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Author aaron sugden (3 months)
Can you do it for me

Author LetsFifa2013 (4 months)
can someone do it for me add me PSN:LetsFifa2013

Author Mark Sokol (1 month)
Anybody can do it for me i am psn 3

Add bokonon_lv

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Bull shit its just pictures

Author Lewis Waugh (4 months)
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Yeh,these comments aren't fake :/

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I can duplicate your player only ps3 fifa 14 psn : kamis-_-pl

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i need only a good player like Torres,please(ps3)

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I want u to dupe Podolski for me please, i have sent u it on ur website :)

Author darren tennant (1 year)
could i still get messi and ronaldo????

Author Bowey Larizza (1 year)
i just sent a request could you quickly do it now or?

Author Tom Outwin (1 year)
does it work

Author Jamey Tran (1 year)
Thanks alot mate your a life-saver, all of the glitches i've been trying
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How do I know I can trust you?

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i am saving up for messi and ronaldo and to do that i will need my palyer
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Can i get 1,000,000 on xbox

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ok i resent them and are there any limits to the players i ask for and can
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i want to duplication neymar for me

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@fut12dupeglitch whats ur psn name

Author CardTricksEveryDay (1 year)
how can i get u t mod coins for me then

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Author Bob Marley (1 year)
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ok thanks

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Author Bob Marley (1 year)
when do i get the players?

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