Using Rubber Stamps with Fondant

In this video I show you different ways of creatng one of a kind designs on your fondant cakes and such. Michaels craft stores are a great place to purchase inexpensive rubber stamps.

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Author BeardedBarley1 (12 days)
Terrific idea! Also there are plain ink pads available that you can put
eatable ink/food coloring on and use for the stamps. I may be mistaken, but
I believe people use the coloring paste on them. I saw it used on cookies
here on YouTube somewhere. Hope that helps. I'll have to try idea this
since my writing and drawing skills on cakes are a bit lacking. Great fun!
Thanks for sharing. :0)

Author BeardedBarley1 (12 days)
Oh yeah, you can also draw with icing on top of that which is stamped. I
just saw that on another video. What a help for me! Woohoo!

Author martha torres (5 months)
Muy padre los moldes d sello .felicidades son muy prácticos...

Author aurouralamia (9 months)
That's a mirror.

Author janine lasch (11 months)
You can color the stamps with edible markers prior to pressing into the
fondent for a cleaner color...

Author thompson lorrie (1 year)
Do you have a video on coloring the impressions?

Author Samie Brown (1 year)
Good idea....thanks for the information, I will try this.

Author The Zaftig Fashionista (4 years)
Thanks Donna! I never even thought about this!

Author Marlena Abdul (5 years)
GREAT VIDEO!!! I always wondered about using stamps on fondant. Can I stamp
after I put the fondant on the cake? What type of fondant are you using? It
looks great, my marshmallow fondant is nothing like that.

Author HorrorBeautyFX (5 years)
Thank you so much for sharing!

Author lizzaCataldo (2 years)
Its a mirror and perfume bottle

Author Annie Wells (4 years)

Author donnalane626 (5 years)
Sure you can use the stamps while the fondaant is on your cake, just watch
the amount of pressure you are using to push into the fondant! I am using
Satin Ice commercial fondant which can be purchaed online!

Author TA Lindsay (4 years)
@xoxoSPOONSxoxo exactly my point. This woman was being nice enough to share
some ideas on YouTube. And you are cutting her down for it. Does that make
you feel better--calling her a 'retard"? Whatever.

Author Dodo kebab (3 years)
Hi Donna! Thanks for this video! I have beenlooking for a way to imprint
fondant covered cupcakes but I've only been able to find impression mats
for larger cakes. This is a terrific idea!! Oh, and person who wrote,
"magnifine glass? That's a mirror you retard." You are clearly the retard
- don't insult Donna, first of all the word she used is "magnifying" glass.
Donna is right it could be either a magnifying glass or a mirror. A
magnifying glass magnifies objects.

Author TA Lindsay (4 years)
Thanks for sharing that was really nice of you. And for all
those who leave rude comments...move on!

Author baby torres (4 years)
can i put color first before putting the stamp..?

Author skoodge (5 years)
thanks for sharing

Author Cassie Garcia (1 year)
Nn ,

Author sarah (2 years)
Wow thats a good idea but wouldn't it be hard putting the stamps on the
cake after you covered it? Because u have to be really careful not to press
so much and I don't think that would work that way because u need a hard
place to put the stamps on etc....

Author thompson lorrie (1 year)
I had the same concern, great idea but how do you stamp the fondant after
its on the cake?

Author 942tangsoodo (4 years)
great idea! thanks for sharing!

Author TA Lindsay (4 years)
@xoxoSPOONSxoxo You are soooo rude. Go watch someone else's video....on

Author Lisa Carbajal (1 year)
Not you thats for sure.

Author Vicki Williamson (1 year)
A kindergartener can push a stamper into fondant. Where are the examples of
real application here? How would you cut out the shapes or color them
except by hand with rough edges? No real technique/training here. Wasting
people's time. How many times do we need to be told Michael's sells
stampers for 50 cents in the dollar bin ?

Author dominique jones (2 years)
Wow that's alsome

Author Brenda Jarmusz (1 year)
That's so awesome Donna, thank you for sharing. My only question is.... are
the stamps made of food safe materials?

Author Necia Vasquez (3 years)
Clear Stamps work as well?

Author JewelOfDenial (4 years)
what a great idea, love it!

Author kbearsmommie (1 year)
No, I'm making fun of you now because you don't know how to spell
magnifying!! LOL Magnifine?!?!?! That's definitely a new one. BTW Etiquette
is just as important as spelling. Apparently you don't practice either!!
bahaha P.S. Before you criticize someone else make sure you don't look like
an idiot!

Author Claudia Roitman (1 year)
Hi!! I love your video! what's the brand of both of your alphabet rubber
stamps? I'ts really clever using stamps with fondant, even using wilton gel
food color as ink.

Author Dodo kebab (3 years)
Hi Donna! Thanks for this video! I have beenlooking for a way to imprint
fondant covered cupcakes but I've only been able to find impression mats
for larger cakes. This is a terrific idea!! Oh, and all those who asked
what a "magnifine" glass is???? What the??? You are the retards - don't
insult Donna, first of all the word she used is "magnifying" glass. Donna
is right it could be either a magnifying glass or a mirror.

Author cutelittetas (4 years)
Hi donna..may i know where can i purchase the mini alphabet stamp

Author xoxoSPOONSxoxo (4 years)
@GirlArmy21 I think knowing the difference between a magnifine glass and a
mirror is more important than etiquette. Atleast I wouldn't be made fun of
in the modern world. Who really cares about etiquette anymore anyways?

Author xoxoSPOONSxoxo (4 years)
@GirlArmy21 Yes it does. It lets me know I'm smarter than her obviously.

Author xoxoSPOONSxoxo (4 years)
magnifine glass? That's a mirror you retard.

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