YUI Rolling star cover

Rolling starです。

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Author Edward Ryan (5 years)
really nice ^^ aquastic version

Author MrDillab (5 years)
nice shit

Author raffawfs2 (5 years)
but great cover man o/ you rock \o\

Author JoJoDreamers (3 years)
Cool!! i like her voice!! XD

Author hottokoton (7 years)

Author hottokoton (6 years)
Thank you. (〃^∇^) It is about one week.

Author Midna1995 (5 years)
u sure "he" is a boy?^^ i don't think so^^

Author Kwenz Quebec (3 years)
nice cover:-)can i ask for the chords if its okay? thanks a lot,keep it up

Author Mei305 (6 years)
WOW...I agree with BiaCorazza best one I have seen.

Author Zangloose (6 years)
word, haha

Author hiddan356 (5 years)
yahhh that's true but he can play guitar very well>>>

Author HoshikuzuHobo (1 year)
I think the chords are slightly off :P It's not a noticeable difference
though, unless you're extensively familiar with the sound of the song.

Author Beatriz Corazza (6 years)
cute *-* the best yui cover ^^

Author fusionrlcmx (7 years)
Hey nice playing and sing can u send me the chords plz

Author hottokoton (6 years)
Thank you♪ヽ(*゚∇゚*)ノ~*:・'゚☆

Author IndulgeInFletch (7 years)
Simply greato! ;)

Author hauhi01 (5 years)
what are the chords, can you send it to me

Author YUI0991 (4 years)
-funneh voice!!! hehehehehehehe!!!.lol

Author Kamil Sawejko (4 years)
Great cover and guitar skills. Check out my cover of this song! :)

Author Kidchan13 (6 years)
That was really awesome! Loved the guitar! and Yui's voice is very
difficult to match, but you did really well ^^ Did you tab that yourself?
gosh i wish I could do that -____-

Author om2x09 (5 years)
you mean acoustic?

Author drizzd69 (3 years)
hahahhaha cartman !!!

Author Navi DnB (7 years)
すばやいです。。でも、すごいです! ごめん、私の日本語がよくじゃありませんです..

Author Dave Lee (7 years)
bm7 d em cm7 bm7 d em cm7 skip to 6 fret and play it from there and then
play cm7 then skip down and play

Author korewaZ (7 years)
i'm guitar newbie can i know for the first intro how many up up down up you
did ?

Author gerald1707 (5 years)
you have to see the bass and u will know

Author tingarera (5 years)
its a heshe (hehe)

Author shamao (6 years)
what are the chords? :D

Author kitsymeow (7 years)
wow..nice..can you send me the chords please..kudasai?

Author loveisanicecream (5 years)
lol it's great!!!

Author T33NaGeR4LiFe (5 years)
Sounds pretty good I wanna learn those chords soo bad xD

Author pinkuspiderhide (5 years)
great cover love the song and your cover XD I repeated that XD well...
uhmmm can you lend me the tabs for the song? thanks girl...

Author gggrrre (7 years)
wakarimasen deshita

Author thedude556 (5 years)
Shes a girl. pretty obvious.

Author Mikallister (7 years)

Author FatalityRS (6 years)
Cartman singing :D!

Author 教宗廠 鈕祜祿 (4 years)

Author xninja92 (6 years)
haha when u began to sing :P awsome

Author kimhyorin85 (4 years)
you playing guitar really nice

Author Wei jie Ang (6 years)
could anyone send me the music notes for this song my email is

Author Yui099 (7 years)

Author ruishin07 (5 years)
cute voice...

Author XXDDTS2FANOODDXX (5 years)
GOOD JOB!!!!!!1

Author thho18 (6 years)
i am learning nihongo.. yui´s song inpired me xD

Author Osmar Checkley (5 years)
very great and heasi thx ^^

Author Speedmachine24 (4 years)
u kind of got it mixed up... when you sang Oh yeah oh tsumazuitatte way to
go yeah yeahyeah dorodarake rolling star...that comes after the part that
you completely skipped. lyrics coming...

Author kaixzx (4 years)
amazing LOL @ wo oh ye ey part

Author XpeachXcreamXruflesX (6 years)
lol u played this song like it was your own i loved it

Author Simon Seek (6 years)
Very nice....but shouldn't the pre chorus part be F# G instead of F#m G?
Correct me if im wrong

Author NEo aLe (5 years)
nice guitar

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