Migos - Kelly Price ft Travis Scott [Audio Only]

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  • Video CategoriesMusic
  • Runtime: 6:5
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Comments: 4 868

  • Shalanda Levine
    Shalanda Levine 2 hours ago

    I like this song

  • Davaun Herrera
    Davaun Herrera 12 hours ago

    this is my sing

  • Mkhanyisi Madlavana
    Mkhanyisi Madlavana 13 hours ago

    "Way before they called me Sensei"

  • florecita ponce
    florecita ponce 21 hour ago

    she going to eat this Miley like rice

  • florecita ponce
    florecita ponce 21 hour ago

    migos is the shit if you hate on the migos fuck you

  • hisham sham
    hisham sham 23 hours ago

    Yo @migos, Y'all need to drop a video for this lil banger right here.... just saying

  • Omarr4589
    Omarr4589 1 day ago


  • Jimmy Cold Music
    Jimmy Cold Music 2 days ago

    yeah this hoe lite

  • Mourad BENDJOUDA
    Mourad BENDJOUDA 2 days ago

    good song

  • Tiffany Michelle Bevilacqua


  • Manuel Evertse
    Manuel Evertse 2 days ago

    skuuu skuuuu

  • Andre Wilson
    Andre Wilson 2 days ago

    Make a video

  • E.C. Moore
    E.C. Moore 3 days ago

    who thinks Travis Scott sounds like lil uzi vert when he said always getting b***** on the side yah yah

  • Mincey918
    Mincey918 3 days ago

    Im a artist trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen

    • Aliyah
      Aliyah 3 days ago

      This is good

  • Thicckness
    Thicckness 3 days ago

    Woke up with Cocaine in my hair....thought it was Lice...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎 Them wg's got Lice bruh.....

  • yvng shawn
    yvng shawn 3 days ago

    Ive been a migos fan since bando No.1 and banco No.2 y'all some fake fans hoped on bad and boujee shout out to the people who rocking with migos for a longtime

  • Peels Reklaw
    Peels Reklaw 3 days ago

    From Kelly Price to What The Price...what's goin on 👀

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes 3 days ago

    i fuck with this song

  • moneymars
    moneymars 3 days ago

    quavo the best outta the migos every body else ass

  • Young Goblin
    Young Goblin 3 days ago

    Who in the world sings the chorus? I've had differing answers.

  • Will Genthner
    Will Genthner 3 days ago

    album goin diamond 💎💎

  • Shea McCormick
    Shea McCormick 3 days ago

    offset really killed his part

  • Ta Montgomery
    Ta Montgomery 4 days ago

    check me out Like Subscribe show support not enough of tat going on https://soundcloud.com/ta-missip-montgomery/missip-ft-darrel-special

  • Biglib 11
    Biglib 11 4 days ago

    Eat it uppp

  • Mazin J
    Mazin J 4 days ago

    if kendrick, travis scott and migos made a song together it would be the best song ever

  • Eric Hayes
    Eric Hayes 4 days ago

    always keep some bitches on the side....

  • 626_skate 433
    626_skate 433 4 days ago

    travis scott should be apart of the migos

  • Tezz
    Tezz 4 days ago

    Where's offset ⁉️‼️❓❓

  • Aaron Mickyle Gilliam

    Migos are my favorite rappers as of right now. they are so weird in a cool way. just the things they where in their music videos, like in the song t-shirt they were wearing bear skins and all that and also they were wearing fur covered jordans.

  • papi af
    papi af 4 days ago

    People sleeping on this song

  • LilChris Tv
    LilChris Tv 5 days ago


  • DontKillMyVibe
    DontKillMyVibe 5 days ago

    Song starts at 0:15

    I GOT HIM C0ACH 5 days ago

    offset on the hook, quavo on the 1st verse, then Travis Scott on the 2nd, then Takeoff goes last, but for some reason the way they did the autotune they made quavo and offset sound the same

  • johnny sidewayz
    johnny sidewayz 5 days ago

    migos are lit😈

  • Javier Valdes
    Javier Valdes 5 days ago

    I hate that scream ffs

  • Abdul Musa
    Abdul Musa 5 days ago

    cool pro

  • Chi-raq Money Dirty

    These two need to have their own album or mixtape...they make bangers😭👌🔥🔥🔥

  • Quintin Lewis
    Quintin Lewis 5 days ago

    Pot pie oat meal pot pie oat meal

  • Kidd Tyson
    Kidd Tyson 5 days ago

    the ending music doe

  • Night Wing
    Night Wing 5 days ago

    get right witcha and kelly price are one of the best songs of Migos

  • DigitalRaider1
    DigitalRaider1 6 days ago

    popeyes..oatmeal, popeyes and oatmeal.....she gon' kiiiiiiiiiielllll...piii piii piii piii

  • Kristopher Kemper
    Kristopher Kemper 6 days ago

    You was probably watching Garfield tunnel vision or nothing else

  • Ali Jaghi
    Ali Jaghi 6 days ago

    a mile a minute, that's 60 miles n hour the speedlimit 😐🤔

  • gay ass nigga
    gay ass nigga 6 days ago

    in my opinion the best migos song

    YUNG KING 6 days ago

    skr skr

  • Ariyelle Smith
    Ariyelle Smith 6 days ago

    woke up cocaine all in my hair thought it was lice

  • reverse king
    reverse king 6 days ago

    She gone kill u! (pew pew pew pew)

  • Constance Spikes
    Constance Spikes 6 days ago

    Quavo always going off on every song🔥🔥

    PISTOL GANG 7 days ago

    Nigga twelve

  • dh_ 2003
    dh_ 2003 7 days ago

    don't Stand to close my diamond'$ gonna bite

  • Ryan Bamford
    Ryan Bamford 7 days ago

    This by far best song on the culture

  • Johnny Comes
    Johnny Comes 7 days ago

    .. flash. dash!

  • French Trap & Dubstep

    Depuis des moi je cherche ce ptn de son

  • Robert Lüthje
    Robert Lüthje 7 days ago

    goil alda

  • Lm Zx
    Lm Zx 7 days ago

    Quavo is fucking fire at the first part
    Respect from Taiwan 🇹🇼

  • Asia Nicole
    Asia Nicole 7 days ago

    Is this song to make in fun of Kelly price .....

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez 7 days ago

    I'm finna flex on my dad sooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nedim Salah
    Nedim Salah 7 days ago

    Got lethal narcs 🔥

  • Jahary Jones
    Jahary Jones 8 days ago

    for some reason, the first two words out Travis mouth in the 2nd verse is funny yet lit af

  • WelcomedSpy56
    WelcomedSpy56 8 days ago

    skrtttt skrtttt treat my lambo like a fisher price

  • TheySeeMeTrollin TheyCantWin

    "Never leave or go nowhere without the fiiiire" this is really a negro spiritual.

  • savage t Aesthetic Knight

    I ain't tripping off her either, fyi.

  • savage t Aesthetic Knight

    Okay, cool.

    College education makes you decide to pass up the most powerful mutant on Earth since days of old for a dry one nighter. 👌
    _Boss bitch alert._

    *Have fun.* Cause I will. Talk shit if you want me to _nix_ your career. ✌ _And keep your shit out my head or else._

    p.s. its almost entirely cause the puss is blown out. hit amber she might have the plug for the reupholster though. 👌

    You bumped your head thinking you could do the least when I got Rihanna on my line. 😂😂#International

    Flew over me 4 times though, huh. No regrets in life though don't kill yourself. Have your fun now cause I'm gonna shit on you when I get on. #Goalz

    KELZ QUILLBLOCK 8 days ago


  • Dimitris Spyridopoulos

    If you had made this masterpiece a vid it would reach b n b

  • Trini Mic
    Trini Mic 9 days ago

    The music video for this is going to be so lit!! can't wait #KellyPrice

  • cuzz,yDriFts. 11
    cuzz,yDriFts. 11 9 days ago

    skr skr

  • Izzy Klindt
    Izzy Klindt 9 days ago

    Kelly price lit

  • xFamxusClipz
    xFamxusClipz 9 days ago

    wanna go to heaven grab my hand she gonna suck me dry to we land🤣🤣🤣😋🤣🤣😂😊😊🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • DJ Bamilton
    DJ Bamilton 9 days ago

    "I go through all the cities
    I'm on a mile a minute
    I go a mile a minute
    You wanna play violent, lets get it
    Take me back to the old days
    Take me back to my old ways
    Lifestyle, yeah the gang way
    Way before they called me Sensei
    Get robbed in the driveway
    Bad bitches they was not here
    You were probably watching Garfield
    Tunnel vision, ain't nothing else
    Kick door, that's on our face
    I done walk in the hallway
    Basketball then gunplay
    Young niggas didn't graduate
    You probably think I couldn't make it
    It's all good God saved me
    Now I'm doin' what I wanna
    Bentley truck bent the corner
    Niggas bite like piranhas
    If I gotta put the bag on 'em, I'mma pay em all hundreds"
    DAMN!!!! This gotta be the realest Quavo verse!!

  • migos 23
    migos 23 10 days ago

    skurt skurt skurt

  • Collin Miner
    Collin Miner 10 days ago

    old mustang fastback 67 be like skr skr

  • Manenekzi Mafereka
    Manenekzi Mafereka 10 days ago


  • matt sisouphanh
    matt sisouphanh 10 days ago

    I wanna know how so 7K ppl not like this song...lames

  • Ali Raul[UG]
    Ali Raul[UG] 10 days ago

    She gon eat this Molly like its rice...

  • Josh craig
    Josh craig 11 days ago

    why do ppl dislike this shit

  • Antonio Gomez
    Antonio Gomez 11 days ago

    Lmfao yalls comments so retarted y'all just go round coppying everyone else don't y'all got anything else to post then stupid idiotic shit that make u sound stupid

  • Destiny & Jesus
    Destiny & Jesus 11 days ago

    " I could never let her spend the night " 😝😏💞

  • Destiny & Jesus
    Destiny & Jesus 11 days ago

    " She Gon Suck Me Dry Till We Land Yaay ! "

  • Zinna Turner
    Zinna Turner 11 days ago


  • michał zwolakov
    michał zwolakov 11 days ago


  • Mikhail Petersen
    Mikhail Petersen 11 days ago

    Ima eat this orange slice, then afterwards ask her what's the price. ;)

  • Winston Chau
    Winston Chau 11 days ago

    migos is such a good raper

  • your mom your dad
    your mom your dad 11 days ago

    Put this in 2k18

  • Kendra Brown
    Kendra Brown 12 days ago

    my shit.

  • Linda Chery
    Linda Chery 12 days ago

    god bless you

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 12 days ago

    fuck yall

  • Fabian Milton
    Fabian Milton 12 days ago

    Wow seven thousand people got their headphones on fire, now i understand why they disliked

  • Oscar Fiedler
    Oscar Fiedler 12 days ago


  • vlogmaster 20171
    vlogmaster 20171 12 days ago

    she gonna eat this Molly liked it's rice

  • Depressed Suns fan
    Depressed Suns fan 12 days ago

    Yoooo quavo just tweeted that him and trav are almost done with another track! Bumping this shit to get hyped

  • Redneck246 flyer
    Redneck246 flyer 12 days ago

    💯 "keep bitches to the side"💯🙏

  • Bader Alsaif
    Bader Alsaif 12 days ago


  • 44trawn
    44trawn 12 days ago


  • Traww Lopez
    Traww Lopez 13 days ago

    this song goes hard. like if you agree

  • Much Coke
    Much Coke 13 days ago

    Good Good Quavo Hook Master

  • Mickey Diora
    Mickey Diora 13 days ago

    quavious ❤

  • E 97
    E 97 13 days ago

    Vim aqui por causa do Brill e Descubri um som foda kkkk BR NA CENA DESGRAÇA

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 14 days ago

    Clip that song....!!!!!!!😡😍

  • R S
    R S 14 days ago

    Luv the beat....#SingLikeKellyPrice....

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