Life on a Donut Planet

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  • We're used to talking about planets as spherical objects, but a donut-shaped planet is theoretically possible. What would life be like on one of these?

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  • Runtime: 3:14
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  • CelestialAnamoly
    CelestialAnamoly 4 days ago

    if life developed on a moon of Jupiter or Saturn, what would their days and seasons be like? like the donut, how often would the gas giant block the sun?

  • Rem ko
    Rem ko 17 days ago

    One march? Funny only a month too early.

  • ruby song the inkling

    We wouldnt have it cuz I would eat all of it

  • Evan MacDonald
    Evan MacDonald 28 days ago

    3.14, donut, coincidence?!?!?

  • Rock Balancer
    Rock Balancer 1 month ago

    the globe is a flat surface on the inside of a donut

  • Puglo The grumble
    Puglo The grumble 1 month ago

    Homer:*heavy breathing*

  • Chocolate Explosion
    Chocolate Explosion 1 month ago

    1:47 L-lewd!

  • You_just
    You_just 1 month ago

    FR tho, living on a toroidal planet would be AMAZING

  • 777johnp
    777johnp 1 month ago

    You guys talk way too fast.

  • Western Dragon 0.2
    Western Dragon 0.2 1 month ago

    Sounds sweet

  • Sotiris Krol
    Sotiris Krol 1 month ago

    Can I eat it?

  • Aditya VSS
    Aditya VSS 1 month ago

    1:50 But isn't that orbit unstable? If the moon moves even slightly off-center, it should crash into the planet.

  • Libertina Grimm
    Libertina Grimm 1 month ago

    I think a scientist was very bored and very hungry when they thought up this possibility...or maybe very horny

  • Libertina Grimm
    Libertina Grimm 1 month ago

    now I want a donut...

  • TheRiskyBrothers
    TheRiskyBrothers 1 month ago

    So the Civ IV mapmode selector wasn't lying to me

  • Justin Jahn
    Justin Jahn 1 month ago

    how fast would this object need to spin?

  • Amira Lozse
    Amira Lozse 1 month ago

    I rather would like to search for a pretzel-shaped planet with a cheddar moon.

  • Alek Z
    Alek Z 1 month ago

    Well wouldn't it have to remain spinning at that speed by the law of rotational momentum or whatever it's called? I suppose that may cause some problems because it would have to be spinning pretty fast, right?

  • rellac 2256
    rellac 2256 1 month ago

    halo ring worlds are possible...

  • Q brock
    Q brock 1 month ago

    now in 10000 years someone sitting on a doughnut planet watching some vantage internet videos from earth probably be going outside testing if they can actually watch sports for free then just as they focus into the arena they realize the moon is passing through the middle of the planet and cuss the moon for being just so annoying. first doughnut world problems. still the gravity from have a moon pass through the center of the doughnut might be enough to create a doughnut shape core too and anyone on the planet weight would change every second when the moon is closest you might be in danger of floating off depending on densities of the 2 or more bodies now that would make for a interesting video

  • JacksonHershey
    JacksonHershey 1 month ago

    If you lived on a donut planet, would your donuts be earth shaped?

  • tungsten carbide projectile

    oblate spheroid that's what planets are. dad taught me when i was 4

  • Rohan Mudumba
    Rohan Mudumba 1 month ago

    Wouldn't the gravity be pulling people on the inside toward the empty center?

  • SvenGamingNetwork
    SvenGamingNetwork 2 months ago

    Elite Dangerous, NOW

  • Yosyp
    Yosyp 2 months ago

    Halo in real life?
    I want this.

  • TelephonePlays
    TelephonePlays 2 months ago

    A bit too nervous... Talkin too fast xD.

  • James Mallinson
    James Mallinson 2 months ago

    Are you saying cheese ball shaped planets are not delicious?!

  • MySweatyThighs1
    MySweatyThighs1 2 months ago


  • kenneth mabie
    kenneth mabie 2 months ago

    Halo is real ...

  • A Google User
    A Google User 2 months ago

    Donutella! Tokidoki for life! 💞

    BOB THE DESTROYER 2 months ago

    when you are in the center of the doughnut you would be about to get torn apart from gravity only from all sides

  • Cube Talk
    Cube Talk 2 months ago

    Wait a minute... wouldn't the "ping pong ball" and "figure eight" gravity paths be really unstable, like trying to keep something at a lagrange point just by setting it still? As soon as it's only a hair off kilter wouldn't it just exponentially fall away from eqilibrium until crashing (ping pong ball) or some other weird stuff happens with the 8?

  • Pop The Otter
    Pop The Otter 2 months ago

    lol I wanna retire on a donut planet! sounds really cool!

  • TheAnonymousMrGrape
    TheAnonymousMrGrape 2 months ago

    So Halo could be real.

  • Marvincent Acuña
    Marvincent Acuña 2 months ago

    Length: 3:14

    No, a donut isn't a pie.

  • Christopher McNair
    Christopher McNair 2 months ago

    this girl is soo fine

  • Ho BF
    Ho BF 2 months ago

    basically like living on a Halo

  • *Tips fedora
    *Tips fedora 2 months ago

    A globe can't be delicious? Think of truffles!

  • Firelaf
    Firelaf 2 months ago

    This is fucking heaven for science fiction writers :D :D

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 2 months ago

    Oh BTW welcome to Planet Cop.

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 2 months ago

    Gravity would be a mess. A moon traveling through the doughnut hole would probably be in the Roche Limit and the moon and planet getting ripped up by gravitational forces.

  • TDSG Hacks
    TDSG Hacks 2 months ago

    No one cares if you care about donuts planet

  • YeOleNerd
    YeOleNerd 2 months ago

    "a less delicious shape, like a globe" you've never heard of a donut hole huh? unsubbed


    So like would you see a huge moon pass in front of your eyesight when looking at the other side of the planet? IF so that would be so creepy.

    • The 4th Wall
      The 4th Wall 29 days ago

      not to mention deadly

      the moons effects of gravity, tides, weather, etc, would be *extremely* violent

  • StingaB1
    StingaB1 2 months ago


  • hwoods01
    hwoods01 2 months ago

    Donut shaped water world?

  • sajid akram
    sajid akram 2 months ago

    zionists steal land on planets thats why theyre donut shaped

  • weksauce
    weksauce 2 months ago

    The Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos of 3017 will each make their own toroid planets to mock the plebes.

  • whobitmyname
    whobitmyname 2 months ago

    Those moon orbits just mew my blind.

  • Philou X8
    Philou X8 2 months ago

    Dont even talked about the gravity difference outside/inside the ring

  • Steverino
    Steverino 2 months ago

  • RamblerClassicMan
    RamblerClassicMan 2 months ago

    +scishowspace It's a ring of fun!(or donut of fun!)

  • Snatch n Grab
    Snatch n Grab 2 months ago

    How does the chocolate frosting atmosphere stay on only one side of the planet?

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ 2 months ago

    Minecraft is a square planet...............that's why everything in minecraft is block ish.

  • Business_Chicken ;D
    Business_Chicken ;D 2 months ago

    Okay I KNOW these guys we're someking some weed and listening to the song 'We Ran Out of CD Space' when they came up with this one.

  • CRD716 / Omega
    CRD716 / Omega 3 months ago

    Planet Nom

  • Aaron A. Asbury
    Aaron A. Asbury 3 months ago

    Stop it.

  • mert çuhacı
    mert çuhacı 3 months ago


  • Frn Be
    Frn Be 3 months ago

    What's a donut?

  • King Louis II
    King Louis II 3 months ago

    I'm not curious on what it would be like to live on a donut planet. How could a donut planet even exist? Wouldn't gravity forces eventually pull it into a sphere?

  • futurestoryteller
    futurestoryteller 3 months ago

    Why does it suck so much that this sounds cool?

  • Alabama Niggeroid
    Alabama Niggeroid 3 months ago

    This is where we need to move flat earthers, they'd LOVE it. So I hope we find one.

  • Red Raddit
    Red Raddit 3 months ago

    Donut shaped planets are really just God's old donuts that he forgot to eat and left behind

  • Brandon Haffeman
    Brandon Haffeman 3 months ago

    how would the magnetic field hold up? What of continents and plate tectonics?

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 3 months ago

    I had a nightmare where I was on one of these planets. Didnt even know this was a real thing until now. In it most people including myself looked down most of the time because looking up at the other side of the planet had about the same effect as looking down whilst on a tightrope but far far worse.

  • Superpower Dragon
    Superpower Dragon 3 months ago

    But wouldn't you be floating on the surface feeling like as if there is no gravity? since the donut has to spin so fast that the centrifugal force cancels out the gravitational force, meaning that you who stands on the surface has to move at the same speed, and therefore the same effect applies to you as well, essentially making you float. Please let me know if any of you have an answer to this.

  • KatieStuff
    KatieStuff 3 months ago


  • Lomv400
    Lomv400 3 months ago

    Can there also be a Donut star?

  • asherael
    asherael 3 months ago

    Love this presenter, hope for more episodes from her!

  • DonaldoTrumpez Trump
    DonaldoTrumpez Trump 3 months ago


  • DonaldoTrumpez Trump
    DonaldoTrumpez Trump 3 months ago

    I want to see a black hole go through the hole of a donut shaped star.

  • The Great Steve
    The Great Steve 3 months ago

    You doughnut.

  • Fryingsquirrel
    Fryingsquirrel 4 months ago

    this all kinda sucks..i'd want to live on a eclair shaped planet
    ...or better yet a Bear the moon must be a powder coated doughnut hole

  • Ender Skies
    Ender Skies 4 months ago

    "Life on a Donut Planet" sounds like a Frank Zappa albulm title. Just saying.

  • Chandler Gause
    Chandler Gause 4 months ago

    How would it have gravity ?

  • Fe Lage
    Fe Lage 4 months ago

    she is so cute

  • Ingemārs Volters
    Ingemārs Volters 4 months ago

    cops would definetly like this planet

  • Aaron Ameer Beg
    Aaron Ameer Beg 4 months ago

    a moon wouldn't be likely to orbit through a toroidal planet
    and if it did it would be seriously unlikely
    I mean, astronomically unlikely

    99.999% of any possible observable examples would only have these moons orbiting around the outside of the toroid...

  • elephant hero
    elephant hero 4 months ago


  • Sero3
    Sero3 4 months ago

    One problem, where's the gravity field coming from then? or maybe a blackhole inside a donut planet? wouldn't it be more dangerous?

  • Victor Gomes
    Victor Gomes 4 months ago

    mmm... Donut planet!

  • Martin Kristensen
    Martin Kristensen 4 months ago

    pretty nice video... But god damn that girl is obnoxious :(

  • Avatar Raptor
    Avatar Raptor 4 months ago

    I would go to a doughnut planet and it would be a headlight and I would go there who wants to go with me like if u want to

  • Craig Mooring
    Craig Mooring 5 months ago

    In Larry Niven's "Protector", Brennan made his own toroidal mini planet using mini black hole(s?) with a smaller mini-planet in the center.

    • Craig Mooring
      Craig Mooring 4 months ago

      Ha-ha-ha. Yeah, sure, but in the center of the 'doughnut' was an unattached 'doughnut hole' from a smaller 'doughnut'.

    • Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari 4 months ago

      Craig Mooring You mean black *donut* holes, I assume...

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago 5 months ago

    I suspect the up-and-down orbit would be extremely unstable. And the figure-8 orbit just a little more stable.

    And only orbits that go around but not thru would be stable, and specially the ones that are not too close.

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago 5 months ago

    I would rather a realistic rendering instead of a cartoon, specially for for the views from the surface.

  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam 5 months ago

    Wow you guys ran out of ideas eh.

  • Yepyyiyae
    Yepyyiyae 5 months ago

    Anything that would go into the donut would get destroyed by gravity because they would be two close to the roche limit, Also how would the sky look on the inside it would be daytime but you could see the other side of the planet ALSO Missiles would not have to go as far in the middle because it the other side of the earth is right next to you and missiles could just fly through the center flawlessly so this means if we had a donut shaped planed north korea could nuke the usa easily

  • Captain Redbeard
    Captain Redbeard 5 months ago

    What if it had rings?

  • bizzee1
    bizzee1 5 months ago

    Donut planet!!!??? Why haven't I heard about this before!!!???

    • Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari 4 months ago

      bizzee1 Because you're on a gluten-free diet.

  • Hero Slippy
    Hero Slippy 5 months ago

    the gravity of that must be weird i wonder if you could use the gravity to help you launch stuff into space with less fuel (i wonder what kind of slingshot abilities i could have), also if a donut planet existed how would an ocean (high/low tide ) work if there was an ocean or other large bodies of liquid?

  • Chad Gummet
    Chad Gummet 5 months ago

    you are now dumber for having watched this video.

  • Jamesthe1 Στ {[SigmaTau Entertainment]}

    Looking at the planet from the planet gives me brain pain.

    The moon might not exist, though, because of the Roche limit.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 4 months ago

      Jamesthe1 Στ {[SigmaTau Entertainment]} depends on the size of the doughnut and the moon

  • Ben Kim
    Ben Kim 6 months ago

    0:52 who said those sphere donuts weren't good?

  • BigGBlitz
    BigGBlitz 6 months ago

    Cops would eat the planet, it'd a terrible sight...

    • Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari 4 months ago

      BigGBlitz I hadn't thought of that... (Heee!!)

  • Irredeano Anno
    Irredeano Anno 6 months ago


  • EmmaK 65
    EmmaK 65 6 months ago

    I Want Donut Shaped Earth

  • Nicholas Hartle
    Nicholas Hartle 6 months ago

    Wouldn't you be weightless inside the ring since every part of the planet outside would pull you evenly in all directions? Pretty sure only the outer half of the ring would even be habitable, since you'd be able to fall off the planet towards its center.

    Of course, all of the air and water would then fall down there as well, so unless you had enough to make a large sphere around the planet, you wouldn't have any air where there's actually gravity.

    • Magical Fungi
      Magical Fungi 4 months ago

      we still don't fully understand gravity and how it is created. There are many promising theories that change our perception of gravity, its effects and its cause. One that i like is that gravity is not a fundamental force, but another force in disguise (like buoyancy). It is entirely possible that what we feel as gravity is just another aspect of electromagnetism that we misunderstood and ran with, calling it gravity. scientists around the world are trying to prove this very point right now.

      in short, its possible that gravity isn't what we think it is, and doesn't pull towards the global center, but a more localized effect that pulls you towards the highest concentration of matter. IE, the ground below you pulling much harder than the ground on the other side of the ring interior.

      though, if gravity does pull towards the global center, then you would expect the atmosphere to be thicker inside the ring, though whether or not the hole would be filled with atmo would depend on the size of the hole and the size of the planet. I would also expect you'd be a lot lighter in the interior, but i doubt the other side of the planet would have enough strength to pull you from the surface. It would make plants grow really interesting though.

    • Nicholas Hartle
      Nicholas Hartle 5 months ago

      The acceleration due to gravity from the earth at its surface is 9.8 m/s^2. The acceleration due to gravity from the sun on anything at the distance earth is at is .0059. That's tiny in comparison to the earth's which is why we don't fly off into space during the day.

    • Tolyngee
      Tolyngee 5 months ago

      Something tells me you'll still be confused... BLACK HOLES form from COLLAPSED stars... please don't tell me you're confused about the gravitational effects of black holes??? And again, a black hole is nothing but a collapsed star...

  • Vector H
    Vector H 6 months ago

    How about magnetic field? Can the torus shaped planet have spinning melted core?

    • Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari 4 months ago

      Vector H Yes, made of mozzarella cheese. Comes w/ Crazy Bread.

  • 태선우
    태선우 6 months ago

    YouTube just literally had a donut ad before this. I'm dead

    • Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari 4 months ago

      태선우 Oh right, that guy flogging online doughnuts; what's it called, ""?

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