Sea Star Regeneration

Sea stars have an amazing ability to regenerate lost limbs. In this video Professor Blake Barron from Santa Barbara City College describes the process of sea star regeneration.

While doing a local beach dive I came across this example of what he describes, a two legged sea star with two new limbs starting to bud.

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Author TheeDaniel R ( ago)
Flying tongues

Author Omar Daniel Espinoza Calderón ( ago)
wtf you are mother fuck the sea star i cant live out the sea asfixia

Author DannyLeChannel ( ago)
I thought it took them 1 year to grow

Author Mrupdown66 ( ago)
eli's gay

Author Greg Wrangler ( ago)
Now there's a right proper payback to the fishermen for their cruelty and
arrogance against the sea stars. I hope they all lost their asses in that
little war against nature. It would be great if all of them lost their
boats for a few years so that the sea might get back some of it's strength
and populations. I would much rather see an ocean full of life than a
bunch of smelly grungy fishermen filling the bars along the coast. They
might even make good fish food! 

Author Thom Wheatley ( ago)
so wait... it can't regenerate if the central disc is damaged, yet somehow,
ripping large numbers of them in half, doubles their numbers, and decimates
the clams.

Author TheBlueJacket ( ago)
the star fish was just like "I don't wanna go"

Author ItsJustMeJerk ( ago)
Does orangish-yellow energy shoot out of their limbs when they regenerate?

Author lolo70068 ( ago)
this remind me to Freeza..

Author SPARTAN II ( ago)
holy fuck are starfishes immortal ? oO i mean they can regenerate

Author 36reps ( ago)
I got here from a "yugioh zexal episode 4 part 2"

Author bobjr bobber ( ago)
you all bitches

Author AweSomo84 ( ago)
well it were ones of the little sea stars which become a pest ,.. hmmz

Author ney57e ( ago)
lmfao, props to you

Author carlos vinueza ( ago)

Author Jennifer x ( ago)

Author Willson0908 ( ago)
I wonder what would Squidward would do, once he gets to know this :D

Author GAME KID COLOR (gmodkid1) ( ago)
gmodfan2008, meet gmodkid1

Author FreakSez ( ago)

Author Hera Lyn ( ago)
Only their arms. If you start cutting into the body (Middle section)
They'll die. You've been smoking too much pot.

Author AweSomo84 ( ago)
death of the seastar so dont do it

Author napoleontak ( ago)

Author Shivanie Singh ( ago)

Author antonella2450 ( ago)
Ciao Clint,grazie per il tuo video!!!

Author AweSomo84 ( ago)
i'm trying it in my aquarium

Author MegaSovietRussian ( ago)
damn, thats a life hack. think about it. you buy 50 starfish and you cut
them in half and sell the 100 you get :O

Author Adi Pun ( ago)
So the leg grows a new starfish

Author Marcus V. ( ago)

Author Last0Soldier ( ago)
zombie starfish! aahh!

Author Last0Soldier ( ago)
Wait, so does that mean that both parts of the starfish are alive? it has
two brains?

Author onedirectionhater1 ( ago)
┏━┳━━━━━━━━┓ ┃◯┃╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮┃ ┃╮┃┃╭╮┃┃╭╮┃┃ ┃╯┃┗┻┻┛┗┻┻┻┻╮ ┃◯┃╭╮╰╯┏━━━┳╯

Author Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs ( ago)
Yes sir, there was a story about a bunch of sailors who hated starfish
because they constantly ate all of their fish that they were trying to
catch. So each time they caught one they would cut it in half. Lol they
ended up tripling their population. Wait I'm listening to the video and I
think they might have just told the same story I did.... But whatever.

Author imlatinoguy ( ago)
Roomba Roomba

Author rey joseph ablao ( ago)
hey its patrick

Author TFLegendReborn ( ago)
It's been a while since I've read any books on echinoderms but, can the
broken limb of the Sea star actually become a new sea star itself? Or am I
mistaking its regenerative capabilities for the Planaria?

Author Sarah Red ( ago)
just realised he told the story too x'D

Author Sarah Red ( ago)
More like fragmentation :) Funny story is that fishermen used to cut up
starfish and toss them back into the sea to prevent many from eating at the
oyster beds. In other words starfish eat at oyster beds and oyster beds are
precious to fishermen. Little did they know that each piece regenerated a
new starfish. So they actually got far more!! I laughed my brain out at
this X'D That's what you get for playing with nature! I hate humans with
superior thoughts/act >:(

Author YouAreABunghole ( ago)
It has gonads, testicles/ovaries. Nuff said on mating.

Author Senniexo ( ago)
I find these creatures very fascinating :)

Author DJMetalstone ( ago)
@Scubaman5000 Can be a very awsome way for medical purpose once they find
out wich gen does it and how too use it for humans that have lost there
arms or legs or whatever and make it grow back by inserting some sort of
abstract based on what causes the sea star too regenerate , unfortunately
such a breakthruw probably means allot fo sea stars used for medical
science that won't survive all the tons of tests :(

Author Shani Simon ( ago)
heyyyyy it's patric!

Author Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews ( ago)
It'd be cool if you did a timelapse photo album/video of a sea star
regenerating in a tank or some other closed environment.

Author wwtapsable ( ago)
if a starfish is cut in half and it regenerates 2 would that be considered
asexual reproduction

Author Steven Baal ( ago)
In the 1960's stupid Australian fisheries officers tried to get rid of the
Crown-of-thorns starfish because it was damaging the coral reefs, by
chopping them up and throwing them overboard. These dumb fucks made the
problem worse!

Author LUIS F GOMEZ M ( ago)
Are those chicks at the end HORNY??

Author SuperPoketown ( ago)
um if you cut the central disk out will the disk make a whole new sea star?

Author AGuyInAG ( ago)
1. Acquire many Sea Stars. 2. Cut them in half. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!!!

Author Francisco Pinto ( ago)
I did not just nfound a guy who makes videos underwater!!!

Author hassmann2000 ( ago)
@Scubaman5000 I would have to say that all living animals feel pain.
Without it, you die essentially. By putting yourself in danger.

Author iTRYER ( ago)
1:02 That is exactly why some parts of China's ocean is over run with Jelly
Fish. When they over fish the sea beds, they also capture Jellies and when
before they toss them overboard, they slice them up and lets all the
Jellies eggs out.

Author norevelation ( ago)
@shadowspike99 yeah, man. my first time coming to the video, and i have to
sit through a two minute ad. I understand the ads are different for
everybody, i use adsense and adwords, too bro. was just comical.

Author norevelation ( ago)
@shadowspike99 Me? That has nothing to do with my comment, you dolt.

Author Hakuthehedgehog2 ( ago)
Starmie used Recover!

Author Hans Wurst ( ago)
Seems legit.

Author norevelation ( ago)

Author LadyLibra ( ago)
Let tell you they do not smell good when you cut them open. . . :l

Author Spider-Man ( ago)
@Scubaman5000 Actually, all the starfishes do that, not just some; that's
the way they reproduce.

Author stickmanpwner64 ( ago)
Time lords

Author kinderstrudel ( ago)
@ploy3snoy Sea Stars aren't capable of suffering. They can't feel pain.

Author Phi Nguyen ( ago)
we should take the seastar's genes and insert it with our genes, maybe we
one day will regenerate our arms and legs if we lose'em... its just a
hypothesis :p

Author DerflaProductions (966 years ago)
WTF did you do to Patrick?!

Author LtCupcake ( ago)
i got here from a TF2 video of alot of snipers! 0_o

Author Felixphaeton ( ago)
@eddylugia I did.

Author eddylugia ( ago)
Who came here from Clannad? :D

Author skipper107731 (2029 years ago)
@theelusivek because star fish are namekians

Author TheStudioRH ( ago)
I wish human could do that.

Author theelusivek ( ago)
How did I get here from Dragon Ball Z? LOL

Author Uyi Uwadiae ( ago)
Patrick brought me here

Author Hamlet thats all ( ago)
@thehellsyeah123 there is one in the first HULK movie at the beginning

Author Anon386632 ( ago)
sea stars are the devil

Author arenasamador ( ago)
woo! SANTA BARBARA. my city <3

Author krowanders ( ago)
@PointlessComedy It's leading to research into human limb regeneration. So
I'm sure a lot of injured veterans give a damn.

Author EpicProductions4Life ( ago)
Fragmentation is just AMAZING!

Author Slayerking45 ( ago)
lol he got same powers as piccolo :P

Author Can't Think Of A Name ( ago)
Would be amazing if us humans were able to regenerate our body parts.

Author Artuno ( ago)
I honestly believe as a theory that starfish are some of the few animals
that are secretly alien life forms that came here long ago. I mean, come
on, It's possible! It would be pretty awesome too...

Author captainxshredsalot ( ago)
where's the rest of her?!!!

Author helloimmisterj ( ago)
@Scubaman5000 thenks for that info :) very interesting *thumbs up*

Author Cannabissed ( ago)
sooo if you cut a starfish in half, will you get 2 starfish as they both
will regenerate?

Author steve benit ( ago)
NOOOOO! PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author GDI109 ( ago)
did you eat it afterwards?

Author darkelf743 ( ago)
thumbnail = Boomerang

Author notfree25 ( ago)
@sega31098 You'd be eating something that is kinda still alive =S

Author Trapper Heart ( ago)
@sega31098 that is an amazing idea!!!!!!!!

Author SkynetVita ( ago)
looks like a ugly hand vagina

Author Putu Pradnya Upadhita ( ago)
haha what cuts around gets around??

Author McCoyTheBuilder (632 years ago)
Is that guy talking Alton Brown?

Author Shreshth Saha ( ago)

Author rrrrgerg ( ago)
If i cut a women will i get 2?

Author erasofwar12 ( ago)
starmie use recover >:3

Author canesno111 ( ago)
@MiniWeskr yeah i know but we were talkin bout this in class and i just was
thinking itd be cool i even told the teacher this and he said you can try
it if you want lol

Author HarlequinZombie ( ago)
@canesno111 Sounds very science-fictiony, but hey nothing is impossible,
just highly improbbable.

Author iCool247 ( ago)
@canesno111 a female breaks her leg and grows a dick instead

Author canesno111 ( ago)
i think itd be cool to inject the dna of a sarfish into a human and see if
a limb would grow back

Author Nash1234 ( ago)
Hey I'm from Santa barbra

Author iaMMykel (1073 years ago)
Did he mentioned that it is possible for a whole starfish to grow from one
of its leg? Like a starfish have 5 legs, rip all 5 and if they all
regenerate you can have 6 starfishes.

Author field16 ( ago)
@TheMarblegirl101 Our school teaches the 4th grade kids the same thing. But
I was surprised that our school did not teach us something even more
significant, that we humans have a part that regenerates, too: our rib
bones. If a doctor cuts out one of your ribs, it will regrow in about 6
months, better than the old one. Surgeons take advantage of this fact and
use the ribs to reconstruct the bones of a person's head, after severe
injury. I wish our schools would teach us, this too.

Author Don_Antonio95 ( ago)
Would be awesome if we could do this... Tear off my arm and throw it at
someone... lol

Author Acidicheartburn1 ( ago)
I have two starfish in my saltwater reef tank. It was originally one that I
got when it hid in some live rock I purchased. It detached one of it's own
legs which grew into another whole starfish. Amazing creatures.

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