MXGP of Latvia Tim Gajser Crash

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  • Nik Golič
    Nik Golič 15 days ago

    are they using Automatic trans? Ur leg would hurt from the shifting gears

  • Superf103
    Superf103 17 days ago

    Tim cela Slovenija je s teboj. Čim prej se pozdravi in nazaj na motor kjer nenormalno dominiraš.

  • Craig B
    Craig B 17 days ago

    I think the fact that Jill cox, carolis girlfriend covered her eyes when Tim crashed shows how close nit the racing community is even though Tim is Tony's main rival at the moment!

    • ropany
      ropany 12 days ago

      yeah right! in less then one second she sees Tim crashing, turns around to see if the cameras are rolling, and stages the scene according to the script written the night before...
      get real dude!

    • Jani
      Jani 15 days ago

      That was fake reaction

  • Uros Bukovec
    Uros Bukovec 17 days ago

    Acording to his father. Nothing is broken. But he feel tramendous pain , he cant iven wolk.  He Will be o.k. Thanks God

    • q062am
      q062am 16 days ago

      Uros Bukovec Good news but unfortunately nothing broken is not to say he did not hurt himself badly. Soft tissue damage can be severe too. Really sad to see tim go down. My favourite rider and all around good guy

  • Fred Crider III
    Fred Crider III 17 days ago

    hope this young man is okay. AMAZING talent he is.

    • _Maykoo_
      _Maykoo_ 13 days ago

      Fred Crider III Slovenia make him

  • CGriff_90
    CGriff_90 17 days ago

    There had to be some force on that impact. His neck brace basically shattered and that takes effort.

  • SammerMan Productions

    I hope he is ok... , the crash looks gnarly but Tim is very strong!

  • Juris Klavins
    Juris Klavins 17 days ago

    "That would have knocked the wind out of him" True f'in that

  • Portinaua99
    Portinaua99 17 days ago

    Is he ok?

    • Lucrithian
      Lucrithian 13 days ago

      Portinaua99 Lucky Tim ... no broken bones on such big inpact!

    • Uros Bukovec
      Uros Bukovec 17 days ago

      yes he is, Nothing is broken

  • Riki Numo
    Riki Numo 17 days ago

    Tim come sta

  • Riki Numo
    Riki Numo 17 days ago

    Tim come sta

    • Alex Bedin
      Alex Bedin 17 days ago

      Riki Numo sta bene non si è rotto niemte

  • Jacksplays Lol
    Jacksplays Lol 17 days ago

    There's him out for the season

    • ropany
      ropany 12 days ago

      I hope not!
      he was lucky not to get hurt last season here in Kegums, when he crashed all the same...

    • Tamara Krošl
      Tamara Krošl 17 days ago

      Prvi testi pokazali nič resnega, samo podplutbe. Zlomov naj ne bi bilo :)

    • Bonefish
      Bonefish 17 days ago

      Je fasu kej poškodb?

    • Tamara Krošl
      Tamara Krošl 17 days ago

      No, he is not ;) he's okay, just very very sore. Watch him come back stronger than ever, that's just the way he is ;)

  • Wilber
    Wilber 17 days ago


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