Assassins Creed Brotherhood - Templar Lair

This is the Templar Lair of the Assassins Creed Brotherhood - special edition.

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Author bryanl19109380 ( ago)
wait, do you get this for completing the da vinci disappearance? or the
copernicus conspiracy?

Author Natan BR ( ago)
Hi friend how are you? you can tell me how to do to access a Templair lair?

Author HabboSecretReporter ( ago)
I bougth AC Brotherhood with special edition 9days ago.

Author TheTsugnawmi2010 ( ago)
@Bikerbob12 I didn't put in a code. The lairs only appeared after I bought
the Da Vinci DLC.

Author macauley300 ( ago)
@THOR2788 well so sorry that my "P" key was jammed! was there any need to
put that? its just a comment, jeez.

Author freedomphamtom1 ( ago)
the "special edition" is already instaled in the game,you just need to
replace some file on the saves

Author Carlos Rojas (798 years ago)
@macauley300 Speacial Edition -.-

Author Ludivico Carthage ( ago)
@macauley300 You can also get acces to the lairs by purchasing the Da Vinci
Dissapearance DLC

Author Spronger911 ( ago)
how do you get this on pc? i go to legend, it has templar lair symbole
thing but i cant seem to unlock it.

Author John NOT Terry ( ago)
@macauley300 you get the DLC

Author TheVrowsell ( ago)
where do you find the templar lair ?

Author dominic wilson ( ago)
i have the special edition typed in the code it came up once but i turned
my xbox off and when i came to turn it back on again it was gone and so was
the bonus multiplayer character?

Author Ssumii ( ago)
i was like wtf is a templar lair and i got this one for free wicked

Author DirtyMetal ( ago)
@alikiliadi and REDsoxRULElife94 every code is unique

Author DirtyMetal ( ago)
@jakedajewler do you have the collector's edition?

Author xStuntman114x ( ago)
@Bikerbob12 is the special edition the one with the conspiracy missions or

Author spels47 ( ago)
i have finished story mode and all templar agent missions and it says in
the explaination of the marker that it is a templar base it would have been
just logic to make this base mark appear after the agent missions so what
is required to unlock the base mission ore missions

Author MarioTestverek ( ago)
You killed him with crossbow and got his key. Yes it's logical!!!

Author Bikerbob12 ( ago)
@macauley300 red description

Author macauley300 ( ago)
where are temlar lairs because ive completed game and cant see a temlar
lair on my map! tell me where abouts the lairs are!

Author fbCHRISx ( ago)
@TheGreatTitanor i agree... thats totally not worth it

Author TheGreatTitanor ( ago)
all that only for 4000f?

Author DXHHHable ( ago)
@DXHHHable thanks

Author Bikerbob12 ( ago)
@DXHHHable erm nope. dont think so anyway. i think you can still buy it
online for a few more $/£ than normal price.

Author DXHHHable ( ago)
@Bikerbob12 the special edition is when you preorder the game right?thats
when you get the code for the multiplayer clow?

Author Bikerbob12 ( ago)
@DXHHHable if you have special edition of game. You will get a code in the
case. Insert the code at the menu screen. When you go in game it should be
right in the centre of the map. If you still are unable to see it. Press
(X) and turn all markers off except the Templar Lair. Thanks :)

Author DXHHHable ( ago)
where is it located?

Author Bikerbob12 ( ago)
@TheBomba530 lol sorry :)

Author Josh Elliott ( ago)
oh :( thanks anyway lol

Author Bikerbob12 ( ago)
@TheBomba530 nope lol

Author Josh Elliott ( ago)
so u dont have it if u have the normal edition?:/

Author Bikerbob12 ( ago)
@TheBomba530 you get a code with the special edition for this Lair and a
character online.

Author Josh Elliott ( ago)
hey umm do u get the templars lair after u complete the templars agent

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