Cold Fusion: How it works

Cold Fusion. Explain this, if you can.

This was gathered April 20th 2009, roughly 20 years after the initial 1989 press conference where their findings were shot to shreds, instead of the scientific community pulling together and trying experiments to make it work.

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Author try justice ( ago)
this is very psychedelic , at the same time.

Author CONTRA ( ago)
In the future, the world will be powered by us taking shits.

Author twistedyogert ( ago)
I'm personally more interested in Fuel Cells, but this is pretty cool I have to admit.

Author OverhandFrog ( ago)
I remember reading at least 3 scientific papers (I am traumatized with nuclear fusion) before which clearly stated this precise experiment and how dozens of different people and institutions tried to replicate the experiment and...didn't work, lol
Just came here to see if anyone had learnt something new, good luck everyone!

Author Ale Al ( ago)
What will work then nick canning?

Author The Real 2nd Earl of Rochester ( ago)
Yep... That's exactly how it doesn't work!

Author nick canning ( ago)
There is a source of systematic error in the calculation of excess heat generation in
electrochemical cold fusion experiments which seems to have been overlooked.
Both platinum and palladium are excellent catalysts of the highly exothermic
reaction O2 + 2H2 > 2H2O . If any oxygen
produced at the anode, reaches the cathode it will react with hydrogen there
and produce heat. The rate of the reaction will depend on the surface area of
the cathode and the concentration of oxygen there. This accords with the
observation that excess heat generation only occurs for cathodes with colloidal
Pd black surface morphology but not for flat crystalline surfaces. It also
explains why the excess heat generation is so difficult to reliably observe
since any variation in anode-cathode distance and shape will affect the oxygen
concentration at the cathode due to diffusion and bubble transfer through the

Author H3H3productions 1 ( ago)
I came here from impractical jokers

Author David Mayhew ( ago)
It is funny because I need this to work for me to power the power armor that I made without it no matter what I try to power it with it's never enough to last more than 30 minutes

Author Stefano DrSAM ( ago)
Spoiler: it doesn't

Author Loek Lodewijck ( ago)
If this is an explanation, of how it works why don't we as humans use it? Or doesn't it work

Author Musmus ( ago)
someone wanna explain why it doesnt work(Question mark~AX
because keyboard is broken

Author johnny llooddte ( ago)
hahaha ok show me the money..
show me a working system hahaha

Author johnny llooddte ( ago)

Author jose miguel henriquez ( ago)
seems the u.s government got this to work

Author thewaytruthandlife ( ago)
it sounds great but has this been true or is it still science fictional. have they tried T2O since tritium is an even higher isotope of Hydrogen, yes it is radioactive (t1/2 = 12.32 yrs) I know but it may enhance these principles. which make it more likely to be used as fuel instead of D2O

Author Nasser Alhameli ( ago)
Would you please tell me why the Palladium is chosen to be the cathode? Thank you for the great graphic and simple info!

Author starview1 ( ago)
Russia's oil industry will be kaput.Places like Ireland will have their own energy source. In short no reason to fight over energy, because energy will be almost free to create.

Author Corey Soze ( ago)
Good explanation.

Author Matt Torres ( ago)
Smh.. This cold fusion crap has been going on for DECADES. If it was really a viable way to produce energy then why hasn't anyone made a working generator out of it? Lets just say that the science wasn't there to support it, who cares? If it was actually possible this should have no problems gaining private funding and we would have seen something by now. Just give it up guys

Author Andrew Lambright ( ago)
All you nay sayers remind me of all the other things science said we couldnt do.

Author Peter reteP ( ago)
cold fusion form past ....

Author YaBoiScarce ( ago)
Oh my god, this just makes physics way more intresting XD

Author Rattanarerg Onyaem ( ago)
Just build it then hope its really work not just a theory

Author alan r ( ago)
They said the telephone would never work too.

Author Gary Y. ( ago)
I love how most of the people adamantly defending this garbage as some "miracle green energy source" are just angst 15 year olds who think they know everything about chemistry and physics because they watch videos like these in their free time.

Author MysteriusBhoice ( ago)
if dat shiz actually worked then you will have a measurable amount of radiation comming off it
show geiger counter of GTFO

Author ednuttah ( ago)
Bit of a palaver all those expensive metals, all those specific voltage and current pulses, all the hassle of creating D2O in the first place. It's no solution.

Author Robert Hyldquist ( ago)
It will never work. Only in Neverland.

Author Ebenezer Wood (446 years ago)
Everyone on this page should actually look up cold fusion and see all the breakthroughs that are currently happening. Is it that you don't WANT a clean new energy source? Something like this could save the planet! People would never have to pay another electric bill again!

Author 2003professor ( ago)

Author First Name Last Name ( ago)
Cold fusion, fuck yeah😋

Author dsanchezc3 ( ago)
The Arc Reactor :)

Author dsanchezc3 ( ago)
why don't we just use iron man's energy source. seems to work perfect. #FORGETCOLDFUSION

Author joseph wright ( ago)

Author Roedy Green ( ago)
But it DOES'T work. This is just wishful thinking if not a con.

Author Alexander Higgins ( ago)
how come they just can't give use the exercise bikes that can transform the mechanical energy into electric. It is simpler, effective, clean and renewable.

Author Mike Bozart ( ago)
sure sounds nice ...

Author Connected-A51 ( ago)
And the answear is where the fusion waste goes?
Solar and Wind only need to be repare and can be recycled....

Author Tibi S ( ago)
💫 ya,but today they use laser to heat the deuterium or tritium and high power electromagnets to keep the core inside 💫 🌏 🌏 👣 🕔 💎💀☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀⋉▲▴◭

Author SuckTitles ( ago)
Teleportation: How it works

"It's traveling to another place in an instant. You cannot achieve this by running towards it. Ok bye."

Author CarsRcool ( ago)
OU fukin morons..... COLD FUSION RITE NOW.. " The Hull effect "
with an old car with a carb fand or less than $ 100 dollars....
all you goats... can suck it

Author denilsson31 ( ago)
It should be titled : "Cold Fusion : How it doesn't work"

Author turnipgoodness ( ago)
Thermodynamic reactions are so 20th century.

Author GucciManeSaysBURR ( ago)
Why do people listen to this garbage? The reaction explained in the video is entirely incorrect. 
The D-D reaction will either result in proton branching or neutron branching, and will only release 4 MeV and 3.3 MeV respectively, not 24 MeV. 
Not everything is a conspiracy theory, or some suppressed master technology. You're all suckers if you buy into this trite.

Author Tim Caesar Knutsen ( ago)
Andrea Rossi saying he's able to produce 1 million watt using cold fusion

Author Edward Harrison ( ago)
Humans are clever

Author Jim Beam ( ago)
how to become the richest guy on the planet

Author JD Studios ( ago)
Kinda just looks like electrolysis to me. This might cause Lithium sludge buildup on the cathode.

Author Unpack Guy ( ago)
Cold fusion possible but at 25°C, it will take 40 years to generate 1 kg of hydrogen fusion.Here is how:

If you have 250°C of heat in your hand you get to have a fire. 
If you have 1500°C of heat in your hand, you get to melt iron. 
If you have 1.6 Million °C of heat in your hand you get to have fission bomb.
If you have of 13M°C of heat in your hand you get to fuse hydrogen atoms.
If you have 100 Billion °C of heat in your hand you get to make gold. 

You see you need heat or energy input. Room temperature fusion of course possible. It just Heat vs time, how long will it take to generate 1 kg hydrogen fusion at room temperature? First let's compare different fuels. Burn time is the time it takes to power steam engines in power stations which used to generate electricity. 

1 kg of coal = 8 kWh, burn time: 15 minutes 
1 kg of petrol = 24 kWh, burn time: 45 minutes 
1 kg or uranium fission= 112 MWh, burn time: 4 months 
1 kg of hydrogen fusion = 1.12 GWh, burn time: 4 years 

It will take 4 years to generate 1 kg of hydrogen fusion at 250°C. If room temperature is 25°C. It will take 40 years to generate 1kg of hydrogen fusion. Puff, who wants to wait the long for an energy? So COLD FUSION possible but will be a waste. Go to a other different possible direction. 

Author ignitionyemi ( ago)
Boson or fermion:that is the question.

Author TheFlemishTreeHugger ( ago)
"Cold Fusion: How it works"

The only problem doesn't.

Author edrol2008 ( ago)
im confused.. this model works? because I know many try but some one do it.

Author richo61 (793 years ago)
"It Doesn't" - Gee that was a short video!

Author VvVincent ( ago)
guys, cold fusion works.  i demonstrated it with my dog.

i hooked up my dog to my electric generator (electricity is needed to ignite the reaction).  when i ran enough electricity through my dog for an extended period, he incredibly burst into flames which created an intense heat...cold fusion!  he burns at higher temperatures and with more energy than the generator.  when i took the temperature of the generator, is was 200 degrees less than my burning dog!  200 degress less!  i created over 200 degrees of heat from a cold generator!  i went and repeated this process with my neighbor's dog.  same results!

Author Gilles D Natmara ( ago)
It is a very interesting movie about the cold fusion and I like the Toyota staf fuel cell.

Author Pete Lorenzo ( ago)
the failure of many experiments does not mean something is not possible. that is why we keep trying. any result, successful or not, is still a result. what I've heard is it requires a very pure palladium, and many sources are contaminated ever so slightly, which makes the experiment difficult to reproduce. there are secret groups with near limitless resources, such as the us government. if they figure it out, they wouldn't necessarily make this public. it may very well work in the future, but wait, it is the future. time never stops passing, and technology never stops progressing. the real question is, when will it be available to the average joe at a cost less than their house.

Author FA ( ago)
Our group suspect we are 4 years away from cold fusion projects.

Author OnePercent ( ago)
More like how we wished it

You cannot fuse atoms with the power of compression from the chemical electromagnetic force alone.

Author Kenan Kensky ( ago)
what kind of staff is d?

Author ignitionyemi ( ago)
Use a coating of nickel, palladium(do not use 105 isotope, because spin 5/2) cathode electrode!
It will thus "spin valve". External magnetic field is applied.
That's the secret(?) Opinion?

Author N8TRON Kapenta ( ago)
Could it work the same if the heavy water was in a gaseous form?

Author Barry Kort ( ago)
Do you see all those bubbles forming on the surface of the electrodes and then sloughing off? What that does is produce a random time-varying resistance in the circuit.

It is well known (from first principles in electric circuit theory, as well as in telephony) that when you drive a time-varying resistance with a regulated current (whether regulated DC or SuperWave), the load generates its own AC current that has the characteristics of burst noise.

Because the regulated power supplies are trying to maintain a regulated current, they have to work hard to suppress and cancel these noise signals that are being transmitted out of the cell. In doing so, the regulated power supplies must inject an equal and opposite signal, so as to maintain the specified regulated current profile (whether DC or SuperWave).

In the reports that I’ve had access to, I found the experimenters were relying on an energy budget model that ignored the additional energy being pumped into the cells so as to maintain a regulated current in the face of a rapidly fluctuation load resistance.

In the cases where the experimenters had published enough data for me to apply the correct model from AC circuit theory, I found that the “anomalous excess heat” was exactly accounted for by the overlooked AC power injected into the cells to countermand the noise power being transmitted out.

Author pato milbert ( ago)
This looks more like third world invasion into the western world, sucking all resources up at the expense of all. 

Author Zenzay ( ago)
Pathological science anyone?

Author This is my name ( ago)
It's funny that some people will believe this...

Author David Hart ( ago)

Detail + elementary ÷ fast paced = excellent presentation for those over a wide range of previous knowledge on the topic.
The only thing I would add would be a brief description of deuterium.

Deuterium is a "heavy hydrogen atom", in other words, a stable isotope of hydrogen containing in addition to the usual single proton, a neutron in the nucleus.

Understanding deuterium's structure is key in understanding this fusion process.

Author Andrew Liljenquist ( ago)
Heat is energy we just need to find a way to harness the heat relative to us. Then we could have free energy. And free AC!

Author rstevewarmorycom ( ago)
How does "cold fusion" work? It doesn't. That's why you only see it on YouTube.

Author phlogiston ( ago)
Where's a prototype?

Author Bruce Liu ( ago)
looks like a basic battery. no wonder cold fusion's no wonder the output is low. use an acid. if they deuterium gives motion to the metal then that is not fusion the heat is motion. i would call it nuclear assisted motion.  

Author Vibrating Dolphin ( ago)
It assumes that Palladium will just give atoms away indefinitely. This is silly.

Author RealTwistedTwin ( ago)
How do we get an amount of heavy water with which this would be possible? Also, has this ever been tested, I mean it wouldn't be that difficult to test, would it? And finally ... What are the problems in this methode?

Author Brian Kenward ( ago)
Have you looked at the free video lectures from  a few universities?
Brush up on your calculus children. Then, see if you still have so many doubts. Also, search the US Patent office.  Strange really, how many new low energy  and lattice assisted energy patents are in process. Especially when you discover who holds the patent rights.

Author Alexey Khalimonov ( ago)
Why can't you use regular water, instead of heavy water, as I understand D2 is heavier and bigger than H2, but I see it to be problematic as D2O costs about 12$ per gram, not a lot, but you would need to pay like 900$ for a gallon, and if this would go out on the market that's a tad bit too much for a simple electrolyte. Also, how to generate electricity using this technology? Of course you can use cold fusion to boil the D2O, and have heavy water steam turn a turbine, but again the losses of expensive D2O would be more money lost than earned through electricity generated

Author Elijah Le ( ago)
if that cold fusion diagram gives off heat, how come its called "cold" fusion?

Author ӜӚҴѾѬӾӺӸӶӴӪӇӃҲҨҊҀѨѤљфЩД (587 years ago)
This fusion process does not produce neutrons, helium-3, tritium (or, presumably, 
hydrogen), but instead produces only helium-4. The fuel gas from long-term runs has been 
analyzed by a large, magnetic-sector, mass spectrograph to contain very roughly 100 ppm of 
helium-4, which was not present in the research-grade D2 fuel. 
The reaction is: 2D → He-4 + 24 meV. The energy thus produced is enormous, and 
because deuterium is very cheap in the form of heavy water (less than $l/gm.), the fuel cost 
for this process is very low indeed (much less than 1 cent per KWH). 
This process has promise for low cost production of heat and power on a large 
commercial scale, and the oceans contain enough deuterium, as heavy water, to satisfy the earth's 
energy needs for many millions of years.

Author Aphobis (1656 years ago)
Ok, two things:
1. what is the superwave principle and how exactly does modulating the current improve the absorption of deuterium?
2. How does confining the deuterium in a lattice cause them to fuse? Deuterium-deuterium fusion requires even higher temperatures/pressures than deuterium-tritium fusion and I don't see how that can be replicated in a metallic lattice.

Author kurtilein3 ( ago)
cold fusion doesnt work, its nonsense.

Author Frank Mulkern ( ago)

Author Frank Mulkern ( ago)
The problem with cold fusion is that there is still no explanation on where the excess heat is coming from. If you look at it from for a quantim pysics look you could theorize that it comes from the vacuum. Zero Point energy , Einstein predicted

Author Baby Bop ( ago)
How it works? It doesn't. Cut it out with the snake oil magic science bullshit, we'll have DEMO, a real fusion reactor in 2033.

Author mobcat40 ( ago)
It doesn't work, you mean "how it was claimed to work"

Author nopainnogain ( ago)
I'm writing an essay about fusion and I'm a bit confused. Which scientists tells the truth?

Author 497362 ( ago)
this is the best explanation of the fusion model i have seen. its a good explanation for the excess heat that is produced. it may turn out to be the correct explanation.

Author johannes westman ( ago)
The things in the video is just utter nonsense. It sounds like scientific talk, but it's just utter nonsense. Cold fusion is a myth.

Author Guywithcrazyideas ( ago)
I get my energy from food.

Author lazyfreedom98 ( ago)
beer can bombs

Author Naoki Kashima ( ago)
Cold fusion is real and the nay sayer's own research proves it. Big oil paid off many to supress this technology. Time to end big oil is now :)

Author SolarSeeker45 ( ago)
 Honestly how many "impossible" things has man kind achieved? They said man couldn't fly. They said that scrying was impossible yet we have computers,radio and TV. They said that the atom was indestructible and Marie Curie proved otherwise.  While I admit that 90% of cold fusion "scientists" don't know what the hell they're talking about, cold fusion is possible. Mind you that "cold" is a relative term cold fusion is still quite hot, just not the 2 million degrees that hot fusion requires.

Author SolarSeeker45 ( ago)
Those of you who state that cold fusion is "impossible" clearly do not understand the immense power of resonance. By creating a resonance at the frequency of matter itself,the conventional laws of physics harmonize to create effects that would normally be impossible.  Cold fusion is achieved by every living being. A catalyst for cold fusion was discovered eons ago by alchemists. It's called the "philosopher's stone".

Author Daritha100 ( ago)
For those who still dont understand: In reality it dont work. cold fusion is just some kind of scientific fairytale.

Author Marty Lynchian ( ago)
Cold fusion is a myth. Like the boogie man. If there is any hope for fusion, its with hot fusion not cold fusion.

Author foxkart61 ( ago)
Anything is possible in cartoons, even cold fusion.

Author Rishabh Mahajan ( ago)
is the strain so high to overcome coulomb barrier,  i mean in hot fusion reactions i take 5 billion kelvin to overcome that is really the starin produced within large intra molecular distances so high i am skeptical of that

Author Sasker van Gulik ( ago)
The sun is not an efficient fusion reactor. Tokamaks are. The sun just doesn't have enough by means of energy to perform fusion reactions, yet they happen anyway due to quantum tunneling. Tokamaks will eventually reach  the energy level that is actually required for the reaction to start, which will guarantee fusion of atoms. 

Author Gabriele Ciravegna ( ago)
thx amazing video

Author Ivan Dobrev ( ago)
Sun`s energy can only be fusion. Human kind can recreate the fusion in the sun , but only by small amounts , and it is not controlable at the moment.

Author some kid ( ago)
It definitely doesn't work. If you need proof; if it worked as described and we knew it worked as described, we would all be using this as our primary source of power right now.

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