B.o.B - 4 Lit (feat. T.I. & Ty Dolla $ign) (Official Video)

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    Directed by Chad Tennies

    Official music video by B.o.B - 4 Lit (feat. T.I. & Ty Dolla $ign). © 2017 Bobby Ray Simmons / EMPIRE
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  • Runtime: 3:26
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  • B.o.B
    B.o.B 2 months ago

    follow me on instagram @bob

  • Joseph Stallworth
    Joseph Stallworth 4 hours ago

    Yo Check Out the dope remix Produced by mehttp://bsta.rs/rmx/68

  • Collen Chauke
    Collen Chauke 14 hours ago

    4 lit is dope, not only a video bt even the track

  • Nathan Ceja
    Nathan Ceja 1 day ago

    this shit is 2 lit... shit its 4 lit

  • Larry Mandaville
    Larry Mandaville 1 day ago

    I'm in love with this beat

  • Chris Patrick
    Chris Patrick 1 day ago

    please B more songs like this

  • Tonya Wofford
    Tonya Wofford 1 day ago

    4 LiT 👌

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez 1 day ago

    Anyone end up here because u were wondering what the hell B.O.B was doing these days

  • DeVante Lewis
    DeVante Lewis 2 days ago

    whenever you wanna leave the enlightened ones and make good music again we got u bro.

  • christine taty
    christine taty 2 days ago

    i lllooooovvvveeeeee it

  • candace bailey
    candace bailey 2 days ago

    is me or am I the only one hearing the xo life tour beat ? .....in the beginning ?

  • Jazz Blair
    Jazz Blair 3 days ago


  • Vanessa Camp
    Vanessa Camp 3 days ago


  • young cool
    young cool 3 days ago

    ty dolla harmony murdered the he'll out this song. I keep his verse on repeat

  • Milly foreally
    Milly foreally 4 days ago

    what is the fuck shit?

  • Tone Dollarz
    Tone Dollarz 4 days ago

    🚀🚀🚀🚀 Shit be 4 Lit

  • Delecia Cunningham
    Delecia Cunningham 5 days ago

    i done listen to this alot since I heard it LOL

  • Delecia Cunningham
    Delecia Cunningham 5 days ago

    aye!!!! this beat though

  • Terry Wright
    Terry Wright 5 days ago

    This sht so mf wack im so underwhelmed bob it should be next level sht only fuck compromising and conforming

  • Brandi Thomas
    Brandi Thomas 6 days ago


  • Dan Hoffman
    Dan Hoffman 6 days ago

    is it me or does b.o.b. look like woody the great??

  • Shamir Clemons
    Shamir Clemons 6 days ago

    i just love dis video

  • Yusuf Yama Jr
    Yusuf Yama Jr 7 days ago

    lil uzi beat

  • Jereme Balancio
    Jereme Balancio 7 days ago

    ti hi and hello.

  • Mashia Sturdivant
    Mashia Sturdivant 7 days ago

    this song mean something to me and i play it all the same time and even time

  • Tialia _
    Tialia _ 7 days ago


  • MonkeySoldierFilms
    MonkeySoldierFilms 7 days ago

    Deidad in the Music

  • Tialia _
    Tialia _ 8 days ago


  • Tialia _
    Tialia _ 8 days ago

    Lovvvvvve this

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams 8 days ago

    Love this dope!!!!!!!

  • Everett Anderson
    Everett Anderson 9 days ago

    The visuals in this video are amazing!

  • Lil Uzi Vert FAN
    Lil Uzi Vert FAN 9 days ago


  • Roatis Sebastian
    Roatis Sebastian 9 days ago

    Love this song <3

  • Dayanna Andre
    Dayanna Andre 9 days ago

    that's my baby❤❤

  • Billy Fletcher
    Billy Fletcher 9 days ago

    hardest shit out right now

  • Taistoisitcon Merci

    dude u re exposing illuminati and the system at the same time making music bout orgies and women calling them bitches..somehting wrong here

  • Drab Nomad
    Drab Nomad 9 days ago

    I listen to this like 5 times a day and I still can't get over the asian bitch. blehhh

  • Andrea Hawkins
    Andrea Hawkins 9 days ago


  • Renee Collins
    Renee Collins 9 days ago

    luv it!!!!

    ANDRE WILSON 9 days ago


  • Jeffrey Adams
    Jeffrey Adams 10 days ago

    this a banger on of the few radio songs of 2017 that i can actually listen to

  • T D
    T D 10 days ago

    3:05 ooo ok T.I. Loving him some chocolate now I see

  • Mark Klokeid
    Mark Klokeid 10 days ago

    Bob is the most underrated artist of all time. He should have 10 million subscribers!!!

  • Yanas Bryant
    Yanas Bryant 10 days ago

    b.o.b is that real artist

  • Green Daze
    Green Daze 11 days ago

    shit be 2 lit... shit be 4 lit

    ANDRE WILSON 11 days ago


  • j-money Terry
    j-money Terry 11 days ago

    this song is lit

  • Audi'Mar Pittman
    Audi'Mar Pittman 11 days ago

    dolla had dis one lit🔥🔥

  • CorruptFTL
    CorruptFTL 12 days ago

    KapG is in this video

  • Dylan Angelo
    Dylan Angelo 12 days ago

    Remember when he was good???

  • Cordero Clark
    Cordero Clark 12 days ago

    I love when Tip features he kills it every fucking rip!!!
    and the shit be real p.i. shit!

  • Michell Cottrell
    Michell Cottrell 12 days ago

    This music & lyrics ...Hats off Whoever Dun IT YAAAAASSS 🎆🎆🎆🎊🍸

  • Monicia Stephens
    Monicia Stephens 12 days ago

    I love this song❤❤❤❤❤

  • Keaira Leaks
    Keaira Leaks 13 days ago

    Beat is RAW AF!

  • India Calhoun
    India Calhoun 13 days ago


  • Alan Lozoya
    Alan Lozoya 13 days ago

    more songs like this b.o.b got fire

  • George Bafana
    George Bafana 13 days ago

    T.I is KING

  • Tasha Lycan
    Tasha Lycan 13 days ago


  • the Seymone mommy show

    your talented

  • Oshanton Ingram
    Oshanton Ingram 13 days ago

    it shouldn't be no dislikes about this video. man them boys killed it

  • Pamela McFarland
    Pamela McFarland 14 days ago

    I love this joint.😘😘😘

  • RNS Barnes
    RNS Barnes 14 days ago

    my hoes love this !!!

  • Gregory Clarett
    Gregory Clarett 15 days ago

    Love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😘😗🤑🤑🤑

  • Nick121
    Nick121 16 days ago

    $ verse is a throw away

  • 87nation1
    87nation1 16 days ago

    that Asian persuasion tho

  • Tumelo Monyama
    Tumelo Monyama 16 days ago

    Dollar $ign always be in the background like "ooh yeeeah yeeeaah yeah yiiiii" 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lit

  • Bruh
    Bruh 16 days ago

    This ain't the best place for you "woke" niggas so don't be complaining

  • BloodyBoyGaming
    BloodyBoyGaming 16 days ago

    when I play this song I play better on cod3

  • Awakened SOUL
    Awakened SOUL 16 days ago

    Ty Dolla snapped -_-

  • TheDonlocci
    TheDonlocci 16 days ago

    3,655 and counting have distaste for this vibe. let them be but we #lit

  • Richard Schreivogl
    Richard Schreivogl 16 days ago

    good beat but def not as good as the old b.o.b..

  • Mitch C
    Mitch C 16 days ago

    TI ruins every song

  • siyanda sithole
    siyanda sithole 17 days ago

    This song is like a drug CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!😨😨😨

  • Sithembele Madotyeni

    this my jam i love it

    MR SPACELY 17 days ago

    this song is so chill :) ty fucken snapped tgod

  • Lauren Kidd
    Lauren Kidd 17 days ago

    I did not know this was b.o.b

  • Osanakoma
    Osanakoma 17 days ago

    Is that Fez from That 70's Show?!?!?

  • Omar Buzo
    Omar Buzo 18 days ago

    ty dolla $ing 🆓🌊🔥🌊🔥🌊🔥 T.i.

  • Nasir Ali
    Nasir Ali 18 days ago


  • Shii Phillips
    Shii Phillips 18 days ago

    Boy if BOB ain't bout fine af' 😍😍😍

  • natesha nunn
    natesha nunn 18 days ago


  • natesha nunn
    natesha nunn 18 days ago

    b.o.b 😎

  • OklahomasDj LilSmurf

    my shit 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • OklahomasDj LilSmurf


    ZzFACTXAPEXzZ 19 days ago

    This song the kind of song that wants to make me slit my wrists and pour bleach inside

  • Jun Hyuk Wang
    Jun Hyuk Wang 19 days ago

    Hot beat..

  • MsBripretty3
    MsBripretty3 20 days ago

    Chinese girl looks pregnant. belly poking out the hole of her bathing suit

  • LilUziVert Fan
    LilUziVert Fan 20 days ago

    y'all straight haters, this is similar to his song Paranoid from like 2 or 3 years ago. ✌✋

  • EstaisTheBesta
    EstaisTheBesta 20 days ago

    T.I. starting to have that 21 savage crazy eyes lol

  • Mtownraven
    Mtownraven 20 days ago

    TI is in my top 5 greatest rappers. His flow has stayed consistent throughout his career. He can go toe to toe with any rapper.


    But who remembers the LRG Mixtape B.o.B

  • Andrew Hovey
    Andrew Hovey 21 day ago

    Whats up with the taco?

  • Alex Kruz
    Alex Kruz 21 day ago

    Lol pink taco

  • Jake Irby
    Jake Irby 21 day ago

    shit like this is str8, but whatever Lil yhaty doing is some str8 garbage

  • Frogii127
    Frogii127 22 days ago

    this is fucking cancer

  • Hector Rangel Castorena

    this song is lit (:

  • National Socialist Europe

    A shame. Please make more conscious music.

  • Terry Wright
    Terry Wright 22 days ago

    this shit 4 wack

  • RockyUddin
    RockyUddin 22 days ago

    is the world still flat though?

  • Austin Stone
    Austin Stone 22 days ago

    still got this on repeat b.o.b too lit 🔥 🔥
    🔥 ty dollar verse is sick too lit 🔥 gotta give the south sum credit from T.I FA SHO too Lit 🔥 🔥

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