Boulevard Of Broken by Puddles Pity Party

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  • "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is a 1933 hit song by Al Dubin and Harry Warren.
    Single is available

    A tip of the crown to Doppler Studio's Caffè Valet, Shawn Coleman, on this National Coffee Day. #NationalCoffeeDay

    My musical merry men are:
    Tim DeLaney - Bass
    Rich Rowlinson - Piano
    Sam Owens - Drums
    Shawn Coleman - Caffè Valet

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  • Runtime: 2:40
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  • Maggie Tolbertson

    PLEASE please do Mr. Cellophane from Chicago.😊💕

  • Bob Clark
    Bob Clark 6 days ago

    Antonio Bennedetto

  • 83706Rachel
    83706Rachel 7 days ago


  • Gilbert Wang
    Gilbert Wang 8 days ago

    Please sing "Why, Delilah", I think you would do an awesome rendition of it.

  • monet gity
    monet gity 10 days ago

    Sublime !

  • lyssa
    lyssa 10 days ago

    amazing cover, puddles! you should do the green day song with the same title. it would sound awesome from you!!

  • venom092393
    venom092393 11 days ago

    I'm obsessed

  • Breeze208
    Breeze208 11 days ago

    i love this clown

  • Van Stiller
    Van Stiller 15 days ago

    F A N T A S T I C . Will we hear original songs? Your talent is huge. You have the complete package. Your passion is awesome to watch and hear. I look forward to following you to the top. Thanx for the magnificent music.

  • Tyrvox
    Tyrvox 16 days ago

    Easily a top 3 from Puddles, which is saying a lot since I have enjoyed all of his songs I have heard so far.

  • Jeff Allen
    Jeff Allen 17 days ago

    I feel like I've found a gold mine. I love this version of the song along with a bunch others done by Puddles <3

  • Jim Friedman
    Jim Friedman 17 days ago

    Puddles for president!

  • Artagerges Davila
    Artagerges Davila 18 days ago

    You should listen to Nina Simone- Four Women

  • Datsun510zen
    Datsun510zen 18 days ago

    Please oh please pure Puddles, cover Damn Your Eyes, Etta James.

  • Shelby Leone
    Shelby Leone 18 days ago

    I thought this would be Green Day cover. But man I was surprised, he's got one hell of a voice! I love you puddles!

  • Happiness is real, I have seen it

    I thought this song was by green day what is he singing

  • Lovestruck Lifestyle

    it would be amazing if prince poppycock and puddles would collab

  • Leticia Gerardo
    Leticia Gerardo 23 days ago

    When you find you're attracted to a clown.  Wouldn't be the first time.

  • jesterger
    jesterger 23 days ago

    If you did "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin, you would own the World!

  • G Gold
    G Gold 23 days ago

    This is amazing, love it!

  • Lucifer in a Dress
    Lucifer in a Dress 24 days ago

    I wish I found you sooner. Thankfully you were on AGT.

  • TheMetalGearGamer
    TheMetalGearGamer 24 days ago

    how many knew that this was the song they were going to get (I'm sadly one of them)

  • Dave Sings
    Dave Sings 24 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks Puddles is one sexy clown 💋haha

  • Kathy Kha
    Kathy Kha 24 days ago

    love you Puddles!

  • TheMysticSaint
    TheMysticSaint 25 days ago

    Absolutely Amazing!

  • shanktheclown88
    shanktheclown88 25 days ago

    Beautiful just beautiful.

  • Gary Moore
    Gary Moore 25 days ago

    This guy has an amazing voice!!!

  • Alex Kang
    Alex Kang 25 days ago

    yo, he rarely blinks. makes my eyes burn lol

  • Jake Tucker
    Jake Tucker 25 days ago

    Puddles you just made me believe in magic! May the blessings of pagliacchi the clown god shine upon you as you take the gold in Americas got talent...

  • SamusMaXximus
    SamusMaXximus 26 days ago

    Good job on America's Got Talent!!!!

  • Megalodon !
    Megalodon ! 26 days ago

    keep singing I'm fan from Saudi Arabia

  • Princess Katsune Anaya

    Thought this was green day

  • Nofx017
    Nofx017 1 month ago

    Thanks for Tony Bennett and not Green Day

  • camotophat
    camotophat 1 month ago

    Thought this was the Green Day song, but was not disappointed!

  • Mr Colin Wee
    Mr Colin Wee 1 month ago

    i think "my shits fucked up" by warren zevon would be a beautiful cover

  • Dont Care
    Dont Care 1 month ago

    Please sing Mr Cellophane

  • TALIANA1960
    TALIANA1960 1 month ago

    This is the original hit 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

  • Allen Woods
    Allen Woods 1 month ago

    I just discovered our tall white powdered faced friend and man can this guy sing!!! I am and will be a fan for all time!!!

  • jessejamesnebraska
    jessejamesnebraska 1 month ago

    you need to be on a soundtrack for a Tim Burton film ...or even an actor.

  • Idea of the Day
    Idea of the Day 1 month ago

    One of my all time favorite Tony Bennett songs. Love it!

  • John Afella
    John Afella 1 month ago

    I guess 'Tears Of A Clown' would be too obvious ? Great stuff, thank you for making my day !!

  • Lucian Nicholson
    Lucian Nicholson 2 months ago

    Puddles,,,you are a treasure.

  • Eric Stucki
    Eric Stucki 2 months ago

    You are so fucking great, you are the Best

  • cluelesscheese1
    cluelesscheese1 2 months ago

    love this one puddles!!!!

  • Yvon Lebeau
    Yvon Lebeau 2 months ago

    ty,,sherryl it new for me,,,good talent,,

  • 222sylvain
    222sylvain 2 months ago


  • xandman307
    xandman307 2 months ago

    Liberty Never Sleeps...... I think almost all women are complicated. lol

  • Wielding Eminator
    Wielding Eminator 2 months ago

    A clown who's not creepy, not sneaking around school grounds, but instead shares something beautiful. Why can't we have more like him?

  • sugarrush the sweet
    sugarrush the sweet 4 months ago

    puddles never disappoints XD

  • monkfoobar
    monkfoobar 4 months ago

    Stop touching your fuzzy balls

  • stubert311
    stubert311 4 months ago

    oasis did it better

  • Johan Anderson
    Johan Anderson 4 months ago

    I've asked my wife to hire Puddles for my birthday. She claims that she would rather leave me than hear Puddles. I'll hire Puddles myself and consider the attorney a wise investment!

    • Justine Lee Estinor
      Justine Lee Estinor 23 days ago

      omg leave that bitch Puddles has an amazing voice!

    • J. Jones
      J. Jones 1 month ago

      Seriously... if my fiancee didn't like Puddles, well... my house would be pretty lonely (unless I could get Puddles to come commiserate with me!)

  • Victor Radzawich
    Victor Radzawich 4 months ago

    Puddles should do his version of the band Garbage, "The world is not enough" that would be awesome!!!!

    • SimplySadie
      SimplySadie 4 months ago

      Victor Radzawich Oh that would be epic

  • Kristin Masker
    Kristin Masker 5 months ago

    I went to see him

    • Erin Blackburn
      Erin Blackburn 3 months ago

      If you are ever able to go, do it. You will not be disappointed. TRUST. ME.

  • squeeky fromm
    squeeky fromm 5 months ago

    Love you, Dude! You would be a natural for "Shanghai Lil" -- - just sayin'.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • Joseph A.
    Joseph A. 5 months ago


    I walk along the street of sorrow
    The boulevard of broken dreams
    When gigolo and gigolette
    Can take a kiss without regret
    So they forget their broken skins

    The joy that you find here you borrow
    You cannot keep it long it seems
    And Gigolo and gigolette
    Wake up to find their eyes are wet
    With tears that tell of broken dreams

    But here is where you'll always find me
    Always walking up and down
    But I left my soul behind me
    In an old cathedral town

    The joy that you find here you borrow
    You cannot keep it long it seems
    And Gigolo and gigolette
    Can sing a song and dance along
    The boulevard of broken dreams

    But here is where you'll always find me
    Always walking up and down
    But I left my soul behind me
    In an old cathedral town

    The joy that you find here you borrow
    You cannot keep it long it seems
    And Gigolo and gigolette
    Can sing a song and dance along
    The boulevard of broken dreams.

  • Robert Chittenden
    Robert Chittenden 5 months ago

    this guy should do Disney sound for animation. he has a perfect voice for it.

  • Robert Chittenden
    Robert Chittenden 6 months ago

    fantastic. that's how it should be performed. classic.

  • Falling Oranges
    Falling Oranges 6 months ago

    Not going to lie, I was expecting Greenday. Still liked it thou.

  • spahm
    spahm 6 months ago

    Puddle could you please sing "Dance me to the end of love"?

  • A861967
    A861967 7 months ago

    will dunce the tango to this 😊 thank you puddles.

  • Andre D
    Andre D 7 months ago

    Puddles! Sing the saddest song of all, Vesti la giubba.

  • Károly Demeter
    Károly Demeter 7 months ago


  • apachedisco
    apachedisco 7 months ago

    When I go about the town. I will require Puddles to follow me and sing random songs with great emotion. I'll leave hearts and empty miller cans along the path.

    • Dean Twigg
      Dean Twigg 2 months ago

      every good supper hero needs his theme music

    • Jackson H
      Jackson H 6 months ago

      What a creative comment =)

  • Bill Vickers
    Bill Vickers 7 months ago

    This particular song was originally released by Ferlin Husky back in 1957. The Green Day song and this song just happen to have the same title.

    • Lucia Galeano
      Lucia Galeano 7 months ago

      Hey I apologize for the repetition of my comment. I didn't see that someone, too, mentioned the original

    • Lucia Galeano
      Lucia Galeano 7 months ago

      It was actually released by Al Dubin and Harry Warren for a 1933 movie called Moulin Rouge

    • Bill Vickers
      Bill Vickers 7 months ago

      So that is true. The song has been recorded by many artist since 1933. The recording I am referring to was my only reference I had from my childhood. Thanks for letting me know..

    • Dustin Rodriguez
      Dustin Rodriguez 7 months ago

      Or it could instead be "a 1933 hit song by Al Dubin and Harry Warren." But that would be taking the word of the clown, so what does he know? (It's in the description.)

  • Donatillo Arteaga
    Donatillo Arteaga 8 months ago

    My FAVORITE Clown wow !!!!!!!!  The Golden Voice, his "performance" and the Funny things that happen on stage once in a while..."Priceless"  Thank You for your " Awesomeness" you steal the show anyplace !

  • Being Glaun
    Being Glaun 8 months ago

    Yes, he does well on the vocals, but no matter how hard I try I can't get past the Clown and the name Puddles Pity Party. I know this is small of me, that I don't know/understand great performances. but as in slapping catsup on fine meat, all I taste is the catsup.

  • MasterP48HD
    MasterP48HD 8 months ago

    you sung too melodically for a proper tango, i wanted to hear a more rough manly "cigar and whiskey" raspy singing

  • John Sheen
    John Sheen 8 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the band Puddles is in?

    • John Sheen
      John Sheen 4 months ago

      +dschonsie No, he actually has band he plays in when he's not in the clown get up

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 4 months ago

      no band, he is a solo guy

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 9 months ago

    Damn ^_^ 👌

  • MundMoriginal
    MundMoriginal 9 months ago

    Anyone else read the title as "Boulevard of broken Puddles"?

  • Sufex
    Sufex 11 months ago

    Amasio Great!!! Everything I think of how Awesome this cover\Song is. Great job guys!!!

  • Dragonbait
    Dragonbait 11 months ago

    Why is this not available on iTunes, I want to buy it!

  • Kirk Spiritual Healing Arts

    dude ur the most awesome thing ever !! come to NYC!!!!!!!! book something here and pls let me know - ill interview you on my show - I've shown your vids before on cable....

  • reallyavidhunter
    reallyavidhunter 1 year ago

    I wish to give you money to buy this....

  • Broc felix
    Broc felix 1 year ago

    this guy is GREAT

  • NK Blödmann
    NK Blödmann 1 year ago

    @0:27 *Juggalo and Juggalette

  • Joe Mug
    Joe Mug 1 year ago

    I love it!

  • Claire Kooyman
    Claire Kooyman 1 year ago

    Beautiful! As always!

  • Karen Von Clezie
    Karen Von Clezie 1 year ago

    I think they should do the Green day "boulevard of broken dreams" version

  • Jeb Hoge
    Jeb Hoge 1 year ago

    My wife started tangoing by 0:24.

  • Sunny Daze
    Sunny Daze 1 year ago

    i love how you finger your big buttons.... ;)

    • Sufex
      Sufex 10 months ago

      That's what she said......

  • Adalberto Mellado
    Adalberto Mellado 1 year ago

    dinner, candlelight, dance, this song... :) ;)

    who's up for it?

  • Jessé Antônio
    Jessé Antônio 1 year ago

    yo soy su fâ hermano..

  • Jessé Antônio
    Jessé Antônio 1 year ago

    Yo queria que tu viesse en brasil tiene como?

  • thisbrokenmachine
    thisbrokenmachine 1 year ago

    Mmmm good song

  • redleg56
    redleg56 1 year ago

    Warren and Dubin were one hell of a song writing team -- check them out.

  • Julian Marc
    Julian Marc 1 year ago

    My dear puddles, you lacked the etiquette to drink that cup of tea. Let that little finger stand upright.

  • Jeffrey Blenman
    Jeffrey Blenman 1 year ago

    I wish you would put this on Spotify!

  • reaper0004
    reaper0004 1 year ago

    He can really sing.

  • Tireless Pursuit
    Tireless Pursuit 1 year ago

    30year olds and younger here looking for greenday. pretty sure its a tom petty song.. may be wrong

  • Lukáš Pertl
    Lukáš Pertl 1 year ago

    you are amazing...come sometimes to Prague - you have a lot of fans there..

  • Filipe Fernandes
    Filipe Fernandes 1 year ago

    Sounds like portuguese fado

  • J May
    J May 1 year ago

    I think Puddles should sing Melancholy Blues by Queen. Please, my mum would love it!

  • Георгий Иванов

    Thank you! The song sounds very Russian!

  • Dana Sherman
    Dana Sherman 1 year ago

    Another instance where Puddles introduces me to content I would never have enjoyed otherwise. I LOVE YOU!

  • vinnieagogo
    vinnieagogo 1 year ago

    Wow, Better that Tony Bennett....

  • Bryan Schmidt
    Bryan Schmidt 1 year ago

    That was wonderful, Puddles.

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