We Ate Like The Rock For 24 Hours

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  • "I wonder how much The Rock poops per day."

    Link to diet: https://twitter.com/therock/status/349239438519451648

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    Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson looks on during his match against John Cena during WrestleMania XXVIII at Sun Life Stadium on April 1, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.
    Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

    "Hercules" 2014, Paramount/MGM

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  • Maisha EYEINGTON
    Maisha EYEINGTON 37 minutes ago


  • Oochie Wally
    Oochie Wally 2 hours ago

    I'm sure it's a lot easier with the personal chef i'm curtain The Rock has.

  • nathan t
    nathan t 3 hours ago

    The reason why he can eat like that.. is cause he trains like 5 hours a day. HARD. LIKE. A. ROCK.

    You cannot bluntly take on eating 7 meals without little to no training. Doesn't look like this guys even worked out that day.

  • amar sonowal
    amar sonowal 3 hours ago

    ....and gained weight like Jonah Hill for the next 24 hours!!

  • fujinpaia
    fujinpaia 5 hours ago

    I mean, he eats all this but he also EXERCISES!

  • asdayanafghjkleyo
    asdayanafghjkleyo 5 hours ago

    I think YB is the black hole body type 😂😂😂 (no offense but that's what we call it and i have friends like that)

  • Slayr
    Slayr 6 hours ago

    Well he most likely worked out inbetween meals and worked on his lines at the same time

  • luis casteleiro
    luis casteleiro 7 hours ago


  • Crazy Kat
    Crazy Kat 9 hours ago

    I can't even fit in 3 meals hardly! My stomach can fit in 2,000 calories hardly. Like I have to eat a little bit throughout the day, only a little bit like I have to spread it out.

  • Wow Shann
    Wow Shann 9 hours ago

    she's so fucking cute

  • Shannon Mae Swartz
    Shannon Mae Swartz 9 hours ago

    Many animals were hurt in the making of this video. :(

  • David Darida
    David Darida 10 hours ago

    Don't forget, The Rock had his personal chef that cooked all these meals for him every day....one less thing to worry about.

  • MMC Creations
    MMC Creations 11 hours ago

    pretty sure as a person of color, the rock used seasoning on his chicken

  • Terro Storm
    Terro Storm 12 hours ago

    There's no way the rock cooks his own food the time they spent meal prepping he would have spent training

  • ToxicGuy
    ToxicGuy 12 hours ago


  • josh Rodriguez
    josh Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Y'all do realize that the rock works out like 8 hours a day

  • Judyann Sims
    Judyann Sims 13 hours ago

    Guy: "I can't eat anything more."
    Girl: "I'm hungry again!"

  • Forbes Fordyce
    Forbes Fordyce 13 hours ago

    They need to work out, they are not burning or using what they put in

  • Deadly TheGrimGecko
    Deadly TheGrimGecko 14 hours ago

    There is also another reason why the rock was able to do this (probably) because if you work out for at least six hours I bet you would be pretty hungry too cause after I work out for at least a few hours I feel like I haven't eaten forever

  • Deadly TheGrimGecko
    Deadly TheGrimGecko 14 hours ago

    There is also another reason why the rock was able to do this (probably) because if you work out for at least six hours I bet you would be pretty hungry too cause after I work out for at least a few hours I feel like I haven't eaten forever

  • e qfs
    e qfs 14 hours ago

    Death by extreme protein fart courtesy of The Rock

  • Hazel Basil
    Hazel Basil 15 hours ago

    I can't even eat a full three meals, let alone seven.

    MOOSE and AGGIE 16 hours ago

    I challenge you to eat like me for a day!
    Meal #1 Whole wheat bread (Butter on bread) sandwich with ham and white cheese 1 cup of any kind of fruit with soy milk
    Meal #2 1 cup of cauliflower 1 cup of carrots with ranch dressing with water
    Meal #3 4 hard boiled eggs with salt and water
    Meal #4 (Snack) 1 apple or orange

  • Kay Rascon
    Kay Rascon 16 hours ago

    Dude I think girls could do this easily while we're PMSing xD I can eat nonstop xD

  • Krysta Jordan
    Krysta Jordan 17 hours ago

    he not only eats 7 meals a day but he also does exercise in between each meal to work up an appetite


    the girl can eat the rock and still be hungry tbh 😂

  • fritziundso
    fritziundso 20 hours ago

    this is so fucking unhealthy...

  • Jenn TM
    Jenn TM 21 hour ago

    (we) skinny and small women can eat a loooootttt 😂😂😂 This is proof!

  • Canice Robert
    Canice Robert 22 hours ago

    isnt YB supposed to be vegetarian?????

  • HideoKojimalol
    HideoKojimalol 23 hours ago

    wow joe from cow chop.... get rekt by buzzfeed

  • AdamHayesFitness
    AdamHayesFitness 1 day ago

    i dont get this.. you can put salt and pepper and seasonings on the food? pretty sure the rock puts seasoning on his food and btw, there's no freaking calories in salt or pepper. what is wrong with people.

  • King D
    King D 1 day ago

    She's cute

  • ปริญ เคียนทอง

    the dude keeps complaining about the thing he did meanwhile the lady just keep going...

    dude didn't respect his beard for being such a whining lil guy......

  • UnitedNakama
    UnitedNakama 1 day ago

    Do you think The Rock cooks all his own meals? Probably not.

    they had alot less downtime to work out.

  • Jakob Germain
    Jakob Germain 1 day ago

    Is she cross eyed? I can't tell for sure

  • Adam Levinstein
    Adam Levinstein 1 day ago

    Zach already looks like he eats 5,200 calories a day

  • • mamkittens •

    But also, the rock probably had someone to make these meals for him...

  • Huynh Duyen
    Huynh Duyen 1 day ago

    Korean eat a lot

  • The Goat
    The Goat 1 day ago

    my ex eats more meat

  • tobias harris
    tobias harris 1 day ago

    DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!I am a huge fan of THE ROCK!!!!!👍👍👍👍

  • Tim Xman
    Tim Xman 1 day ago

    I would eat all of that food

  • Kyle Hoffman
    Kyle Hoffman 1 day ago

    That girl is cute

  • Dawn Shrader
    Dawn Shrader 1 day ago

    Pretty sure The Rock was working out for hours each day and someone else was prepping his meals for him.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 1 day ago

    Would've been a good video if they worked out and did it for the month or so that he did it randomly doing this sounds horrible, interesting but come on buzzfeed this could've been like a 10 minute video worth watching oh well rip

  • wait what
    wait what 1 day ago

    That guy complained so much I couldn't finish the video

  • Chloe Marie
    Chloe Marie 1 day ago

    Lol the reason it was so hard to eat is because you weren't doing the extensive athletic training

  • Jonte willen
    Jonte willen 1 day ago

    plz the name of the song between 2:35 and 3:07 plz send link

  • Yellow Iron
    Yellow Iron 1 day ago

    lol she pronounces 'th' with a d

  • 28dayslater559
    28dayslater559 1 day ago

    i'm pretty sure the rock has a personal chef to cook for him lol.

  • Daniel Hellriegel

    I think the rock can live through the lifestyle bc he doesn't cook prep, he hires people to cook prep for him lmao

  • StrangeComics
    StrangeComics 1 day ago

    when people say they eat a lot until they see rocks meal plan

  • PandaFame8909
    PandaFame8909 1 day ago

    How the hell does he find time to work out

  • Michael Hoyos
    Michael Hoyos 1 day ago

    82$ a day just for food damnnnnnn

  • AAlphaGamingAA
    AAlphaGamingAA 1 day ago

    Ok putting seasoning on the food wouldn't of hurt the challenge

  • Erika Benton
    Erika Benton 1 day ago

    Why didn't they work out? His workouts are ridiculous

  • Alside The Hero
    Alside The Hero 1 day ago

    they wonder how the rock does it, its simple he exercises like crazy lol

  • Srue Phillip
    Srue Phillip 1 day ago

    I'm related to the rock we r both from samoa and he is my uncle or something

  • Tee Li Wen
    Tee Li Wen 1 day ago

    Just who is that Korean girl in this video.

  • Vincent Quitugua
    Vincent Quitugua 1 day ago

    A rock does not eat(duh)

  • BlindXodus 116
    BlindXodus 116 1 day ago

    Exercise the hell out of your body. Also getting paid to do it helps. And having someone else cook the meals help

  • Arlind Hoti 9
    Arlind Hoti 9 2 days ago

    32000th like

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 2 days ago

    That Asian girl is so beautiful 😍

  • KingMeeqs
    KingMeeqs 2 days ago

    I mean, like others have said, he probably puts in 2-3 hours of exercise/working out daily to go with the meals. Not to mention he likely has a private chef that makes all the food for him so he has more free time for exercise.

  • ThatHmoobGuy
    ThatHmoobGuy 2 days ago

    Train like a tranny. You need testosterone injections

  • Matthew Borden
    Matthew Borden 2 days ago

    I liked the video but I disliked it because it's still Buzzfeed.

  • Toan Tran
    Toan Tran 2 days ago

    Asian girl eat a lot

  • Grace Naomi
    Grace Naomi 2 days ago

    I have the same plates as the lady

  • David Hartin
    David Hartin 2 days ago

    how did they not take exercise in to account,,,? wow.

  • Amit Bhatia
    Amit Bhatia 2 days ago

    Its called a high metabolism

  • A Google User
    A Google User 2 days ago

    you also forgot he does steroids

  • Kai
    Kai 2 days ago

    Try eating like Goku for a week.

  • Kai
    Kai 2 days ago

    Yh you need to work out and inject that vitamin S

  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams 2 days ago

    is 9pm late for americans to eat?? what time do u usually eat dinner???

  • Clive Christian
    Clive Christian 2 days ago

    Now eat rocks for 24 hours you annoying buzz feed cunts

  • Enzo413
    Enzo413 2 days ago

    The Rock also has professional cooks to make the food good

  • fangsabre
    fangsabre 2 days ago

    yeah, the whole reason he eats that much is because he's burning through well over 3,000 of those callories each day through working out.

  • Your name
    Your name 2 days ago

    I eat twice a day

  • J Espinola
    J Espinola 2 days ago

    it's *Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson* not Rock "The Johnson" Dwayne

  • jason flynn
    jason flynn 2 days ago

    And that's how we find out that the girl is pregnant XD How the hell did she eat that much hahaha

  • Luxury travel Expert

    But you do realise that the rock probably has chefs to cook and shop for him. All he has to do is eat it.

  • Vile Gaming
    Vile Gaming 2 days ago

    pretty sure people prep meals for the rock and also lift weights

  • PandaFTW
    PandaFTW 2 days ago

    ur suppoesd to exercise to burn the calories

  • xxJadaxx
    xxJadaxx 2 days ago

    well da he has a personal chef

  • Isabelle Runicles
    Isabelle Runicles 2 days ago

    i reckon the rock would have people prepare the food for him though so he would have time to do things

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 2 days ago

    its actually ok to eat steak for breakfast if a fast food place can do it so can we

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 2 days ago

    Wait he works out between though to burn the calories?

  • Aoife Murray
    Aoife Murray 2 days ago

    Me and my brothers are swimmers so we eat A LOT but we also train at high intensity for at least 2 hours everyday. He's 17 and eats around 5000 calories and I'm 13 and eat like 3000 but our training burns around 500 - 800 calories not including my other sports and he goes to the gym everyday. This probably wasn't the healthiest for them

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith 2 days ago

    Red meat (steak) isn't healthy, it is a carcinogen.

  • Unmet Player
    Unmet Player 2 days ago

    firstly the rock doesn't cook it himself secondly he does a lot of exersise

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 2 days ago

    the girl just dgaf from before it even started

  • HeinzNattamas
    HeinzNattamas 2 days ago

    They have the wrong fucking people put me on that I would eat the 7 meals before 1 pm

  • Gloria Galore
    Gloria Galore 2 days ago

    Im laughing so hard at the contrast of one not wanting to eat anymore and the other is hungry all the time.

  • wwe #rkooutanowere
    wwe #rkooutanowere 2 days ago

    I love the rok

  • Bubsy Bubs
    Bubsy Bubs 2 days ago

    My Family and Friends no longer watch Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson programming. We no longer buy the products and services advertised during his programming. We encourage YOU to do the same.

  • Malaika Joseph
    Malaika Joseph 2 days ago

    "to cook my own meal and eat it and knowing that it's healthy"- almost only eats carcinogens throughout the day.

  • M Almayyas
    M Almayyas 2 days ago


  • Binza
    Binza 2 days ago


  • Sharleen Pereira
    Sharleen Pereira 2 days ago

    She smiles when she talks

  • JK CU
    JK CU 2 days ago

    i wanted, expected rather, The Rock to comment this video

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    Don't judge a book by its cover! The chubby guy really struggled, and the skinny girl did really well!

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