YUI Rolling star cover

Rolling starです。

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Author Oscar Manana ( ago)
kawaii anata wa rolling star desu ;>

Author Kwenz Quebec ( ago)
nice cover:-)can i ask for the chords if its okay? thanks a lot,keep it up

Author JoJoDreamers ( ago)
Cool!! i like her voice!! XD

Author Fercho HD ( ago)
cover and as much if you could not do a bit more detailed esque me want to
learn please do the YOU NEED

Author drizzd69 ( ago)
hahahhaha cartman !!!

Author Kamil Linowski ( ago)
great cover! great voice, good playing keep it up! 

Author ladygodia ( ago)

Author Tristin Collins ( ago)
what guitar is this?

Author Nicx ( ago)
AWESOME! :-bd ♥

Author Jota Sobreiro ( ago)
Kawaii voice ^_^

Author Hans Horna ( ago)
disculpa pero me gustaria saber el rasgueo con el que tocas

Author 大鼻廠 ( ago)

Author Anton Gånheim ( ago)
It is a C in Barré

Author Dilla_B ( ago)
nice shit

Author T33NaGeR4LiFe ( ago)
Sounds pretty good I wanna learn those chords soo bad xD

Author Klinsen Soh ( ago)
its a G barre chord with E shape

Author Robert ( ago)
At 0:24 What chord is that ??

Author Willian Amadio ( ago)
congratulations! So nice

Author Osmar Checkley ( ago)
very great and heasi thx ^^

Author May-Deu 8426 ( ago)
lol it's great!!!

Author _susu_ ( ago)
if ur a boy.. u voice is supperr cute well done

Author jerejeans ( ago)
so good

Author Yi-hsiu Li ( ago)
your right hand is so busy.....XD

Author hyougahyoutei ( ago)

Author NEo aLe ( ago)
nice guitar

Author Remy669 (500 years ago)
That's super cool man :D

Author Edward Sinclair ( ago)
yeh..come we nid some proper english on youtube now? -.-"

Author Edward Sinclair ( ago)
really nice ^^ aquastic version

Author KK BYE (1608 years ago)
itsa boy who looks like the grudge... nice playing

Author Nai “TheUltimateTroll” Gotcha ( ago)
are you sure you didnt fastforward the original song and just edit the
voice change?

Author Kamelot ( ago)
Wow. That's amazing! I really like this version. I was wondering if you
could send me the tab for it? I've been looking around for a version like
this. Thanks ^__^

Author SurfingSalmon (866 years ago)
I love that camera view on the guitar. Amazing.

Author Mad Saip ( ago)
what guitar type are you using??i mean yamaha or what?

Author Zangloose ( ago)
word, haha

Author Phillip Ly ( ago)
OMFG hahahaha is it u that sing? if it is,no offense but ur voice so werid

Author Simon Seek ( ago)
Very nice....but shouldn't the pre chorus part be F# G instead of F#m G?
Correct me if im wrong

Author EonNote ( ago)
unreal :P

Author Andrew Kith ( ago)
can i please have the tabs . thanks you

Author Fathi Al-Kamil ( ago)
I figured out the first part up to the bridge. Could anyone tell me what
were the chords played? By the way..awesome cover.

Author Beatriz Corazza ( ago)
cute *-* the best yui cover ^^

Author Wei jie Ang ( ago)
could anyone send me the music notes for this song my email is

Author silver28 ( ago)
Hayai! I wish I could learn as fast as you but I'm a beginner at guitar..
love your guitar playing ^^ you make the best covers of yui..

Author silver28 ( ago)
I like this one! =p how long did it take you to learn this?

Author Mahmood B ( ago)
great!! pretty cool!! ... you can find the chords in ... ultimate (dash)
guitar (dot) com and then search for the song ... you'll find it ;)

Author chineseswordsman ( ago)
the strumming's jst like YUI! nice~

Author himetama ( ago)
テンポとか速いのにすごいです^^ これからもうpお願いします!

Author Dave Lee ( ago)
bm7 d em cm7 bm7 d em cm7 skip to 6 fret and play it from there and then
play cm7 then skip down and play

Author Jun ouji ( ago)
素敵です ギターも素晴らしいし 歌も上手です これからもYUIさんの coverお願いします

Author korewaZ ( ago)
i'm guitar newbie can i know for the first intro how many up up down up you
did ?

Author kagarirulezz ( ago)
Yui sing too fast, the guitar is REALLY good ^^ too bad your voice
sometimes doesn't reach, but I think you capacity enough to become great ^^

Author Hung T H ( ago)
すごい!!!can you send me the chords please ?_? お願いします!=]

Author Navi DnB ( ago)
すばやいです。。でも、すごいです! ごめん、私の日本語がよくじゃありませんです..

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