Big Sean - Ashley (Explicit) ft. Miguel

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    Music video by Big Sean performing Ashley (Explicit). ©: Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./The Island Def Jam Music Group
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  • Runtime: 4:38
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  • Anakin White
    Anakin White 1 day ago

    Never trust a bitch!

  • ashleigh dharma
    ashleigh dharma 6 days ago

    What the check

  • nikeya mashore
    nikeya mashore 7 days ago

    I hope that big Sean in okay

  • shaelea steeby
    shaelea steeby 10 days ago

    I don't know what the fuck to think.

  • Nfhfhfhfbfbffb Jose
    Nfhfhfhfbfbffb Jose 16 days ago

    i broke up with a girl name Ashley and this song make me sad

  • Deon Williams
    Deon Williams 19 days ago

    3:31 he's wearing Kanyes clothing line. Corny joke I know but Still one of my top favorite artists lol

  • Mystahree Chambers
    Mystahree Chambers 19 days ago

    an i

  • Krystal Branson-Green

    how is it called"Ashley" when he doesn't even say it in the song? I don't understand that!!!

  • pepe the frog
    pepe the frog 23 days ago

    Hi hoes

  • TBNR Savage
    TBNR Savage 24 days ago


  • Amiya Horne
    Amiya Horne 25 days ago

    OMG!!! Big Sean I L3VE you sm!!! I'm your biggest fan!!! <3

  • Auston Apple
    Auston Apple 26 days ago

    This shit hit me hard:(

  • Saich Williams
    Saich Williams 1 month ago

    My dick

  • Lawtrinea' Thompson
    Lawtrinea' Thompson 1 month ago


  • Lawtrinea' Thompson
    Lawtrinea' Thompson 1 month ago


  • KYLE
    KYLE 1 month ago

    Th only reason it didn't make it because it was age restricted

  • jennifer mccormick
    jennifer mccormick 1 month ago

    thats so sad

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 1 month ago

    They got tits on YouTube now

  • kayla mckinnon
    kayla mckinnon 1 month ago

    Ashley fuck you

  • Aura
    Aura 1 month ago

    I'm not a Big Sean fan, but this is the best song he ever made, I love it.

  • KingMighty17
    KingMighty17 1 month ago

    but the bitch got him

  • KingMighty17
    KingMighty17 1 month ago

    sean almost escaped

  • Baki Halic
    Baki Halic 1 month ago

    best song ever

  • King JR
    King JR 1 month ago

    2017 and this song still hits hard the same way it did when i first heard it #MASTERPIECE

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 1 month ago

    Yeah I got a brand new Benz crazy right brand new benz got less milles than a I do friends...
    I litteraly got a brand new benz, I had to play this song, 2 years ago car less and without a license. I'm so proud of myself.

  • asdr _ccc
    asdr _ccc 1 month ago

    Who are the actors in this music video🙄

    JIGGA 1 month ago

    4:14 Stevie j

  • Hector Ortiz
    Hector Ortiz 2 months ago


  • Hector Ortiz
    Hector Ortiz 2 months ago

    I just sit there and just think of her

  • Hector Ortiz
    Hector Ortiz 2 months ago

    it keep me down

  • Hector Ortiz
    Hector Ortiz 2 months ago

    I broke with a girl name ashley

  • Gamechaser 73
    Gamechaser 73 2 months ago

    This was me and my ex's song , crazy Every time I listen to it I get emotional , great song !!

  • Foxysnipes Coolfox
    Foxysnipes Coolfox 2 months ago

    love the song so much it going to make me cry😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💖💖👌👌👌

  • Legacyzzz gaming
    Legacyzzz gaming 2 months ago

    love it

  • Angela Moore
    Angela Moore 2 months ago


  • SimplySaffie
    SimplySaffie 2 months ago

    No wayyy how have I not heard this song before 🙌🏾👀😱💀💕

  • Jelena Peric
    Jelena Peric 2 months ago

    such a beautiful song

  • Kat Gee
    Kat Gee 2 months ago

    omgggg love this sonnnnggg

  • IAmGlash
    IAmGlash 2 months ago

    damn am I allowed to masturbate to this video?

  • Dominic Plays
    Dominic Plays 2 months ago

    who is still listening to this in 2017

  • Blu Maan
    Blu Maan 2 months ago

    Still listening to this today... wow I love my boy Sean Don

  • — Star
    — Star 2 months ago

    I feel like this song is about Ashley, and how much he loved her and wanted to give her everything, but his player ways and his addiction got in the way of his relationship and ended up firing back at him. But IDFWU, is about Ariana Grande and shit.

    • Angela
      Angela 2 months ago

      idfwu is not about

  • Ashley Horning
    Ashley Horning 3 months ago


  • Ms Tiernan Jeffers
    Ms Tiernan Jeffers 3 months ago

    I love this song

  • Ash Sjodin
    Ash Sjodin 3 months ago


  • Sick Skillz 101
    Sick Skillz 101 3 months ago


  • alpha fox fox clan
    alpha fox fox clan 3 months ago

    so gross but good song

  • Benedict Texas
    Benedict Texas 3 months ago

    3:13 inspiration of the I decided cover

  • Ashley Chambers
    Ashley Chambers 3 months ago

    be me

  • ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
    ExtraOrdinary MUSIC 3 months ago

    never knew there was a video to this

  • Go0dGirl81
    Go0dGirl81 3 months ago

    I secretly wish he would get back with Ashley.... ::sigh::

  • Cang Le YT
    Cang Le YT 3 months ago

    Wow ummmmm.......

    JAHEIM LEWIS 3 months ago

    she was playing wit her self lol

  • Toni Hilmas
    Toni Hilmas 3 months ago


  • Ashley Chambers
    Ashley Chambers 3 months ago

    ya i gta brand new beenz crazy rite brand new beenz

  • Kara Mills
    Kara Mills 4 months ago

    I love big sean

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 4 months ago

    My girlfriends name is Ashley

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 4 months ago

    y h

  • Marco Riquelme
    Marco Riquelme 4 months ago

    🔥The best song🔥

  • Raquel Rivera
    Raquel Rivera 4 months ago


  • Jessica Linebaugh
    Jessica Linebaugh 4 months ago

    this is sad to see that even though it was not in real life 😄

  • jailon wlliams
    jailon wlliams 4 months ago

    Damn Everytime I watch this I hope he gets away and he never does

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman 4 months ago

    Listening to this song makes me wanna be in a relationship. But, the girl that I want likes someone else.. and I know she will never be interested in me. Oh well...

  • Angel Amador
    Angel Amador 4 months ago

    Still don't understand the video

  • Ashley Wasylow
    Ashley Wasylow 4 months ago

    cant nobody do it like I do it

  • Richard Meyer
    Richard Meyer 4 months ago

    Most sleep on song by Big Sean.. this shit is fire.

  • AlertedHart Kiss340
    AlertedHart Kiss340 4 months ago

    Sad song

  • Beverly 周
    Beverly 周 4 months ago

    My fav...

  • Samantha Jennings
    Samantha Jennings 4 months ago

    Is anyone else confused by this music video?

    • kay gunner
      kay gunner 4 months ago

      Samantha Jennings I was but I get it now..."I just got a brand new Benz"...and he's walking to the Benz..."I made you cry yourself to sleep, counting on me and I made you count sheep" when that girl gave him something be put his ass to sleep...and there's a whole bunch of more shii, but I'm not about to type all I'm high and I might be reaching right now.

  • #Bolsonaro 2018
    #Bolsonaro 2018 4 months ago


  • Daevion Hendricks
    Daevion Hendricks 4 months ago

    sad song for my girlfriend

  • Patrice Johnson
    Patrice Johnson 4 months ago

    r.I.p Aaron I miss you so much baby its so hard to live without u

  • Malichi Swagg
    Malichi Swagg 5 months ago

    a white guy fuckin a black dudes woman. hmm. That's new😂😂

  • Annatam Dey
    Annatam Dey 5 months ago

    Dam! this song is lit AF , old but it so dope

  • Head Davis
    Head Davis 5 months ago

    I wouldn't trade her...Love

  • Kelbi mae
    Kelbi mae 5 months ago

    i remeber this was me and my bfs song than he cheated on me and everytime i heard this song i wanted to kms

  • Leroy Alwyn
    Leroy Alwyn 5 months ago

    not nice

  • John Ross
    John Ross 5 months ago

    Some gta type of shit

  • Stephen B. Smith
    Stephen B. Smith 5 months ago

    Big Sean is horrible

  • Albert Ricalday III
    Albert Ricalday III 5 months ago

    Emotional song frfr

  • Leela S
    Leela S 5 months ago

    Still my favorite ❤❤❤❤💓💓💓

  • Brandon Decision
    Brandon Decision 5 months ago

    still listening to this song 2 years later and this song still gets to me

  • Ash Marie
    Ash Marie 5 months ago


  • shanziejade
    shanziejade 5 months ago

    omg how did I forget about this song! 💙

  • ItsJdnn
    ItsJdnn 5 months ago

    2017 still his best lyrical song

  • YoungTerri208
    YoungTerri208 5 months ago

    damn this guy's a terrible actor

  • Misaki
    Misaki 5 months ago

    who is that tattooed guy?! he hot

    • Tracer Walter
      Tracer Walter 5 months ago

      Misaki 😂😂 talk about desperate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Morris 101
    Morris 101 5 months ago

    1-25-14 dedicated this song to my ex a week later I asked her out anytime I think about her I just come here & listen to this song just to help me comeback to my seances that she will always be to good for me.

  • Queen stay slayin
    Queen stay slayin 5 months ago

    2:05 why she flat Chested 😐

  • M3Rk Savage
    M3Rk Savage 5 months ago

    she got Lil mosquitoes hahaha 😭😂

  • M3Rk Savage
    M3Rk Savage 5 months ago

    who is this song about like whose Ashley

    • d3arb0rns
      d3arb0rns 4 months ago

      M3Rk Savage ashley marie is her full name...his ex gf..before he made it big

  • Cale Coleman
    Cale Coleman 5 months ago

    2:09 for mario 64 grunt

  • Rene ontiveros
    Rene ontiveros 5 months ago

    is that the toy story truck in second 38 😂 idk why tf that reminded me

  • CallMeExotic
    CallMeExotic 5 months ago

    Is it weird that I get Triggered when white people act cool?, I mean I fucking HATE White People so.

  • Tany Cruz
    Tany Cruz 5 months ago

    My is ashley they making a song on my name that is good😄😃😀

  • Shamela Caldwell
    Shamela Caldwell 5 months ago

    Her son,if that was me I would pop them with a pistol lol

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 5 months ago

    did he die on this video

  • Arielle Wells
    Arielle Wells 6 months ago

    I love this song I don't care how old it is

  • ashleyXXnicole
    ashleyXXnicole 6 months ago

    Ashleyyyyy 😍😍😍

  • Conner Owens
    Conner Owens 6 months ago

    the video is bass ass stuff

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