Woman Crushes And Kills Poor Kitten With Her High Heels...SMH...*DISTURBING*

Woman Kills Kitten With Her High Heels (VERY DISTURBING!) SMH...

An Asian woman killed a poor, innocent, helpless kitten with her heels. I barely got through this video. I can't believe I watched this video. SMH.

*WARNING* In my opinion, this is the most DISTURBING animal cruelty video I've EVER seen.

This Shxt Just Blew My Mind: Who Ever Did This You Have No Heart! (*Warning* Graphic)
This Shxt Just Blew My Mind: Who Ever Did This You Have No Heart! (*Warning* Graphic)
This Shxt Just Blew My Mind: Who Ever Did This You Have No Heart! (*Warning* Graphic)

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Shutup and Watch I found this video online about this one asian lady who kills a kitten :( SO SAD!!


Author MacOSXe (2 months)
Someone should cut off her damn legs piece by piece.

Author Dave Miles (6 months)
I cant find the video eny were 

Author Martin Fernandez (3 years)
@narsplace when the fuck did i say i cared u stupid fuck!!!!!!!!!

Author scotzgeezer (3 years)
@nmbr1kornfan Why do you need racial points in your comment? You could get
the same point across if you didn't. Typical yank.

Author Giann57Angelito (3 years)
There is an animal killer, Her user in youtube was MsAntoniaMiskic, Thumbs
up if you replied to her channel.

Author Erika Soliz (3 years)
wowwwwwwww and she did it on purpose?? omg thats crazy i LOVE cats :((((
tht is fkd up omg im not even gonna watch that..............SMFH

Author guy mle (3 years)
that stupid ass kuri ass chink bitch should get her face stomped in the
pavement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the things i would do to the bitch are to violent
to post here

Author ABronyWithAGun (2 years)
I don't know if this was the same vid, because this one doesn't sound like
it, but I saw another Asian girl stomp on a kitten's head, crushed it, THEN
cut it open, then lifted it up to make it's guts hang out, then stomped on
it's severed was sick...I can NEVER get those images out of my

Author Mike_Gaming (2 years)
This should happen to that bitch.

Author andidan10 (3 years)

Author iicykidd (3 years)
where is the real video

Author FBIRoyLindell (3 years)

Author SelenaGomezPetition (3 years)
@robbievik I saw the photos :( Its sad!

Author Holyfire10000 (3 years)
2 girls1 cup was pretty good

Author tommy mackelvey (3 years)
@puffyblunts yes sir

Author puffyblunts (3 years)
i say we nuke the fuck out of china for that if one will do it they all

Author bmth4111 (2 years)
humans are horrible creatures.

Author Marie E (3 years)

Author Lindi Rufus (2 years)
I saw the video. I'm going to go into a corner and suck my thumb now...

Author Tommy McKenna (1 year)
Who's that fucker's name?

Author Manolonda (3 years)
why there is no unlike button? haha

Author MasterMagician89 (3 years)
i cant find the vedio

Author Rocket Raccoon (3 years)
I wish I could find people like her and just have a stupid smile while
crushing her brains.

Author narsplace (3 years)
@014Marines why do u care

Author narsplace (3 years)
@CrunchyCrayola I mean the one with pub

Author shaeboo101lol (3 years)
@Magichunter321 yea it is

Author idleyes77 (3 years)
@scotzgeezer Why do you need regional stereotypes in your comment? You
could get the same point across if you didn't. Typical Mick. :P XD

Author Jaxxey98 (2 years)
@baconimos123 Seriously you want to see a kitten get smashed by high
heels?If yes, then I guess you are sick as the woman that did it.I am an
animal lover.

Author SiRySs Da KiNg (3 years)
@37061068907 It's been removed...I have no idea where it is. I'm sure it's
on Google somewhere though...

Author Glamdoll900 (3 years)
you finee!

Author Kirsten Ablonczy (2 years)
I finally saw the video this morning and I thank God she actually DID go
through with smashing the kitten's scull. Before you hate on me, hear me
out, that kitten would have suffered so much from those heel wounds,
crushing its head and killing it at that point in that area was the most
humane thing to do apart from drowning it in the nearby water. I certainly
am not defending her for what she did before that, but thank the mercy of
God she killed it, and it can rest in peace.

Author buckseyboy (2 years)
@diana1vasquez where did you watch it?? please prvt mail me!

Author Kfawal (3 years)
@DibbersPage thank god they were cought... what was the punishment?

Author wodney69 (3 years)
she done it to a rabbit and puppy too but i think they was all drugged cus
no cat, puppy or dog would just lay down and get crushed without wriggling
around and shit

Author ps3gamer248 (3 years)
anyone notice that only WOMAN are the ones that mainly do the abusing???
asian WOMAN kills kitten asian WOMAN kills rabit by sitting on it 19 year
old WOMAN throws puppies in water (i heard on news like a year ago) old
WOMAN throws dog against wall repeatedly like WTF its ALWAYS WOMEN!

Author Dominic Soco (3 years)

Author oafhy03 (3 years)
uu nga

Author DarebearCareBear (3 years)
Its called Crush its animal cruelty pornography. Pretty girls, mainly
Chinese, are paid or hired to perform such acts in front of a camera, with
the videos to be sold online to satisfy the sadistic fetish of 'crush
video' fans. not much can be done about it as animal abuse laws in China is
almost non-existent.

Author BessieTheCow (3 years)
THANK YOU for pointing out how ridiculous it is for people to get upset
(that WE are upset about something like this) just because we have wars and
death of human life, as well. We shouldn't excuse a human's inappropriate
behavior on animals just because another human somewhere else is dying.
It's like yelling at someone raising money for St. Jude's because they
aren't raising money for the starving people in Africa.

Author robbievik (3 years)
sick of listening to opinionating idiots does anyone actually have the video

Author Gokiru Akiba (3 years)
Dumb fuck!

Author yohjipanget (3 years)

Author Dan Laidlaw (3 years)
Shove her in a garbage truck!

Author Gabby Cortes (3 years)
i couldnt even finish it!! what i did see though, and what i know happened
next, is the most horrible, terrible, awful, most disgusting thing i have
ever heard of!! how could anyone do that to any living creature? let alone
a poor helpless kitten! now im not the type to wish death upon someone, but
that woman doesnt deserve life! even just to think about hurting a kitten
in any way, makes me sad!

Author TheMegaLeejeans (3 years)
wala na ba kayong makain kaya ganyan nalang naisip nyong pagkakitaan? grabe
sobrang kahihiyan kayo!

Author narsplace (3 years)
@014Marines ur replying to everything I say, that shows emotion. When u
show an emotion to a person like or dislike it mean you care. if do not
care do not reply.

Author RFT15ify (3 years)
@robbievik watch?v=uVolzNO29wg&feature=related the link is here, in the

Author Mario Lat (3 years)
You're riding on the Crush Videos viral fame. You ought to be CRUSHED

Author Broolie (3 years)
i cried when i watched it :(

Author Kenzie noneofyoubusiness (3 years)
Dude, I love your enthusiasm, I really do, but take some ritalin...OH and
please stop doing that with your hands, it's intensely distracting, I could
barely concentrate on what you were saying.

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