Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Duplication Glitch [UPDATED October 2014]

if you want the same done for your players,

Channel Link:
you must have minimum 5,000 coins if you want your coins to be duplicated.

For me to continue doing the dupe glitch for you guys, please donate any amount of money to:: via paypal

it will be done usually within 12hours, or 24hours if theres lots of people.


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Author Mark Sokol ( ago)
Anybody can do it for me i am psn 3

Add bokonon_lv

Author Mighty Krisis ( ago)
Can anyone duplicate a player for me like Neymar please it would be much

Author aaron sugden ( ago)
Can you do it for me

Author Corey Miles ( ago)
Can u duplicate my players

Author Michelle Oates ( ago)
Add me on psn for fifa 13 plz FaZe-_-brotherz- I wont my naywar done

Author callum cooper ( ago)
1000 like

Author xProSkills795 ( ago)
Can u give me sum spare money zzz IVE zzz

Author leon beck ( ago)
Can I plz have 150 k plz PUR3 R34CTi0Nz

Author ronan oloughlin ( ago)
Any free coins my Xbox gamertag is lockey and co

Author MrLv1999 ( ago)
Can you give me 200k coins please for Xbox gamer tag ExP mAzT3R

Author Vibez Instinctz ( ago)
Add me X12 Rawz doing a raffle for all sorts of players including inform

Author MrPcgamer111 ( ago)
Can ye Gee meh Coins mate plz for PC

Author NoVaSnipes99 ( ago)
do i have to go offline while i wait?

Author Adam Harrington ( ago)
Can you give me inform reus and 500 k ps3 please

Author Eben Lamptey ( ago)
can you gibe me messi

Author ProGaming710 ( ago)
@fut12dupeglitch whats ur psn name

Author Henry Cooke ( ago)
Can you duplicate my Ronaldo and Messi on Fifa 13

Author Lewis Butwhy ( ago)
Can i get 1,000,000 on xbox

Author osten parish ( ago)
Can u get me a lot of joe harts plz

Author finlaynw ( ago)
Can u get me 200k on ps3?

Author Ray Morgan ( ago)
How long does this take? a couple of days or hours?

Author Roger Cortez ( ago)
@fut12dupeglitch Can You Add me on ps3 ROGER464027

Author JustinCalouro ( ago)
can i have ronaldo plz for ps3 with 200k

Author Aaron Pawar ( ago)
Give me messi Xbox

Author Fernando Josefino ( ago)
Can you get me 400k on ps3?

Author jamie rooney ( ago)
wait on xbox 360?????

Author jamie rooney ( ago)
hey man can u get me about 200k if it no trouble

Author Christopher Colgan ( ago)
Can you give me Renaldo, Casillas, and Messi. Please!!!

Author MRamivi ( ago)
Hey mate, can u give me Falcao on PS3? If u play ps3 tho

Author Evan Mattel ( ago)
Can you give me like 250-750k? I dont wanna sound greedy so anything in
like 100k would be great

Author TheMrAjaxAmsterdam ( ago)
My ps3 name is boogidobi

Author TheMrAjaxAmsterdam ( ago)
Can you give me Messi and Casilias

Author Evan Mattel ( ago)
Can you get me 500k coins on xbox? Or do you only dupe players?

Author Alex Masters ( ago)
can you send me 500k points

Author alex A ( ago)
if i want (for example ronaldo). where should i put the players that are
above 78 ? and how long should I wait before I log in to my account again?
please answer:/

Author Luke Hawkins ( ago)
does it work ?

Author Jasraj Sangha ( ago)
add JASRAJ-07 for coins on ps3

Author Jasraj Sangha ( ago)
add JASRAJ-07 for coins on ps3 i'll give u sick players and alot of coins

Author Conal Mc Crudden ( ago)
can you duplicate van persie mata nani and yaya? on ps3 Conal-1996

Author Emile Akinfenwa ( ago)
Can u dulacate neymar for me on friday or saturday plz on fifa 13

Author Adam Messi ( ago)
Please add me on ps3 xFIFA_GUNNAx

Author Bigsiddyboi ( ago)
can u dupe tevez? and 15K?

Author Boswellgames ( ago)
add me on ps3 then m8

Author Boswellgames ( ago)
please add me on ps3 and show me your team its bozza101 thanks loz

Author Boswellgames ( ago)
dose this still work mate and do you have a ps3

Author Leo Pickett ( ago)
Work for PC?

Author kingjoewalsh ( ago)
i am saving up for messi and ronaldo and to do that i will need my palyer
duplicated would you b able to do that ?? and how long will it take

Author Michael Buffolino ( ago)
can u duplicate my messi?

Author Jacob Martinez ( ago)
Can you duplicate my hamsik

Author OlsinBuggy ( ago)
Can you do my Hazard?

Author ibaghot ( ago)
how do you actually duplicate the players? is it like a computer program?

Author bobby cooper ( ago)
so where do i put my details

Author bobby cooper ( ago)
does this work

Author Gerard Pique ( ago)
but can we chat on skype or something because i am really not willing to
lose all my coins and players if it is a scam..:/ Add me if u can pls ,
youcef.jabir11 (skype)

Author Gerard Pique ( ago)
oh that 50% should be 100% sorry

Author James Bones ( ago)
havent got anything yet but nothing is missing

Author Zach Trestacles ( ago)
bout how long do you think it will take

Author Zach Trestacles ( ago)
bet. thanks dude

Author Young Kid ( ago)
Did it work for you ? :/

Author Young Kid ( ago)
I have sent you my details, when will I get my players and coins?

Author Young Kid ( ago)
Okay well, if I have the players over 78.. in my active squad, is that okay?

Author Young Kid ( ago)
How can I trust you? Because, I spent a lot of time getting the squad I
have and I'm not that high on coins... I don't know if this is true or not.

Author James Bones ( ago)
when do i get the players?

Author James Bones ( ago)
ok thanks mate

Author James Bones ( ago)
ok i resent them and are there any limits to the players i ask for and can
i ask for in forms?

Author James Bones ( ago)
ill try again mate

Author James Bones ( ago)
is mine done yet?

Author Kalle Balle (1548 years ago)
Does it work? please someone tell me :)

Author Kalle Balle (1677 years ago)

Author James Bones ( ago)
ok thanks

Author entitleddude ( ago)
You haven't replied to my comment. How do I know I can trust you? I don't
want other people applying. I imagine most of them were created by yourself
to make this seem like it works. I hope not..

Author James Bones ( ago)
i sent you all my details so when i about will i get the players?

Author MRhighlighsHDrm ( ago)
It worked for me, I got Falcao inform :) thanks buddy

Author Lauritz Ritter ( ago)
has this worked for anyone yet?

Author Lauritz Ritter ( ago)
are you done now??

Author darren tennant ( ago)
could i still get maessi and ronaldo]

Author darren tennant ( ago)
could i still get messi and ronaldo????

Author darren tennant ( ago)
ok m8 i only have 3 players in my club and there all gold and over 78 can i
still do the glitch

Author entitleddude ( ago)
How do I know I can trust you?

Author Lauritz Ritter ( ago)
when will it be finished?

Author Wilfred Mo ( ago)
Does it work with PC version?

Author Wilfred Mo ( ago)
Is this legit?

Author Lauritz Ritter ( ago)
have u tried it?

Author Lauritz Ritter ( ago)
is it ok that i sent you 2 because in the first one i forgot to put {}
around my 3 players in my club

Author Card Board ( ago)
u never will

Author Lauritz Ritter ( ago)
when do i get the players?

Author Brandon McAtee ( ago)
It's been upgraded

Author Brandon McAtee ( ago)
I trust you

Author Brandon McAtee ( ago)
Have I been done yet

Author Brandon McAtee ( ago)
Will I get Ronaldo

Author Tom Outwin ( ago)
does it work

Author bibi74330 ( ago)

Author Tom Outwin ( ago)
does it work on fifa 13

Author Picky Saw ( ago)
helpp !!! I forgot my security question answer

Author Jamey Tran ( ago)
Thanks alot mate your a life-saver, all of the glitches i've been trying
are all scams :( thanks again

Author Mathieu Etoundi ( ago)
can you do it fast for me

Author ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) (390 years ago)
Is this actually real?

Author TheCommentGuy0007 ( ago)
So how will I get the players and coins?

Author DeRuHidingStyle ( ago)
Can you do it for me ?

Author mikey2x9 ( ago)
does this work for fut 13?

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