of these that are from the u.s to see if any of the others come
with these but im yet to see that even though they have started recently
adding ear hooks in the boxes but im not aware of anything else.

Author RJ. ( ago)
hey my buddy got a pair from apple store(US) and they(probably not fake
from retail) are different, the L shaped jack has like a plastic extension
and i investigated his tips they came in two bags with some sort of comply
tip? have u seen this? just wondering...dont mean to spam ur vids but u
seem like you know what ur doing. 

Author Anh Mai ( ago)
your parrot is following the wires haha very funny to see. :P

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