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Author Steven Lawton (2 months)
Probably the best training session I have seen on here.

Author kolpor 23 (10 days)
What is a ball s model Nike...

Author Patryk Zarombiacki (9 days)
Fajny Trening !.

Author KAMIL PLAY (6 months)
jaki to klub?

Author Angelo Baracho Ferreira (1 year)
im from brazil i have 1,70 +/- 1,71m im too short to be a goalkeeper?( i'm
15 years ol)

Author kolpor 23 (10 days)
Jaki model piłki Nike ...

Author Mehmet Gönenir (6 months)

Author Iker Casillas-God-of-GK (3 months)
cool Training!!

Author aurdue (6 months)
Where can i buy the trainer;D

Author alistair coll (6 months)
It sems easy but it is really hard

Author lamnad games (1 year)
Potrenował bym tak ale to będzie strasznie męczące :)

Author xhuljo hazizi (1 year)
very good training

Author Mr. hidekun (1 year)
it's wonderfull!!!!!

Author cyrille alain bakinde (1 year)
very powerful this training. i wishto havesomeone who going to make me work

Author Arief Rifki (1 year)
the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Author amri gkj (1 year)

Author รัตนปกรณ์ คำภิระอินทร์ (1 year)

Author BiNgObOy96 (1 year)
That was amazing! Perfect.
It would be a good idea to post a video of their match saves!

Author Astha Canggang (1 year)
behold! This is very cool.

Author TheSunMoon (1 year)
If I was taller and had more interest in football, I would've like to try
out as a gk

Author BENITO LALIĆ (1 year)

Author banmeepooh banmeepooh (1 year)

Author AnderrsonDS Silva (1 year)
very good.

Author ijahofon (1 year)
lol ends with a nutmeg

Author Josh Kuperus (1 year)
that looks like so much fun. that guy with the splits though haha

Author TurboMisiek99 (1 year)
Fajny film masz łape w góre

Author Patryk Gwizdała (2 years)
Tez tak chce

Author Hubert Rosiński (2 years)
najlepszy trener na świecie

Author K Sudhan (1 year)
Very good reflexes training!!!!...

Author barca2kamil (1 year)
Dobreeee :D efektowny trening :D

Author KayKay Sharma (1 year)
Crazy clip. Fine clip. My dad had been a fat. He transformed his body from
284lbs of fat to 212 lbs of purely natural lean muscle mass. I realized I
was blown away. I just registered personally because I'm trying to get
heftier muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in

Author likky may (2 years)

Author Adrian Piekos (2 years)
oj ja tez !

Author sonam gurung (2 years)

Author Pyry Meriluoto (1 year)
Wheres the handling training ? :D maybe it's too over rated for them :D

Author Mario Mróz (2 years)
I want trainers like them too :/

Author Yash Gurung (2 years)

Author patryk wołoszka (1 year)
moja babcia łumie to lepjej

Author Thomas Kogel (2 years)
That is so boss.

Author Mirza Sabanovic (2 years)
i am a golakeeper and i would like to say this is the best traiinig ever !!

Author Daniel Pe (2 years)
super trening, az chcialoby sie trenowac!

Author nizarsaad12345 (1 year)
Sooooooooo hard training

Author TheReenifer (2 years)
P R O !!!!!

Author Gungun GiGiww (1 year)

Author Dawid Konat (2 years)
to trening w deportivo la corunia nie!

Author gerrygadrumsee (1 year)
all they practice is reactions and shot stopping. Yes the drills are good
but should they not practice catching crosses? in case during the came they
have to yeno catch a cross

Author Michał Witek (1 year)
co ja bym dał za takich trenerów

Author MrCracc7 (2 years)
4:42 i 5:00 mózg rozjebany

Author L Han (2 years)
thougest training ever but i think it's extremely good ~

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