YUI Rolling star cover

Rolling starです。

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Author Oscar Manana ( ago)
kawaii anata wa rolling star desu ;>

Author HoshikuzuHobo ( ago)
I think the chords are slightly off :P It's not a noticeable difference
though, unless you're extensively familiar with the sound of the song.

Author Kwenz Quebec ( ago)
nice cover:-)can i ask for the chords if its okay? thanks a lot,keep it up

Author JoJoDreamers ( ago)
Cool!! i like her voice!! XD

Author Fercho HD ( ago)
cover and as much if you could not do a bit more detailed esque me want to
learn please do the YOU NEED

Author Bilal Jati Kusuma ( ago)
@rillzorz and YUI's song also.. :D

Author drizzd69 ( ago)
hahahhaha cartman !!!

Author Kamil Linowski ( ago)
great cover! great voice, good playing keep it up!

Author ladygodia ( ago)

Author Tristin Collins ( ago)
what guitar is this?

Author Nicx ( ago)
AWESOME! :-bd ♥

Author rillzorz ( ago)
awsome :D best bleach intro ever

Author Jota Sobreiro ( ago)
Kawaii voice ^_^

Author OnEMaNDynastYBBA7XLP ( ago)
one of the best covers on youtube

Author Hans Horna ( ago)
disculpa pero me gustaria saber el rasgueo con el que tocas

Author Speedmachine24 ( ago)
u kind of got it mixed up... when you sang Oh yeah oh tsumazuitatte way to
go yeah yeahyeah dorodarake rolling star...that comes after the part that
you completely skipped. lyrics coming...

Author warriorden ( ago)
your guitar looks nice

Author YUI0991 ( ago)
-funneh voice!!! hehehehehehehe!!!.lol

Author AnnoyingBoy ( ago)
Great cover and guitar skills. Check out my cover of this song! :)

Author kaixzx ( ago)
amazing LOL @ wo oh ye ey part

Author 大 鼻廠 ( ago)

Author Anton Gånheim ( ago)
It is a C in Barré

Author Dilla_B ( ago)
nice shit

Author roz4jesus ( ago)
very COOL !!! :D i love this song!!!

Author T33NaGeR4LiFe ( ago)
Sounds pretty good I wanna learn those chords soo bad xD

Author Klinsen Soh ( ago)
its a G barre chord with E shape

Author Robert ( ago)
At 0:24 What chord is that ??

Author tingarera ( ago)
its a heshe (hehe)

Author thedude556 ( ago)
Seriously?... its a she on both.

Author thedude556 ( ago)
Shes a girl. pretty obvious.

Author brainywierdo ( ago)

Author Willian Amadio ( ago)
congratulations! So nice

Author Osmar Checkley ( ago)
very great and heasi thx ^^

Author May-Deu 8426 ( ago)
lol it's great!!!

Author W0lfGear ( ago)
woah.>!! great

Author _susu_ ( ago)
if ur a boy.. u voice is supperr cute well done

Author jerejeans ( ago)
so good

Author Yi-hsiu Li ( ago)
your right hand is so busy.....XD

Author Midna1995 ( ago)
u sure "he" is a boy?^^ i don't think so^^

Author raffawfs2 ( ago)
but great cover man o/ you rock \o\

Author raffawfs2 ( ago)
so you have 10 years old?

Author hyougahyoutei ( ago)

Author NEo aLe ( ago)
nice guitar

Author ruishin07 ( ago)
cute voice...

Author Remy669 (500 years ago)
That's super cool man :D

Author hauhi01 ( ago)
what are the chords, can you send it to me

Author hiddan356 ( ago)
yahhh that's true but he can play guitar very well>>>

Author jorgelunaalvarez ( ago)
sorry but i'll give you 0 over 10 like this 0/10 and one thonk mora you
sing awful.

Author Edward Sinclair ( ago)
yeh..come we nid some proper english on youtube now? -.-"

Author wckkyuubi ( ago)
awesome!!!! nice voice *.* 5 rolling stars ^^

Author Edward Sinclair ( ago)
really nice ^^ aquastic version

Author KK BYE (1608 years ago)
itsa boy who looks like the grudge... nice playing

GOOD JOB!!!!!!1

Author pinkuspiderhide ( ago)
great cover love the song and your cover XD I repeated that XD well...
uhmmm can you lend me the tabs for the song? thanks girl...

Author Nai Gotcha ( ago)
are you sure you didnt fastforward the original song and just edit the
voice change?

Author ablackzwan ( ago)
seems to be a little bit speed on some parts

Author Kamelot ( ago)
Wow. That's amazing! I really like this version. I was wondering if you
could send me the tab for it? I've been looking around for a version like
this. Thanks ^__^

Author saccaius ( ago)

Author The23Rock ( ago)
自分は動画載せてないのに失礼かもしれませんが 歌が入るとギターが早くなっちゃってませんか?

Author piiinoy ( ago)
Yeah x3

Author piiinoy ( ago)
Cute voice :DD, good job, I loved it <33, I love this song ^_^.

Author SurfingSalmon (866 years ago)
I love that camera view on the guitar. Amazing.

Author ironreaperSS666 ( ago)
LOL I'll never be able to watch this again without laughing now.

Author edanx4 ( ago)
man thats an "E" chord

Author Mad Saip ( ago)
what guitar type are you using??i mean yamaha or what?

Author bubalokko ( ago)

Author VkuroponV (258 years ago)
her voice is unique XD

Author Zangloose ( ago)
word, haha

Author IxLOVExMIYAVI ( ago)
OOh! That was really good! I'm trying to learn this song and you helped
alot. Thank youu

Author FatalityRS ( ago)
Cartman singing :D!

Author XpeachXcreamXruflesX ( ago)
lol u played this song like it was your own i loved it

Author Phillip Ly ( ago)
OMFG hahahaha is it u that sing? if it is,no offense but ur voice so werid

Author Simon Seek ( ago)
Very nice....but shouldn't the pre chorus part be F# G instead of F#m G?
Correct me if im wrong

Author EonNote ( ago)
unreal :P

Author Kidchan13 ( ago)
That was really awesome! Loved the guitar! and Yui's voice is very
difficult to match, but you did really well ^^ Did you tab that yourself?
gosh i wish I could do that -____-

Author Andrew Kith ( ago)
can i please have the tabs . thanks you

Author Gabriel Borges ( ago)
tirando a voz ta mto bom aushsuahusa =) nice video !

Author thho18 ( ago)
i am learning nihongo.. yui´s song inpired me xD

Author Fathi Al-Kamil ( ago)
I figured out the first part up to the bridge. Could anyone tell me what
were the chords played? By the way..awesome cover.

Author yifan93 ( ago)
Best yui cover!!! You made it sound as if it was your own song!!! I love

Author hottokoton ( ago)
Thank you♪ヽ(*゚∇゚*)ノ~*:・'゚☆

Author Mei305 ( ago)
WOW...I agree with BiaCorazza best one I have seen.

Author Beatriz Corazza ( ago)
cute *-* the best yui cover ^^

Author deathmaker ( ago)
awesomeness!!! ty for the tabs too XD

Author Wei jie Ang ( ago)
could anyone send me the music notes for this song my email is

Author silver28 ( ago)
Hayai! I wish I could learn as fast as you but I'm a beginner at guitar..
love your guitar playing ^^ you make the best covers of yui..

Author hottokoton ( ago)
Thank you. (〃^∇^) It is about one week.

Author silver28 ( ago)
I like this one! =p how long did it take you to learn this?

Author orange62600 ( ago)

Author orange62600 ( ago)
awsome!!! i wish i could plat like you so cool!!!!!!!:]

Author Mahmood B ( ago)
great!! pretty cool!! ... you can find the chords in ... ultimate (dash)
guitar (dot) com and then search for the song ... you'll find it ;)

Author shamao ( ago)
what are the chords? :D

Author oneluckyazn26 ( ago)
you have a cute voice hah

Author hottokoton ( ago)

Author chineseswordsman ( ago)
the strumming's jst like YUI! nice~

Author Mikallister ( ago)

Author hottokoton ( ago)

Author himetama ( ago)
テンポとか速いのにすごいです^^ これからもうpお願いします!

Author xangelinuyashax ( ago)
marry me :]

Author kukufr ( ago)
hi i juste wanna know the tabs for the impro because i don't have if
someone have can u send me plz thx ;)=

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