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Author Mrupdown66 (1 month)
eli's gay

Author Thom Wheatley (10 months)
so wait... it can't regenerate if the central disc is damaged, yet somehow,
ripping large numbers of them in half, doubles their numbers, and decimates
the clams.

Author gary winkler (9 months)
Now there's a right proper payback to the fishermen for their cruelty and
arrogance against the sea stars. I hope they all lost their asses in that
little war against nature. It would be great if all of them lost their
boats for a few years so that the sea might get back some of it's strength
and populations. I would much rather see an ocean full of life than a
bunch of smelly grungy fishermen filling the bars along the coast. They
might even make good fish food! 

Author ItsJustMeJerk (1 year)
Does orangish-yellow energy shoot out of their limbs when they regenerate?

Author TheBlueJacket (1 year)
the star fish was just like "I don't wanna go"

Author TheCanadaspike (3 years)
the green pants guy is tuned on

Author Last0Soldier (2 years)
Wait, so does that mean that both parts of the starfish are alive? it has
two brains?

Author anthonykvella (6 years)
very interesting

Author wwtapsable (3 years)
if a starfish is cut in half and it regenerates 2 would that be considered
asexual reproduction

Author ankitd (1 year)
I got here from a "yugioh zexal episode 4 part 2"

Author imlatinoguy (3 years)
Roomba Roomba

Author theafrodude22 (3 years)
at around 1:00 when he is telling the story the girls are all giggling and
he is like yeah i know i am "the teacher" and the fisher man would cut off
their legs and their population doubled! hehehhehe

Author thagr8t1 (4 years)
It's Piccolo!!!!

Author Shivanie Singh (2 years)

Author vanderbiltsax (3 years)
It'd be cool if you did a timelapse photo album/video of a sea star
regenerating in a tank or some other closed environment.

Author GDI109 (3 years)
did you eat it afterwards?

Author antonella2450 (2 years)
Ciao Clint,grazie per il tuo video!!!

Author AweSomo84 (2 years)
i'm trying it in my aquarium

Author carlos vinueza (1 year)

Author MegaSovietRussian (2 years)
damn, thats a life hack. think about it. you buy 50 starfish and you cut
them in half and sell the 100 you get :O

Author AweSomo84 (1 year)
well it were ones of the little sea stars which become a pest ,.. hmmz

Author iShrimpEater (4 years)
@sega31098 Chop regrows chop regrow chop regrows i dont think mister
starfish would like that? D:

Author mARTellARTS (5 years)
Even if someone just took a picture every day it would be cool.

Author AttentionJunkie (4 years)
how ironic, the fishermen tried to kill every sea star they found and ended
up making more lol

Author Phi Cao Nguyen (3 years)
we should take the seastar's genes and insert it with our genes, maybe we
one day will regenerate our arms and legs if we lose'em... its just a
hypothesis :p

Author krowanders (3 years)
@PointlessComedy It's leading to research into human limb regeneration. So
I'm sure a lot of injured veterans give a damn.

Author alphamone (4 years)
@Scubaman5000 what about a time lapse of a severed leg growing a new

Author arenasamador (3 years)
woo! SANTA BARBARA. my city <3

Author norevelation (3 years)
@shadowspike99 Me? That has nothing to do with my comment, you dolt.

Author notfree25 (3 years)
@sega31098 You'd be eating something that is kinda still alive =S

Author AweSomo84 (2 years)
death of the seastar so dont do it

Author TheFunyvideos (3 years)
@sega31098 most of the stuff in leg is poop

Author robby123ism (3 years)
Yes sir, there was a story about a bunch of sailors who hated starfish
because they constantly ate all of their fish that they were trying to
catch. So each time they caught one they would cut it in half. Lol they
ended up tripling their population. Wait I'm listening to the video and I
think they might have just told the same story I did.... But whatever.

Author Putu Pradnya Upadhita (3 years)
haha what cuts around gets around??

Author PSNDonutDude (4 years)
@Scubaman5000 I've seen it done. In a time lapse.

Author CoolKubanguy (4 years)
@justaskme3103 : NO, they regenerate as long as the central disc is not

Author TFLegendReborn (3 years)
It's been a while since I've read any books on echinoderms but, can the
broken limb of the Sea star actually become a new sea star itself? Or am I
mistaking its regenerative capabilities for the Planaria?

Author Reneator (4 years)
@UniteForgetLeftRight its the same problem like with those squid at the
japanese coast. With killing them, they will set free Eggs, which will turn
into little squidproducing plant like livings, which will produce big
number of that squid. So its really like: "you kill one, even more will
come back"!

Author Slayerking45 (3 years)
lol he got same powers as piccolo :P

Author onedirectionhater1 (2 years)
┏━┳━━━━━━━━┓ ┃◯┃╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮┃ ┃╮┃┃╭╮┃┃╭╮┃┃ ┃╯┃┗┻┻┛┗┻┻┻┻╮ ┃◯┃╭╮╰╯┏━━━┳╯

Author iTRYER (3 years)
1:02 That is exactly why some parts of China's ocean is over run with Jelly
Fish. When they over fish the sea beds, they also capture Jellies and when
before they toss them overboard, they slice them up and lets all the
Jellies eggs out.

Author Cannabissed (3 years)
sooo if you cut a starfish in half, will you get 2 starfish as they both
will regenerate?

Author captainxshredsalot (3 years)
where's the rest of her?!!!

Author iaMMykel (3 years)
Did he mentioned that it is possible for a whole starfish to grow from one
of its leg? Like a starfish have 5 legs, rip all 5 and if they all
regenerate you can have 6 starfishes.

Author dlindeman (4 years)
@Scubaman5000 Just use the madreporite as a register point. First tag one
so you know which one to photo .

Author TuffLuck777 (4 years)
@FaIlHiGH I love it!

Author Senniexo (3 years)
I find these creatures very fascinating :)

Author Uyi Uwadiae (3 years)
Patrick brought me here

Author Adi Pun (2 years)
So the leg grows a new starfish

Author ToFurkie (4 years)
I find that as a hilarious karma. The oyster fishers would cut legs off of
sea stars in rage that they ate the oysters but instead of killing them,
they increased the number of starfishes, ruining their business. I love the

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