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Author Gowmathi sarath (6 months)
hi am see ur video nc step . i want ur hlp plz snd ur video in kuditta
mettu step

Author Shobhana Kalyan (2 years)
amazing footwork ! Truly inspiring.

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@csppnaa Thanks for your encouragement. My initial training was not in
kalakshetra style. So i am not perfect. All credit goes to my guru for what
i can do now.

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@madhandagr8: Having a 7 mathra eduppu is too predictable. Starting with a
8 matra eduppu requires you to start paying attention from the last matra
of the n-2 avartnam. n-1 being the avartanam of the eduppu and n being the
avartanam of the starting of the jathi. It is a trademark of Lakshman sir,
as it should be of any nattuvanar worth his salt, to catch a pompous
audience unawares. :)

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@megred1011 What do you mean by 'write about the feet?' If you consult
Natyashastra, the translation from the nearest library, you can find
description of the various feet positions, was to walk, ways to jump, ways
to use your thighs so one and so forth. There are no illustrations in most
books though. I can message you the gist of it. You can look for dvds of
padabheda for more help.

Author csppnaa (4 years)
Very neat. I will make my students watch this.

Author Guang Peng Tan (3 years)
very talenteddd

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@BhavaNava Thanks Bhavajan. I understand what you mean by shortcuts. The
credit goes to my guru's insistence to finish adavus vs. wishy washy
footwork :)

Author Subhalakshmi K (3 years)
Hello. I hope i can live up to your expectations if and when i do perform
it. It is not in my immediate to-do list but i love that song too :)

Author Subhalakshmi K (3 years)
@vkvsharma8 Thank you :)

Author Subhalakshmi K (3 years)
@gpengindia Thanks!

Author kaasi VKV sharma (3 years)
thx subha try 2 do annamacharya keerthna BRAMAMOKKATE

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@IrisSapphire THank You!

Author Bhavajan Kumar (4 years)
@BhavaNava i meant to say *good* "azhutham"

Author Bhavajan Kumar (4 years)
too good!! you have "azhutham" with your feet thats something im working
on, i tend to cheat my steps :P great job! hope to see more vids :D

Author Guang Peng Tan (3 years)
Hello. Had heard of a Jatiswaram dance piece. Thought of you : ) all the
best link:

Author Subhalakshmi K (3 years)
That is sweet. The other video is of extremely graceful dancer. Thank you
so much. Watch a lot of dancers and enjoy while learning! :)

Author IrisSapphire (4 years)
Amazing footwork.

Author soumya samanta (3 years)
Hey where is your face in this video, sometimes at least show your face :)

Author Subhalakshmi K (2 years)
THank you. :)

Author 143Itube (4 years)
Dear Subhalakshmi, Happened to see your channel uploads and was fascinated
and hence this mail. Aishwarya is my daughter in class 10 and she admired
the way you integrated Math into dance which is what our present school
curriculum is emphasizing on. Aishwarya says - lots to learn from you!
Regards Sandhya

Author Subhalakshmi K (3 years)
You are too kind :)

Author IrisSapphire (4 years)
Amazing foot work.

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@neo001122 Traditionally Indian women apply henna (which colors skin
natural red/brown) to their feet and hands at all occasions, especially
marriages. The dancer is supposed to be God's bride, so the dancer paints
her hands and feet red before every performance. Practically, red lining
draws attention to the complicated feet positions and hand gestures.

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@madhandagr8 :) eet ees kalled Jathibhedam.

Author Meghashyam (3 years)
wow tai !! aprateem!! oh now i understood that how an engineer could do it
with bharatnatyam :))) thank you so much for sharing it here :))

Author kaasi VKV sharma (3 years)
very great .depth of thala @ nritya.

Author Subhalakshmi K (4 years)
@bharatanatyam1994 Thanks! :)

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